How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Season 3 Finale and a surprise (spoilers)

    This show deals a lot with destiny, fate, and this one a miracle. More on that later.

    The start of the episode before the song was of the longest up to this point. I like when you see Ted in the taxi and you see him look, it takes you to a different story. I really liked the callback to previous Barney rule. (Never make plans with someone you would date longer then the actual realtionship) Great showing of the car accident (and a nice song) When you see what actually happens to Ted, you either loved it hated it. I loved it because had he been hurt the storyline would've advanced as far as it did. There was another reason I liked it, More on that later. Despite their fight, it was sweet of Barney to literally race to see Ted. The shot of him getting hit by the bus was a little over the line in believability of reality even in TV. That's one of the few drawbacks to this episode. The miracle stories told by Marshall were all funny. My favorite was him in Amsterdam. You get to see (at least I think) of why Robing is the way she is with her dog.

    There was a misunderstanding with Ted and Stella when he thought the realtionship was over when Stella didn't. Ted realizes he makes a mistake and realizes that he really loves her and tries to make for deceiving her by getting her a stuffed toy and proposing to her. And what makes this episode great was that the proposal was not even the biggest surprise.

    When Lilly and Marshall asked Barney what was flashing before his eyes and smiles at Robin, that was a great surprise. This was something you didn't expect if you are watching this for the first time but something that was very subtly implanted earlier in the series. Remember when Barney said to Robin when she was his wing man and they went back to her apartment.

    The biggest reason why this episode was great was that if it wasn't for the accident it wasn't for the accident, Ted may not have met the mother.
  • Funniest single scene of the entire series!

    This is a great episode for the single fact that it has the single funniest scene of the entire series. In the miracle flash back where they are tossing pencils into the ceiling tiles, they slam down a shot of something, and one of the pencils falls from the ceiling, bounces off the table and lodges straight into Barney's nose. The reaction of Barney, Ted, and Marshall is what make it a golden moment. Comic Genius!! "Am I Alive?", I nearly wet myself and I pride myself on my bladder control. The whole episode was funny, and important to the progression of the story, but this one scene earns my seal of approval.
  • Ted gets in a car accident.


    "Miracles" is an awesome season 3 finale for How I Met Your Mother. Ted getting into a car accident was an intense way to start this episode. I'm glad he was alright. I loved how the whole gang showed up. I love how Barney rushes to the hospital even though he and Ted aren't friends anymore. It was sad how he got into an accident and ended up in the hospital. I love how Barney and Ted became friends again. I love how Robin doesn't believe in miracles. It was heartbreaking when she shared the story of her dog dying and the side effect of the operation was the dog turned into a turtle. The ending was shocking with Ted asking Stella to marry him. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Ted and Barney get in accidents.

    Brutal. Absolutely brutal. This episode was terrible. There's no other way to describe it. There was not a single funny line said. I think I laughed once, when Marshall said, "Miracle," but that's it. Barney being in a full-body cast was something straight out of a terrible episode of a 90's sitcom. How I Met Your Mother has gone so far downhill it is embarrassing. Now they take it upon themselves to end every episode with a "cliffhanger". The problem is that nobody cares what happens next. Nobody cared when Robin kissed Barney, because we knew it wouldn't lead to anything. Nobody cares now that Ted proposed to Stella, because they're gonna wait until the end of next season to have them actually get married.

    Simply pathetic.
  • Great cliffhanger.

    This season wasn't as good as season 2, in fact it had a handful of disappointing episodes, but episodes like this or another handful of episodes that were legen- wait for it.. -dary, is why I watch this show. In this episode, Ted gets in to a car accident, right after breaking up with Stella. Then he comes in to realization that he is still in love with Stella. He asks for her forgiveness, and it turns out she didn't even know they broke up. Then she breaks up with him, and Ted waits 'till he is discharged from the hospital to go after her. Meanwhile Marshall & Robin argue over if miracles exist or not. I loved the sequence of everyone finding out that Ted was in a car accident, and they run all dramatically only to find out Ted was fine. The flashbacks of miracles were hilarious! And we learn that Marshall asked for his job back but he didn't get it because of lice. 2 weeks later, the firm gets shut down for legal reasons, making that a miracle. Meanwhile, Barney runs to the hospital only to get hit by a bus. He has it worse than Ted, and when Ted finds out that Barney did it for him, they become friends again. Then we find out that when Barney was flashing back to all the things he loved, he saw Robin. Yikes, I wonder how that's going to work out next season. When Ted is discharged, he runs to get Stella and proposes to her! Before we get to hear her answer, the episode ends. Making it the hugest cliffhanger ever. 2 cliffhangers, that both have to do with relationships. Does this make Stella the mother? I doubt it, but it's nice to hope. This finale definitely got me excited for season 4. An amazing finale, with amazing cliffhangers.
  • Wonderful episode.

    Ted is in a car accident that prompts Marshall to talk about miracles. Everyone flashbacks to prior moments in their lives. This episode was just so great and funny its impossible not to love it. Plus this left room for a lot of other stories in the 4th season which made me happy. For example, the way Barney looked at Robin made me think that Barney might have actually found love. The only thing that made me mad about this episode is the cliff hanger ending. That really is like a kick in the teeth to the viewer, but its all good. This was a wonderful episode; watch it!
  • best show

    good episode very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very vevery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very vevery very very very very good episode
  • How I met double cliffhangers.

    I'll let you in on a little secret. I really don't care who the mother is. I'm about 99% sure its not Stella or Robin...and 100% sure the writers are just stalling until the end of the series to do more than tease that plot point.But this isn't Lost or X-files. I could give a crap about the plot. I just want it too be funny. The season finale brought the funny AND made be care a little more about the plot, I have to give that thumbs up. It started out great with Ted telling the group about how Stella asking him to be her date to her siblings wedding led him into one of his contrived 'now i have to break up with her" things (complete with a hilarious non sequitor gag about Barney's Date-time continuim rule)

    After that some plot happens, Barney and Ted get into car accidents and implausiably survive,which on the plot side makes them reevalute their feelings for Robin/Stella and on the funny side leads to some great non-sequirtos gags (how i met your mother is way too good at getting comic mileage out of making its 20 something starts act like children)

    but for the first time I found myself cliffhangered by this show, is Barney really going to try to date Robin? Will Stella say yes (I still say she's not the mother but I'll play along)...either way HIMYM is gonna find ways to make me laugh with this stuff
  • really a dream sequence

    really a heart touching episode..... cud watch it endlessly.... the whole 3 seasons we watched these friends taking crack at each other, making fun of themselves and making fools out of it. But it was the time when friends are needed and it was their true friendship which brought Marshall with guitar around his shoulders to the hospital.... and that soothing nice dream song from radiohead made me crazy for that song.... listening it a many times a day.... but the best part came when barney became desperate to meet Tedd .... at that moment nothing else mattered to him.... not even himself.... it was a dream episode....
  • Good way to end the season!

    Although it was not as funny as some of the episodes in this season or series it did have it's moments, one of them being Barney running to see Ted in hospital after his car accident, and of course Ted's 'Break Up' with Stella was rather funny. Although there was not much of Lily or Marshall which I found a bit disappointing it is certainly worth your time to sit down and watch this season finale. This was a decent way to end the third season, and I am definately looking forward to see how the fourth season starts off with the characters.
  • This is the most amazing episode yet and a fantastic way to end the season! I totally saw it coming but i don't care I LOVE BARNEY AND ROBIN!

    The whole season was building up to this moment, just as the other 2 previous seasons have been; however this one more than ever was being led to in the shadows of each episode throughout. The first two seasons had endings which could be seen quite easily, though the end of season two took viewers by surprise despite clues being laced around only visible by the end of the season.
    The end of this one though, had more clues than ever and this is what made it an amazing episode; as the clues led us to the horrible crime committed by Barney when he broke the 'Bro-code' leading us to 'the end' of the trail. Only to see how much Barney truly cares for both his best friend Ted and the love of his life Robin! The twists and turns of the season have been comical and heart wrenching as we go through an emotional journey after Ted's breakup. Though Ted's storyline came to an amazing cliff hanger, though we know now that Stella is not the mother and somehow Robin ends up living with Ted again, with Barney getting in touch with his feelings; we can only wait in anticipation for the next amazingly brilliant episode!
  • A car accident chages the things that are important in many of thier lives.

    A great episode that encompassed all the things that make this show gerat. IT had the elements of drama when the friends all found out about the car crash. The comedy of barney as usual is hilarious and well written. HE makes the story absolutely whole and completes the realtionships needed within the episode. A touching endin with all the 3 bro's. As with the 2 realtionships that are meant to develop, Barney&Robin, Ted& his marriage proposal. next season will start with some very interesting answers. Can't wait. a must see episode but be warned watch a few episode before this otherwise you will be confused.
  • I love this show it's always funny

    This show is great. So please don't ruin it by having guest stars on every episode. I thought this finale was great and it had everything and it made you laugh. I loved when Marshall kept having the flashbacks they were so funny. The funniest one was when they were in the bar and throwing pencils in the ceiling and one fell out and bounced right into Barney's nose. In the whole episode Barney tring to get to the hospital to see Ted and when he finally gets there he gets hit by a bus right in front of the hospital. Ted ask that women to marry him, I think she going to say no.
  • Back on track

    It's no secret teh latter part of season 3 has suffered from some shakey episodes due in part possibly to the writers strike and also a desperate scramble for ratings to be renewed.
    Fortunatley it has been and Brittney has been dropped off this show, I for one will do my best to forget she was ever on it.
    This episode was a return to form for HIMYM, Marshall's stories in particular his retort to Robin about the pencil incident were brilliant.
    Ted charecter returns to his roots a basic indecision about his future, his scenes int he hospital bed were good and his lines to Stella at the end were very well written and acted.
    Barney's charecter has never wavered for me this season amid all the chaos he's shone. Here he was at his best, bizare,quite definitley immoral, seemingly shallow, but a loyal and true friend with hidden depths.
    Robin's story was a little clumsy but the basic theme was good and her return to being the cynical one was refreshing.
    It's a fitting season finale and it gives me hope for the next series. (Just please, please no more guest stars....or if you must actuall actors)
  • Not really impressed, but it did the job I guess.

    I'm not a big fan of Stella, quite honestly, so I really hope she won't be the mothers. Well, she won't be. Remember that she's only a guest star? She'll say no! What I don't like about her character is that she always has something to whine about. But actually, the same can be said about Ted so they make a good couple...

    The best part of the episode for me was each time Marshall told us a story of a miracle. Now THAT was funny. Adn Robin's counter story was just ridicilious, but in a good way.

    Anyway, the whole Ted/Barney we're bros again thing was a slight cop out, however the scene where Barney gets hit by the bus was superawesome!(even though if that happened to someone in real life... well lets just say he wouldn't be talking to anyone any soon).

    I really don't understand why Ted is the main character of the show. As I said, I don't really like him. He's just too self rightous and whiny. Stella should have left him for what he did. Accidents don't change people, they just make you appreciate things more.... for a while.
  • Okay so I can see Barney and Robin dating, but not immediately. And even if Ted and Stella DO get married, they'll get divorced or break-up during the engagement because Ted says he meets 'The Mother' during a 'Yellow Umbrella' incident of some kind.

    Okay so I can see Barney and Robin dating, but not immediately. And even if Ted and Stella do get married, they'll get divorced or break-up during the engagement because Ted says he meets 'The Mother' during a 'Yellow Umbrella' incident of some kind. One reason why I think that it would be a mistake to have Barney and Robin start dating too soon is because Barney has to shed out his womanizer ways through a couple more relationships. And another reason why Stella cannot be 'The Mother' is because she has a kid... who is not in the opening sequences when Future Ted talks to his son and daughter, and telling them how he met their mother. If the girl was, which she isn't, Stella's daughter, she would've known how the two met, so it would be extremely stupid. Love the show! So funny! Pivotal season finale! Go Josh Radnor!
  • Stella is not the mother! She can't be the mother!

    HIMYM is back!! We really need Britney away!
    Like I said in the summary, Stella is not the mother! What about the yellow umbrella thing?? Why isn't old Ted telling the history to one blonde and older girl (Stella's daughter)? And, and...I can't think in another reason but she is not! She can't be! She's too meaningless! She will say no!
    Haahaha it sound like desperation! But if the mother is revealed, there are great possibilities of cancelation!
    Barney and Ted are bros again!! Ted cried hahahah
    Barney loves Robin!! That look was so cute! I hope next season he tries to conquer her!! I love this couple!!
    Ohh I want to see the next episode!! This one was so funny!! I want to see what happens next! I want it I want it I want it!!
    Let's wait 4 months! =(
  • Wow!

    What a way to end a season. There is so much ground to cover that I'm not sure where to begin. let's start with the episode itself.

    One of the great things about this show is it's ability to weave serious feelings with comedy. For example at the beginning with everyone rushing to the hospital to check on Ted. You pretty much knew they would get there and he would be ok but the others did a really convincing job of seeming truly concerned about their friend. There are even a couple of chuckles in this part with Marshall desperately trying to put on a pair of paints and having the ridiculously small guitar around his neck the entire time. Fast forward to later when the entire gang is reunited around an ailing Barney who ran all the way to the hospital to see Ted only before getting hit by a bus(btw if an actual bus had hit Barney at that speed I doubt he would still be around). In a truly touching moment Ted realizes how close he was to losing one of his best friends and makes peace with the barnacle. Mad props to NPH in this episode. He really did a great job balancing between the seriousness of his situation and being the joker he normally is. Even in a full body cast he is still wanting high fives, trying to out maneuver Marshall and lamenting the loss of his suit. He also did a great job with the subtle reveal that in that giant suit made of money and scotch he saw before the bus hit him was the other thing he loves, Robin. I can't wait to see how this affects Barney in season 4 and if he can woo Robin.

    There were some great comedic moments as well. The whole pencil in the ceiling this was great as was the date-time continuum rant by Barney. Robin I thought was great as the foil to the overly idealistic Marshall. Her story of the Sir Scratchawan was both sad and funny. No wonder she moved away from her family in Canada. I also thought Marshall with the tiny hats was also great.

    Finally there is Ted and Stella. Let me say first off I love Sarah Chalke and I think Stella is a great character. I think she and Ted have good chemistry together, although not at the level of Ted and Robin. I hope she's not the mother. Maybe if I saw more of them together I would change my view. I hopes she says no but gives Ted a second chance. She probably shouldn't be accepting proposals from guys who just broke up with her hours before. That would give her a few more episodes (which shouldn't be a problem since Scrubs is filming right now) and could give some real closure to that storyline. It's a great cliffhanger because I can see her saying yes or no but I'm hoping for no.

    It should be also noted that the cast and crew really did a great job the last half of the season. They turned out 9 eps in 10 1/2 weeks and most of them were really good. This was a great end to an odd season 3 that lacked the newness of Season 1 and the consistency of Season 2. When it was good it was great and when it wasn't good it was just ok. Last night it was just plain awesome.
  • Rekindling of old relationships and perhaps the start of a new one...

    As a finale, this episode did not disappoint. It had a wonderful balance of comedy, drama and romance. After each of them are involved in terrible car accidents, Barney and Ted are now "best bros" again. Not even Stella and Ted's relationship is as cute as their "bromance". I loved the miracle flashbacks interspersed throughout the show as they kept the audience laughing despite the problems going on in Ted's life. The pencil that bounced up into Barney's nose was so hysterical. Marshall's miracle with airport security and head lice of all things were great little stories within the main plot. In addition to the rekindled friendship of Barney and Ted, two major cliffhangers occur at the end - Ted proposes to Stella (mere hours after breaking up with her) and it is revealed that Barney loves Robin. Despite the title of the show I believe the latter will be more important to the show as season 4 begins. Sarah Chalke as Stella is a great character on the show but I think the show isn't at a point yet where things will be as easy as her saying yes and then seeing them get married. I liked the message of when you think you're going to die, you think of the people you love - it was a great way to tie everything together and see the way Barney looks at Robin. In season 4 I predict we will begin to explore the many facets of Barney Stinson - a man who loves boobs, suits, whisky, money...and Robin.
  • Woot!

    In order of importance (and/or hilarity):

    1) Barney and Ted get back together. And now they are Bros!

    2) No more BRITNEY!!! (was hard to rate this below #1, butas Mr.SuitUp4LegenDAIRY says: "Bros before Hoes"!)

    3) All the things that come out of Barney's mouth. His script is great and his delivery FANTASTIC.

    4) All of Marshall's miracles

    5) Barney likes Robin. Will he push it further?

    6) The reason for Robin's hated to miracles.

    7) Having to vacate the premises due to lice.

    8) Ted invariably proposes to a temporary girlfriend in a knee-jerk reaction. Hope she has the sense to dump his endorphin-ladled backside.

    Ted finally *acted* when he takes back Barney. His face was actually very convincing. Incredible. If he improves at this rate, we might have a half-actor made of him by season 10!

    But seriously - apart from the whole proposing thing (this show is WAY too popular for him to meet the mother yet, and Sarah Chalke is busy with the next season of Scrubs), this was a great episode because Barney is back, and the whole Robin thing might mean something. Hope that is true - but then we lose the Barney Stinson Way Of Life. Trade offs have never been more interesting.
  • The bros are back together.

    Finally, the Bros are back together. And it only took two car accidents to make that happen. Ted asking Stella to marry him was a surprise, and I guess we know where it will end anyway. In a break up. I hardly think Stella is the mother, besides, Sarah Chalke is signed on to the next season of Scrubs, and I don't think she can have a fulltime role on both shows. And she doesn't "feel" like the mother too me either.

    I bet I wasn't the only one noticing the look Barney gave Robin. Boobs, whiskey, money and suits are not the only things he loves in life – he loves Robin too.

    I love Marshall, and he's undying faith in things. In this episode: Miracles. He can see miracles in anything that happens in everyday life – even a pen up someone's nose! Robin is just starting to annoy me, she's always bringing someone down. Let Marshall have his faith in miracles, why ruin that for someone? It's cute.

    Overall, a fun episode with the humor that only HIMYM can provide. And even though it was nice seeing Ted and Barney reconcile in the season finale, it still felt like there should have been a bigger cliffhanger.
  • LEGEND wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!

    This was a really good episode. I could not stop laughing after the opening scene where they all rush to the hospital thinking that something horrible happened to Ted, only to see him perfectly fine eating jello. I am glad that Ted and Barney were able to bury the hatchet and are bros again. The best part of the episode and the most interesting was not Ted's proposal to Stella.NOPEEEE..It was Barney looking at Robin when they asked him what he saw right before he was hit by the bus. We all knew that the Robin-Barney storyline was eventually gonna happen. Ever since Season 1- Episode 14- Zip,Zip,Zip...they have a great rapport. Hopefully they will be able to get together without Ted interfering. It is hard to imagine Barney not being Armani clad and fully AWESOME though.
  • Back on track

    Ok I will admit to a big let down: after a seaon of promises to reveal the identity of the mother...they still haven't. However I don't blame the producers as much as the writer's strike. Due to the strike planned episodes were scrapped and new episodes were hastily written to cover the last six weeks of the season. I know it sounds bad to say this about a show that I consider to be above average but trust me the last few episodes have been stinkers (if the biggest thing they had to promote were guest appearances by Brittany Spears then they were definitely in trouble). However this episode was well written and delivered everything that this show is about. The episode begins with Ted getting into a cab and well to say anymore ruins the surprises including one from Ted and one from Barnabas Stinson himeself. Of course both of those came within the last five minutes (cliffhanger anyone?) so as anyone who saw this knows we are going to get the rest of the story in the fall.