How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Season 3 Finale and a surprise (spoilers)

    This show deals a lot with destiny, fate, and this one a miracle. More on that later.

    The start of the episode before the song was of the longest up to this point. I like when you see Ted in the taxi and you see him look, it takes you to a different story. I really liked the callback to previous Barney rule. (Never make plans with someone you would date longer then the actual realtionship) Great showing of the car accident (and a nice song) When you see what actually happens to Ted, you either loved it hated it. I loved it because had he been hurt the storyline would've advanced as far as it did. There was another reason I liked it, More on that later. Despite their fight, it was sweet of Barney to literally race to see Ted. The shot of him getting hit by the bus was a little over the line in believability of reality even in TV. That's one of the few drawbacks to this episode. The miracle stories told by Marshall were all funny. My favorite was him in Amsterdam. You get to see (at least I think) of why Robing is the way she is with her dog.

    There was a misunderstanding with Ted and Stella when he thought the realtionship was over when Stella didn't. Ted realizes he makes a mistake and realizes that he really loves her and tries to make for deceiving her by getting her a stuffed toy and proposing to her. And what makes this episode great was that the proposal was not even the biggest surprise.

    When Lilly and Marshall asked Barney what was flashing before his eyes and smiles at Robin, that was a great surprise. This was something you didn't expect if you are watching this for the first time but something that was very subtly implanted earlier in the series. Remember when Barney said to Robin when she was his wing man and they went back to her apartment.

    The biggest reason why this episode was great was that if it wasn't for the accident it wasn't for the accident, Ted may not have met the mother.
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