How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Ted and Barney end up in Saint Anthony's Hospital. Marshall talks about miracles while there. Saint Anthony is the saint of miracles

    • When Ted and Stella are arguing at the hospital, there are couple of Jell-o cups on the tray behind Ted. As the scene progresses and there are camera changes, one of the Jell-o cups disappears.

    • When Ted is getting into the cab we can clearly see that the identification number on the cab is 6Z28. But seconds later it changes to 9Z72.

  • Quotes

    • Lily: You're gonna go beg for your old job back? You hated it there!
      Marshall: I know, but the job market's really bad right now. (to class) Kids, who wants Uncle Marshall to get his job back?
      Kids: Yay!!!
      Lily: They'll cheer for anything if you say it like that! (to class, cheerfully) Kids, a super tanker dumped five million gallons of oil off the coast of Alaska this morning!
      Kids: Yay!!!

    • Ted: I realized what changed between the moment I broke up with you and the moment I wanted you back.
      Stella: Your cab got T-boned by a jackass on a cell phone?
      Ted: I changed. I realized I want to be the man that you need. That's why I spent ten minutes at the claw machine trying to get the fake diamond ring but all I could get is the orange kangaroo.
      Stella: Diamond ring?
      Ted: Will you marry me?

    • Marshall: Did you actually say 'I want to break up?'
      Ted: No. But who says I want to break up? It's an awful thing to say.

    • Stella: So my sister broke up with her boyfriend.
      Ted: Well, now I can finally say it: I hated that guy! Everything out of his mouth was, 'I'm a vegan! Fish feel pain! I'm never constipated!' Guy's an idiot.
      Stella: Actually, they're getting married. I just wanted your honest opinion.
      Ted: He's a really nice guy. There's a wisdom to his thinking.

    • Barney: Ted, can we be friends again?
      Ted: Barney, come on. We're more then friends. We're brothers.
      (Both crying)
      Barney: You're my brother, Ted.
      Ted: You're my brother, Barney.
      Barney: Did you hear that, Marshall? We're brothers now!
      Ted: Marshall is my brother too.
      Marshall: We're all brothers.
      Barney: Yeah, but I'm your best brother, right?

    • Marshall: Miracle!
      Robin: A pencil entered Barney's nose, and you call it a miracle?
      Marshall: Do you have a better explanation for it?
      Robin: A drunk jackass with a box of pencils?
      Marshall: A drunk jackass called God and a box of pencils called Destiny.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Wunder über Wunder", meaning "Miracle over Miracle". The French title is "Pote toujours!", meaning "Buddies Forever!" The Italian title is "Miracoli", an exact translation.

    • Awards and Nominations:
      2008 Emmy Nomination and Award for Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-camera Series (Stephan Olson, Susan Eschelbach)

    • International Airdates: Australia: July 17, 2008 on Network 7; Czech Republic: October 20, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music: The song playing during the beginning of the episode while Ted gets into the taxi cab is "(Nice Dream)" by Radiohead; the song at the end of the episode (NYC Skyline forward) is The Replacements - "Here Comes a Regular"

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