How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 14

Monday Night Football

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

2030-The older Ted tells his kids about Monday Night Football in 2006.

2006 - Ted tells everyone what their duties are for getting ready for Monday Night Football. Ted is getting the food for the party and they are interrupted by a waitress who tells them that Mark died. They are confused to Mark is, but they are confused on whether they should watch the Super Bowl or go to the funeral as they are both during the same time. The bartender throws a guy out because he said that he wasn't going to the funeral so that he can watch the Super Bowl. Ted and Marshall are getting ready for the funeral and pray over the TiVO for it to make sure that it records the game. Barney shows up talking to his bookie like a girl that he likes. Barney is not dressed in a suit and tells them that suits are for fun times, not funerals. At the funeral, they pay their respects to Mark and finally realize who he is. Barney is concerned about the suit that Mark is to be buried in since it was so good. They show up at the bar at 2:30 in the morning and talk to the bartender about stories about Mark. They reminisce about their past Super Bowls that they watched together. They decide that they will wait until they can get together until they can watch the game and to not find out the score until they can watch it together.
Everyone has problems not hearing the score and Ted decides to work at home so that he won't find out the score. Barney shows up and handcuffs himself to the radiator so that he won't check the score. During the news broadcast, Robin doesn't want to hear the score and tries to forbid the sports report by going to weather or traffic. Marshall shows up at Lily's kindergarten class for show and tell. Lily starts the kids on arts and crafts and Marshall sits with a student who knows the score of the Super Bowl. The kid blackmails him to not tell Marshall the score. Barney tries to get out of his handcuffs to call his bookie, but Ted has to leave to go to the sports bar to pick up the wings for the game. Ted has devised special glasses to not be able to see or hear the score. During the sports broadcast, Robin puts her fingers in her ears and asks the news director to change the broadcast so that they don't talk about the game scores. Barney is still trying to get free from the handcuffs and eventually finds a much easier way of freeing himself to go to the bathroom. Ted comes home and finds Barney gone and that he has not gotten the dipping sauce. The kid in Lily's class tells Marshall that he is in love with Lily and then drops something on the floor and breaks it. Marshall tells him that he did it so that the kid won't tell him the score. Lily has to put Marshall in time out because she has to put the other kids in the time out when they do something wrong. Robin tells her news story vaguely so that she doesn't give away the team's name that won. The kid keeps on blackmailing him, but Marshall gets upset and sprays the kid with his juice drink and tells him that he will tell everyone that he wet his pants unless he stops blackmailing him. Barney runs into Emmitt Smith and asks him about the Super Bowl, but he forgot that it was on since dance is more important than anything else (he was in 2006's Dancing with the Stars). Ted returns to the sports bar to get the dipping sauce. Older Ted tells that everyone found out who won at the same time by paper, radio, or news story, but Ted is the only one that hasn't found anything. Everyone returns to the apartment and Barney yells that he bet on the wrong team. Ted is upset that they knew who Barney bet on and he ruined it for them. They decide that the beer, wings, and commercials were not ruined. They decide to watch the game and talk about their escapades during the day. Older Ted says that he doesn't remember who won the game, but does remember the fun they had during the game. At the bar, Barney talks about how terrible his bets were on the game while Ted drowns him out with his new glasses.