How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 14

Monday Night Football

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • The true story of the super bowl

    This was another awesome episode. It's not often that a TV show does an episode centered on the big game. I understand that this doesn't happen as much because of legal reasons. My only complaint about this episode was how Barney bet on the winning team. I understand that this episode was filmed before the actual game and the writers didn't know who would be in the game, but Barney bet on the Bears? It's much of a complaint more of an observation. I think it's kind of funny this tradition started when Ted was drunk. I also like that Barney's gambling addiction started with a small bet. The reference to everyone blowing off the halftime show with Janet Jackson was a great reference to what actually happened. With the invention that Ted made, I am kind of surprised that you don't see this in stores. When he went to the sport bar both times, I loved the shot from his perceptive. I also like how everyone but Ted found out about the score of the game and how he found out Barney but not the rest of gang found out about the result. The ending was something I really liked in that it was a simple one.
  • The gang miss the Super Bowl for a funeral and must go the entire next day without finding out the score.

    We all know that TV shows can't say much about the Super Bowl except they're watching it. Since the episodes are filmed months before, you can't say the team or result among other things. So we've seen a few sitcoms display their creativity of how to have a decent Super Bowl episode and How I Met Your Mother did not disappoint. The gang miss the Super Bowl for the funeral of a guy they honestly don't remember. They all endure hilarious events in order to prevent from finding out the result. Everyone besides Ted somehow accidentally or intentionally finds out the score. Barney promises not to tell who won when they finally meet back up but he excuses himself where he screams because he lost all the bets he made, ruining for the others because he said who he was betting on. Despite it all, the gang still has a great time watching the Super Bowl in a great episode.
  • The gang misses the football game, so they avoid hearing the winner of the game so they can watch the game together Monday night.


    "Monday Night Football" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. So the beginning of the episode is a little sad when a friend of the gang dies, which makes them miss the football game. I love how they go the day without trying to find out what happened at the football game. I love how that boy blackmails Marshall or else he'll tell Marshall what happened at the game. I love how Robin tries to avoid all the sports news on her show. I love how Ted makes that thing where he can't see or hear anyone. I love how Barney handcuffs himself to Ted's wall. I love how everyone finds out the winner anyways. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Everyone misses the Superbowl.

    A great concept of an episode, I love how this show is so original at times. The group has to miss their every year tradition to go to a funeral of a guy they hardly even know. They end up missing it, but Ted records it, now they have to spend the rest of the day trying to not find out who won the Superbowl to continue their tradition. Everyone's plot lines were so funny. We got Barney's need to know with the gambling problem. Extortion from a kindergartner to Marshall. Robin & the news, and Ted & the sports bar. I like how everything tied up simultaneously. Everything went wrong at one moment. Barney reads the scores from a newspaper and found out he lost. Robin almost gets fired after trying to find out no to know. Lilly & Marshall almost find out after the janitor turns on the radio, and Ted almost spills all the dipping sauce. Luckily, Barney is the only one who found out the score, but as they start watching: Barney ruins it for everyone. Even if they found out beforehand, they still ended up watching it together, which I guess was the point of the episode. Great concept, hilarious plot line.
  • Gridiron Gang!

    I don't why these people have to hold a funernbal on super Bowl sunday? Well, anyway they are fored to attend a funernal rather than getting together to attend the Superbowl. they made a pact to watch it the next day, if they do know ths score and that's very hard to do. I like the way they trying to avoid the score, but some couldn't do it. This is the best episode of the season. I was a little hard on some episode. But in the end, I will find something to like. Really, it's not like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • This was my favorite episode so far!!!

    A friend's funeral ends up clashing with the group's annual super bowl party. In an attempt to keep the tradition alive, the group makes pact to not learn the results of the super bowl game. Everyone goes through so much effort to not find the results. This is especially difficult for Robin, considering she is the media. Barney also ends up subduing himself to handcuffing himslefto the radiator. This episode is absolutly hilarious! It is a must-see episode. It is a great demonstration of the many good aspects of How I met Your Mother. It is exactly why I watch this show.
  • Monday night football

    The superbowl is supose to be watched on Sunday, but they miss it because of a funeral. They make a pact to not find out the score so they can watch it together. That doesn't work well. Marshall is blackmailed by a kid in Lily's class. He responds in a mature adult manner and pours juice on his pants. Barney tries to see his bookie and when he does he meets Emmit Smith. What's more important than football? Dance of course. Robin has to keep the news free of the game, which was hilarious to watch. Ted invented this device where you can only see from small holes and can't hear. That backfires. THis episode was so funny, one of the best.
  • What a great episode! Funniest one of the series!

    The gang is invited to attend a funeral - on the night of the Superbowl! Being forced to go, the gang miss the Superbowl, but luckily, recorded it on TiVo. So, everyone makes a vow to not hear who won the game until they watch it. So everyone stresses. Marshall must bribe a kid at Lily's school to not tell him who won. Robin must jumble the TV broadcast on Metro News 1 to not hear anything on sports. Ted invents some wacko glasses so he cannot hear or see who won the game when he goes to a bar to buy hot wings. And of course, Barney, must struggle through his bad luck streak on gambling and so must hear who won, but can't. In the end, something goes wrong, and they all hear who won; the ---

    This has got to be the funniest episode of all the series! All five of the fun-loving friends are funny, outrageous, and just hysterical trying to not to see or hear who won the Superbowl. It's all a funny situation, and cannot wait until this episode comes out of the Season 2 Box Set.
  • Didn't give us any real info toward the story line, but still a great episode!

    While this episode wasn't pivotal toward the main story, it was great for the time it was released. It would have been a nice touch if it somehow threw in that the colts won, but I understand that would have been tough. Ted putting on the blocker glasses was the high point for me. Getting to see the bar from his point of view was classic. Also, Robin on the news was great. The flashbacks to other Super Bowls was also a fun way to flashback to the past. The low point for me was the use of Hall of Famer Emmit Smith. His placement was dumb, and out of place. Overall this was a very funny episode, I hope they continue to throw in real life events as they happen.
  • Funny

    This wasn't the best episode but nontheless a good one either way. I didn't get as many laughs out of it as i was hoping to get but it was still funny from time to time which I guess catogorized it as being silly. I thought that it was also silly merely because of the fact that they tried so hard to avoid finding out who won the superbowl when it's such a big thing that everyone talks about afterwards. I was dying how Marshall was being picked around by a little kid. Barney acting like a maniac also caused me some laughters as well. Robin trying to survive not finding out from her job was very ironic and funny. Overall a descent episode.
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