How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 20

Mosbius Designs

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • Barney Got Jeolous

    I would say that this episode is the best episode among all, as it is revealed that Barney Stinson was in love with Robin Scherbatsky. At the beginning of this episode, those three guys talked and giggled about the boys-joke. Lily came, and asked about the joke. Marshall and Ted stopped Barney from telling Lily about the joke, but Barney insisted to tell her after that. The joke was "What is the difference between Peanut Butter and Jam?" I got the answer from Goggle, which was "I cant peanut butter my dick up your I could understand what is so funny about this joke, and I could not even understand why Lily turn so angry and be away from the group for 4 weeks, it is a month time, until finally the reason was revealed. The reason for Lily went MIA (missing in action) is that Alyson Hannigan went for her maternity lift during that period of time.

    Besides, Ted opened up his own business, Mosbius Design, which he hired a personal assistant called PJ. He basically did office work at Ted's office, his apartment apparently. Being an assistant, make Robin felt in love in PJ, she did admit that her standard for guy drops. One day, Ted received a call from his intern that he is currently at the Empire State Building, however from the call ID he received, he realised that PJ is in his apartment, so he found out that Robin slept with him. When Barney knew about this, his reaction promptly told me that he loved Robin and he loves Robin. His jealousy was made obvious through his action. The fact between Barney and Robin, made me felt that the essence of this episode.
  • One of the worst episodes of the series

    In this episode, Ted enforces to start his own business by designing various stuff for it and hiring a personal assistance, who soon starts a liaison with Ted's roommate Robin. Marshall and Barney only have a minor story part with Marshall trying to distinguish himself from his co-workers. Alyson Hannigan only appears in the opening scene and is then away for the rest of the episode due to her real-life pregnancy at that time. Well, there are some amusing scenes in this episode like when Barney shows Marshall all the different types of stuff you can do to make yourself important for your colleagues, but most of this episode is plainly stupid. There was absolutely no meaning behind the plot and the screenplay had only very few good moments. I didn't enjoy this episode and since there aren't any important things happening in the plot, I'd say you could easily skip this episode.
  • Ted starts his own business

    After Ted gets fired from the project at GNB, he gets let go at his own firm. Whether it was because of this or other bad things that happen to him previously, he decides to start his own business. He does everything but actually help build the business. How he does it is kind of funny. He hires an assistant who ends up hooking up with Robin. This angers Barney. This part of the story is actually the best part of the episode. Even though Barney has been hooking with random women, he does want to be with Robin. He just wants to do it in his own way. He wants to confide in someone but Lilly is not there. She is not there because of a joke that Barney told. The joke which you can Google it, is an actual joke. Yes it is The character who played Lilly was pregnant in real life. It was a clever way when future Ted said that we would not see Lilly in four weeks. Barney can't confide in Ted (even though he knows) so he reluctantly confides in Marshall. It's wait for it funny.

    While this was not a episode that was up to the other great standards, this was a very decent episode.
  • Ted decides to make his own business.


    "Mosbius Designs" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode with Barney telling Lily a joke and she just leaves for 4 weeks. But that's because Alsyon Hannigan was having her baby. It was so cute how Ted wanted to create his own business and hires this guy named PJ. I love how Robin has thing for PJ because he has some authority, but once PJ gets fired, Robin shows no interest in him until he gets hired again. I love how Marshall created a fantasy football league at work. My favourite scene is when his carrying all this money in his briefcase and he's all paranoid. I give this episode a 8/10.

  • How a good sitcom became a stupid show with pathetic characters.

    I stopped watching the show during season 2 but decided to watch this episode because of its entrepreneurship topic. In fact its summary reminded me of the "Ted Mosby : Architect" episode even if I wasn't expecting it to be as funny. The only thing I was afraid of was the usual Marshall dumb arc. To sum things up the episode confirmed I was right in the first place to give up on the show. First the whole Marshall story was as stupid as most of his lines. There's nothing interesting nor funny about him. Second the Ted arc was really disappointing and only a fifteen seconds long scene between him and Robin deserved our attention. At the beginning she said something about procrastination then Ted mentionned how hard it was to actually work freelance and was wondering if he would ever managed to realize his dream. The rest was dead boring and most of the scenes even pathetic. Last but not least I was amazed that the writers managed to turn the beautiful and smart Robin from season 1 into an empty shell. And what about Lily ? We saw her like two seconds and then she just vanished.

    Considering how bad this episode was I really wonder why the show hasn't already jumped the shark. It's even sadder when you think of great episodes like "Mary the Paralegal". A few years ago I also remember posting on a forum about how watching it could be seen as a personal development therapy. It used to be so interesting and funny, even creative at times. It seems the writers just gave up on it probably like so many viewers. Enduring its twenty minutes was so painful that I think I will never go back to it, even if the story seems inspiring.

    So I strongly recommend newcomers not to waste their time and long time fans to move on because there're far better series out there. What about Being Erica for example ? Its protagonist should help you remember how great our favorite Canadian reporter used to be !
  • Ted starts his own firm and hires a new assistant that Robin begins sleeping with. Meanwhile Marshall is fearing being fired as Barney suggests he needs a thing to seem irreplaceable

    This episode continued in the same vein as the previous episode. It was funny as well as it feels like the show is moving forward again. Definitely not reacing the heights of the previous 3 seasons but really trying to come back to some really funny material.

    This week opens with Barney telling Lilly a dirty joke that the other guys profess is only man humour and women would just be offended. When Barney ignores this Lilly is so upset and says they can't be friends anymore. This seems like an out so that Allison Hanigan can go off and have her baby and the crew don't need to make anymore lame attempts to cover up what is a VERY pregnany woman.

    The main two arcs of this ep centre around Ted in one and Marshall in the other. Ted finally decides to start his own firm after being fired from his old job, thus Mobias Enterprises is born. He is stalling so that he never actually has to start up the firm but to make things look like they are moving he ires PJ. PJ is a young man that Ted decides to mentor to the great annoyance of Robin as her life is turned upside down by Mobias being based out of the apartment. Soon she becomes turned on by the snooty PJ and begins to sleep with im much to the disgust of Ted and even more so Barney. In the other arc Marshall is afraid that his job is under threat as there are talks of layoffs at GNB. Barney says how hard he works makes no difference, instead he needs to have a thing. Basically the thing is supposed to make everyone love him and therefore refuse to fire him no matter how expendible he is. Marshall decides to become "sports Guy" where he runs a fantasy Baseball League at GNB. This works a treat but he is pressured by all the work it takes to run it as everyone is involved. Marshall needs to find a way to still be sports guy but without the responsibilities.

    Both story arc provide good laughs that keep you watching to see where they are going with these stories. The last scene tends to make you believe that as this season goes on inroads will be made into finding out who Ted's wife is. Lets just hope we don't go back to another group of filler eps while Lilly is out of action!
  • Classic

    Okay. This episode is a perfect metaphor of the entire show.
    Ted, our hated main character has an annoying self-obsessed and worst of all – boring storyline. Robin gets dragged into it, and her terrible acting is propped up by her sex appeal and brilliant writers.
    Barney has a fantastic run on his own, ably supported by Marshall. Lilly does have minimal input in this one, but that is just on account of her being pregnant.

    Stuff that was totally Classic HIMYM:


    "I'm ... wait for it
    In ... wait for it
    Love ... wait for it
    With ... wait for it
    A ... wait for it
    Certain... wait for it"
    "I know you're in love with Robin!"

    Barney: "Really? That's so sweet. But let's be clear! I don't love her ... okay? I just ... miss her when she's not around I think about her all the time and I imagine us one day running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown suede vest."
    Marshall: "You gonna tell her how you feel?"
    Barney: "NO!!! Maybe. NEVER! I don't know. (Downs empty glass). I just need to get that PJ idiot away from her. If Lilly were here, she'd know exactly how to get rid of him"
    Marshall: "Maybe I can help"
    Barney: "Marshall – you're no Lilly. Lilly is a diabolical puppet master suddenly manipulating every situation to get exactly what she wants. She's pure Evil, Marshall. You've got a good one. Hang onto her."

    Marshall: "(food guy goes past)Hey food guy! (Toy guy roller skates past)Hey toy guy! (ninja sneaks past) Who's that guy?"
    Barney: "He doesn't work here. I think we should leave the building."
    Marshall: "Really?"
    Barney: "Yeah. This has happened before."
    (both slowly get up and run away)
  • Marshall thinks of ways to retain his job. Ted hires a new assistant.

    Assistant?again??. Rings a bell doesn't it?

    We've had a string of episodes in another CBS show - rules of engagement employ this assistant storyline and now its HIMYM. The second unoriginal part was the 'weird back-rub guy', a character lifted straight off a Scrubs episode. Not that I really care about, but I wonder why the crew tries to hide Lily's baby bump with handbags, sweaters, beer pitchers, and doesn't really bother to do the same thing with Robin.

    As said and done, this installment was a huge improvement over the previous episodes. There were some really funny sequences like the "food guy", "toy guy","fantasy guy". These crazy concepts are some typical characteristics of the show that made it funny in the first place. Yes, for most part this was a fun episode. But Ted and Robin still need a few touchdowns in the laughs department.
  • As much as I love this show I felt that this episode was lacking in content that supports the overall story line.

    Ted is trying to start his own firm and he sets up shop in his apartment. He also hires an assistant to help with the office work, i.e. nothing. Robin ends up sleeping with Ted's assistant and Ted feels obligated to fire him. Barney tries to help Marshall figure out a way to make himself stand out in order to save his job. We also see Barney open up a little bit more about his love for Robin. During a moment of frustration he shares his feelings for Robin with Marshall who to no one's surprise already knew.

    In the end the plot is no further along, we have no new relevant background information, and we are missing the typical humor we have come to expect.
  • Ted starts his own business

    Warning: This review contain spoilers

    "Mosbius Designs" is a good storyline of how funny it can be part of the workforce. Ted decides to own his own architecture business at home but has no idea how to run it. He has no clients and spends time taking "Inspiration Walks." He hires an intern who does nothing to really help his business but helps himself to Robin. In one classic scene, Ted fires the intern but the intern calls Robin and ask if can stay at her place. The intern turns the tv on and relaxes in front of Ted. Meanwhile, Marshall fears he might lose him job so he decides to start a fantasy baseball at work. He finds what this job is not that fun so it finds another treasurer.
  • Funny from start to finish. A must see for any fan of the show!

    After losing his job, Ted forms his own architecture firm which he sets up in the apartment he shares with Robin. He gets off to a slow start, wasting all of his time picking stationary and pens for his new business, as opposed to getting on the phone with potential clients. Things really get off track when Robin starts sleeping with the intern Ted hired to help out around "the office," pitting Ted and Robin in a battle to keep his attention. Meanwhile, Marshall tries to make himself indispensable at work by taking on the undesirable position of the office fantasy baseball commissioner, and feeling jealous about her new boyfriend, Barney confesses his feelings for Robin to Marshall. Marshall is then able to solve everyone's problems by hiring Ted's intern to take on his task as commissioner, thereby removing him from Ted, Robin and Barney's lives.
  • himym returns to its old glory

    ted mosby starts his own company which is hilarious as he has no idea from where to start robin continues at her job which clearly she does not like barney is barney with his punch lines . and we finaly see he good old marshall who had desapeared in season 4 it is the best episode of the season . also there is a huge advance in the barney robbin love story as barney confess his love about her to marshall . i reapet it was one of the best episodes in a long long time . i am really happy that ted is slowly becoming quite funny .especially in this episode his was the funniest character .briliant
  • Ted tries to start his architectural business.

    Finally a decent work related episode. We get development in all places. More development on Barney being in love with Robin, definitely more development in Ted's work life. I love the joke in the beginning: "What's the difference between peanut butter & jam?" "We didn't see Lilly for 4 weeks." I laughed so hard in the beginning. Ted is procrastinating with calling possible clients, he hires an assistant: PJ. PJ is great until he ends up sleeping with Robin. Robin & Ted start competing over him almost, with Robin wanting to sleep with him, and Ted wanting him for work. It was a nice enjoyable tug of war between the two. Barney confesses to Marshall that he's in love with Robin when he's having problems with Robin sleeping with PJ. Since he can't talk to Lilly, he talks to Marshall. It turns out Marshall already knows, Lilly told him. Meanwhile Marshall fears getting laid off like Ted did so Barney helps him try to find something special about himself. They already have food, fantasy, and back rub guy. Marshall becomes sports guy and starts to get nervous since he's always carrying money around. That was also a very funny scene when he thinks a baby is onto him. Marshall & Barney end up helping each other out in both aspects when Marshall gets PJ a job at the firm so he can stop sleeping with Robin. Robin helps Ted get over his fear of calling clients, and she encourages him to finally start a career. Ted reveals that he is afraid that it would turn out badly. But he finally does it by the end. I liked the pep talk Robin gave Ted. It felt like something was missing, which proves how much Lilly contributes to the show. A good work related episode, which isn't easy for me to say, since I haven't enjoyed any until now.
  • Not my favorite episode, but still quite good!

    This episode was interesting, because Ted finally started off on his architectural firm, although things really didn't go that well for him!

    The storylines in this episode were interesting, and I found that it made for some decent viewing, but I don't think that the episode was all that funny. Quite good storylines, but not funny storylines, in my opinion.

    There were some great moments, but overall, I wouldn't classify this episode as particularly special. The beginning was great, but Lily mysteriously disappearing was a little weird. I also loved the ending!

    Overlal, not a bad episode, but I would advise that you refrain from this one, if you only watch for the luaughs we usually get! Still, great show, a nd I can't wait for some more episodes!
  • Ted hires an assistant.

    This episode turned out to be the complete opposite of tonight's The Big Bang Theory. I had just gotten finished writing a review about how the first half of that episode was weak, but things got better in the second. The beginning of this episode of Mother was actually really funny and I could not believe how much I was laughing at the show. I thought it was 2006 again. But then things took an unfortunate turn for the worse with sports guy, the unnecessary relationship between Robin and PJ and the lame ending with Ted and Robin.

    If I can think of one positive for this episode it is the introduction of Fantasy Guy, who needs to become a recurring character immediately. Dude said absolutely nothing, and still managed to be funny.
  • Season 4, Episode 20.

    Not a bad episode at all. I haven't been able to see most of the fourth season due to Confirmation class and Gossip Girl, but this episode was pretty good! I originally gave this episode an 8, but I brought that rating up after sexy PJ was shirtless! OMFG he is so hot! Lucky Robin! I wanna give PJ a second-letter-of-the-alphabet-J. ;) Haha. I loved that Ted and Robin were such strong friends. I just wished Lily was featured in the episode more. Hehe, I want to hear that joke. I liked the ninja thing at the end of the episode. Haha. Good episode.
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