How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 20

Mosbius Designs

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ted starts his own firm and hires a new assistant that Robin begins sleeping with. Meanwhile Marshall is fearing being fired as Barney suggests he needs a thing to seem irreplaceable

    This episode continued in the same vein as the previous episode. It was funny as well as it feels like the show is moving forward again. Definitely not reacing the heights of the previous 3 seasons but really trying to come back to some really funny material.

    This week opens with Barney telling Lilly a dirty joke that the other guys profess is only man humour and women would just be offended. When Barney ignores this Lilly is so upset and says they can't be friends anymore. This seems like an out so that Allison Hanigan can go off and have her baby and the crew don't need to make anymore lame attempts to cover up what is a VERY pregnany woman.

    The main two arcs of this ep centre around Ted in one and Marshall in the other. Ted finally decides to start his own firm after being fired from his old job, thus Mobias Enterprises is born. He is stalling so that he never actually has to start up the firm but to make things look like they are moving he ires PJ. PJ is a young man that Ted decides to mentor to the great annoyance of Robin as her life is turned upside down by Mobias being based out of the apartment. Soon she becomes turned on by the snooty PJ and begins to sleep with im much to the disgust of Ted and even more so Barney. In the other arc Marshall is afraid that his job is under threat as there are talks of layoffs at GNB. Barney says how hard he works makes no difference, instead he needs to have a thing. Basically the thing is supposed to make everyone love him and therefore refuse to fire him no matter how expendible he is. Marshall decides to become "sports Guy" where he runs a fantasy Baseball League at GNB. This works a treat but he is pressured by all the work it takes to run it as everyone is involved. Marshall needs to find a way to still be sports guy but without the responsibilities.

    Both story arc provide good laughs that keep you watching to see where they are going with these stories. The last scene tends to make you believe that as this season goes on inroads will be made into finding out who Ted's wife is. Lets just hope we don't go back to another group of filler eps while Lilly is out of action!