How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 20

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Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on CBS

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    Okay. This episode is a perfect metaphor of the entire show.
    Ted, our hated main character has an annoying self-obsessed and worst of all – boring storyline. Robin gets dragged into it, and her terrible acting is propped up by her sex appeal and brilliant writers.
    Barney has a fantastic run on his own, ably supported by Marshall. Lilly does have minimal input in this one, but that is just on account of her being pregnant.

    Stuff that was totally Classic HIMYM:


    "I'm ... wait for it
    In ... wait for it
    Love ... wait for it
    With ... wait for it
    A ... wait for it
    Certain... wait for it"
    "I know you're in love with Robin!"

    Barney: "Really? That's so sweet. But let's be clear! I don't love her ... okay? I just ... miss her when she's not around I think about her all the time and I imagine us one day running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown suede vest."
    Marshall: "You gonna tell her how you feel?"
    Barney: "NO!!! Maybe. NEVER! I don't know. (Downs empty glass). I just need to get that PJ idiot away from her. If Lilly were here, she'd know exactly how to get rid of him"
    Marshall: "Maybe I can help"
    Barney: "Marshall – you're no Lilly. Lilly is a diabolical puppet master suddenly manipulating every situation to get exactly what she wants. She's pure Evil, Marshall. You've got a good one. Hang onto her."

    Marshall: "(food guy goes past)Hey food guy! (Toy guy roller skates past)Hey toy guy! (ninja sneaks past) Who's that guy?"
    Barney: "He doesn't work here. I think we should leave the building."
    Marshall: "Really?"
    Barney: "Yeah. This has happened before."
    (both slowly get up and run away)
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