How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 18

Moving Day

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Older Ted: "Kids, in the Spring of 2007, everything was great between me and Robin. So we decided to try to make it even better. We decided to move in together."

2007 – Barney offers to live with Marshall and Lily because he wants to live closer to the bar since it takes over twenty minutes to get to his apartment and things can go badly with girls that he is trying to bring back to his apartment. He then recounts different circumstances when, within the twenty minutes, things have gone badly. Lily doesn't like the idea that he will use their place to bring girls to.

Ted and Robin are moving with Marshall and Lily helping them get their things into the moving truck. Marshall offers Ted one of the two swords that they have that represent their friendship. Barney runs in and shows them a quiz that he found to make sure that they are ready to move in together. Barney then asks him the questions and suggests that they shouldn't move in together. Barney pleads with them and suggests that they don't really know everything about each other. Ted tells him to stop fighting the inevitable and then Barney decides to help, but when they come downstairs, they notice that the moving truck is gone and Barney has taken it. Marshall and Lily go back up to their apartment and rejoice that they can finally do everything they wanted to do. They then flash forward to sitting in the apartment naked, but they decide that it is not as awesome as they thought it would be. Ted calls Barney again, but he doesn't answer. When Ted suggests that they have a TV in the bedroom, Robin balks at the idea and they decide to drink some wine. When they are making out, Marshall and Lily realize that they can be loud and do it wherever. Ted is trying to put his things into Robin's apartment, but Robin doesn't want Ted's things in her kitchen. Barney then calls Ted and tells him to put on the suit that he has left at his door and to complete challenges that he poses to him. The first is to put on the suit and then meet him at McLaren's.

Ted meets Barney at the bar and asks him where is stuff is, but Barney tells him to call him The Commodore. Barney tells Ted that they have to have one last night out as bros. When Ted doesn't want to do what Barney tells him to do, Barney reminds him about his things that he is holding ransom. Marshall and Lily are settling down to watch TV and Marshal automatically turns around and calls for Ted to come into the living room, but they quickly realize that Ted isn't there. They don't seem happy. Barney has Ted hit on a girl to get the girl's number while Robin is smoking her last cigarette in the bathtub. Lily tries to make something for dinner, but she realizes that Ted did the shopping and took his microwave. Marshall then comes out of the bathroom and announces that all of the towels were Ted's. they realize that all of the useful things in the apartment were Ted's and that they miss him. Barney and Ted are playing laser tag and having fun. Ted tells Barney that he has to call Robin and ask to do something afterward, but Barney gets upset. Ted calls Robin and Robin tells him that it is ok. Robin then talks to the magazine company and cancels her subscription to a magazine about guns and ammo, but the company offers to send her a grenade phone and she opts to have the magazine sent to her work address. Marshall shows back up at the apartment with bags of things to furnish the apartment, but when Lily asks for toilet paper, her has to go get some. Ted and Barney drink at the bar and Ted asks about his truck with his things. Barney tells Ted that he doesn't want the things since he really doesn't want to move in with her and they realize that it was a huge mistake. Barney also notes that he called Robin's apartment, Robin's, not his or ours. Ted arrives back at his and Robin's apartment and doesn't find any movies he likes and then when he puts his feet on the coffee table, she tells him to not put his feet on it. Ted suddenly realizes that he knows where Barney put the moving truck. Barney is at the bar and picks up a girl and takes her to the moving truck which he has set up as an apartment. He is kissing the girl when the truck starts moving and the girl freaks out and thinks that Barney is kidnapping her. Ted calls Barney on his phone and tells him that he took back his truck. Later on, with Robin, they decide to get Ted's things unpacked. Marshall suggests that they rely too much on Ted and they decide that they should marry and then marry Ted. Ted then walks into the apartment and tells them the story about what happened with him and Robin. He explains that they just weren't ready, they fought too much, and they are happy with the way things were. They then decide to have "not move in together sex." They hop into the back of the moving van. Marshall and Lily hug Ted and tell him that it feels so right to have him back at the apartment. Ted reminds them that Robin is in the moving truck getting out boxes.

At the bar, Barney reads them a list of the top ten things that he would have called his truck. #10-The Winnebango, #9-The Pick-Up Truck, #8-The Ford Explore Her, #7-The You-Scream Truck, #6-Feels on Wheels, #5-The Ride-Her Truck. #4-The 18-Squealer, #3-The Escalaid, #2-The Samboni, and #1-The '69 Chevy.