How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on CBS
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Barney attempts to complete in a single day all the tasks from a list Ted made to prove the gang's not too old to do them. Meanwhile, he challenges Ted to complete a list of things they're too young to do yet.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The Murtaugh List

    I learnt a new term, which is The Murtaugh List, named after a star in a movie, Lethal Weapon's Roger Murtaugh. This is the list stating the things that we cant do as we get old. Here comes the catchy phrase in this episode "I am to old for this stuff". In this episode, Barney Stinson again revealed his trademark, his courage, and of course his awesomeness. He received the challenge from his wing man, to complete all the tasks in Murtaugh List for 24 hours, "Challenge Accepted" he said, with his suit up as usual, facing upright in the air, with the fierce and serious eye sight, that he brings the confidence to the audience, that he will definitely make it. He made through all the quests except one, which is the drinking beer using the funnel. Finally, he claimed that he hated it, and he would never want to repeat them anymore, saying that " I am too old for this stuff". Overall this is really a nice episode, as Barney and Ted have been doing a lot of crazy stuff, at the right moment made them even funnier.moreless
  • Quite a good episode, remarkably better than the ones before

    In this episode, Ted is creating a so-called Murtaugh list (named after Lethal Weapon's Murtaugh, of course) on which he lists all the things he won't do anymore, now that he's 30. When Barney sees this list, he decides to make a challenge out of it and do just the things on it, while Ted does all the things on a list of stuff Barney and Robin think he's too young to do. Meanwhile, Marshall coaches Lily's kindergarten basketball team and uses the strict and aggressive methods of his father when he was training him. This story part was stupid and not enjoyable, but Ted, Barney and Robin were good and quite amusing. Murtaugh's catch-phrase "I'm too old for this stuff" was drawing through the whole episode and the way the censored the original phrase was a really funny running gag. Robert Wisdom made a nice guest appearance as the man who owns the laser-tag place that Barney goes to as well. All in all, this is a good episode and besides the Lily/Marshall story, I enjoyed it most of the time.moreless
  • I am too old for this confetti

    A funny start to the episode when you find out that Barney was banned from laser tag. It was funny and not creepy like the gang thinks. The scenes between Barney and the kids and Barney and the laser tag Manager were both equally funny. The scenes between Barney and the Manager were a spin of Lethal Weapon. I would probably enjoy this more if I watched the movie. That's my only big complaint about this episode. And it's not even that big.

    What happened to Barney, Ted thinks laser tag is not something that a man his age should do with his creation of a Murtaugh list. Barney decides to makes this a challenge even though no one challenged him to. This later lead to Barney with the help of Robin to make an old man list. How Barney and Ted go about the list were both funny and entertaining. I also enjoyed how hard Barney tried to complete the list. I also liked how Robin helped Barney. Another great reference to "stuff" It was like "grinch" and "sandwiches"

    It was a good ending. It had nothing to do with the mother but still enjoyable.moreless
  • The episode was pretty nice and funny, and the way they used "stuff" to make it more watchable for the younger viewers. Got to love Barneysstubbornnessinvolvingbets. But when it got to the last parts of the episode I was insulted.moreless

    The episode was pretty nice and funny, and the way they used "stuff" to make it more watchable for the younger viewers. Got to love Barneysstubbornnessinvolvingbets. But when it got to the last parts of the episode I was insulted.

    Calling one of the most prideful products of Lithuania russian, not doing any research while writing an episode and not even knowing the difference between latin alphabet andCyrillic.... shame just shame
  • Ted has a list of things he's too old to do and Barney tries to accomplish all those things.

    "Murtaugh" is an enjoyable How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Barney gets banned from laser tag. Ted tells him he's too old for laser tag in which Barney disagrees. I love how Ted reveals his Murtaugh list which is a list of things he's too old to do. I love how Barney tries to do everything on this list trying to prove that they're not to old to do that stuff. I love how Barney is hurting himself just trying to do everything on the list. Marshall and Lily's subplot was cute. I love how Marshall tries to teach Lily's kindergartners how to play basketball but he's too harsh. And I love how Lily makes Marshall be nice to the kids. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Old Persons List includes:

      - Put on reading glasses
      - Yell at neighborhood kids
      - Go to bed at 8
      - Wake up at 4am
      - Eat dinner at 4pm
      - Take forever to answer the phone

    • The Murtaugh list includes: - Playing laser tag - Pull an all–nighter - Eat an entire pizza - Hang posters on your wall without frames - Get ear pierced - Do laundry at mom's house - Crash on a friends futon instead of getting a hotel room - Put off going to the doctor¬ - Drinking shots with strangers - Leave annoying two person message on your answering machine - Help someone move out of a six-floor walk-up in exchange for pizza and beer - Dye your hair a funny color - Go to a rave - Drink from a Beer bong

    • When Barney gets warned that he will be banned from laser tag if he goes on playing so aggressively, one can read on the whiteboard behind that he holds all the records.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Laser Tag Arena Owner: (final lines) Hell, no! I'm callin' the police. (speaking to himself, frowning) Gone-ass man with pink hair throwing toilet paper?! You gotta be kiddin' me! Y'all do all over this sh--
      Future Ted: Stuff! He said "stuff"!

    • Ted: You know, Barney, last night I went to bed at eight o'clock because it was on the list. And I couldn't sleep, because well, it was eight o'clock. So I decided to watch Lethal Weapon. And then when I still couldn't sleep, I watched Lethal Weapon 2. And then 3. And then, halfway through Lethal Weapon 4, it's when it occurred to me. Murtaugh kept saying "I'm too old for this stuff" but every time he'd say it, he'd turn around, make a movie, and do more stuff. I guess what I'm saying is, screw being old. Let's go TP laser tag!
      Barney: Yeah! And then the hospital.

    • Ted: What happened to you?
      Barney: Oh, I had a blow-out-my-knee-and-it-hurts-like-hell incident.
      Ted: How'd you blow out your knee?
      Barney: We helped someone move out of a six-floor walkup in exchange for pizza and beer!
      Robin: Or we helped someone rob a six-floor walkup. They were in a big hurry and left all the pictures behind.
      Barney: Whatevs. It counts.

    • Lily: Marshall, they're in kindergarten. You don't teach basketball this way.
      Marshall: Sure you do, it's the way I learned.
      Lily: Are you kidding? What sociopath taught you this way?
      Young Marshall: Come on, Dad! I'm tired!
      Marvin: Sleep is for winners! You can go to bed when you score a basket!
      Young Marshall: I'm trying!
      Marvin: Oh, let's give you two points for trying! Negative two points for having a great big head!
      Marshall: My father gave me no quarter. And I asked for no quarter.

    • Robin: We have our own list.
      Ted: What?
      Robin: Do each of the things on this list and then tell me you still want to be an old man.
      Ted: Remove "colonoscopy" and "sex with an old lady" and this is a cakewalk.

    • Barney: (Leaving a message) Hi, this is Barney...
      Robin: And Robin.
      Barney: We can't get to the phone right now because...
      Robin: He's watching sports, and I'm...
      Barney: Probably out shopping! (They laugh)
      Barney: Leave a message and we'll call you back just as soon...
      Robin: As...
      Barney: We...
      Barney and Robin: Can!

    • Ted: That's why I have this list, so I never make the mistake of thinking I could still pull an all-nighter.
      Marshall: I'm too old for that stuff.
      Ted: Or eat an entire pizza in one sitting.
      Marshall: I'm too old for that stuff.
      Ted: Or hang posters on your wall without frames.
      Marshall: Wait. Wait! I'm too old for that stuff. By the way, how good is Lethal Weapon?

    • Barney: You cannot believe what happened to me at laser tag today.
      Ted: Everyone freaked out because a grown man was scaring their children?

    • Lily: At tomorrow's game, if you're anything less than a teddybear stuffed with cotton-candy and rainbows, I will silent-treatment your ass into the ground. You will think the time I found your Internet search history was a picnic.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Die Murtaugh-Liste", meaning "The Murtaugh List". The French title is "Compétition finale", meaning "Final Competition". The Italian title is "La lista delle sfide", meaning "List of Challenges".

    • International Airdates: Australia: May 25, 2009 on Channel 9; Germany: January 30, 2010 on ProSieben; United Kingdom: April 15, 2010 on E4; Czech Republic: November 23, 2010 on Prima COOL


    • The basketball playing werewolf references the 1985 comedy Teen Wolf in which Michael J. Fox plays a teenage werewolf who once transforms into a werewolf during a basketball game.

    • After agreeing to the bet with Ted, Barney shouts, "Alright, let's do this, Baaaarney Stiiinson," and storms out of the room, similar to what Leroy Jenkins did in the viral World of Warcraft video.