How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Barney obsession with Laser Tag. The owner tries to ban Barney from laser tag but gives Barney one last try, which he throws away in thirty seconds when he pulverizes a child. When Barney returns to the apartment he asks Ted to tepee the laser tag place with him, but he declines and adds laser tagging to the Murtaugh list. The Murtaugh list, based off Danny Glover's character in Lethal Weapon, enumerates all the things Ted is too old to do so he doesn't make the mistake of thinking he still can. Barney considers his list to be childish and says that you can never be too old for laser tagging. As a result, Barney sees the list as an invitation for a bet. Barney bets that if he can complete the list, Ted has to tepee the laser tag location with him and if he doesn't, to listen to Ted's boring architectural lectures. Robin officiates the bet by calling it a "gentleman's agreement" as they shake hands. Ted assumes there is no way to complete the list considering the difficulty of the task, but Barney walks out with a pierced ear ready for the next text.

Meanwhile, Lily lets Marshall team the children's basketball team and sees it an as opportunity for Daddy practice. When walking in with orange slices, she is surprised to find her husband cruel to kids. When Lily explains to Marshall that they don't keep score, Marshall is angered by the lackadaisical attitude taken by this country about losing. He tells her that this is how he was raised and how he plans to raise their kids. Lily flips out and tells Marshall to get his act together or expect the worst silent treatment ever. After Marshall is about to pull his hair out as he watches his team lose, Lily telepathically allows Marshall to do it his way as long as she gets to do it her way. Their team ends up losing but Marshall does get a participation trophy and both still consider eachother's method of coaching stupid.

As Barney tortures himself over the extensive tasks he is asked to do, Ted looks forward to old age when he doesn't have to worry about life choices. Barney then gives his a "you're too young list." After going to bed at 8 and realizing he couldn't sleep, he watched the entire Lethal Weapon saga. Though Murtauch is old, he still lives an action packed life and Ted decides to live life to its fullest, which includes tee peeing laser tag. After tee peeing the laser tag place, the boss tells Barney he is reinstated, saying that it is the most beautiful tee pee work he has ever seen. But takes it back immediately and says "Hell no! I'm calling the cops. I'm too old for this...stuff."
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