How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on CBS

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  • The Murtaugh List

    I learnt a new term, which is The Murtaugh List, named after a star in a movie, Lethal Weapon's Roger Murtaugh. This is the list stating the things that we cant do as we get old. Here comes the catchy phrase in this episode "I am to old for this stuff". In this episode, Barney Stinson again revealed his trademark, his courage, and of course his awesomeness. He received the challenge from his wing man, to complete all the tasks in Murtaugh List for 24 hours, "Challenge Accepted" he said, with his suit up as usual, facing upright in the air, with the fierce and serious eye sight, that he brings the confidence to the audience, that he will definitely make it. He made through all the quests except one, which is the drinking beer using the funnel. Finally, he claimed that he hated it, and he would never want to repeat them anymore, saying that " I am too old for this stuff". Overall this is really a nice episode, as Barney and Ted have been doing a lot of crazy stuff, at the right moment made them even funnier.
  • Quite a good episode, remarkably better than the ones before

    In this episode, Ted is creating a so-called Murtaugh list (named after Lethal Weapon's Murtaugh, of course) on which he lists all the things he won't do anymore, now that he's 30. When Barney sees this list, he decides to make a challenge out of it and do just the things on it, while Ted does all the things on a list of stuff Barney and Robin think he's too young to do. Meanwhile, Marshall coaches Lily's kindergarten basketball team and uses the strict and aggressive methods of his father when he was training him. This story part was stupid and not enjoyable, but Ted, Barney and Robin were good and quite amusing. Murtaugh's catch-phrase "I'm too old for this stuff" was drawing through the whole episode and the way the censored the original phrase was a really funny running gag. Robert Wisdom made a nice guest appearance as the man who owns the laser-tag place that Barney goes to as well. All in all, this is a good episode and besides the Lily/Marshall story, I enjoyed it most of the time.
  • I am too old for this confetti

    A funny start to the episode when you find out that Barney was banned from laser tag. It was funny and not creepy like the gang thinks. The scenes between Barney and the kids and Barney and the laser tag Manager were both equally funny. The scenes between Barney and the Manager were a spin of Lethal Weapon. I would probably enjoy this more if I watched the movie. That's my only big complaint about this episode. And it's not even that big.

    What happened to Barney, Ted thinks laser tag is not something that a man his age should do with his creation of a Murtaugh list. Barney decides to makes this a challenge even though no one challenged him to. This later lead to Barney with the help of Robin to make an old man list. How Barney and Ted go about the list were both funny and entertaining. I also enjoyed how hard Barney tried to complete the list. I also liked how Robin helped Barney. Another great reference to "stuff" It was like "grinch" and "sandwiches"

    It was a good ending. It had nothing to do with the mother but still enjoyable.
  • The episode was pretty nice and funny, and the way they used "stuff" to make it more watchable for the younger viewers. Got to love Barneysstubbornnessinvolvingbets. But when it got to the last parts of the episode I was insulted.


    The episode was pretty nice and funny, and the way they used "stuff" to make it more watchable for the younger viewers. Got to love Barneysstubbornnessinvolvingbets. But when it got to the last parts of the episode I was insulted.

    Calling one of the most prideful products of Lithuania russian, not doing any research while writing an episode and not even knowing the difference between latin alphabet andCyrillic.... shame just shame

  • Ted has a list of things he's too old to do and Barney tries to accomplish all those things.


    "Murtaugh" is an enjoyable How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Barney gets banned from laser tag. Ted tells him he's too old for laser tag in which Barney disagrees. I love how Ted reveals his Murtaugh list which is a list of things he's too old to do. I love how Barney tries to do everything on this list trying to prove that they're not to old to do that stuff. I love how Barney is hurting himself just trying to do everything on the list. Marshall and Lily's subplot was cute. I love how Marshall tries to teach Lily's kindergartners how to play basketball but he's too harsh. And I love how Lily makes Marshall be nice to the kids. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • I'm too old for this "stuff"

    In this episode, Barney becomes banned from the laser tag center after being to rough with the kids, so he wants Ted to tepee the laser tag center. Ted says that he's too old for that, it's on the Murtaugh list. Murtaugh is a guy from Lethal Weapon who kept on saying, "I'm too old for this 'stuff,'" according to future Ted. So then Barney says he can do everything on the Murtaugh list. Robin accompanies Barney on all his adventures. Meanwhile Robin makes a list of things that Ted is too young to do, since he just wants to skip ahead to being old, when Robin thinks that the journey is the best part of it all. Ted succeeds in to doing the list, but Barney caves on the last thing he's supposed to do on the list. Ted wins the bet, but they both end up tepeeing the laser tag center, since Murtaugh – regardless of him saying that over & over again, he just did it again: Movie after movie. Meanwhile Marshall coaches Lilly's kindergartners in basketball, the hard way. When Lilly always does it the easy way. There was nothing terrible about this episode, yet there wasn't really anything great about the episode either. It was just average, I laughed at some scenes, it was an enjoyable watch. Just nothing very special about it. The funniest scene would definitely have to be Lilly warning Marshall about the silent treatment. That was hilarious, I thought I was favoring Lilly & Marshall's plot until the teen wolf came in, it was a bit too unrealistic for my pleasure. So average, nothing great, nothing bad.
  • Barney and Robin's message on the answering machine was awesome!

    In my opinion, the latest HIMYM episode was another success achieved. The main theme of 'I'm too old for this sh... stuff' was brilliant, especially with NPH's performance, everything was genius in his character! From the Laser Tag addiction (the records on the score-board in the owner office were all from 'Stinson') to the bleeding ear.
    The plot was about Lily's and Marshall's methods to educate kids. It was ok, slightly but it isn't comparable to the main plot of this episode. And the telepathic conversation was just repetitive and predictable.
    All in all, it was a great episode, but they can do better.
    I hope that now, that the season is ending, they keep up the good job they've done in the last few episodes and hopefully give us some amazing episodes to end the season.
    (And I also hope it gets renewed!)
  • Too old for this stuff

    "Murtaugh" is a very funny episode of How I Met Your Mother about growing old and being young at heart. Ted makes a Murtaught List which is a I am too old to do these things. Barney makes a bet with Ted that that Barbey is not too old to do things that teens would do. While Ted does things senior citizens would do. Barney gets banned from his usual Lazer Tag playhouse after using a kid as hostage so Barney would not get shot and would win Lazer Tag. The manager calls him in his office and both of them act like they work for law enforcement. Later, Barney does things teens would do like get his ear pieced and go to raves. Barney pierces his own ear which is very red and hurts him. Robin purposely phones Barney on his cell so he would pick it up. Now, he is in even more pain. Lilly convinces Marshall to coach her preschool's Basketball team. Marshall coaches his team like a professional basketball team by being loud and a bit cruel. On the other hand, Lily wants him to be very supportive and very kind to his team. This is one of the funniest episodes of the season.
  • Shows us why How I met your mother is one of the best shows of all time!

    When Barney is banned from Laser Tag, he plans to get revenge by TPing the Laser Tag center and asks Ted to help. Ted insists they are too old for that kind of a prank, prompting him to introduce Barney to his "Murtaugh List," a list of things the gang is too old to do. Barney is disappointed when he hears all the fun things that are on the list, and bets Ted that he can complete every item on the list in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily coach a children's basketball team, and discover that they have very different philosophies when it comes to motivating kids.
  • Ted whips out his Murtaugh List so he can prove to Barney that he is too old to do whatever he wants to do. Marshall agrees to coach the kindergarden basketball team leading to some fights with Lilly.

    Now if anyone read my review last week about the previous ep they would know that I basically slammed this entire season of HIMYM as a write-off. Now this would seem rather strange that I am now giving this ep a great rating but I must defend myslf by saying that this could arguably be the funniest ep since season 3. All the while having the same flaws that ave plagued this season throughout.

    This week Barney is banned from Lazer Tag after picking up and pinning down small children so as to win. Barney wants vengeance by "TP"ing the Lazer Tag with Ted but Ted refuses saying he is too old for that stuff leading him to whip out his new Murtaugh List. The list is a tribute to Danny Glover's character in Leathal Weapon who would say the line "I'm getting too old for this S**t" but changed to "stuff" for the sake of the story. Barney believes that the list is wrong and set up a challenge for himself that he can do everything on that list. If he wins Ted must TP the place with him but if he loses he will never play lazer tag again and have to listen to Ted talk about architecture. This leads to some truely funny moments that do provide the best laughs of the season thus far.

    Meanwhile, Lilly has convinced Marshall to coach her preschool's Basketball team. She does this in the hope that Marshall will pick up some good parentng skills but is shocked when she discovers that Marshall is loud and brutal to the 5 year olds. Lilly tells him that it is all about fun but Marshall thinks it is all about winning. His opinions lead to some hilarious set pieces when the team is being thrashed by the opposition.

    The only flaw with ep is the same thing with most of the eps this season and that's the fact that there is almost no references to Ted finding his future wife. You'd think that the title of the show would carry much more weight. But still this ep is a step forward.
  • Very funny episode with some interesting conflicts about growing up.

    First of all, i'm brazilian, so forgive me if my english is not so good.

    Sometimes i just came here to see what people are saying and rating, and today i got really surprised. The 6.5 rating that Murtaugh episode got makes me wonder if i've saw the same episode of most of the voting users here.
    For me this episode has everything that makes HIMYM a great show. It's very funny, make me laugh during the whole 20 minutes, and by the same time, in a very hilarious way, it has showed one of the conflicts and doubts that people has of what they still can do and what is too "adolescent" to their age when transiting of young adult to mature adult. And the show is pretty much about it. It's about relationships too, but mostly, in my opinion, about growing and becaming mature and adult.
    And the Marshall and Lily plot show the begining of the "paretal educational" sense in they. It's important to let children have fun, but it's also important to show then that in life the result matter and you need effort to obtain things. Some might say that the scenes here were "unrealist", but Ted is telling the Marshall-Lily story based on how Marshall tell the story. And by the way, i don't know if everyone has realised the this series is a sitcom. It don't have to be realistic all the time, it has its overactings sometimes, but it's part of the DNA of a sitcom. And besides that, if you look a little deeper (and that's what i'm trying to do in my review), i'll see that a "serious", realistic and relevant background is there.
  • You're too old for this ... stuff!


    Any episode focused on Stinson in this manner is bound to be Legen...wait for it...Dairy - by the laws of Awesomeness. The exchanges with the Laser tag manager was just icing on the cake.

    Lilly and Marshall having a go at each other - and her winning was funny. Not as funny as Marshall's style of coaching and the "Teen-Wolf".

    Also, was good stuff to see Ted where he really belongs - playing an old man.

    Robin had minimal contributions to this one, and that really was for the better.

    Nothing inspired, but Barney really carried this one again with ample support from Marshall.
  • Barney tries to be young, Ted tries to be old, Marshall tries to be Bill Belichick.

    Well, Greg Popovich or Bobby Knight is probably a better comparison as we were talking about basketball.

    The laser tag scene in the beginning was incredible, and may have been the best 3 minutes in How I Met Your Mother history. I do not want to say that this episode completely fell a part after it, as I did thoroughly enjoy this show, but the problem is it is just not funny. There's nothing unexpected about the jokes anymore. We know we're guaranteed a random Canadian reference from Robin, Ted saying something weird to the female employee at the bar (remember when he asked her for a legal pad, and now he was questioning the thickness of turkey, not exactly relevant comedy) and Marshall overacting.

    If that is what you are into you surely were not disappointed this week, but I won't complain too much as this was a fun episode, albeit short on laughs.
  • Surely worth a watch.all HIMYM fans will love it!

    Barney is banned from playing laser tag because he plays too rough.Barney(as awesome as he is)takes up a challenge to prove to Ted that he is not old.While doing so injures himself in a bit funny way...Ted is trying to prove to Robin that being old is good.but he ends up getting convinced otherwise.Meanwhile Marshall is coaching Lilly's kinder garden kids.He ends up being too rough with the kids(which Lilly is really upset about as she wants this to be Marshall's training to be a dad).Lilly conveys her point(while still being really really mad.)Marshall gives into her as usual.Robin,Barney and Ted have a great time.Overall a Good episode...HIMYM has kept its standard as usual...
  • Barney tries to prove he not old, Marshall coaches the kids hoops team

    They did come up with a story, they had actors to do stuff before camera, they had a network to broadcast their stuff. So that pretty much sums up every episode of HIMYM.

    You can't call it comedy, drama, reality or whatever. This episode had two simply boring storylines. Barney tries to prove he is not old by doing some stupid list of things. And talking about lists - its high time HIMYM quit the overused lists concept. What on earth was the opener? - awful absolutely awful. Jason Segal is horrendously unfunny and needs to go back to acting school. Lily and Robin are pathetic. Ted is annoying as ever.

    Yes, I sound whiny- but you can't deny the fact the show sucks.