How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 6

Mystery Vs. History

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Another Funny and Great episode of How I Met Your Mother...............


    This episode was so funny and the story was so great and i think this is the best episode since the 2 episode premiere. In this episode we see Ted going on a date with a new girl that he like and Barney and Robin wasnt to find out everything about this girl so that Ted isnt in danger of dating a crazy person. I loved the way that Robin and Barney worked together and in this episode i like Robin's new boyfriend he was funny not like the previous episode that he was in. Marshall and Lilly's story in this episode was not wanting to know the gender of the baby and at the same time paint the baby's room, the presentation that Barney showed them to let them rethink about finding the gender of the baby was funny and awesome i loved it so much. Robin and Barney were sending Ted messages and in these messages was a link to a website so that Ted can find out everything about the girl he is in a date with and when she went to the bathroom he had some crazy ideas for what might her secret be and all of them were funny but the funniest one to me was the one where she was a dude i dont know why but that made me laugh so hard. In the end the girl that Ted was dating was way out of his league and super smart and that ruined everything for Ted as he felt dumb when he is around her and couldnt talk to her in a good way he wasnervousand didnt know what he was saying, after the date Ted went to Marshall and Lilly's apartment to help them and tell them what happened to his date and the surprise was the paper that Marshall threw out the one with the gender of the baby was stuck to Ted's shoe so when he put his leg up they saw the gender of the baby and it was a boy (I think that Marshall was so happy when he found out he is going to have a son because in season 6 he didnt want a daughter but he wanted a son).

  • Probably my favourite of the season!

    This one was a spectacular episode, not just because of the comedy aspect of things, but also because of the storyline developing!!!

    I thought the episode had so many laughs! Robin's boyfriend was actually funny on this episode, wiht the whole analysis of the gang's problems. I especially LOVED the 'Survivor Guilt' moment! That was hilarious!!!

    Then, we find out the gender of the baby! I won't spoilt it here, bbut I can't wait until the baby is born!!!