How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 8

Natural History

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2010 on CBS
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When the gang goes to a black tie event at the Natural History Museum, Ted gets introduced to Zoey's husband, The Captain, while Barney and Robin entertain themselves by touching as many of the museum's "Do Not Touch" exhibits as they can. Lily is aghast to learn Marshall plans to accept a long-term contract with GNB.moreless

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  • The history of gonads and wieners

    When Ted was chosen to design the new building for GNB, he met a girl (Zoey) who he thought he liked but was married and was against Ted tearing down an old building, the Arcadian do it. In this episode that was hosted by the Captain who (just wait for it) was hosting an event at a museum for GNB employees. It turns out that the Captain is Zoey's husband. This was a nice turn of events. The modern day hippie chick married to a very rich man. I think what Zoey did to Ted crossed the line a bit. She did try to redeem herself but at the time I was wondering why the producers were trying to put them two closer together.

    Meanwhile Marshall takes an agreement to stay longer at GNB. What I have always admired about Marshall was that he never wanted to work at a big corporation and when he went to one, never embraced the culture but at the same time stayed so he could provide for Lilly and their family.

    What was lost in all of this was how great Robin and Barney were in this episode. Earlier this season, it looked like something might happen between them but this time they were just two friends goofing off. The part that was lost in all of this was that not only the story that happened to Barney was true but involved his dad. Remember what he said to Lilly about calling his dad he had a chance at the start of the season? It's important and would highlight something much more important later on. I really liked that Robin knew the the whole story of Barney as a child.

    This was another great ending that got you curious how Marshall got out of his job.moreless
  • The gang goes to a museum.

    "Natural History" is an amazing How I Met Your Mother episode! I love how Zoey was at the museum and she gets Ted to say that he hates GNB and she records him saying it. Ted was funny when he was yelling stuff and it echoed and people were just staring. Marshall and Lily fighting was sad, but I love how she talked to college Marshall, and she made up with current Marshall. I love how Barney and Robin started touching all the things in the museum and they find out that Barney's father is Jerome Whittaker. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Hey, that actually got some of the early seasons' magic back.

    And that hadn't happened in a while. The jokes, running and otherwise were mostly funny, the plot developments set up upcoming events, which hadn't happened in a while and Jennifer Morrison and Josh Radnor actually had some chemistry going for a change. And, while I kind of hate the guest star of the week thing HIMYM has devolved into, Kyle MacLachlan made for a surprisingly good character. He was funny and over the top, but he was allowed to show a glimpse of heart and depth, which comedy often forgets to do. Overall, this was much closer to the tone that made the show a hit in the first place than most of the last couple of seasons. And Cobie Smulders continues to be sexy and funny and a great foil for Neil Patrick Harris, after the extremely weird things she was forced to do to keep working through pregnancy last season.

    I think a cautious request for more of that is in order, but the popular opinion that this show should willingly wrap up and move on is not swayed by this. There aren't three more seasons worth of content here, it needs to set a date and go for it.moreless
  • Really funny episode!

    This was definitely a very hilarious episode of How I Met Your Mother. The gange went to the Natural History Museum, where a lot of interesting things happened. The storyline with Zoey develops furhter, and I am really enjoying that storyline, as it has been very great so far!

    The best part of the episode, by far, was the scenes with Robin and Barney touching all of the 'Do Not Touch' exhibits in the museunm. That was absolutely hilarious, as well a huge revelation that coul d definitely change Barney's life!

    Keep it up, HIMYM! The show is definitely on the up, and I hope it continues that way! Great work, guys!moreless
  • Bringing How I Met Your Mother Back, one sandwich at a time.

    This episode was superb. THE GOOD:

    - How well this episode was thought-out. The location was vital to every plot, and it was used really well.

    - Robin is finally Robin again.

    - Barney finding out who his father was

    - Zoey wasn't awful in this episode. Still not great, but not terrible.

    - Kyle MacLachlan and his character. So much fun to watch.

    - College Marshall and Lily's talk

    - All the references to old episodes to reward the people who have followed the show from the start: Cockamouse, Sandwiches, Scooter, Marshall wanting to be an environmental lawyer (which hasn't been mentioned since season 3), Lawyered, and so on.

    - No Becky

    THE BAD: - The Barney/Robin sequence got a bit old.

    - So did Ted and the gonads.

    - Still not lovin' Zoey

    This episode was fantastic, fun to watch, and a real reward to How I Met Your Mother Fans.moreless
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Ted Jonas


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Ted is talking to Zoey after he met her husband she told him 'You wanna make this personal? Okay.' but when she is saying the 'okay' part her lips don't move.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Ted: Zoey! There you are. (the man next to her turns around) Oh, my God. You have a MONOCLE! Is this real? Is this really happening?
      Zoey: Could you excuse us for a moment? (drags Ted away) Let's go for a walk.
      Ted: (over his shoulder) Good luck killing James Bond!

    • Ted: (reading Zoey's article) Listen to this, she says "me and my fat cat friends." We're not fat cats, are we?
      Barney: Exactly. I say, Marshall, my good man, how's my bow tie?
      Marshall: Impeccable, old B! To industry!

    • Museum security guard: (to Barney and Robin) Well, aren't you two clever. Well, guess what, this museum has seen every kind of prank you can think of: mummies playing poker, penguins sticking out of volcanoes, dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period hanging out with dinosaurs from the Jurassic period.

    • Robin: (about Barney's dad) So, when was the last time you saw him?
      Barney: It was that day, July 23rd, 1981. My mom got pretty upset he let me destroy a New York City landmark.
      Robin: (scoffs) Moms.
      Barney: He never came around anymore after the fact. Think he moved away.
      Robin: Well, maybe the security guy had it wrong, you know—
      Barney: You do know, you do know, that's the thing, you know. He's my dad. (long pause)
      Robin: Barney, do you wanna—
      Barney: I don't wanna do anything. Don't tell anyone about this, okay?

    • College Marshall: I'm extinct. I've gone the way of Jane's Addiction.
      Lily: Actually, Jane's Addiction got back together.
      College Marshall: They did?!
      Lily: Yeah, they've done a few tours. They've put out a new album.
      College Marshall: Are you serious? That is awesome! Are they just as good?
      Lily: (pause) Sure.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates: United Kingdom: February 10, 2011 on E4; Australia: March 3, 2011 on Channel 7; Germany: September 28, 2011 on ProSieben; Czech Republic: January 25, 2012 on Prima COOL


    • Barney asks, "Who's the master, Leroy?!" playing off lines spoken by Sho'nuff in Michael Schultz's 1985 film, The Last Dragon.