How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 17

No Pressure

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on CBS

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  • One of the Best

    This was really one of the best episodes in this season especially that they made closures for many things,Robin and Ted finally had a real once and for all "a closure" that could make them finally move foreward without looking back ,and I loved a lot when Ted said that it's because of Barney and that Robin loves Barney I really wish it's true ofcourse and as usual Lily and Marshel are amazing and that box of bets was nice funny idea first and last scene were the best "go HIMYM"
  • Interesting one!

    Finally the storyline got on track a little. Ted an d Robin again is ridiculous, pbut at least it was only for one episode, so it wasn't such a big problem!

    Lily and Marshall's hobby of making long-term bets was a hilarious concpet! i really loved that, and I thought it was pretty originja!ll

    Barney going after the tape was funny. That scene where he asks for God's help was hilarious yet disrespectful all in one package.

    I certainly hope that the level of comedy and the storyline quiality can be maintained into the future! Keep it up, HIMYM!!!
  • finally a better episode

    its been so long i waited to see a good episode . this season has been so bad that it dint touch upon ted's life till the current episode. though i am confident they wont show the mother this season i am atleast happy that they finally came back to the place why this series started in first place . the betting was superb and barney's feeling yet again revelaed
  • Barney womans version

    guys didnt you realize about the new girl? she is amazing its gonna drive barney crazy cuz she is a jack ass aswell! loved her..!
  • Back on track

    This was the episode many of us have been waiting for: one that progresses the story of how Ted met his wife! It was good to see the storyline coming back round to telling the story that was the original premise of the show.
  • Please come up new material

    Going in circles romantically between Ted, Robin and Barney while still being friends is ridiculous and unrealistic - more like laziness in the writing. The great characters, superb acting and awesome production can only carry the show so far.
  • Ted admits his feelings for Robin while Barney discovers Marshall and Lily have been betting on their lives.

    This, to me, was just a "meh" episode. It wasn't terrible, it wasn't great. We already know Robin isn't the mother of Ted's children and with Ted falling in love in Robin again, it just brought out my impatience. "Not this road again.." I thought. I'm glad this didn't go far, though. I thought Barney's reaction to Ted admitting his feelings for Robin was great, though. Barney's main storyline, however, wasn't that interesting. He finds out Marshall and Lily have a sex tape, but more importantly to the others, that they have been placing bets on their friends and their personal lives. These bets, which were written down on small pieces of notebook paper, were highlighted by "Lily bets Marshall that Ted and Robin won't end up together." This upsets Ted who is determined to prove Lily wrong, but in the end Robin sets things straight and ultimately ends up in her moving out, which is for the best. My favorite part was at the end, when Lily says to "Pay up." because she thinks Ted and Robin ARE done for good, but Marshall confidently says, "Not yet."
  • Worth watching episode.

    This and last weeks' episode were really nice to watch.

    I'm not sure if I want Barney to stay with Robin in the end. Anyway, I'm eager to know who will be the chosen one for both of them.

    Hope we will find out soon.
  • one of the good episode of this season

    finally the story came to right track again...

    ted and robin finally moved on.. that was very good..

  • Damn that was a good episode!

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This was a really good episode. The last couple episodes have been good just nothing of significance has really happened. Last week the only important parts were Robin and Kevin breaking up and Barney meeting Quinn.

    This episode picks up with Ted telling Robin he loves her and Robin seemingly reciprocates his feelings, but has to go to Russia for work. She tells Ted they;ll continue it when he gets back and he talks about it with Marshall and Lily. This is where the B plot comes in, Barney looking for Marshall and Lily's sex tape, In looking, he finds a box labeled "long-term bets" where he finds Marshall and Lily have been making bets on their friends' lives. I love this cause this is something only Marshall and Lily would do and it makes Ted realize Lily doesn't think they'll end up together (Lily had been trying to convince him to do all the things Robin hates to win her back). Lily admits she doesn't think they'll end up together and when Robin comes back she and Ted go on a date and realize its not happening. Ted also tells her their "if they turn forty" deal is off because he can't keep waiting for her.

    The main thing I got out of this episode is how amazing is Marshall? There's a reason if you ask almost anyone they'll tell you Marshall is easily the best character on HIMYM. Because yes Barney has the best lines, but Marshall has such a big heart. While Ted does too (Marshall brings up the elaborate Christmas lights display Ted set up for Robin and asks if he would've done that for Marshall and realizes he would've) but Marshall is always looking out for Ted. He goes and tells Robin she needs to move out because it's killing Ted having her around now. He also tells Lily at the end that the bet isn't over yet. While we know that Ted and Robin won't end up together, I love that Marshall always has faith in and for his best friend.

    I suspected Robin would move out, becuase I didn't think that Ted and Robin's co-habitation could survive this latest fallout, and Robin has been living with Ted for over three years, which is as long as you can do anything in a sitcom.

    People have said this episode is predictable which is true but it needed to happen. In the Victoria episode she told him Robin is the reason his relationships never work out and old Ted told us she was right. This I think is a good point because what girl would want to be with a guy who not only lives but cares very deeply about his ex-girlfriend? I hope Ted and Robin will still be friends but he couldn't have a real relationship with Robin in the kitchen.

    I'm not sure if I want Robin to end up with Barney because Ted told Barney that Robin was in love with him and Barney's wife is either going to be Robin or this new Quinn girl. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  • Ted has still feelings for Robin. Could they have fooled us all these years? Yeah, sure...

    Unfortunately, the writers decided in year 7, which is 5 or 6 years after Ted and Robin as a couple have been over, they needed to spend another pointless episode to warm up this story. Of course, we know that the two are NOT meant for each other, because it has been mentioned like a hundred times before, yet we somehow need this episode to set Ted free at last? Aha (I didn't really)... And of course, Ted makes yet again a fool of himself when he comes up with ideas on how to win Robin finally over (I didn't need to see this either). And just like they love to drag out things, they send Robin on a week-long trip to Russia so they can spend the whole episode setting up the inevitable end. The only good thing: the end which was actually pretty nice set up with all the women with their yellow umbrellas, at least promises a straight way to the Mother, no detours or U-turns (I hope so!).

    In the meantime, Barney spent a lot of time make a mess of Lily and Marshall's house because he expected to find a sex tape. Ok, that was a little funny, and set up the other storyline of the episode when he found a box of "long-term bets." Apparently, Lily and Marshall spent most of their time as married couple making bets on their friends' futures. And in order to make it funny, they decided to show Lily and Marshall trying to manipulate their friends to win their bets. Yeah, mission failed, friends like these are worse than enemies. Not funny, just irritating. Manipulating and sabotaging their friends' happiness for their own benefit? Why do the others even speak to them anymore? Of course, their was also a bet about Ted ending up with Robin, Marshall voting for, Lily against them. So Lily tried most of the episode convincing Ted doing something Robin would absolutely hate and dump him at once. In the end, another awkward moment followed when Barney indeed found the sex tape of Lily and Marshall and they convinced him it would not be worth watching...

    To sum things up, the episode fits perfectly in this season that continues to make the characters more and more irritating, comes up with one pointless episode after another, and throws red herrings around.
  • Argh... Marshall.. what do you mean "not yet" !!!!

    now what am i supposed to think!!

    man this show is really killing me lol
  • Predictable, but very necessary. Plotline moving forward in the right Direction.

    If you have seen the previous episode, and you have an ounce of brain to you, you should have seen this coming a mile away, but like the rest of the story, it is one of those necessary things that have to be told. As a follower, I have felt there has always been a lingering feeling in Ted's character for Robin. Between this episode and the previous one, I like where the story is heading. It finally feels resolved and "freeing".

    I will be honest though I am looking forward to seeing next weeks episode as it continues the plot movement In Barney's life. I have my suspicions, but alas I am not the writers of the show, and they could go in a completely different direction than I am thinking. But if I was a wagering man, I would say the "Karma" is going to be very enlightening.