How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 17

No Pressure

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on CBS

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  • Ted has still feelings for Robin. Could they have fooled us all these years? Yeah, sure...

    Unfortunately, the writers decided in year 7, which is 5 or 6 years after Ted and Robin as a couple have been over, they needed to spend another pointless episode to warm up this story. Of course, we know that the two are NOT meant for each other, because it has been mentioned like a hundred times before, yet we somehow need this episode to set Ted free at last? Aha (I didn't really)... And of course, Ted makes yet again a fool of himself when he comes up with ideas on how to win Robin finally over (I didn't need to see this either). And just like they love to drag out things, they send Robin on a week-long trip to Russia so they can spend the whole episode setting up the inevitable end. The only good thing: the end which was actually pretty nice set up with all the women with their yellow umbrellas, at least promises a straight way to the Mother, no detours or U-turns (I hope so!).

    In the meantime, Barney spent a lot of time make a mess of Lily and Marshall's house because he expected to find a sex tape. Ok, that was a little funny, and set up the other storyline of the episode when he found a box of "long-term bets." Apparently, Lily and Marshall spent most of their time as married couple making bets on their friends' futures. And in order to make it funny, they decided to show Lily and Marshall trying to manipulate their friends to win their bets. Yeah, mission failed, friends like these are worse than enemies. Not funny, just irritating. Manipulating and sabotaging their friends' happiness for their own benefit? Why do the others even speak to them anymore? Of course, their was also a bet about Ted ending up with Robin, Marshall voting for, Lily against them. So Lily tried most of the episode convincing Ted doing something Robin would absolutely hate and dump him at once. In the end, another awkward moment followed when Barney indeed found the sex tape of Lily and Marshall and they convinced him it would not be worth watching...

    To sum things up, the episode fits perfectly in this season that continues to make the characters more and more irritating, comes up with one pointless episode after another, and throws red herrings around.