How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 12

No Tomorrow

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on CBS

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  • St Patrick day 2008 spoilers

    At the start of Season 3. you hear a short story of how Ted meets the mother with the yellow umbrella. This time it comes back. More on that later. Lilly Marshall with the help of Robin christen their new place only to find out it is slanted. The floor being slanted was kind of like how slanted the apartment of Paul and Jamie in Mad About You. Great camera work in showing the defects of Marshall and Lilly's place. I liked how Marshall and reluctantly, Robin tried to hide it from Lilly.

    And now St. Patrick's day 2008. This was a special day. More on that sooner. Ted goes out with Barney at his urging at does bad things like leaving those girls, putting alcohol on someone's tab, and leaving Marshall and Lilly. Fate and destiny are big things on this show and it plays a big part in this episode. The scene with the two girls and Barney and him saying you are going to like him and him saying that his date is hotter was pretty funny. Also Barney at the end of the episode when he wakes up in the dumpster and says I'm awesome was pretty funny. The reason why I think this episode was great was when Ted was getting a drink he bumped into a women. I could be wrong but I think that was the mother. Remember Ted said that the mother was at this party and he didn't meet her. If you bump into someone, do you consider that meeting someone? I do not. The ending where Ted grabs the umbrella was the perfect ending to a episode that is probably in the top ten of my favorite episodes.
  • Crooked.

    It's St. Patrick's Day, and Barney convinces Ted to go clubbing. In the beginning of this episode, he kept on accidentally pocket dialing Marshall. That ends up being important by the end of the episode. Ted & Barney discover when they do bad things, good things happen to them. So they do just that, Ted kisses a married woman, and then puts all their drinks on someone else's tab, the night ends with a punch in the face and a hangover the morning after. Barney & Ted lived like there was no tomorrow, but the truth was there was a tomorrow. And the morning after didn't feel so good when it turns out Marshall heard the whole night over the phone, since Ted was pocket dialing him. Ted realizes he was turning in to Barney, which is never good. He ends up not liking himself, and as he is trying to find his cell phone, he finds the mother's yellow umbrella. We find out that she was at the club Barney & Ted were in. Definitely some mother development. Which is always good, we haven't seen mother development since the season premiere. Ted finds out his personality was crooked metaphorically, and Marshall, Lilly & Robin find out their new apartment is crooked literally. Wow, that apartment is the worst mistake that Marshall ever made. The couple is screwed now, but Robin teaches them to make the best out of a bad situation, I liked both plots, and everyone seems more together now than they were in the season premiere. A great episode, with a good lesson by the end with development. Great episode.
  • It's St Paddy's day so obviously things get wild (for some people anyway)

    The episode opened stong with some side splittingly good one-liners. I think the writers strike has caused the writers to be more inspired with what they say which is great. The middle part of the episode is split between what Marshall, Lily and Robyn are doing and with what Ted and Barney are up to. The episode continues in true How I Met Your Mother style except that were focused more on the goal of the series more than in any other episode.

    That's right. I mean the YELLOW UMBRELLA!

    Not a lot is revealed about the umbrella toting girl but i think she was the one who bumps in to Ted whilst he is at the bar.

    Overall the episode is extremely funny and well worth the 30 minutes. However the new development with the umbrella is making me feel that they may be bringing the series to a close which would be a HORRIBLE idea!
  • finally. we are back!!

    well, to basicly sum up the title in the episode, ted lives life their is no tomorrow. he takes some advice from barney, and suprisingly everything goes...right. well thats what ted thinks. he meets this woman and buys her a drink on someone elses tab in a bar he ditched a couple girls to get in. they he tells her he wants to have a one night stand. and it turns out she is married. ted gets punched realises he was wrong, and has a revalation. ooh, and he was in the same club as his future wife. so they are one step closer to meeting. elsewhere, lilly and marshall have a crooked apartment. robin finds out, but lies to lilly and tells her they have a ghost, which freaks lilly out even more. in the end, they go with what they have and make a game out of their crooked apartment. this was a really good episode.
  • It's Saint Patricks Day and Barney takes Ted out to a bar. Lily and Marshall play games in their new apartment with Robyn.

    This was a really good episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was really funny. I like how Marshall freaks out when he find out that the apartment is crooked. It's really funny and even more funny when Robyn makes jokes about. It's also funny to see him lie to Lily and Robyn going along with him. It was a little sad when Lily was crying when she found out the apartment was crooked, but it was funny when they took skateboards and see who could rolled down the apartment to get through the door. It was funny when Ted was telling Marshall about his night in the bar, and forgetting what really happened. Barney waking up in the dumpster or near the dumpster was funny and a good way to end the episode.
  • St. Patty's day, Ted and Barney party like there's no tomorrow. Marshall and Lily has more bad news with there new place.

    This series just keeps and keeps on building up as to the mother is!....I'm wondering if it was the girl Ted bumped into inside the club....that caught my attention because for a moment there, they sort of emphasized that encounter...just my two cents. But nevertheless, another absolutely awesomemest episode! I was almost going crazy not having to watch a new episode since December, after Platinum rule, I just wanted to see what happens next and after this episode, I cannot wait to see what happens. What will happen to Marshall's and Lily's apartment? What will Britney's character Abby have to do with the mother? Will she play a big role??? And most importantly, who is the mother??!!?!?!!!?!!? Exciting, Exciting!!! I cannot wait!
  • Ted and Barney live it up on St. Patty's, in the end Marshall says something that allows Ted to reevaluate his life. Marshall and Lily's appartment has a major flaw. Ted takes something that puts in motion meeting his future wife.

    10 at first this just seemed like an average crazy episode, but that ending, wow that was great.

    So Barney convinces Ted to go out on St. Patty's day, and the two get into some crazy business. I have to say the part where barney mentioned the dude shortage of 1883 or soemthing, I started cracking up, cause I mean it is so true, there are always too many dudes.

    Marshall and Lily finally started moving into Dowistrepla, only to find it is crooked or haunted by a Confederate Soldier who supported states rights, not necessarily slavery. That may have been one of the best Marshall lines ever.

    Until he talked to Ted at the breakfast table, in a suit, and proclaimed, we don't need another Barney. This lead to the best part of the night, so Ted's phone was butt dialing, and then he left it at the club, when he returned he couldn't find it, and then he left only to find it was raining, and not wanting to walk in the rain went back in, and found it, the yellow umbrella.

    So this means that the mother left it there, duh right. My guess is that whenever they meet it is raining, and Ted is carrying the umbrella and she says hey that is my umbrella, so then they start to talk, and well there you go.

    Defiantely an episode to go down in HIMYM history, as being a turning point for the series.
  • i thought the skatboarding into the hall was perfect! can't wait to see where the yellow umbrella goes.

    i thought the skateboarding into the hallway was perfect! I can't wait to see where the yellow umbrella goes. I am just so glad to have the show back after the writers strike. I felt the story line with Ted and the things he was doing was a little over the top. They just were not "Ted" things to do at all, except maybe wanting to hook up with the woman at the bar, just that he still wanted to after he found out she was married didn't fly for me. Next week with brittany spears should be interesting-i can totally see her & Barney.
  • It's St. Paddy's day, so Barney and Ted hit the town whilst Marshall and Lily, along with Robin, discover their new apartment. Ted has a great night out, but is met with several dilemmas whilst Marshall and Lily find out new angles about their new place.

    It seems that the layoff has done the writers a world of good, where this episode is not only a return to the sort of form which made season two a success, but it advanced the storyline further whereby Ted and the mother are in the same place for the first time. This episode wasn't so big on its comedic value, but the storyline of whereby Ted finds out that 'do bad things, and good things happen to you'. It's interesting that he uses the word 'theory' a lot in trying to explain the events going, because in the last episode, he castigates Barney for having so many theories on life and how restrictive they are.

    In the forums it has been said that we have physically seen the mother in a chance encounter, but I'm not entirely sure about this. All we have been given is the introduction of the yellow umbrella into his life. If you remember an earlier episode, there was a scene where the yellow umbrella was flying away into the distance. We await this event eagerly on this journey to finding the mother.

    The Lily and Marshall side of the story wasn't so amusing, but the misfortune that beset them of having an apartment slanted on an angle is probably just emphasising a point made earlier on that buying the apartment was one of Marshall's three big mistakes. That luge game that Robin invented was a very un-Robin thing to do, but at the same a very Lily-like thing...perhaps Robin is starting to be less self-centred and learning to be truly friends with the gang. This is as opposed to being the chick Ted liked in season one and Ted's girlfriend in season two. I thought Robin's character would be made redundant this season, and her appearances thus far have been obviously reduced. She is yet to find her niche in the group, but many people are banking on Robin getting with Barney. For any new viewers, this episode probably didn't hold any great appeal because of its focus of pushing the storyline along and dropping lots of clues. For existing fans, this would be compulsory viewing, and the storyline of the episode itself was excellent. By my standards, this is perhaps the fourth 'good' episode out of this season (the others being 'How I met everyone else', 'Spoiler Alert' and 'The Platinum Rule'). But they've managed to string together two in a row, which is a first. Let's hope they make it three in a row next week.
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day

    This was a typical episode of How I Met Your Mother. Barney and Ted chase skirts, Lly and Marshall go the quiet married route and Robin is alone.

    WHat I did like was how the camera stayed turned in Lily and Marshall's new apartment once they discovered the floor was off kilter. I also liked how it showed how Ted and Barney's evening went, and then without any warning, showing us how it really went. Vanessa Manillo guest starred and we are told that Ted's wife (the "Mother" is first encountered, though we never seem to meet her here. Just an average episode for me. Robin as fifth wheel does nothing for me right now.