How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2011 on CBS

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  • A little random, but still enjoyable!

    Well there is no denying that the whole parent thing was completely random and rather pointless, but it was also a little funny in some ways. There were plenty of hilarious moments throughout the episode while it was not the best.

    The episode was also not particularly significant in terms of the main storyline. However, it provided a few laughs, so it was a worthwhile episode, event hough it definitely wasn't a spectacular one.

    Hoping for something a little better next week!
  • Didn'tlike it one bit!!!!


    The worst episode in 7 seasons. This is and always will be the Second best series I have seen(nothing is like seinfeld). This episode was so disappointing. Corny, unfunny and little to know character dev. Only noteworthy part was Barney's last line. It showed how he cares for Nora and it shows substance to his character.

    Not a fan of Nora although I think Robin only wants Barney when he is happy and Ted needs to pick himself up and get out there! I miss laughing to this show.

    Turned it around was old school Barney. Miss that...was the only part that made me laugh!

  • Awesome!!!


    I really enjoyed this episode…Matt Kuhn is awesome!!!Ted was the single guy and that (i think) will be used in the next episode,i mean seeing slutty pumpkin wil make him hopefull again and season 1 ted!!
    As for the Barney storyline it was great because I could finally understand why he likes nora..(James rocks,It would be nice to see more of him)As for Robin,she doesn't seem right with kevin,there was not chemistry and I loved the part when she talked about was obvious that b N's relationship bothers her..this episode reminded me of what victoria said about b-r-t.!!
    Loretta Marshall's and Lily's dad and Ted's and Kevin's mom were amazing!!!
    Last but not least L M's storyline was very true…many couples have this "problem"..
    the canadian band peculiar jaques was off the charts!!!
    can't wait for the next episode!!!

  • Another great episode this season.


    When i saw the promo last week i wasnt so excited to see this episode because well from the promo it didnt look funny and because it was like this episode was only about Barney and Nora and from the name of the episode it looked that it was going to be all about them but, this episode was funny and kindof disgusting in the same time the idea of marrying your parent is crazy but most of the people end up marrying someone like their mother or father depending on your gender i think but the way they brought up that Marshall married his dad was so funny and so disgusting the way they leaned in for the kiss and that he was wearing girlpajamas i love that they brought many of the parents back but i didnt expect Marshall's dad because one he is dead and two Lilly is a girl and is nothing like Marshall's mom and i do mean nothing they are totally different people, when Ted asked out Robin to go with him in this weird concert thing i wished that they would get back together because well Robins boyfriend didnt handle it well but then he changed my mind and i felt sorry for him and didnt want Robin to break him heart and get back together with Ted but still i think sometime in this season they will get back together. One last thing i hated Nora in this episode i dont know why but i did. Cant wait for more HIMYM this season rocks.

  • A thoughtful and humorous episode.


    I enjoyed this episode, it was thoughtful in the sense that it paralleled with reality: having partners who have similarities with our parents is very common - more common than we think. And yet, at the same time, it was funny too, when the characters are morphed into their partners' parents, especially when Lily was morphing into Marshall's dad.

    'If Nora is even the tiniest bit like her, I'm a lucky guy.' This was my favourite line in the entire episode. Although the playboy Barney is missed, I love the changes that we are seeing through him. It's no doubt that he's always thought highly of his mum, but even hearing those words warm one's heart.