How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 18

Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2006 on CBS
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Robin, who is very lonely, asks Ted to come over to her apartment after 2 A.M., but he isn't sure if he wants to go as he has a phone call on the way over with his friends and has Victoria on his mind.

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  • I hate how Robin plays the victim in the end...

    Seriously Robin?? Yeah Ted was wrong. But YOU called him when you knew he had a girlfriend!!
  • Why Lilly, why? Why Korean Elvis?

    If there's one thing I learned about storytelling it's to have one of your characters lie. This does two things, it raises the stakes of the situation of the character at risk for getting caught lying, and it builds character. When Ted was waiting all night for Victoria to call her you just knew that it was going to unfold in a devastating way, and I was eagerly awaiting to see how that would happen.

    As usual with the quality of How I Met Your Mother's excellent writing it does an awesome job of veiling that trigger, which was the switching of phones. At first it seemed Ted remarking how him and Robin have the same phones was just a goofy way of conjuring up conversation between the two, and the episode did such a damn brilliant job of selling that. And then the big bomb drops. Boom goes the dynamite! Damn!

    Although if I have one criticism of that scene it's that it felt a little pigeon holed. If Robin thought that Ted's phone was hers she would have at least checked to see who was calling, and given the nature of her character she would have enough respect for Ted to not answer the call. Who the hell doesn't check their call ID to see who's calling? And for that I unfortunately have to dock points here just because it was too unnatural and forced.

    Other than that though, top notched episode in every single one. It did an excellent job of setting up Robin that compelled her to call Ted, like the children piling up on her during Career Day, and her co-anchor proposing that they hook up. In a way this scene was brilliant in that she can feel less lonely without having any strings attached, and that made her lean towards getting with Ted.

    Just a brilliantly executed episode. Definitely one for the books.moreless
  • Major flaw in this episode.

    I know it aired like seven years ago, but I just saw it again and it irked me to the extent that I registered for an account on this website just to ran about it. Robin, admittedly very vulnerable, calls Teddy boy over to her apartment at 2:00 . to "make (Remember, at this point, she knows Ted to be off the market. This is After getting some advice from both his friends and his subconscious' representation of Victoria, Ted contravenes said advice and goes to Robin's place. (Lily unwittingly encourages him by revealing Robin's feelings for When Ted arrives at Robin's place, Robin continues to go way beyond appropriate behavior considering she's with a man who is spoken for. She pours him a big glass of wine, pouts her lips at him, shows a little skin, etc. (Let me finish before you fire off an angry reply touting me as a Ted, beginning to succumb to her flirtatiousness, commits the sin of lying to Robin by informing her After one last chat with the incorporeal Victoria, Teddy resolves to leave Robin unfulfilled, but can't overcome his fill-in-the-blank (long-dormant feelings for Robin, guilt over Victoria, raging boner), and one thing leads to another. Of course, a number of factors then converge to immediately expose Ted's earlier lie about his newfound availability:

    1) Ted and Robin happen to have the same phone.

    2) Ted walks out of the room to call Victoria, and doesn't notice it's not his phone, even though (a) presumably, their phones are not identical on the inside as well - I know this is pre-iPhone era, but there's no way that he'd fail to notice a pretty fundamental difference; and (b) more importantly, Robin's phone doesn't have Victoria's number.

    3) Victoria happens to call Ted while he's talking to his subconscious version in the bathroom, and Robin is as dumb as Ted, because she also can't tell that the phone she has is not her own.

    4) Ted fails to change his relationship status on Facebook in a sufficiently prompt manner.

    A lesser person than I would pat himself on the back for pointing out these subtle but significant plot holes, throw his hands up in the air, and walk away, disgusted. Not I, though. I soldier on, wading through the unlikelihoods and improbabilities in search of what I've come to expect from HIMYM, at least in its early seasons: strong character development and some great one-liners. Boy was I disappointed when the former went right out the window.

    You see, the end result of Ted thinking with his little Teddy is that he is immediately roundly excoriated by all - Robin, Victoria, Lily, Marshall, even Bob Saget as Future Ted. "What an utter fuckup!" we are led to conclude, on the basis of his unanimous denouncement, as well as the title of the episode. "Can't believe he screwed up his relationship with two different women! What a douche!"

    The problem with this attitude is that it completely excuses the behavior of Robin and, yes, even Victoria. Again, Robin invites him over late at night, and it's abundantly clear what she's seeking. After her Salome impression, Ted lets his little lie slip. The problem, however, is that this revelation surely came as a shock to Robin. The shock is soon replaced by hope and relief, but there was still shock.

    So, if Ted doesn't make that revelation, where does that leave Robin? She's clearly seducing him anyway, right? If he says, in response to her "innocent" question about Victoria, something like, "It's a real struggle," or "I think we're going to break up soon," are we supposed to expect her to recoil in horror? "You're dating another woman and you're at my house at 2:30 At my request, drinking my wine, and staring at my cleavage?" Robin is seducing him, period, independently of his relationship status. She is as much at fault for their hookup as he is.

    This is not meant to excuse Ted's behavior, entirely, although I do think that the palpable disgust that everybody treated him with afterward was overkill. Lily sounds like a seasoned trial attorney, citing a technicality when she starts building a timeline of Ted's relationship status with Victoria. "As of right now, at 2:45 in the It was a crappy thing to do, but not much crappier than leaving the dreaded "We have to talk" message (which the characters rightly pointed out in the outset is a serious omen) and then being unreachable for the next 18 hours. (Again, not to get too detail-oriented, but assuming Ted woke up at a normal time, Victoria left him that message no later than 4 . - Germany is six hours ahead of New Yorkl, so I'm assuming Ted's wakeup time was no later than 10. What was she doing from that time until 9 the next morning , or 3 . NY time?

    Basically, the flaw is this. There's no question that what happens at Robin's apartment sucks for all parties involved (although, given hindsight, we know that despite how unforgivable Ted's sin of lying was, it took Robin exactly 3.5 episodes to get over it). But casting Ted as some sort of pariah because he technically cheated on a girl with whom he was in a dying relationship, and furthermore, a girl who was throwing herself at him and yet received no blame for her less-than-noble intentions? Not only is this a fatal flaw of this episode (I'm appalled at how many reviewers failed to grasp this), it speaks to the problems facing both genders in today's society.

    If you've read this far, chances are you've painted a giant C on my chest (for chauvinist), given my incessant defending of Ted and blaming of Robin for their respective actions in the episode. However, it may surprise you to learn that I think this episode is sexist against women. We will only achieve true gender equality (or, for that matter, racial equality, religious equality, sexual identity equality, when everybody takes full responsibility for what they have done. Up until now, we know Robin to be a guy's guy, a female Barney who fears commitment so much that she refuses to entertain a relationship with a guy who is unusually dedicated to commitment. Her disregard for his relationship status, when she initially invites him over and flirts with him, supports this idea. But suddenly, she finds out that he lied about being single (which again, she didn't find out about until five minutes earlier), and she immediately finds herself astride an extremely high horse. How is her own conduct throughout this ordeal overlooked so easily? I think it's because there's an implicit societal assumption that women can't help being irresistible to men, and it is upon the men to resist their counterparts' feminine wiles or be deemed weak-willed. Furthermore, Robin has been cattily attempting to drive them apart for at least a couple of weeks now (witness her belittling V's "doughnut fellowship" in Ep. 16).

    If you're not convinced yet of Robin's culpability, imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed. Robin is in a dying relationship with a guy. Ted calls her drunk, and invites her over, citing a lame excuse. She shows up, tells him a little white lie that she broke up with her relationship death-row boyfriend, and they go at it. Is Ted at all responsible? Of course he is! He seduced that poor woman who was going through such a difficult time and was so vulnerable!

    The best argument against this point is that Ted's actions are also partially excused by the episode's title, which also gets mentioned repeatedly throughout the episode. It's implying that Ted wouldn't normally have committed such a heinous act, but he was victimized by the lateness of the hour. I would counter that by pointing out Old Ted's reflection that "The decisions we make after 2 . are the wrong decisions," and he is certainly beating himself up over it in the retelling of the story. Robin, meanwhile, gets to play the part of the innocent victim, the damsel in distress reluctantly thrust into this love triangle.

    All of this is a very long way of saying: Hey, Robin? If you don't want a guy who's seeing somebody else to cheat on her with you, don't invite him over at 2:30 . and get him drunk.

  • Ted hurts 2 women

    This was not just a stand out episode for the season but the series. Ted has always been a standout guy. a good guy and not your typical guy and genuinely a nice person. If there were any complaints against him it's that he's too good of a guy. This changed that a bit. (more on that later)

    I really liked the start of the episode, It gave a nice recap what happened since Ted meet Victoria. I also like that the story goes back 24 hours before it happened. There were some good funny moments. Korean Elvis. Enough Said. Barney and Robin at Lilly's career day. (What does Barney do? Please) I like the questions the kids asked Robin and then her reaction to them.

    What Ted does to Robin and Victoria was mean no way around it. The producers did in a way that doesn't make you dislike Ted. He really tries to justify what happens. Remember the title and how it's said more then once in the episode by more then one person. I think because what happens is further proof why Robin is not the mother. When Robin called she had a big glass of wine and plus what happened in earlier episodes, her judgement was not the best. Also remember the time and the episode. The ending while sad, was great. There were two great songs. Overall this was very good episode.moreless
  • Ted disobeys his mother.

    Ted's mom once told him, "Nothing good happens after 2 A.M. When it's past 2 A.M., just go to sleep." Boy, does Ted wish he have an "Undo" button or what? But to the beginning, Robin has invited Ted over for "some juice." but Ted and his friends know it's an opportunity for Ted to finally have sex with who used to be his dream girl. He doesn't listen to their advice either, (just go home!) and he arrives at Robin's. But before they can do much more than make out, Ted goes to the bathroom to call Victoria. (She was supposed to have called him earlier) Then, a phony Victoria that Ted has hallucinated multiple times reappears and makes him realize that he picked up the wrong phone. (He and Robin now have the same phone) Ted exits the bathroom to see a shocked Robin who just got off Ted's phone with his girfriend. Ted had just lied that he had already broken up with Victoria when he hadn't. That sets off the saddest moment of Season 1 and Top 5 at least in the entire series. While Robin Hackett performs "Hard Left" in the background, Ted is scene riding home in a taxi, ending things officially with Victoria. Meanwhile, Barney is set to prove Lily and Marshall wrong that good things can happen after 2. In a relatively boring subplot, it ultimately ends in a Korean Elvis impersonator getting kicked in the nards by Lily. Another good, but sad episode.moreless
Cailey Blair Jones

Cailey Blair Jones

Little Girl #1

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Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Little Girl #2

Guest Star

Shaheed Rasheed

Shaheed Rasheed

Little Boy

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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

Recurring Role

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams


Recurring Role

Alexis Denisof

Alexis Denisof

Sandy Rivers

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Ted is on the steps outside Robin's apartment talking to imaginary Victoria the paper bag with the vegetables inside is very crumpled, but moments later when he walks in Robin's door the bag is perfectly straight.

    • At the beginning of the episode we see 20 hours ago Robin woke up to go see Lily's kindergarten class, but later Robin tells Ted that it's Saturday night. Why is Lily's class in school on a Saturday?

    • Guest Alexis Denisof is, in reality, married to Alyson Hannigan. The two also worked together on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Marshall: Well, I'm better friends with Ted than you are.
      Barney: That is a lie!
      Marshall: It is not a lie.
      Barney: Okay, that's it! You and me! I'm not afraid of you!
      Marshall: I'll show you things you never seen before!
      Barney: I used to box in the Army!

    • Lily: Go home Ted!
      Ted: Okay.
      Lily: (looking relieved) He's going home.
      Barney: He's so not going home.
      Marshall: (to Lily) I can't believe you just told him that!
      Barney: Lily, here is what you just said – Ted, whatever you do, don't go up there, there is a beautiful girl who wants to have sex with you!
      Marshall: And then she's going to make you some delicious juice!

    • Barney: So Robin, do you ever, uhh, report on train wrecks? Because (long pause), I just saw one! Whaaatt uppp! (To kid in class) Tiny five!

    • Robin: Have you ever had one of those days where nothing all that monumental happens, but by the end of it you have no idea who you are or what the hell you are doing with your life? Do you ever have one of those days?
      Ted: (smiles) Uhh, about once a week.
      Robin: I don't know, it was just a rough day, and the only person I wanted to see at the end of it was you!

    • Ted: I'm going over to this girl's house to make juice.
      Taxicab driver: Nice!
      Ted: Oh no, it's not like that, we're juicing as friends.

    • Barney: Kids, you don't give half a brown Crayola what I do for a living, do you?
      Kids: Noo
      Barney: I know what you want. Magic! (poof of flame and smoke from hand)
      Kids: Ohhhh

    • Ted: (Answers cell phone) Hello.
      Korean Elvis: Ted this is your main man K.E. I want you to shake a tail feather down here A.S.A.P you dig. (Barney laughs and Marshall takes the phone from Korean Elvis)
      Marshall: Sorry about that.
      Ted: Was that Korean Elvis?

    • Marshall: Ted, I don't want to swear in front of Korean Elvis, but what the bleep are you doing, dude?

    • Marshall: Look Barney you tried I think that's great but we're going.
      Barney: No! No! Come on.
      Marshall: Yes!
      Barney: Dude! We haven't hit legendary yet, we're only at the Le, we still got the Gen, the Da, the Ry.
      Lily: Ok if were at the Le then I say we follow it up with the Tss go home.
      Marshall: Oh wow you just got burned phonic style.

    • Little girl: Do you have a fiancé?
      Lily: Marshall was here yesterday, they just learned the word fiancé.
      Robin: Oh no, I don't have a fiancé.
      Little girl: Then who do you live with?
      Robin: Well, actually, I've got five dogs.
      Little girl: Don't you get lonely?
      Robin: No, I've got fiiive dogs
      Little girl: My grandma has 5 cats and she gets lonely.
      Robin: Well, yea, that's cats, I'm not some pathetic cat lady, not that your grandmother is some pathetic cat lady – doeesss anybody else have questions?
      Little boy: Are you a lesbian?
      Robin: NO, ARE YOU? Jeez (mumbles) every woman that lives alone is not a lesbian.
      (Lily cuts in and starts to introduce Barney)

    • Barney: (laughing) Come on, Lily, how many women can say that they have been personally serenaded by Korean Elvis?

    • Barney: Hey you guys, remember the time that Lily kicked Korean Elvis in the nards?

    • Sandy Rivers: (To Robin) We should have sex!
      Robin: What?!?!
      Sandy Rivers: Why not, we're both available, we're both attractive, we're both good at it, at least I'm good at it, and even if you're not, don't worry, I'll have a good time either way.
      Robin: Well moving past the horrifying image of your hair helmet clanging against the headboard, I don't get involved with people I work with.
      Sandy Rivers: Get involved? Who said get involved? I'm just saying we should have sex! Having sex is fun!
      (he gives her his card and their news show starts)

    • Robin: (to her dogs) Remember, stay out of the liquor cabinet!

    • Marshall: How much does Korean Elvis rock? I'll answer that: infinity. He rocks infinity.

    • Ted: I hate how you're always right.
      Lily: It's my best, and most annoying, trait.

    • Marshall: Ted, what does your mom always say?
      Ted: Nothing good ever...
      Marshall: Nothing good ever happens after 2a.m.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The German episode title is "Der Anständige", meaning "The Respectable". The French title is "C'est plus l'heure", meaning "It's Late". The Italian title is "Dopo le due di notte…", meaning "After Two in the Morning…".

    • In the DVD commentary, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays say that they had to convince Alexis Denisof that they were fans of his work and weren't offering him the guest role because of his relationship to Alyson Hannigan.

    • Music: "Alright" by Supergrass; "Hard Left" by Robin Hackett; "Quiet" by Rachael Yamagata; "God Bless the Child" by Michelle Featherstone

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: December 28, 2009 on Prima COOL


    • At the career day in Lily's class, the blackboard list of presenters includes the disclaimer, "(not the purple one)," after Barney's name. This refers to the purple dinosaur host of Barney and Friends.