How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 5

Okay Awesome

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • Barney, Robin and Ted go to Okay; Lilly and Marshall try to grow up

    I think this episode was good and something you would appreciate if you watch more of this series (Season 6) The one bad part was the music in the club, but club music sucks anyway. I like that the women that Ted ended up with in this episode was not someone you expected. Too bad future Ted said he didn't end up the coat check girl. However, I have a theory (I have many on this show). Ted has been to a lot of clubs and why mention this one? Maybe the future wife worked as a coat check girl. Also good from the club scene was the nerdy guys.

    The second part with Lilly and Marshall was also good. When they realize they think they need to grow up, I think it's funny how they struggle with it. One part of this episode, that I really like and something you will see more of from this show is how the truth gets stretch. I like that future Lilly and Marshall leave their party on the way they said it happened.
  • Robin gets Ted and Barney into a club, and Lily drags Marshall through more grown-up activities.

    This wasn't my favorite episode of the series so far, but it's one of my highest ratings because Ted and the coat-check girl established this idea that I have been saying forever: "Things that people say are supposed to be fun really aren't fun." And this includes clubs, which I also believe are overrated. So anyway, Robin gets Ted and Barney into an "exclusive" club while Lily makes Marshall stay home with a group of people for some wine-tasting "party" because the two are trying to do more grown-up things as their wedding approaches. The wine tasting proves to be boring, and Marshall sneaks out to the club for some fun. When Lily finds out where he's at, she meets Robin, who's been denied re-entrance into the club. So how do the two get back in? They flash the bouncer who rewards them by opening the red velvet rope. Inside, many events go down. Ted connects with the coat check girl, like I said. Barney realizes the girl he's been dancing with is his cousin. Marshall starts acting like a fool, but Lily begins to laugh when she discovers him and she's not mad. She honestly doesn't like the grown-up stuff, either, but who can blame either of them?
  • Ted and Barney go to a new dance club. Lily and Marshall decide to hold a wine-tasting party.

    "Okay Awesome" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode.I love how Lily and Marshall try to act grown up and hold a wine-tasting party, but they are so bored, they escape to go to the new dance club. I love how Marshall had work done on his teeth, so now his mouth is in pain, and takes something, and then all the pain goes away, and he's sort of crazy. I love how Lily convinces Robin to flash her breast to get into the dance club. This episode had one of my favourite Ted scenes which is when he realizes he can say whatever he wants because the music is too loud and so he shouts out something really embarrassing, but at the same moment the music stops. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Clubbing, wine tasting, and cousins.

    As always, How I Met Your Mother is able to construct an episode full of its own gags in just the span of a half hour. It starts off a bit rough with none of the punchlines and gags hitting that hard, though it does set up the table nicely; a night out at the club for Ted, Barney, and Robyn, and doing formal and grown up things for Marshall and Lily. Using two vary different scenarios, wine tasting and clubbing, and bringing out the worst in both of them, just generated its own jokes automatically. Such as using closed caption whenever a character is talking, having annoying guests that are waiting for the wine to be ripe, and then some unlikely situations, like Barney dancing with a girl for the entire night who happens to be his cousin, and leaving your own house and party unattended while the guests play a board game. Although the first half wasn't as strong as the second half where all the jokes and gags were hitting hard, it did a great job of establishing the episode nonetheless.
  • What stands out in the episode is its better use of voice-over narration.

    It’s okay. It’s awesome. What stands out in the episode is its better use of voice-over narration. It seems refreshing in the pilot, but it became stuck as a gimmick ever since. This time the narration is given some sense of character, particularly when adult Ted recounts Marshall’s and Lily’s escape from the wine-tasting party.

    “Now our apartment was on the third floor. So I’m not sure if this part is actually true. But Uncle Marshall swears it happened.”

    It’s not the all-knowing voice-over that we usually tend to hear. We are reminded that this is being told as a first-person recollection. Therefore, it will have some plot holes, inconsistencies, exaggerations, and last minute additions. I hope the writers play around with this more. Maybe one day, one of Ted’s kids will say, “Hey, wait a minute…” And wouldn’t it be fun if Uncle Barney would narrate one of the stories? The possibilities are endless; the sitcom has room to grow. It no longer feels like a gimmick.
  • Everything about this episode is funny. Read what i thought was funny.

    Its so funny, Barney makes Ted go to this club with him, its really loud in there and Ted is dancing with this girl and he realizes that he can say any crazy thing he wants to and she wont understand him so he yells "I'm Peeing my pants!" just as the music goes quiet.....And Barney was grinding with this girl the whole time and it turned out to be his cousin (he couldnt she her face)
  • Really good and funny episode.

    Unfortunately, at the time I write this, I have not seen episodes 3-4, so I'm not sure if I missed anything important in the episode (there aren't very many sitcoms out there that focus on continuity so much). But it was still a very, very enjoyable experience to watch.

    Robin and Ted seem to have become even closer friends, and it appears that he's completely over her romantically.

    Anyway, Ted and Barney are invited by Robin to this club called Okay, but they don't invite Marshall and Lily because they want to be more "adult" and are attending a wine-tasting party.

    The scenes in the club were pretty funny, with the loud music and the subtitles. I also thought the flashing scene was really funny, and Lily is still extremely cute. I envy Marshall.

  • This is the episode that hooked me on HIMYM. Absolutely freaking hilarious.

    I have friends that remind me so much of Lily and Marshall it's not even funny.

    Lily and Marshall begin to realize that it is time for them to "Grow up" and start doing more adult things. At the same time their friends all want to spend time in a hot club that Robin can supposedly get them in as VIP's.

    While the rest of the gang is at the club, Lily and Marshall are bored to death at their wine tasting party. Marshall gets desperate and sneaks out of the bathroom of the apartment and meets up with the gang, and Lily soon follows when she figures out where Marshall went.

    The best comedy in this episode was Ted and Barney's dance floor antics. Ted was talking to this girl on the dance floor and the music was so loud no one could hear what the other was saying.

    Barney ended up grinding on, HAHA, his COUSIN! He was disgusted, and Ted uses this as blackmail on him.

    great episode, absolutely hilarious!
  • Lily and Marshall try to be mature

    This was a fairly good episode with great scenes like the supposed jumping out of a third storey window and calling for a taxi that both Lily and her fiancé did and Ted testing how much she could hear though the predictable music stopping at the most embarrassing line ruined it a little but obviously would not have worked otherwise.

    Barney dancing with the girl whose face he had yet to see was a funny subplot along with Lily trying to be mature with the other boring adults.

    Overall, the story about Ted being deaf was definitely more than OK but could have been funnier.
  • It`s just awesome!

    Clubbing is what they know, really good. This episode made me laugh alot, it has lots of great scenes like Ted dancing and talking the girl, Ted and the coat girl talking, Barney dancing with his cousine (I guess?), Lily and Marshall breaking out from the bathroom window, Robin and Lily getting into the club... It`s just funny. Marshall`s dance is a hit, and his change when he gets out of the restroom is freaky! One of the episodes that hooked me up, made me a fan. If you want to have fun and laugh good, watch this one, you won`t be sorry!
  • Full of comedic tension and laughs...each character showcased their quirks nicely.

    Even with all the tension in this episode (how long were those party guests without hosts?), it was good for more than a few easy laughs. Each of the main characters got a chance to display their main personality quirks, which seem to be why the series is so successful at doing what it sets out to do. The scenes in the club were particularly good: even though the patrons and music weren't entirely familiar, the concept of talking over the din has a lot of comedic weight, which this episode spoke to perfectly. I can't recall another show addressing this situation, and it sure did work here.
  • Awesome.

    Ted and Barney start checking out the club scene with their friend Robin, whereas Lily and Marshall try to participate in some more "grown-up" activities, as they draw slowly nearer to their wedding. Another awesome episode from How I met Your Mother. This episode was so funny. I loved the bits in the club."I'm wetting my pants", god I couldn't stop laughing. And Marshall is so funny all of them are funny though! I love everything about this show, the characters, the stoyline, the scenes... just everything is so enjoyable. If I could pick people to hang out with I would pick these guys! I can't wait to watch more episodes of How I Met Your Mother!
  • The group goes clubbing!

    This episode I thought was one of the weaker ones of the bunch. I mean, sure I got some laughs. But it didn't do anything to affect the story line. It was just who Ted became deaf one night. Marshall & Lilly try to be mature and hang out with more mature couples, and Marshall hates that. Lilly wants to "grow up." Robin feels like a VIP when she gets accepted in to a club called "Okay" Then she soon comes to the realization that she is no VIP, just like Lilly comes in to realization that her & Marshall don't have to be boring. I liked the conversation Ted had with the Coat Check Girl, but other than that it was just him walking around a club trying to leave. Barney's plot was hilarious! He spends most of the night grinding with a girl, and in the end he finds out she's his cousin! Hilarious! I wish they gave more closure to Coat Check Girl. Bob Saget just says, "She wasn't one." So no development whatsoever, I did laugh a bit though.
  • So funny! I Love d it!An

    other fantastic episode o f How I Met Your Mother featured the group going to a club! The episode was absolutely hilarious, particulrly with aBarney dancing with that girl which proved to be his cousin! That was downright hilarious and amazing!

    The storyline of 'Marshall and Lily grouwing up ' was a nice one, and I knew it wouldn't work, quite clerly. Very funny how they both escaped their own house!

    Really enjoyed the entire episode. I would loved to see this one again and again! Would highly recommend it, because it comibined an interesting storyline with some absolutel y hilarious moments! Keep it up, guys, as I love this shoe, and it is awesome!
  • Lily and Marshall = My Wife and I

    All along through this show\'s early tenure, I\'ve been wondering what specifically it is about this show that I really like-- the trait that sets it aside from the majority of other sitcoms out there. And then in this episode, it occurred to me. This show most closely resembles how I along with my wife and my friends actually live...transitioning from 20 somethings into 30 somethings. The scene when Ted is describing Lily\'s interaction with her colleagues at work, and the difference between their \"grown up\" lives and wife and I could both see ourselves in that situation very easily. My wife and I are very much like Lily and Marshall, as are most of our friends. And that is why I love this show...because it is so close to home, yet fresh and funny.