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How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 18

Old King Clancy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ted has been hired by Barney's firm for an architecture project. At first, Barney's boss Bilson is not warm to the idea. Ted attempts to add his artistic finesse and organic eye to the design but is trumped by the simplistic and stoic vision of the boss. A new department is headed to oversee the building design, and Ted is ecstatic when they approve his plan. After the meeting, he rides down the elevator next to a girl he is interested in asking out. He pretends to call a friend and tell him how he is heading the architecture design in order to show off; however, just as she is existing, she suggests that next time he wants to impress a girl, to not sell her on an architecture project that was scrapped months ago.

Ted goes to the bar to question Marshall and Barney. They then tell him that budget cuts have hit GNP, and that Bilson decided to cut the design project. But they decided to pretend "run" the project meeting to avoid firing their best friend. Marshall constructs a crew consisting of a foreign custodian, homeless man, and intern to praise Marshall and his design. Ted angrily responds that he would never lie to his friends, but Barney mentions the time Ted and him lied about the greatness of Marshall's stand-up comedy routine. Barney then mentions another job where Ted can build the new waiting room, aka "you're fired!" room. He attempts to propose a room of artistic vision, consisting of a birthing canal, but Bilson takes him into the other room enthusiastically and fires him.

Ted is then fired by his firm and is ready to start his own architecture firm, free of corporate input.

Meanwhile, Robin elects to tell the crew that she almost had intimate relations with a celebrity. She refuses to tell them who until they guess it. All they know is that he is Canadian and that a certain Canadian sexual request made her flee the scene. After much guessing, Robin tells them that it was the Frozen Snowshoe, the famous Canadian wrestler, and the sexual request was the Old King Clancy, which involved syrup. The group is disappointed and confused.
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