How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 18

Old King Clancy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • White Lie

    This episode mainly talked about two things, the first one being the white lie white Marshall and Barney told Ted, and the other one being the group except Ted deciphering the Canadian celebrity whom Robin almost slept with. White lie meant to be polite and harmless to friends, however this was not exactly the case for Ted. Ted found out that his project which is designing the headquarters for Goliath National Bank was cancelled a month ago, after he attempted to invite the girl who used the same lift with him. After that, Ted got really mad with both of them for keeping the cancellation of his project as a secret, and expanded the lie by Marshall hiring the janitor, street man and also intern to support Ted's project. I was pretty impressed how Barney came into this episode, by showing something useful about him. He taught Marshall how to tell lie and act well, so that other wont not realise they are lying. This happens in McLauren Bar before Ted came into the bar and find them.

    Meanwhile, for the part where Robin asked her friends to guessed the detail of the Canadian celebrity, collection and the requested Canadian sex act, i was pretty blurred by the spoken terms. I believed that part will definitely affect my impression on this episode.
  • Silly story and very few funny moments

    In this episode, Ted discovers that his architecture project - designing a new building for the company that Barney and Marshall are working for - has been terminated a while ago and his two friends were creating the myth that he's just working with other people now by paying random people to play roles as employees of the company. This was already a ridiculous story part while the other one with the group guessing which Canadian celebrity Robin had almost slept with was just silly. All the names for bizarre Canadian sex acts weren't really funny and not even Neil Patrick Harris had a lot of good moments in this episode.

    The plot was stupid and the screenplay had very few nice moments, which makes this one of the worst episodes of the show yet. If you're not the greatest fan of How I Met Your Mother anyway, you can easily skip this episode.
  • Ted has a set back and Robin's past

    Earlier in the season Ted was chosen to be the architect to design the new building for GNB. At this time he is having some trouble from Bilson. He is a good character to hate. He played a good one in 7th Heaven. Before he was chosen to design he had trouble getting his idea together and after he was chosen he had trouble too. You find out later that Ted was dropped from the project a month ago. Thanks to Marshall and Barney, Ted doesn't find out about this until he tries to impress a women. I admire Marshall and Barney for doing this especially with what Ted has gone through. I enjoyed how Marshall and Barney got "the players" together. My favorite one was the guy with the squirrels.

    Meanwhile you find out that Robin had an encounter when she was Canadian Pop Star with a famous celebrity who collects an unusual thing. This brings out the nymph in Lilly. i think it's bit of a callback to her character on American Pie. The website that is mentioned as with other websites are mentioned is actually real. The actual thing that happened was not something you would expect. When she explains it, brings out the Canadian in her.

    Ted is given a chance with GNB again this time to design a room. The scenes in the employee transition room were very funny with Barney and the women being the best. Ted has another set back and how hes responds is funny. With everything that happened to Ted it makes you appreciate the season finale more. However like I said it before, more on that later.
  • The gang tries to guess a celebrity Robin slept with.


    "Old King Clancy" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Robin revealed she was slept with a celebrity once and she makes the gang guess the celebrity, his collection, and the Canadian sex act. I love how Barney finds a website of Canadian sex acts. I love how the episode is spent with the gang guessing the celebrity. I love how the gang didn't even know the celebrity. The one thing I didn't like about this episode was that Ted architect project was shut down and Barney and Marshall made it seem that it didn't shut down. That was completely stupid. I love how Ted was given the chance to build the room where people get fired. I love how the flashbacks and the audience is the camera and you get to see the crazy reactions of people getting fired. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Marshall and Barney try to protect Ted

    There is no way this show is on it's death bed. This was a fun episode. It's always fun to explore Ted's doucheness and now he's moving in a different direction in his career. How could you not love all the Canadian Sex Acts and the website to go along with it!! Alan Thicke is awesome! Newfoundland Lobster Trap...hilarious!! It was full of Canadian jokes and seriously, can you ever go wrong with the Canadian jokes? This season has some good moments (i.e. The Naked Man), and this was just a part of a very solid season. It would be nice if we got somewhere in the mother search though. And honestly, if the show is that painful to watch, don't watch it. I guarantee there's enough fans out there to keep the show alive.
  • Ted finds out that his architectural project was shut down... a month ago.

    Wow, this season has really been a roller coaster ride, I'm not saying it's a good thing. Some of the episodes this season have been downright terrible, and others have been awesome. This is not one of the awesome episode. Like I said in another review, the work episodes never set well with me. But that wasn't the problem here. The plots were just not good. Ted finds out that his architectural project was shut down... a month ago, turns out his friends made up a task force so they can listen to his designs. He soon gets a chance to design another room in the building, the place where people get fired. The only remotely funny scene was when Barney was firing people, and you were a security camera's eye view. The only funny scene. Then Ted gets fired, so by the end he decides to start his own firm. Lets wait & see how this unfolds. The Robin plot was just as terrible, Marshall & Lilly have to guess which Canadian celebrity she slept with, that's all they do throughout the whole episode, just look through By the end, they find out, and it wasn't even funny or anything. Which was the point, but still it was pretty much a waste of time. We also find out that Robin was the one who asked about the inappropriate sex act, not the Canadian "celebrity" which was supposed to be funny, but I didn't laugh. Mediocre episode, with some development.
  • Can't expect much from a show in its death bed.

    As my rating says it all, this episode and most episodes so far stink big time. It has really reached a point where, whatever Lily or Robin says is exactly the opposite of funny. There were a couple of good scene like the firing room, and the ocean's series mockups, but that pretty much explains why I gave a 3.5 instead of a 1.

    You just can't say something is funny by saying something ain't funny. Marshall's fish joke is a perfect example to prove my point. HIMYM perception of comedy has taken the crapper - pretty much like NBC's Office. A scene where the writers have no idea, what version of comedy really appeals to a greater portion of the public.

    It's pathetic.
  • Amazing hilarity from beginning to end!

    Marshall and Barney decide to keep Ted in the dark after they discover that Goliath National Bank (GNB) is cancelling plans to build the new headquarters they hired Ted's firm to design. In order to protect Ted's feelings after such an intense year, they decide to let him ride out the two remaining months on the original architecture contract and set up an elaborate lie to keep him working on the design. Ted soon discovers the truth and Marshall and Barney scramble to get him some real work with GNB to save his job, but his plans are rejected and Ted gets fired from his firm. Meanwhile, the gang tries to pry information out of Robin after discovering that she'd once almost spent the night with a celebrity.
  • Still a fine example, above average.

    I actually still liked this episode, it still had a bunch of laughs. I really enjoyed how they set up Ted's "fake" meeting. I really liked how they wrote this... showed how they did it after the fact and how Ted doesn't even know his project was scrapped. Great fake phone call in the elevator as well. Also the Canadian sex act euphemisms were pretty funny - they pretty much named every major Canadian actor/actress in movies and on TV. I enjoyed the discussion, which largely takes place in the bar with flashbacks. Then Ted vs. Bilson, pretty good. Then a flashback to BC in 2002 - hilarious. The Snow Show who collects Harvey's trays, doing the Old King Clancy. Really enjoying this season.
  • A seven is not a compliment. For this show it is the lowest I will give.

    Seriously guys? What happened? For me there was no laughing out loud or grinning. Maybe one smile was shown, but I do not even remember what joke it was. Normally some awesome joke makes me laugh the rest of the week. Now, I just watched it and deleted it. Luckely for the makers this show has a lot of credit build up over the last few years. Besides there is always Barney's blog to turn to. But this episode was awfull. not awesome. Writers get you're groove back on because my mood is not good! Come on and show me what you're made off. Show me some Barney Robin moments. Show me the weird Lily Marshall Combo. You know what to do!
  • Ted discovers Barney and Marshall have been lying to him as Lilly tries to find out what Canadian celebrity she turned down sex with.

    I have been patient with this one for many weeks. Largely because season 3 was so good that it has carried my opinion of this show to quite a high levels for a long timebut now there is no denying. This season sucks!

    This week Ted finds out that the GNB's new building he has been hired to design has been cancelled due to financial problems. To make sure that Ted doesn't get down in the dumps Barney and Marshall decide to hide this fact from him and make a fake committee to give him the thumbs up on the design. When he finds out he nows he is doomed to be fired from his firm for not bringing in new projects to the firm.

    Meanwhile, Lilly is desparate to find out which Canadian celebrity Robin had to turn down sex with because what he asked for was so disgusting she had to say no. Barney finds a website of canadian sex acts so that Lilly can guess what it was and to who. Robin says if she can guess then she will admit to it.

    This ep was not funny at all simply put, everything was overdone to the point of farcical and nothing seemed grounded in reality. And as usual for this season, no further development of the whole title in this episode. I have given this ep an 6.0, my worst score I have given ever and I still feel that I am being too nice.
  • What happened to this show?

    I am sure you are all tired of me saying how bad Lily is, how annoying Marshall is and how dull Ted is. I am tired of writing that myself. But tonight's episode was not bad because of the characters, the storylines were just terrible. Robin causing Lily to list an endless parade of Urban Dictionary castoff words? Barney being attacked by workers he was firing (okay, that was kind of funny)? And Ted pitching ideas to a fake team?

    This show has fallen off so quickly when just last season I was enjoying it and laughing harder during it than most shows.
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