How I Met Your Mother

Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2013 on CBS

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  • Platonish

    The show's days of making you laugh consistently with the jokes are long gone, we had a plethora of bad ones here, but from a storyline point it was actually quite enjoyable. The "Challenge Accepted" idea was good, and seeing Barney finally learn responsibility was welcome, but a lot of these jokes were childish.

    And who wrote Bryan Cranston's comeback? Terrible dialogue.
  • best episode of season 9 so far!!

    well, this one is clearly the best episode of the season. It mostly takes back to the past. I think this episode is what HIMYM is all about. Tbh 9th season has dissapointed me so far, but this episode has restored a little faith. Lets hope the coming episodes are great. And it was good to see "Bryan Cranston" back on the show even though his role sucked!!
  • Maybe it was great, but that show isn't doing it for me anymore

    I mean, the Ted - Robin thing again, the come back of the challenge accepted (which is always nice but it's like they try to make an episode on everybothing that worked in the past... come up with some new things, damn it!), the mother looking more like a *** to me (kind of Ted, thinking to know everything on everybody and talking with that condescendant way, hiding the arrogant intention),...

    Just not doing it for me anymore.
  • It's Going to Be Okay

    That was actually ridiculously poignant for this show. I was a little hesitant with having an episode take place a majority in the past, but it was a welcome departure from the wedding weekend, stalled that timeline, gave us Marshall out of a car, put us in MacLaren's again. I felt a little cheated when we saw the mother and were told that was how Barney met her (which makes me feel like everyone buy Ted will have met her by the finale), but I got over it, because she's still being worked in rather seamlessly. Ted's telling the story (we think), so it would make sense that the key moments were left for the end. A good episode.
  • Good way to go!!

    I must confess that I was worried how Himym makers were gonna go about this season with so many restraints and constant speculations that the "Mother" won't get much of familiarity from the viewers which as a result would harm the reputation of the show. But the show runners have shown yet again why they are among the best.. Not only are they proving that The Mother is not an unknown entity to the group.. But they are showing that she is special to each one of their lives.. Hoping the finale goes the same way this episode went.. Kudos!!
  • what this show is about

    its been a pretty good season so far but this is the first one that shows what this show is about. comedy mixed with drama and when the drama part is more important, thats when this show is at its best. great episode!
  • Great, but the past should stay in the past!

    Best episode of the season so far. They used the mother perfectly in this episode and the writers have managed to keep her likeability strong even though we have only met her a couple of times. The only thing I didn't like was the constant bringing up of the Ted\robin\Barney love triangle. The writers need to end this. I don't know what they are getting from keeping this alive. He can hardly just get rid of his feelings for Robin as soon as he sees the mother, and with the short time span which this season is taking place would not be a suitable time for Ted to get over Robin. This meeting of the mother is just going to be made un realistic and unemotional and a waste of 9 years. Don't know what the writers are at this season.