How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 15

Rabbit or Duck

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • This was a rabbit episode

    A funny start to the episode when the gang finds out that Barney was at the Super Bowl. He had his phone number for any girl to call him. This was an actually happened. When the game was shown, the number was different. You would've gotten a pre-recorded message from Neil Patrick Harris as Barney. Just YouTube it and will hear it because that number is longer functional.

    I hate to say it but again this episode was lacking. Even by season 5 standards something was missing and not connecting. I did enjoy the follow up with Don. Whether it was the availability of the man who played him, but not seeing him not on every episode, did add to the mystery of who Don was especially since you know he ends up dating Robin. I also liked how Don asked Robin on the air even though he didn't but Robin thought he did. Great reference by the producers when Robin first went to Don's apartment. Barney was also funny, getting crazy over the number of calls he was getting. I really liked that he had Ranjit drive him. The rabbit vs duck while over the line did have it's moments.

    My biggest complaint about this episode was Ted. I didn't like his nickname or how tried to act like this player. It was like Barney but more annoying. Also why did the women that Marshall and Lilly found for Ted was different from the time she was with Barney? However I did like Ted's comment about hard it is to find someone. The ending did save this episode from being a 7.
  • The gang debates whether rabbits or ducks are more desirable.


    "Rabbit or Duck" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I actually enjoyed the rabbit and duck debate. The only thing I didn't like was how they decided that ducks were better than rabbits, and I totally disagree, but that's the only thing I didn't like about this episode. I found it very entertaining how Barney is shown on tv with his phone number at the super bowl and now the phone is ringing non-stop. And I love Barney tries to get rid of the phone but Ted ends up getting it. And I love how Marshall and Lily fix Ted up with Natalia and she's perfect for Ted, but since Ted has the phone, he ruins the date. Don was so weird in this episode not wearing pants. I love how he turned into a duck when Robin sees that he's wearing pants. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Best episode in a while...not so Barney-orientated, Ted and Robin scenes were nice to see. BTW I'm a huge Ted / Robin fan. would love to see them together again ( thinking they're the new Ross / Rachel?) Pilot episode-->This episode in 6 day

    First off, i've managed to catch-up on all episodes starting from the pilot inside a week which, i think, is an achievement in itself. this means that tonight i've stayed up way too late to finish the catch-up just to see where every1 is at in the series. this also means that although people may not agree with my opinoin, every episode is still fairly fresh in my mind after the marathon.
    in this episode though just for a moment at the end there, i thought there might be something about to happen between Ted/Robin though i think it was more wishing them back together
    For every comedy series i watch, especially ones like this i see people in reference to their well-defined counterparts in friends (Barney = Joey, Ted = Ross, Marshall/Lily = Chandler/Monica and Robin = Rachel), with friends being the first comedy series to have the kind of balance in relationships that it did.
    Ted/Robin - the only thing that brings a downer for me in the series is that from the pilot episode we are told that Robin is Aunt Robin and not the "Mother". Having watched all the episodes so far, the relationship between them is the best and they definitely fit up there with Ross/Rachel as cutest sitcom couples. If Ted/Robin somehow end up together it will be a perfect end to the series for me unless something amazing happens.
  • Best episode this season, back to the awesomeness of the first two seasons

    While this season has been the worst of the series, there have been a few standouts, including Girls vs. Suits and this one.
    This episode brings back the 'flashback' scenes, which give different angles on scenes you just saw. The stories are also interconnected VERY well (Barney's 'magic phone' story, Robin's story with Don and Ted's arranged marriage story).
    Don, who before this episode you thought of as a serious douche, you actually end up wanting to be with Robin when he changes his attitude, thanks to some great writing.
    There is nothing that I thought was bad about this episode. The 'Duck' or 'Rabbit' debate was very entertaining and was a great metaphor for 'the one' or 'not the one'.
  • Barney gets in his hands a magic phone, that keeps ringing and ringing with hot girls calling him. ted is getting sick of being single again. Robin hates Don, or so she thinks lily and marshal have been given the job of finding ted a

    good show, always has been... fun episode no plot holes but one little easter egg for anyone as bored or nerdy as me...
    i enjoyed ted when he found the phone in the piano, answers it... and just like that he was hooked.. haha. Now watch that one bit again and watch the window in the background, a shadow of a person is seen walking in the windows reflection who is clearly not Ted or Robin.... and they are a few floors up at the time so they cant say it was someone walking past the window, it must have been someone behind the scenes caught on film :P
    (now i watched this DVD version on my big screen, thats how i saw the person, but you might be able to see it on a smaller tv... hopefully)
  • One fine Episode! Hated the storyline, but enjoyed the few laughs it brought up!

    I thought this episode was actually pretty nice! I kinda hated the duck/rabbit storyline, but at least I enjoyed where the episode was going. How I met your mother has, unfortunately, matured into those series which give you a few giggles between scenes, and I think we all agree it's no longer a hilarious show, but somehow, you want to keep watching, anticipating for a few more laughs to come.
    The writers insist on sticking to their cognitive style in creating comedy, which is fine by me, but let's face it: it's making the show dumber and less funny! They should find a new level of originality to spice things up! Enough with the flash-backs and the silly, immature fights! (What's with the whole unfunny fight over rabbits Vs. ducks?) Enough with the stunts. And please let them do something about Marshall and Lily's characters. Split them up or something. They're too perfect and boring on screen. Or simply, don't put them in a joint storyline as the happily-too-perfect married couple.
  • Valentine's Day.

    Okay some plots stood out more than others in this episode, let me start off with the good plots, we all knew since 511 that Don & Robin were going to start dating. Valentine's Day is here, and it's what the whole episode revolves around. In this episode, the feelings start to emerge, and Robin is confused, she doesn't know if she hates or loves Don, of course there is a fine line between love & hate. I liked the rabbit and duck theory. The illusion, for many years, you think it's a rabbit, until you look at it differently and it's a duck. That whole argument between which is better: Rabbit or duck, is hysterical and probably the funniest scene in the episode. Robin gets invited to a party by Don, she brings along Ted only to find out it was a trick, and Don wanted to use "The Naked Man" (From 409) on her. By the end, he promises to be more professional about his work, and of course, Robin sees him differently. She first saw him as a rabbit, but now she sees him as a duck. I'm not a big fan on Robin's love life but this plot was interesting. Ted wanting an arranged marriage is the most ridiculous plot I've seen on this show. ("The Stinsons" episode being a close second). So I wasn't a big fan on that plot counting on the fact how unrealistic it was. Ted ends up just getting obsessed with Barney's phone in the end, after all Marshall and Lilly did for him to get a "wife." Barney and the phone thing, it could happen, still going to have to check unrealistic in that box, plus I didn't find it very funny, it was weird seeing Barney like that. Freaking out about which girl to have sex with, and he never has sex with anybody in this episode. So I guess the highlight of this episode was surprisingly Robin's plot. Everything else: eh.
  • Rpobin's co-worker is getting old!

    I quite enjoyed the storyline that this episode provided. Barney's 'magic phone' was quite amazing and really enjoyable, and I thought that they executed this really well.

    I definitely thought that this episode provided some great laughs, and there were some really great moments. What prevented me from rating this a 10.0 was Robin's storyline. Her co-worker is really boring, and I didn't enjoye that part one bit. Quite frantically turned into garbage, that storyline!

    Overall, I'd recommend this storyline to anybody. I loved it, and that load of laughs was all that was needed to turn this into a first-class episode. Keep it up, guys! I loved it completely!
  • Barney is at the Super Bowl and has a sign Call Barney's Cell for CBS and then his phone number. Duck versus Rabbit becomes the subject of the day. Valentines Day and how it should be spent is part of the discussion. Brad invites Robin to a "party".

    What happen! An episode that started out to be "wait for it" Legendary sorts of falls apart in the end. It was entertaining, but some of the bits get a little out of hand.

    Really funny, Barney's sign at the Super Bowl, then his phone ringing off the hook, the "party" Brad had ready for Robin when she showed up with Ted, and the start of the Duck and Rabbit discussion.

    Wasn't funny, Barney's behavior at all the constant numbers and his obsession with each girl being hotter than the next. Let's face it, all those girls were hot in their own ways. The first almost more so than the rest! The continual Rabbit and Duck discussion got out of hand and dragged on. Finally Ted getting Barney's phone and repeating the same behavior to a point that Lily and Marshall got him a date and he drops her for a phone girl!

    Entertaining with always a feeling of sarcasm to the bits now sort of like they know they are taking things too far and off the side of a cliff. Still an enjoyable episode, but let's reign it in a little! Thanks for reading...
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