How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 18

Rebound Bro

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Barney's new wingman

    When Barney admits to Ted that he slept with Robin, Ted is upset and says that they are no longer friends. I understand Ted getting mad at Barney. I am a little annoyed at this but that's mainly from some season 7 episodes and the last episode from this season. (season 8) But that's for later. However I do like to know why Ted is mad at just Barney and not at Robin. Since at this time Barney doesn't have a new wing-man he tries to find a new one. Similar when you end a long term realtionship, it takes time to get over it and need to deal with it. In typical Barney fashion he doesn't do this. I enjoyed his search to try to find a new bro. My favorite was when he hung twice on fire beard. Barney does fine a new bro and well like in a long term realtionship that next choice in a mate is a rebound. That is not a knock on Randy. He is so bad that is is good. Despite his flaws, I enjoyed that Barney really tried to help. I am glad that Randy finally got his. Barney's reaction shows that he really misses Ted.

    Meanwhile Ted's realtionship with Stella is coming. You find out that they are taking it slow and haven't had sex. You find out Stella has gone even longer. The facts that Marshall gave since Stella last had sex would be funny if mine weren't so long. The ending was really sweet when Ted and Stella's realtionship does take the next step when he meets her daughter.
  • Barney looks for a new wing man.


    "Rebound Bro" is a funny How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Stella reveals that she hasn't had sex in five years. I love how Ted thinks this is a huge secret and so he tells Marshall and Lily. And I love how Lily and Marshall can't keep it to themselves and they reveal to Stella that they know. I love how Ted and Stella broke up, but then got back together. It was so cute how Ted meets Stella's daughter. I love how Barney tries to make Randy his wing-man, but everything just went wrong. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Barney gets a new wingman.

    How I Met Your Mother has been brutal post-strike, but this episode at least delivered some laughs. You can't go wrong with a guest appearance by Will Forte, one of the more underrated members of the SNL cast. Unfortunately the show is reluctant on bringing in Sarah Chalke, who is neither funny, nor attractive in any way. She really appeals to none of the senses.

    On top of that Ted, Robin and Lily are still keen to the idea of trying as hard as they can to not be funny. Whether it's their horribly scripted lines, or just a completely transparent lack of acting ability is up to the beholder to judge, but their characters often no realistic comparisons. Nobody acts even remotely like those three, and couple that in with the fact that the show tends to rely on absurd humor, separates the viewer from relating to the cast even more.

    Marshall continues to be the best character in the series, yet he is still horribly underutilized. Even Barney who is popular with the internet crowd failed to get the camera time he deserves in this episode. A step-up from past weeks, and the show can get back to its form if Will Forte becomes a recurring character.
  • Barney tries to find a new wingman.

    A good episode, with a a great plot, and a lacking plot. Let me start with Barney's plot. Him trying to find a new wing man with Robin, the girl who got him in to this mess? It's just not realistic to get remotely involved again with you're mistake. Thew new wing man thing was not that funny to be honest. I didn't even laugh once when the Banrey plot was going on, which is strange since Barney is my favorite character. He ends up succeeding in getting his friend laid but Robin helps him come in to realization that the new wing man was just a void for Ted. Duh, Robin, you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. The plot that made this episode 10 times better, is the Ted/Stella relationship. Ted learns that Stella hasn't had sex in 5 years, he tells Lilly & Marshall, he was unaware he was doing a bad thing, but when Stella finds out, her trust for Ted is gone, by the end everything is apologized for and they finally have sex for the first time after 2 months of being in a relationship. Ted even meets Stella's daughter which only makes their relationship stronger. I'm really liking their relationship, and I hope she's the mother.
  • Wingman replacement.

    Lots of sight gags in this episode of How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Barney have split up and Barney seeks a new wingman.

    Of course he auditions one fellow from his job and he tanks. He has no verve or elan and this proves to be too big a job for Barney. However he finds out he's an ex-cop and Barney uses this info to get him a girl.

    Meanwhile Ted and his new beau are going to do it after long layoffs, Ted 5 months, the new girlfriend 5 YEARS. Word get out to Marshall and Lilly and the moment is ruined.

    Small parts for Lilly, Marshall and Robin (she's very funny in her limited role). Perhaps it will be funnier next week. I hope so, I really like this show, what I consider a more realistic version of Friends.
  • The episodes are too short!!

    Awesome episode!! It was one of the best after the strike! (not better than sandcastles in the sand of course)
    But the episodes are too short for me!! We wait a whole week to watch only 20 minutes!! When I thought Robin and Barney were going to get things right the episode ended!! So unfair!
    Stella and Ted are pretty serious now. I'm sure she is not the mother, their relationship is just to make the show last longer (i'm good with this! hahaha)
    Randy is funny!! I guessed he was gay not that he was 13 years without having sex! The bleeding nose hahahaha great writers! And now its proved Barney is the awesomest, the most powerful, he is THE bro! And I've been reading his blog for a while too, will I ever be his wingwoman? lol I really hope CBS renew HIMYM! I'm gonna be very pissed off if they dont! Its the best comedy show ever!! Most of the american TV comedies are so silly, but this one is above my expactations!
  • Barney gets a new wingman and Ted and Stella's relationship is taken to the next level.

    Will Forte guest starred as Barney's new wingman and I hate to admit this, but he was actually funny. I hate Forte on SNL but I really enjoyed him on HIMYM. Ted is doing his best to try and avoid Barney who finally calls him to tell him that he is breaking up with him. Ted accepts it and Barney is on the hunt for a new wingman. Enter Will Forte. A funny, nerdy, yearning to be cool co worker of Barney's is super stoked when Barney asks him to go out with him one night. When they get to the bar, he is a total mess. He keeps messing up his lines from Barney, he is scaring girls and even got a bloody nose! It was a disaster until Barney has the brilliant idea to bring Robin into the picture to have him practice. The only reason Robin agreed to come to the bar at midnight was because Barney said he was going to post their sex video on the internet, which Robin didn't really think he had, but why did she come into Manhattan from Brooklyn at midnight? Forte proved to be an even bigger disaster and Robin told Barney that he had to let him go until it was revealed he was a former NYC cop. A girl hears this and offers to fix his second bloody nose of the night by taking him back to her place. Score one for Barney and his wingman. Meanwhile Ted and Stella are pressured to want to take their relationship to the next level so they both admit it has been a long time since they have been intimate with someone, (5 months for Ted and 5 YEARS for Stella). Ted told her he wanted it to be special but almost ruined it for himself by telling Marshall and Lily that she had been celibate for so long. Stella opened up to Ted telling him that it was hard for her to trust men and doesn't want anyone hurting her daughter. Their relationship was taken further that night by the introduction of Stella's daughter to Ted, oh yeah, and a naughty nightcap in a motel! Britney Spears next week!
  • Truly Brilliant!

    What an amazing show 'How I met Your Mother' is. I was literally laughing my guts off the whole time, reminded me of friends and how great it was. This show is highly underrated, and I think nobody is giving it its worthy credit. This episode was just hilarious, entertaining and well performed. Everybody's on the peak of their acting career. I really loved Sarah Chalke being a guest star, she brought more than just joy to our beloved show. Great plot and loved the ideas brought into the new episode. Can not wait till the newer episode is out, and I never want this show ever to finish.
  • This slot is vice president of awesome and you're like assistant under secretary of only ok.

    Barney is on the rebound from last episode's 'break-up' between Ted and he. In an effort to find an adequate replacement Ted contacts all his past wingmen but when all else fails he is stuck with Randy. Also Ted and Stella approach the senstive subject of sex, it has been five years since Stella has seen any action so she is hestitant to make the move.

    This episode shines because of Randy's nervous fumbles and his persistance to make Barney proud. The stereotypical Barney scene is when Randy is taught the 3 beginner rules:
    - Isolate her from her friends.
    - Repeat her name in conversation.
    - Subtely put her down.

    Some classic scenes in this episode that will shine as stand out comedy seasons in the whole season.
  • It's About time!

    The last few episodes of the season have been good, but they havent really continued the story in a meaningful way. HIMYM is back on track now, and I like it. At the begining of the season Ted told his kids that this was the story of how he became who he had to become before he met their mother, and we finally start to see the change. He's starting to focus more on whats important in life and leave his old habits behind him. He'll obviously become good friends with Barney again, or else this entire time he wouldnt keep reffering to him as "Uncle Barney". So don't get sad people. The second story of Barney and his new wingman is pretty funny and definitely worth watching. This episode provides some closure to those of us that were wondering what was going on with Stella. Now, that they have taken two big steps in their relationship it'll be interesting to see what the writers come up with. She is most likely not the mother, so don't get your hopes up. The two kids Ted are telling this story to (presumably his kids) are about the same age, within about 2 or three years. Seeing as how Stella's daughter is already six She is probably not one of the kids on the couch. This was a great episode which brought HIMYM back to the way I remember it.
  • A perfect way to continue.....

    its good to see that they dont show the dark side of ted as they did in "the goat". Its sad to see how much ted meant to barney. This episode potrays the importance of a wing man. Its quite irritating to see robin not sharing ted's hatred. It was really amusing to see barney's pursuit of finding and training his wingman. For the first time we see lucy(stella's daughter) and actually see how the couple is bonding and we find out a lot more about stella's character and shockingly after so many episodes we still find out a few more traits about ted's character. And not to forget that stella hasn't had sex for 5 years!!!