How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 4

Return of the Shirt

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on CBS

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  • Ted is just a horrible horrible guy

    Ted broke up with this girl, over the phone, on her birthday, in the presence of a "surprise Three years later, he convinces her to date him again, only to break up with her again on her birthday. What a giant tool.

    Far better was Barney's series of dares with Robin. He has her say questionable things on air, and we find out that not ever her boss watches the news.
  • Ted reconnects with an old flame

    In this episode, Ted tries to get back together after he finds an old shirt he had when dating a previous girlfriend. He tries to reconnect with her. This is an episode at you like, and like even more when the watch the entire series. This is something that happens again. I think events big and small shape Ted's life like in the pilot. In this case, it was not that important. I think it was funny Ted broke up with her on the same day he broke up with her years before. Even though he does it on the same day, you like Ted. The B Story was funny too. Remember some of Robin's misgivings. You will see it again.
  • If Ted has a different second opinion on a shirt, he wonders if he can have a second opinion on an ex-girlfriend.

    This was another good, funny episode with another clever plot and an easy-to-figure meaning. Everything or everyone deserves a second chance/opinion, and Ted figures this out when he puts on a shirt he likes that has been hiding in his closet for years. So why can't he have a second opinion on an ex-girlfriend? He resorts in an attractive girl named Natalie, who he broke up with three years prior on her birthday. She finally forgives him but after three weeks, Ted realizes she's "not the one", so Lily pushes him to be honest and tell her on their date. Ironically, it's her birthday again. And she doesn't appreciate his honesty. That's all I'm going to say about that. Meanwhile, Barney pays Robin to do dares while she's on air but it turns out she's fine because not even her boss watches his own news station! These were funny scenes until the final bit where Robin accidentally fell in horse crap. It wasn't what Barney told Robin to do, but it entertained the entire group of folks at McLaren's. In the end, the whole group meets back up at the bar and another crazy adventure comes to a close.
  • Ted decides to give one of his ex-girlfriends another chance. Barney dares Robin to say inappropriate things on the news.

    "Return of the Shirt" is such a funny How I Met Your Mother episode. Ted decides to wear an old shirt he never like, and he decides to give one of his exes another chance. I love how he starts dating Natalie again only to find out the reason they broke up was because he broke up with her by answering machine at her surprise birthday party. I love how Barney pays Robin to say inappropriate things on hew news show for money. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Krav Maga and a shirt.

    Once again another strong episode backed up by great and creative writing generating its own self created gags. Over the top situations are created from simple concepts, like Ted finding an aged shirt in his closet, which leads him to trying to date an interest in the past, which leads to a couple more ridiculous yet hilarious situations. The episode was overall structured really well as usual and the jokes and gags more than delivered their fair share of laughs. Though the punchlines didn't feel like they hit as hard as the ones in past episodes, and Robin's little humiliating acts on local television just wasn't that funny, although there was a lot of potential. Nonetheless hilarious episode.
  • Friends 2.0 ??

    This one seems to have the makings of Friends. I like the cast and their dynamic (so far.) Harris has all the innuendo the show needs, so hopefully the others can be funny without relying on it all the time.

    The news woman is my fav. She so desperately wants to be a serious news reporter, then falls flat on her back (literally) and becomes the fodder for all.

    I didn't have this show on the radar initially, as it seemed too predictable (and looked to be a 'who's sleeping with whom' comedy). but after this episode, I'll certainly give it a few more chances.
  • No, not even that is hard to do - if you practice.

    Barney is so evil in this episode, you would swear he is about to grow horns. Robin is amazingly even cuter than usual. Ted is channeling the entire lunkheadedness of the male race.

    Of all the characters, Robin seemed the most out-of-character in this episode. Barney was so in character it is a wonder the deveil did not come up and take him right then.

    The girl that Ted finds was really good. He was so smart to look her up again. If he does not wind up getting hitched with Robin, he should date this woman again - and again.

    By the way, isn't it a good thing that all men do not shop at the same gift store?
  • Ted gets back together with a girl she dumped on her birthday 3 years earlier. When he decides she not the one, and breaks up with her- he discovers it's her birthday again

    Excellent. A very funny episode. Best bits were Barneys dares to Robin. Barney is fast becoming my favorite charector.

    How I met your mother started out great- and just keeps getting better. This epiosde really showed off how talented the cast are. Unfortunetly, we also discovered Ted used to be not so great at breaking up.

    The best scene was without a doupt when Ted is breaking up with the girlfriend. Throwing the pasta at Ted and doing her special fighting was the funniest momant of the series so far.

    Only criticism- I'm still waiting for ted to meet his future wife. It's taking a while- but I guess we have a while to wait.

    Anouther great episode. Can't wait for more

  • Ted makes a change in clothes!

    Now this is the episode I was waiting for, one that is funny enough to make this show entertaining! While the first few showed promise, they were nowhere near as good as some people have been talking about on the site and now I can see why people like the show as much as they do because this episode is hilarious!

    Robyn saying embarrassing things on the air is very funny and gets better and better as does Ted’s plot of dating a girl he dumped (in order of revelations) on the phone on her birthday with the answering machine as the message played in the middle of a surprise party.

    Overall, this episode is very funny and definitely the best so far and I hope the rest of the episodes are of this quality.
  • Bland Josh Radnor is already the weak link in this series, and here we learn that his Ted is nasty.

    * Some spoliers * The term "supporting cast" was never more appropriate than for "How I Met Your Mother," where everyone else on screen, including guest stars and extras, outshines purported lead Josh Radnor. But the usual sitcom formula demands that the whitebread leading man at least be likable. In this episode, we learn that Radnor's Ted is not. Ted broke up with a former girlfriend on her birthday, but now proclaims himself ready for a commitment. He tracks down his low self-esteem love, convinces her to take up with him again, then abruptly decides to drop her. Just as he is about to give her the kiss-off, he learns that it's her birthday. (You might think he would have remembered from ths first time, but that would be giving ted and writer Kourtney Kang too much credit.) Does Ted wait a day or two, or even until the end of dinner? No, he just goes ahead with the humiliation. It's so much funnier to do that in public. This is what happens when sitcom writers, and actors, go for the punchlines and sell out their characters. As Barney, Neil Patrick Harris is supposed to be a creep, but his tom catting about is less nauseating than Ted's smug angst about finding the perfect woman. Pros like Alyson Hannigan and Harris make this show watchable, but episodes like this drag make it the equivalent of "How I Met Your Mother the Car."
  • Some hilarious scenes.

    This episode of How I Met Your Mother opens with Ted making a number of realisations, a shirt he once hated is now his favourite, and a drink he once proclaimed awful is actually pretty good. So, he begins to ponder whether any of the women he wrote past could actually have been "the one". He decides to get in contact with Natalie, a girl he once dumped... through her answering machine... on her birthday. It true sitcom fashion, he wins her trust back, takes her on a few days and.... oh Ted... dumps her... again, on her birthday.

    The scene with the dumping has to be one of my favourites of the show so far, with her ungracefully throwing spaghetti at him and then kicking his butt. The writing of the diologue in that scene was excellent too.

    I know some people have critised the plot for showing Ted doing something so unpleasent, but I think it's important to show that he, like everybody, ocassionally makes mistakes and does stupid things. We need our characters to be human, we are after all.
  • Never break up with a girl on her birthday...

    Never break up with a girl on her birthday...It`s just cruel! And don`t you even think of doing it for the second time!!! When Ted finds a old shirt and everybody think it looks good on him, he decides to try his chance with his exes again. Second chances are good, but when you know how to use them. I enjoyed the ex girlfirends of Ted, and the way he always split. Getting together with one, Ted realises that he loves Robin and he needs to get out of that relationship, no matter how nice it is. And he does break up with her, on her birthday again... He is in sooo much trouble, that`s all I can say.
  • Awesome.

    Ted's outlook on his continuing search for love is altered when he rediscovers a shirt that has not seen daylight in years. Meanwhile, Barney amuses himself by coaxing Robin into sacrificing her job by saying completely outlandish things on air live for a cash reward. Another awesome episode from How I met Your Mother, which I have to say is getting better and better every time i watch another episode! It's so funny, I love all the characters and this episode was so funny! I can't wait to watch more and more episode of How I Met Your Mother! Bring it on!
  • Broken up with on your birthday over an answering machine at a surprise party.

    An amazing episode from HIMYM. Anne Dudek guest stars as Natalie, the girl that got broken up with on her birthday over an answering machine at a surprise party, by Ted. In this episode Ted realizes that he likes things that he hasn't liked before. One of those things is the shirt, and Natalie. A girl who he wasn't serious about until now. The worst breakup ever is shown in this episode, and it shows how much of a jerk Ted can be at times. Especially when he does the same thing almost with the same girl. Once things start to get serious, Ted realizes she isn't the one. So he breaks up with her in person, coincidentally it's her birthday. I loved Natalie's meltdown, and the actress that played her made this episode enjoyable. Meanwhile Barney pays Robin to say stupid things on live television. Then Robin comes in to realization that no one watches her newscast. Until, in the end she falls in horse poop, and then unfortunately she realizes people do watch. The plots tied together pretty nicely. We need more Lilly & Marshall plots! A great episode.
  • Very funny episode!

    I really enjoyed this one, and thiss show certainly was a great one, from the moment that it kicked ouff!

    i found the storyline in this one to be absolutely hilarious. Breaking up with a girl on her birthday (twice) and one being by a voicemail message - that was low, but it was also very funny, and I really enjoeyd that concept!

    Really well made tstoryline. This show has kicked off with a start that has been sensational! Keep it up, How I Met You r Mother, as this is a terrific onecept and it's going great! Very funny episode, which I would highly recommend! Can't wait for more!
  • The show has found its groove.... Have you met Ted's shirt?

    Oh crud. What is wrong with me? I'm starting to like this show. How the hell did I get suckered in? I thought last week's super great episode was a fluke. I think the show has somehow found its groove. And that's all it has to do. They just have to make characters fun to hang out with, so no matter how lame or cheesy the plot stories are, it wouldn't be so bad.

    Honestly, I found Ted's sweetness a bit sickening in the first two episodes, where he practically stalked Robin. In this episode, he seems just fine; nice to know there's something rotten about him (breaking up with a girl on her birthday). Yeah, I know. He's more of a wuss than a bad boy but the point is -- he's just as capable in inflicting pain. The show shouldn't depend on his "nice guy" image all the time. Rather, it should tilt towards flip-flopper Ted, who can't seem decide on anything. Nice green shirt, by the way!

    Robin, who's the least interesting of the group, finally gets some character development. Her storyline started out strong (thanks to Barney's genius ideas) but ended somehow weakly. Personally, I think it would have been better if they showed her fall on horse crap, but Barney's reaction was pretty priceless. Did anyone see his dance, by the way? Barney is becoming a Kramer; he's not limited on funny words, his body langauge also speaks funny. Giddiyup!
  • Interesting plots and well-written lines make this episode another great example of why I watch this series. Hopefully, the characters can start showing more traits and comedic skills, like Neil Patrick Harris does with Barney.

    Another enjoyable, well-written episode. Barney as usual has the hilarious one-liners of the whole group. "Friendship OVER!" The on-camera antics for money was an interesting premise with some laughs. Ted's breakup story with the same girl was also a funny, interesting plot. The best thing about this show is definitely the energy and wit in the writing. The strong plots in each episode, make it interesting enough for the audience to follow these characters, and their lines make it rewarding. However, I'm still not sure these characters can stand as comedic individuals on their own (besides Barney). We need to see more how Robin differs from Lily and Ted from Marshall. These characters are currently saved by the new quirky premises and the great writing, but their comedic skills have yet to shine through (again except for Neil Patrick Harris as Barney).