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  • Goodbye Marty

    I have never seen this series, but I promise to do it as soon as I have the strength. this was the favorite series of my 19 year old daughter martina that a brain tumor took away. she had tattooed the yellow umbrella on her arm with the writing right time right place, she had bought a yellow umbrella and her cake for the 18 years was with the same image. she fell asleep looking at her, goodbye Marty, I hope you can continue to look at her in the sky. your father
  • this show is legend..... wait for it.....

    My wife and I have binged this show many times, we are currently watching now and my wife just fascinated with 'Cobie's style, she has expressed to be me that she just loves that triple layer trench coat. though I have been looking just about everywhere I can not seem to find it ie ebay Neiman Marcus Bloomingdales etc, I know it is Burberry but still nothing, if and one has any idea where to get this jacket please respond to this review, thank you. .
  • That was Amazing , feeling happy

    Help Mom to clean your house :
  • Awesome show

    Binge watch material at its finest
  • So good!

    I'm going to love the series.

    So positive in the most important time in their lives!

    A tear and a smile so beautiful.

    Really sorry that this series has ended could have taken 20 seasons for me. Truly 100% played perfectly.

    Deep respect to all these players and the people who made this possible.
  • How did you watch this?

    I can't find to where should I watch this...

    I really wanna watch this episode.

    How can I do? please recommend a good link.

  • This is a really classy show, set in the form of a father retelling old stories to his children about how he met their mother.

    How I met your Mother gives us a variety of differing characters, story arch's and narration and seam to pull them off without a glitch. This is rare in todays sit-coms which are falling into 'real life' situations. HIMYM presents believable story lines in which one or two may happen in our lives (a classic sit-com approach). Overall this show is simply funny, a lot of people can relate to Ted and Robin and I have not met a single person who dislikes Barney and his larger than life antics. So to conclude a legendary show which has a lot more to offer.

    That was my old review. Time changes a lot of things.
  • Suit up!

    I love How I Met Your Mother, it is honestly by far my most favorite show! I am 16 and I have seen all 9 seasons like back to back sooo many times. My best friend and I like relate our lives to the show haha we have the deal if we are both single at 40 we will get married. It is the best show in the world and i love the cast.

    Keeping it short so i don't ruin your show

    The whole show was amazing.

    Ending was definitely unexpected.

    I don't dislike the ending, but i hated Ted's thoughts. His decision made me a little sad, but then again, people do make these type of decisions and it is how life is.
  • Just watch this!

    Don't listen to this horrible comments! Make your own opinion! This TV Show is awesome, a real nice history, listen and staring every simple detail, and in the end... everything make sense!
  • One of the best TVShow ever!

    Huh,i realy love this tvshow,there are so many situations,i dont understand how much fantasy you need to have in your mind for doing same show like this... i dont have words. I watch all seasons on ''sharingseries''
  • A song about Robin and Barney!

    Hi! a HIMYM fan here! I just wanna share this song that I wrote about Robin and Barney.

    https:// soundcloud. com / coming-up-amy / 02-robin
  • The show went on 8 years to long!

    After watching all 9 seasons. I feel the show was a big waste of m time.

    For 8 years Ted (Josh Radnor) (who was a ass the whole 9 seasons), was always looking for his true love. But, he dated her from the opening. He LOVED her throughout the 9 seasons. He messed it up each time he dated her.

    He meets a very NICE and fun loving lady in season 9, who should had been on the show earlier. She was move alive than the others.

    He dates the "mother of his children" for two hours she dies, and he goes back to Robin.

    So, the whole story line is, he met a very nice fun loving women at Robins wedding and had two children. And, when she dies, he goes back to Robin.

    The whole 8 season up to the 9th is Barney dating women for one night stands, and Ted dating Robin and other women. If it wasn't for Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), the show would had die on opening showing.
  • how I love this guys

    Never make track for a show, catch up with THE eighth season and didn't dare to go to THE ninth season, not afraid of can't accept THE ending, just can't accept THE company for nine years and so THE end of THE end of life, they are my friends, we are old, our world will continue, but they ended, always stay in that, so, would have great expectations, they are still in it, still looking for THE ONE
  • A fun journey with fond memories.

    How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is one of the shows I started to watch to forget so that I can watch that again. Few episodes made me feel it was not near at all, but slowly it grew on me and made me realise both though belong to "rom-sitcom" are different in their own ways. I really missed Barney at the end of the show. I don't want to compare it with or any other rom-sitcom for that matter as each sitcom is special in its own way and different theme. It is really a worthy show to binge upon despite the fact that alternate ending was way better.

  • Comedy ?

    Drama ok

    Comedy 0%
  • One of my favorites!!

    This show is entertaining and very hilarious.
  • Love show

    Overall, I enjoyed it. I wish they'd spent the last season with Tracey as Ted's girlfriend though. It would have been even nicer if this one episode could have been spread over a season or two. I didn't love this ending, but I at least enjoyed it.

    I think Robin and Barney's endings (before the Ted/Robin thing) were really true to their original characters. How long had it been since we really saw the Robin whose career trumps everything else? Quite a while I think. And yeah, realistically Barney was never going to manage a long term relationship given his personality. So I was good with all of that.
  • Please make a season 10

    I have watch 9 seasons in two weeks non stop I love this show so does a few million other people with that ending I cry every time I think about that ending but you guys really need to make a new season about robin and Ted getting married and Marshal and lily have a great time together and they all end up at the bar together and see Barney is picking up girls the usual please make season 10 everybody loves this show thank you for making this show in the first place guys now try and make us happy by making another season
  • I am a fan!!!

    I loved the Intervention episode!! It was awesome. Also loved the Naked Gay episode. My favorite character is Robin. No, Ted.. Forget it, they are all good.
  • how i met your step monster

    worst series ending in the history of TV
  • Didnt really like the finale and this is a quote of your own...

    "The about letting go, moving Did Ted ever let go Robin???... They spend the whole 9th season making us fall in love with "mother" and they took that out without any explanation... the problem isnt that the mother died, but that we didnt even know how that happened... and that Ted n Robin should never be something to happened...
  • Legen wait for it dary , LEGENDARY !!!!!

    People do not believe a word what other comments are saying . Just watch it and I promise you will absolutely love it . Apart from that awesome show !!
  • I just can't get into this sitcom

    I just can't get into How I Met your Mother. At first it was alright, there were some good ideas, some of the situations were at least fun. But as the show has progressed, in my personal opinion it is running out of ideas and it feels more dull and laboured by the minute. I do like the production values, and there is one good character Barney, wonderfully played by Neil Patrick Harris. The other characters I don't care for, in general I find them stupid and unlikeable, while the writing and jokes are forced and predictable now that the show lacks a good pace and freshness and some of the situations are not at all funny, more inane if anything. The acting also feels forced and over-compensated, as if the actors know their characters and writing are lacking and they're trying to make it work. Harris in my opinion is the one exception who doesn't suffer, that's because he's that good an actor, he has had some bad material but he always gives his all to elevate it. All in all, I do like sitcoms and comedies when they're good, but How I Met Your Mother is an example of one I can't get into.

  • no like this

    no like this
  • Himym

    How I met your mother, the best TV show series I've seen in my life. Period.
  • How I Met Your Mother

    I love your tv show How I Met Your Mother. Its the best show i ever seen. I love Robin Scherbatsky,Marshall Barney Stinson. He is the best I LOVE HIM. I SAY I LOVE HIM.
  • It's my birthday too!!! Haha

    On season 5 episode 18, it was Lily's birthday and I'm like OMG so is mine!!!
  • why the end????

    Pour moi, ce fut la meilleur serie jamais produite. Une impression de se retrouver ds chacun des personnages et de tout partager,autant les joies que les deceptions. Des impressions de deja vu, des lecons de vie, et lenvie de posseder la meme equipe. Je viens juste de voir la fin de la saison 9 car je ne voulais meme pas penser que cette serie puisse sarreter.... Et peut importe comment cela ce fini, me dire que c'etait la fin ma rendu vraiment triste. Je serais toujours a la recherche du grand amour comme ted, aurait toujours la vision du couple a la marshall et lyly, cette envie de ne pas vieillir et detre toujours assez jeune pour seduire comme barney et lambition de mener ma vie au top malgres les embuches comme robin. Jaime himym!!!!

    OMG! This show is on way too much! I cant stand it! Now it has eaten up all the air time on NIK at night! TAKE IT OFF! I CANT STAND THIS SHOW!
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