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  • A really good show, I can't believe it has only just started in the UK!

    So first of all this is a really good show so I mean no disrespect when I say that it is essentially Friends for a new generation. The show is told through a series of flashbacks from the future as Ted accompanied by his four friends attempts to find the love of his life. As I already said the show is effectively just Friends. Instead of 6 tweny-somethings substitute 5 twenty-somethings. Instead of a coffee house substitute a bar. Instead of Gunther substitute Carl. Instead of joey substitute Barney etc etc. But don't get me wrong Friends was great and if it ain't broke don't fix it!

    The casting is spot on. The script is witty with a nice mix of slapstick/visual comedy and witty banter. All in all a great show and witha nice twist of trying to guess who Ted eventually ends up with.
  • I count an almost 10

    I think the reason why I like this show is that I know there is going to be a happy ending some where down the line. you know?

    Some where down the line you know ted is going to meet the right one... It gives me hope for myself cause I seem to be useless when it comes to relationships.

    it makes me laugh and at the same time think all in due time... good stuff to have light fun watching...

    Only one problem... why the hell would you hae brittany Spears in the show?

    any ways.... good show even though that misight
  • The best comedy show I've ever seen-so far.

    How I Met Your Mother is probably the best sitcom I've ever seen. As the title implies, it is a recount of how Ted met his love of his life which ultimately is the mother of his kids. However, the story does not only go there. As he tells the story to his kids, he goes to the journey of his adult life together with his 4 best friends.

    The story gets more interesting as these characters come together for each has its own story to tell. Five characters of different backgrounds and personalities that definitely bring us fun and laughter.

    Many people compare this show to the classic sitcom "Friends." They may be similar but this show is better in many ways. The story is definitely more modern and people can relate to it. Also, the script was written very well which makes the the show more funny. Well, the best punchlines is said by the LEGEN. -wait for it- DARY character Barney. He's the funniest person and I hope the character of Barney exists in real life. He could actually have a spin-off.

    Five seasons have come and yet, the story is never ending. Many of us wants to see the mother but maybe we could wait for a little longer. The show might end if that happens. This show is so awesome and I couldn't say anything more. This show is truly LEGENDARY.
  • A show about love, being single, and friendship all in NY, but it's not a Friends rip-off.

    I love this show. I own the first 4 seasons on DVD and have watched em so much almost have em memorized. It's funny, smart, realistic in most scenarios (except for maybe the goat), and it's a good time for 20 minutes. I'm glad to see that this show has been a success. It's hard for new sitcoms to get picked up, but when I first really started watching it I knew it was something different, and something that everyone could really enjoy. I look forward to more episodes and hope this show has a long and successful run. Thank you.
  • I like it, but I used to love it.

    When I accidentally saw the first episode of this show, I simply fell in love with it and have been a fan since. The characters were believable, the acting was natural and all the humor was perfectly balanced, even the exaggerated bits. But now it is getting more and more artifical and though I still like to watch it I'm not looking forward to it anymore. So, what happened to you guys? It feels like the writers are bored with this show and I doubt it will last long this way. Even the characters started to annoy me, especially Lily, whom I used to love. This is my opinion of course, and I'd love to have the old himym back.
  • Really funny show! Neil Patrick Harris is great!

    This show has really made it this far because of the great work done by Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stintson. The other characters and actors have come into their own now in the later seasons but the first two seasons were really all Neil Patrick Harris. The plot of the show itself reminds me a lot of Friends, except it is more of a comedy and less of a drama. I personally love this show and I have yet to see an episode of this show that I have hated. I was actually looking forward to this school year starting back up again just so I could get back to my How I Met Your Mother. The story line at the moment kinda sucks with Barney being in a relationship and trying to be a really nice guy. Barney is a pimp and follows the almighty "Bro-Code" and I would love to see him get back to that character.
  • Can't get any better than this

    AMAZING! This show can never get old! The characters are hilarious, and there is always something new and exciting on the show, like the time when Britney guest starred. My only problem is that i don't get why some people are so annoyed with the show making fun of Canada. All that the show does is make little (and sometimes not untrue) jokes about Canada. I live in Canada and i don't find it at all offensive. In fact, I find it quite funny, and I don't understand why others can't see it that way. I hope this show never ends.
  • The life and times of Ted Mosby and his friends told 20 years from now is Legen...wait for it...

    ..dary! How I Met Your Mother is one of the best sitcoms on the air. The characters are fleshed out, the story is heartwarming and, while being susceptible to standard sitcom cheesiness, still manages to hold some of the wittiest dialogue I've ever seen in a show. It's one of those shows that are mostly realistic. Things you'd actually love to do in real life, whether it's sing a Proclaimers song on a road trip, or show your friends your all-rise Get Psyched mix, or use one of Barney's playbook tricks, peak in frequently. It's just one of those shows with that amazingly welcoming sense of humor that sets it aside from other shows, and that's why Ted Mosby's kids are probably never going to leave that couch again...
  • Back on track.

    Well when Barney and Robin were in relationship, it looks like the show has lost its touch.. NPH is great when he is flirting around, but when he is committed than it makes his character a bit dull.

    Suprisingly, there is not more of the story of Ted in this season, as in last two Story was pretty much revolving between Barney and Robin, now there is a GOOD breakup between them, it look like show will once against be back on track.

    Anyway, the best part of the show was the Scuba Driver part of Barney. It was awesome. Head Up for the next epsiode :)
  • Barney's Playbook

    Barney's backgammon tactics to learn about that girl wish. I've implemented a few of them really works. But divers wearing a beautiful event at the event will be how to apply. We are afraid we will try disgrace to the nation. When applied to real life from this series, I sometimes slap several works. Like the other seasons, this season they made a lot of fun. Make sure that a series to be monitored.I learned a lot I can say in this section certain.Other sections a little intimidating was. Barney and Robin do because they had very strange. My favorite section of this chapter, but was.
  • Started to be boring

    The first two season of HIMYM were so fun and had great stories in every episode. Starting from season 4 and including this season it's started to be boring.
    What else they can show us on this season? Barney's tricks to catch women? that's it? I know this show isn't supposed to be involved on Barney. But I'm started to be full of Barney's.
    I like Ted and doesn't seem to figure out why he's not given a wider space in this show instead of imitating "Friends" with some more twists instead of depending on the great performance of their actors.
    I think this show is getting to be overrated now.
  • Pretty good but in the name of all that's mighty! let Ted meet the mother already!

    Four amazing seasons in the past and season 5 doesn't seem to let up in the laughs but no matter how great this tv show is. People do get tired of waiting that includes me. Maybe the writers has a whole idea on how the series finale will end with a dramatic 5 second shot on Ted's Wife and the mother of his two children. BUT now, the mystery is just becoming plain annoying. Let us meet the mother already! The show will not end just because we met the mother, they can do a whole fight scene which they break up, fall inlove with someone else only to come to each others arms. It's a great show it's just getting old with the mystery.
  • This is one of the best smartass comedy show i been watching in last few years. Main character is a hopeless romantic but also pretty picky one looking for the perfect woman

    First time I read the name of the show I wasn't sure what kind of show this could be. But after i watched the first episode few years ago I couldn't stop laughing. Most romantic guys probably see somethings in what Ted doing ;) I do at least. This is a very dedicated show for their viewers. If you haven't check Robin Sparkles videos on youtube. Also barney is one of my favorite characters that added a lot in our daily lifes about new articles of "bro code" and "suit up" giving a whole new meaning for a wingman ;)

    I strongly suggest all comedy lovers with some wits to check out this awesome show.
  • Falling

    Season 5 is so bad it's frightening. i'm not sure if i can remember a comedy that has declined faster than How I Met Your Mother. the first two seasons were very good. Season 3 fell off a bit, and Season 4 was even more disappointing. but this season is close to unwatchable. my wife and i have pulled the plug on at least three episodes, like last night's awful Rabbit or Duck. One of the biggest problems is Robin, Ted's long-time ex - who should have been written off the show long ago. whenever she has a main storyline, you're in for a bad episode. Barney's become a cartoon, and Ted's got nothing to do until CBS finally gives HIMYM the green light to reveal who owns the umbrella. the scary thing is: they just got renewed. could it get any worse? by the time they finally do tell us who the mother is, i might not be watching...
  • One of the more important shows in my life. Yes a show thats important in my life, im that type of guy ok. Its a sitcom but in my mind its not the usual one. Well from what I watch most Sitcoms never change whats going on if you know what I mean.

    Many will compare this to Friends and I get that but I dont really see it that way, ive watch many of sitcoms and this one feels much different. I can relate to both Ted and Marshall on different levels, sometimes its so eerily close to how I think or how I am. So with just saying that you know I love this show and will probably not speak ill of it. And why should I, it has helped me through not one, not two but three tough breakups, by that i watch it over and over and forget about the fact im single again. As now im feeling this way again. And glad the show is still going on feeding me with more Episodes. Though Im betting the meeting mother part happens this season, or least it better they teased way to much last season and this season that they have to do it at the end of this season. Will the show continue after that, I guess I wouldnt mind it going one more season, with the mom in play so we get to know her and what not. But after that they probably should stop. As much as I love the show I dont want it to continue for to much longer. The show started with an actual end point so i think they need to stick to that and make a damn good season. In closing at this point, Im tired of dating and all that. Im ready for a real relationship and what not. So especially now I feel more connected with the show, maybe why I dont find this season really bad at all.

    I know some people dont like some of the ridiculous things that happen in the show but I personally Love it, its like you get these silly but funny breaks in the show that you can watch over and over..well least I personally can and do.
  • Suit Up! Because this is one legend-wait for it-dary show.

    From start to where the story currently stands Old Ted Mosby's telling of how he met the mother of his two children has been a great and Laugh out loud journey. From Barney and Marshal's Slap Bet which led to the creation of slapsgiving to the very elusive mother. Even to Robin's late Canadian singing career. I hope to be not the only one who finds this show one of the best comedies currently on t.v. Niel Patrick Harris steals the show each episode and the guest stars are equally as hilarious. I hope to see this show eventually reach it's goal of meeting the mother and maybe even to the point at which they finally marry. Yet that is just me Of course this show will be in my top five for a long time to come.
  • What falling? I Don't see any falling because it's Legendary

    many people say here that show started falling since 5th season began but I see no falling... Non-watchable? come on I can watch this show day and night! Season 1 was good and second season was to! third and fourth season were greatest in show and season 5 is a bit less than season 3,4 but not less than season 1,2 But I think they should already like say who's mom and then slightly start her and ted's relationship and they can marry each other even after 2 seasons or like that :))
    and of course I think it would be best if Robin and Barney were together because they're perfect I think
  • The things they come up with for the show are absolutely... uhm how do I say this right... LEGENDARY!!!!

    Every episode is just awesome in it's own awesomeness. When I watch an episode I immediately begin counting down the days till the next one.

    Every thing from the BroCode to the Playbook and to the Slapbet is just so renewing for comedy shows and I thing the Show has alot more in store for us. There are still so many things to happen, like a Slap, some Look-A-Likes, the movie The Wedding Bride and so on. But the most important happening to look forward is the appearing of "the Mother". I really hope when te time comes they make the best build up ever, if it already isn't the best Build Up, because the show is one big Build Up.
  • Most classy show of all time.....

    I havnt watchd anythin more classy than this on tv ever..i m simply mad about this the extent that i hav seen all its episodes atleast 3 times if not favourite character is Barney and Marshall is very close 2nd and Robin is very close 3rd...but really they all are just favorite season is 4th, the best episode being "The naked man" family members n my friends all very well know my craziness for this show as i always try to convince them to watch it with me..i know many people like "Friends" more than himym..but i myself hav seen first 3 seasons of friends and i find it nowhere closer to himym..infact i find it really boring and most of the jokes are more like pj's..
    i wud cherish the memories of watching himym my whole life and even watch it with my grandchildren..
    1 more example of how much i like this show: if god ask me to choose between 1)Death or 2)take away all my memories of watching himym ....I wud choose Death..
  • One of the cleverest and most enjoyable sitcoms I've seen in a long time.

    I'm not generally a fan of American sitcoms, especially those with a laugh track. I didn't watch this show when it first came out, but after seeing Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and becoming a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris, I decided I needed to give this show a watch. It's one of the few sitcoms to properly incorporate an intelligent plot and character development along with slapstick humour (get it? SLAPstick?), womanizing humour, emotional romances, and a little bit of mystery. As the show progresses, the audience are shown clues as to the possible identity of Ted's wife. This of course, not only encourages discussion of the show, but keeps the viewer guessing, until probably the very end. You really get a lot of enjoyment watching this show from the fact that you're just watching a bunch of cooky friends hanging out. One of my favourite things about the show is its constant references to past episodes. Things that are mentioned in passing are always revisited in later episodes. Also the show seems to have a strong relationship with real life media. Often websites mentioned in the show actually appear on the internet, as well as Barney's blog and Barney's "The Bro Code". Overall, a tremendously funny show which makes me laugh out loud every single episode.
  • this show is jus AWEESOME(barney,s squeeqy voice):):) butum.... its also LEGEND...i hope u r not lactose intolerant coz d Nxt word i say is.........DAIRY!!!! ITS legendary!!

    this show is jus AWEESOME(barney,s squeeqy voice):):)
    butum.... its also LEGEND...i hope u r not lactose intolerant coz d Nxt word i say is.........DAIRY!!!!
    ITS legendary!!
    the show s really awesome n d way dey hav directed it, the photography is truly awesome... its the funniest show ever!!
    i love all the characters especially BARNEY!!!
    hope this goes on for a few more years..
    i loved all the seasons!!
    the playbook episode is really funny n i loved it..
    there r so many guest stars which make the show awesome..
    this show is jus AWEESOME(barney,s squeeqy voice):):)
    butum.... its also LEGEND...i hope u r not lactose intolerant coz d Nxt word i say is.........DAIRY!!!!
    ITS legendary!!
  • great show, you can watch all the episodes online for free at blackboxshows. com

    How I Met Your Mother is by far one of my favorite shows, it's probably one of the best shows on Television. I have been watching it since season 1, and I still love every second of it. Yeah, there have been a few episodes where plot just wasn't their for me, some weird things that just didn't make a lot of sense... but like I said, I loved it. It has great actors, that do a great job, never once have I not believed what I was watching. This is really a great show, and I think that it deserves to win some gosh dang awards :D
  • This show is LEGEN wait for it...

    ... DARY. This is one of the best shows TV has to offer. I didn't think it was going to be a that great of a show, until i started to watch it when a friend let me borrow the first season on the show, I have been hooked ever since. The show is about five friends and what their lives were like back when they were in there late twenties and thirties, and for some reason being narrated by Bob Saget (Ted Mosby in the year 2030). The show follows Ted his friends, and his path to finding his perfect future wife. Now this is what TV should be like.
  • HIMYM is an awesome show! In top fav 3 shows it's just brilliant!

    How I Met Your Mother is about Ted in 2030 telling his kids about how he met his mother. Ted (Josh Radnor) the sensitive one who wants to find his soul mate, Robin(Cobie Smulders) who is canadien and likes to be the tommyboy, Marshall (Jason Segel) the sensitive who wants to improve his marriage, Lily (Alyson Hannigan)the nice one who is also a party girl, and my fave Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) the womanizing player. This show is hilirious I know lots of people have been saying season five was a letdown i disagree keep doing what your doing they must be doing something right they got renewed for season 6 so yeah. And for the mother i'm not in a rush to meet her, i want to take the time and if we meet her it would probably mean the end of the show, unless they do an alternative. But I love this show since i first saw it, it's a masterpiece!!!
  • Nothing suits me like a suit, or this hilarious show.

    HIMYM is actually a very well written show in my opinion. I have been watching since the Pilot episode and aside from a few dull moments, it has continuously been a great show. It also rewards its viewers for sticking with it by providing recurring jokes that make you remember classic moments from even the earliest of episodes. If that isn't enough of a reason to watch, Neil Patrick Harris provides great televison as the womanizing Barney Stinson and the rest of the cast rounds out an outstanding ensemble and overall, I find it to be a terrific program. I highly reccomend it.

    This obvously is inspired by the classic 90s sitcom Friends and it is no where near as good as those six new yorkers but that does not make this a terrible show it also suprisingly stands alone, the show has likably characters Barney being the main comedy character here, there are some cool catchprases in the show it also moves the story along quickly. There is some great talent working on the series my favourite one of Apatows friends Jason Segal who is so talented at acting and writing. All in all I think this is a good replacement for friends and whoever misses them should try catch this.
  • BEST SHOW of our time!

    i heard somewhere that this show is from the makers of friends and thought i would check it out!totally surpassed my expecctations. a wonderful show with a lovable cast of characters! Robin is quite awesome although shes CANADIAN!I love how shes independant and confident(most of the time)

    Ted Mosby, ARCHITECT!I am a architecture student and so i look up to ted!the man is just brillant and sweet and such a romantic.

    Marshall ans Lily the perfect couple. so sweet ans lovable. they're what keeps the group together.

    but my favorite definately is BARNEY STINSON. yes the guy is a womanising man-whore but i have a soft spot for him.hes tall blond and wears suits!can u blame me!but hes actually a nice guy on the inside.

    hope they could take longer to introduce the mother!

    wish the show could go on forever!
  • totally awesome

    way better version of friends is one way to describe this show,Barney is the best womaniser shown on television beating charlie sheen in two and a half men,although many people want the mother to be revealed sooner rather later just because they need to know,i think the longer we wait the better because that means the series will go on for longer seeing as if it was revealed then there would be no real point of continuing the series.overall how i met your mother is a show that you will enjoy if you like shows like two and a half men and friends.
  • When I Met Your Mother... well dont know haven't met your mother so far ;) but to make a long story a bit shorter this show is in the same line as Friends for me

    How I Met Your Mother.... LEGENDARY!

    to bad this review has to be 100 words min because legendary would be a pretty good description if you ask me. But i'll write some more. HIMYM is about 5 people who life in New York some of them are friends since college and others became friends after a visit in the restroom ;)

    The story begins when Marshall asks Lilly to marry him ted suddenly realizes that he also wants to be married and his quests begins.. and that's about it ;) i can tell you everything you need to know but you really need to experience this show for your self! but let me tell you 1 thing....

    SUIT UP!!
  • The perfect show

    How I Met Your Mother is awesome, and probably my favorite sitcom ever. What really makes a sitcom is the characters, which is why HIMYM is so great. not a single character is annoying or boring! Also, like jimforlife391 said, it IS a perfect balance of drama and comedy. But as i was saying about the characters is that the only character that i KIND OF go awwwww when i realize the episodes about her is robin, but she still isnt TOO bad. Usually every show has at least one character that i cant stand, but How i Met Your Mother doesnt have any!
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