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  • Nothing suits me like a suit, or this hilarious show.

    HIMYM is actually a very well written show in my opinion. I have been watching since the Pilot episode and aside from a few dull moments, it has continuously been a great show. It also rewards its viewers for sticking with it by providing recurring jokes that make you remember classic moments from even the earliest of episodes. If that isn't enough of a reason to watch, Neil Patrick Harris provides great televison as the womanizing Barney Stinson and the rest of the cast rounds out an outstanding ensemble and overall, I find it to be a terrific program. I highly reccomend it.

    This obvously is inspired by the classic 90s sitcom Friends and it is no where near as good as those six new yorkers but that does not make this a terrible show it also suprisingly stands alone, the show has likably characters Barney being the main comedy character here, there are some cool catchprases in the show it also moves the story along quickly. There is some great talent working on the series my favourite one of Apatows friends Jason Segal who is so talented at acting and writing. All in all I think this is a good replacement for friends and whoever misses them should try catch this.
  • BEST SHOW of our time!

    i heard somewhere that this show is from the makers of friends and thought i would check it out!totally surpassed my expecctations. a wonderful show with a lovable cast of characters! Robin is quite awesome although shes CANADIAN!I love how shes independant and confident(most of the time)

    Ted Mosby, ARCHITECT!I am a architecture student and so i look up to ted!the man is just brillant and sweet and such a romantic.

    Marshall ans Lily the perfect couple. so sweet ans lovable. they're what keeps the group together.

    but my favorite definately is BARNEY STINSON. yes the guy is a womanising man-whore but i have a soft spot for him.hes tall blond and wears suits!can u blame me!but hes actually a nice guy on the inside.

    hope they could take longer to introduce the mother!

    wish the show could go on forever!
  • totally awesome

    way better version of friends is one way to describe this show,Barney is the best womaniser shown on television beating charlie sheen in two and a half men,although many people want the mother to be revealed sooner rather later just because they need to know,i think the longer we wait the better because that means the series will go on for longer seeing as if it was revealed then there would be no real point of continuing the series.overall how i met your mother is a show that you will enjoy if you like shows like two and a half men and friends.
  • When I Met Your Mother... well dont know haven't met your mother so far ;) but to make a long story a bit shorter this show is in the same line as Friends for me

    How I Met Your Mother.... LEGENDARY!

    to bad this review has to be 100 words min because legendary would be a pretty good description if you ask me. But i'll write some more. HIMYM is about 5 people who life in New York some of them are friends since college and others became friends after a visit in the restroom ;)

    The story begins when Marshall asks Lilly to marry him ted suddenly realizes that he also wants to be married and his quests begins.. and that's about it ;) i can tell you everything you need to know but you really need to experience this show for your self! but let me tell you 1 thing....

    SUIT UP!!
  • The perfect show

    How I Met Your Mother is awesome, and probably my favorite sitcom ever. What really makes a sitcom is the characters, which is why HIMYM is so great. not a single character is annoying or boring! Also, like jimforlife391 said, it IS a perfect balance of drama and comedy. But as i was saying about the characters is that the only character that i KIND OF go awwwww when i realize the episodes about her is robin, but she still isnt TOO bad. Usually every show has at least one character that i cant stand, but How i Met Your Mother doesnt have any!
  • How I Met Your Mother is a diffrent comedy show which is why its awesome!

    This show first aired September 19, 2005 and is still running with high rating. In the first season .It starts in 2030 older Ted (Bob Saget)telling his children on how he met thier mother. Ted (Josh Radnor) was trying to get Robin (Cobie Smulders) to date Ted. While the engaged couple Marshall (Jason Segel)and Lily (Alyson Hannigan). As Barney ( Neil-Patrick Harris) doing his own thing day through day. How I met your mother is a unique diffrent show as I said before. This show is ended their fourth season and still getting high rating I think this show will go far. I rate this show superb 9.0.
  • After Friends, it is the best comedy series.

    I think "How I met your mother" is the best comedy series after friends.
    I dont realize how time passed when I am watching this show. I akso watch the reruns and still laughing.
    Every one in the show is superb, Marshall, Lily, Ted ,Robin and Barney.
    My favourite couple is Barney and Robin.
    I am so curios about "who is the mother, did we met with her or maybe no".
    I hope all of the actors and actreses will get lots and lots of "Emmy".
    And also I hope to see Barney in the big screen, in a comedy film.
    I wish it will lasts more and more seasons.
  • "how i met your mother" is one of my favourite ways to spend 20 minutes. This show strikes the perfect balance of drama and comedy for a sitcom, but also has many of its own unique enjoyable features.

    I would and have recommended HIMYM to anyone. It seems anyone can enjoy it; it appeals to so many areas of life:

    1. It's hilarious
    2. From time to time there is a lot of drama: Ted's constant search for the mother. Relationships between the main cast and recurring characters.
    3. Great Music choices
    4. The show is insanely clever. The episodes jump around in time, but it is very easy to follow. Moreover, episodes refer to future/past episodes. Recurring jokes are created. They even put in very subtle jokes for the audience to spot.

    However, as a comedy, the 1st point is the most important. This show is so funny. It is a bold statement to say that it is the new FRIENDS, but it is. I solely believe the reason it is currently less popular is that it is not globally broadcast. Apparently is here in the UK, but on some very weird channel. But the basic structure is the same

    Group of 6 = Group of 5 + potential mother
    Monica's Apartment = Ted's Appartment
    Central Perk = MacLaren's
    Ross and Rachel = Ted and Robin (but not as much - thankfully!!)

    However, the whole narration from the future, and way the writers play with time, and storylines and make everything relevant to the quest to find the mother makes for a very interesting show.

    Season 1 - Fastest start to a show ever. Really does only take the 1st episode to feel at home with these characters. Very funny.

    Season 2 - Ted in a relationship with Robin, so allows for further development of characters, we delve into their hilarious pasts!

    Season 3 - The writers strike has never worked better for a show, with the Stella stroyline.

    Season 4 - The writers changed tack halfway through (episode 7). Saying they would start writing more like a sitcom. I.e. more haha, less emphasis on storylines. So people could tune in to any episode. In my opinion this worsened the show. This is because the show lost momentum, and the "whole episode jokes" were good, but not standard HIMYM funny. However, they reverted back to the usual way for the last 7 episodes of the season.

    ...and they were INCREDIBLE!!! doing all the things I said above, in the best, funniest and most surprising ways. So, I have high hopes for Season 5!!!

  • just couldn't get enough of this show!

    I think I'll preface this review by stating that I watched all four seasons of this brilliant show within the space of about 2 weeks, I just found it so entertaining.

    Before describing what the show is about allow me to make a comparison with another popular show: Friends. I see 'How I Met Your Mother' as an edgier, slightly cruder, and at times sharper version of Friends. The show focusses on a core set of 5 characters and just like Friends, they spend most of their time together talking and making jokes, except they do this in a bar where one of the characters 'Barney' is constantly hitting on random women using some of the funniest techniques you will ever see.

    However, unlike Friends which had no main character, the protagonist and narrator of this show is Ted Moseby, an architect who when learning of his best friend Marshall's plans to marry decides that he wants the same thing, to meet 'the one' and settle down with a couple of kids.

    The show tells the story of Ted's path to meeting the woman of his dreams, and without giving anything away, no major clue to how he meets this woman is given away until the end of the fourth series. While this may sound frustrating, the purpose of the show is to illustrate that nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy and at no point did I find the journey tiresome.

    All in all, excellent performances are provided by each of the main characters, with each of them bringing something different and interesting to the group. Definitely recommended viewing.
  • Absolutely Amazing!

    How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows that only comes around once in a blue moon. This show has everything. It's got a great cast, cool story plot, hilarious jokes, and running gags that last over seasons.

    You have Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby, the protagonist who over the course of the show will end up meeting "the mother" of his kids.

    There's the talented voice of Bob Saget as future Ted, who is telling the story of how he met his kids' mother through a series of flashbacks.

    Not to mention Cobie Smulders, as kickass Canadian Robin Scherbatsky, who has proven that she can be one of the bros, and first comes into play as Ted's love interest in the pilot.

    Then we come to Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel, as Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen, the married couple of the group, whose initials just happen to spell LAME!

    Last but not least is Neil Patrick Harris who plays the womanizing, suit loving, mysterious, adventurous, child-at-heart, and magical Barney Stinson who in the fourth season realizes that he's in love with Robin.

    The entire premise of the show is great, and you couldn't ask for a better cast of characters. They have such a natural chemistry with each other. This show is still going strong and promises to be one of the best sitcoms ever.
  • How I Met Your Mother is a show that takes you into the future so that you can talk about the past,its a show that foucs on how Ted Mosbie met his wife.That doesn't mean he cant have a little funn before he does with his friends Robin,Marshall,Lilly,barne

    I give How I Met Your Mother a 10 because its one of the greatest shows i've ever seen.Its funny mixed with drama with a little romance in there and thats a show i can get with.The cast is the best thing about the show, its like every cast member gives a hundred percent each show and thats wat makes it a hit.The Comedy to me is its best quality, i think thats whats keeping the viewers from coming back week after week after week.If they keeps this going for long this just might be bigger then friends lol .
  • Not bad not good.

    I would say that the reason why I do not watch this show is because I am unimpressed with the humor on the show. I just don't think it is funny. It isn't a bad show, it's just that I can't really get into it. I will say that this show has some decent actors and some good acting. I like the fact that they work rather well together. The characters are enough to keep you around for a bit. Overall, I will say that this show is not among my favorites, but it isn't a waste of time either. Thank you.
  • I would like to say that I started watching this show as soon as it came out but if I did...I would be lying. I started watching this show as soon as I heard that Lifetime was going to show reruns so I wanted to add another show to my list.

    How I Met Your Mother is a perfect mixture of a good drama and a good comedy. I was laughing the whole entire time I watched this show the story was really good because it has a lot of drama. I do consider this a comedy because it lasts half an hour and because most of the storylines have something that makes you laugh. The characters are great and unique and they all bring something different. Ted is the one that is too series, Marshal is the funny but serious one, Robin is the one with series issues because of her past, Lily is the female version of Marshal, and Barney is the cool one. I know that in the future this show will make us laugh more than it already has.
  • No ordinary show, that's for sure...

    I've never seen a show like this. I think it's so original and funny and very interesting. At every episode I'm always hooked with funny jokes, romantic moments, interesting storylines, awesome actors and great writers...The scenarios are so simple and yet very cozy... Since I started watching, I just cannot stop... And neither do I want to...
    Every new storyline that leads us closer to discovering who's Ted's wife, bring different aspects of the characthers lives that help us understanding who they are, and how they got to be like that. It's great to follow and try to keep up with everyone lives and with the timeline, since the show is a great mix of past (which is what it's mostly shown to us, so it seems like the present)and the present (which is actually the future for those, like I, who watch the show). It's amazing, funny and it really should last for a really long time, like, at least till 2030 (which is the date of the present in the show).
  • Read this review then comment/PM me to tell me if I'm a weirdo or not.

    There are only three reasons I watch this show. 1) It's entertaining, but not in a comedic way, bar for a couple of episodes.
    2) I get to quote it the following day with my friends.
    3) I actually listen to Barney, and take his advice. I even wrote a three page extension to his Lemon Law, and drew a bunch of diagrams and addition information to his H/C S.

    I have always thought of that as something of a fandom territory, and now I'm scared I'm cutting close to that section.

    I do those three pretty much each day. I try and remember quotes, I rewatch the first three seasons on DVD and I try to apply the Stinson Worth of Knowledge to my everyday life.

    So just answer me this.

    I am weird, aren't I?

    Or am I simply just a perfect candidate for
  • I love this show.

    The show starts with Ted telling his kids the story of how he met there mother. The show starts out when Ted's best friend Marshall asks his girlfriend Lily to marry him, and Ted realizes that he wants love in his life. Ted then meets Robin in a bar and falls instantly in love. He is able to get a first date with Robin, and sees that she is perfect for him. The relationship between Marshal and Lily is hilarious. It was a great way to start out the series, and it looks like it is going to be a great show.
  • Friends, with alcohol.

    Really funny show, its like Friends but more realistic in relationship terms, and has great season to season continuity, putting in plot threads which leave you wondering and then pick them back up at a later date, this is most relevant in the second half of series 2. Some really great episodes here as the show really hits its stride. I'm really glad I found this show, and that it is still so popular, I hope there are many more seasons to come.
    I still wonder what the will happen with the goat lol.
    And when is the next slap coming? Worth watching just for Neil Patrick Harris. Barney owns this show, he is Legen... wait for it... dary.
  • I love this show. I can not say enough good things about it. Watch it now!

    This is hands down one of the best comedies on television today. I think what I like the best about the show is the way they treat the audience. They set up a joke five shows ahead a time. The way they use callbacks is brilliant. The cast is also amazing. I think that Neal Patrick Harris is the most convincing skirt chaser that has been on television since Sam Malone which I find completely amazing considering he is a gay man playing a straight man. Alyson Hannigan who before How I met your mother was best known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Willow and that show was not exactly known for it's sitcom like comedy. She has really come into her own. Jason Segel keeps getting better and better. When I first started watching this show I found him the weakest on the show but as the show progresses he grows on you. Now for me I think he is the funniest on the show. The rest of the cast to me is just average and I believe could be replaced. Obviously not Josh Radnor's character of Ted but like I said he is average on a above average show. I can not say enough good things about this show. If you have not seen this show watch it now I am telling you it is really good stuff.
  • its so funny nd perfect!!

    wow where should i start. very funny show i completely love it..since friends stopped playing this show kinda took its place. i love how they aways have stories to tell when their sitting in their usual table drinking or eating something. and im really interesting about who the mother is..i know it says its not robin but i would really want them to be together. when ted found out lily broke robin and him up dang he flipped and he didnt even care about his other exes so...oh and barney rules!! hes always got the most interesting rules for his friends
  • Whoa!!Man this show is perfect..

    This is a show revolves around the lives of five friends living in New York.Ted(the romeo of the gang),Marshall(the married mature one woman guy),Barney(really awesome,the sleep with a girl n never call her guy),Lilly(Marshall's wife n the adviser of the group) and Robin(the girl Ted loves[it keeps going off and on though]).Ted is an architect who's college roommate and best friend is Marshall.Marshall is a lawyer.Lilly is a teacher,Robin is the one who joined the gang last.she is a reporter.Barney's job is never revealed though[the firm is known but not what he does].Ted and robin shares a awesome fluctuating relationship for quite a big chunk of the series.Barney,who is trying to teach ted how to live keeps preaching his principles n tries to make people to follow him.this show is a must watch n one will get hooked to it.Keep watching it its great!
  • This is going to be legend...wait for it..dery!!!

    As Barney describes himself, HIMYM is definately an awesome and a legendary show!! One that makes me crack up!! All the characters are so refreshing! They all have a different style of humor! All episodes have a impressive theme and is carried out in such a spontaneous manner!! Barney is my fav character because he is free and like me he has the strangest of theories! All the actors are perfect for their parts! Ted is so adorable and vulnerable :P too!! Robin is well Ms Canada..and too scared of little children as they might be planning to kill her! Lillypad and Marshmellow, though super mushy, are still a very unique and not very popularly potrayed characters!! And Barney is our man...someone is got to see his resume!! :)

    This is one helluva crazy show!! Makes me laugh and see it over and over again!!! You guys if you love friends...then this is your show!! Looking forward to the last episode of the 4th season!!

    And question to the producer...when does ted meet his childrens kids??!! :P

    Wonderfully Funny and Light Hearted!

    Preeti :)
  • It's been 4 seasons and it hasn't slowed down any. There strange thing is that they haven't introduced or changed any of the main characters, which is rare for a sitcom that last for over 2 seasons.

    I have to say, that this is one of the FEW half hour comedies that is a must watch for me. There aren't much GOOD ones out there. It's been 4 seasons and it hasn't slowed down any. There strange thing is that they haven't introduced or changed any of the main characters, which is rare for a sitcom that last for over 2 seasons. There ensemble is still great and it amazes me that they still haven't run out of things to talk about Ted's past. I think they might be losing sight of finding Ted's future bride, but its still hilarious!

    I hope he never meets her, then the show would never end. ;)
  • Where are they taking this great show ???

    Where are they taking this great show ???

    Its really bad what they are doing to this show.
    People around me have lost interest.
    Its a shame that with a cast like that and such a nice concept, they cannot find good script writers and cannot come up with creative ideas and scenarios.

    Season 4 is almost over and nothing interesting has happened. The story should move on... Ted should me the mother of his children.

    Its really bad to waste such potential... Hope that fans agree with me.

    What do you think?

    - Should barney and robin become an item?
    - Should Ted find the one?
    - Should their friends start having kids?
  • This show is incredibly funny. The diverse range of characters are all extremely funny in their own ways. A great show, one of the funniest bits of television I have ever incountered.

    This show is absolutely great you will find it difficult to pick out a character in this series that does not make you laugh. All characters are totally different in unique circumstances so you never find the show repeating humour from character to character. If you have not seen this show and thinking of something to get into I strongly recommend watching How I Met Your Mother. Get to know and love Ted, Marshall, Lilly, Barney (personal favourite) and Robin. Their unique backgrounds thier stories and how they all come to live pretty much together in New York. Great Show.
  • A great comedy! The best since Friends & Seinfeld went off the air.

    I was so glad to see this as the top rated comedy on your website. I have heard a lot about Two and A Half Men being the #1 comedy in the ratings for several years, and I feel this show is far superior. The characters are interesting, the writing is clever, and I love the way some jokes reappear in future episodes (e.g. the slap bet; Robin being a former Canadian pop star). Barney is one of the best characters on TV and Neil Patrick Harris is as awesome as the character claims to be. This is another one of the few shows that my husband and I agree on.
  • This spectacular show is about Ted trying to find a wife and settle down. All his friends help along the way as he dates more women and finds out what he likes about them... and doesn't!

    I absolutely enjoyed this episode to the fullest, There was not a single episode in which I did not laugh about Barney's crazy mind, techniques, etc. I also laughed at the messes they all made together, and the way Ted told the story made it look a little innocent (which it wasn't) I hope the kids learn from those mistakes and their own, but along the way have some fun. To me their is a moral in every creative thing, and for this one it has to be, you can't reach perfect, but you can have fun trying. I absolutely love this show and recommend it to anyone and everyone! ENJOY!!
  • Re-hashing of many shows

    I've seen so many of the storylines on other shows that are based on group friendships. This show isn't much different from Friends. Having said that I like most of the cast but strangely it's the two "leads" that I find boring. Robin and Ted are the next generation's Ross and Rachel except we already know that it's not going to happen. Why they insist on throwing these two in bed together I'll never know. Maybe the writers should have taken a page from Seinfeld's Jerry and Elanie. I would be rather dissappointed to see the show throw a twist and find some way of putting Ted and Robin together, perhaps after they have been married and had children with others. I've heard rumors about the " future voice" not being Ted however, since he speaks in the first person when recalling these memories, I just don't see how that is possible. Marshall and Lily are cute, both actors work well together, but they are inhibited by being the "married couple" and have become mere sounding boards for the other three with a touch of slap stick throw in. Barney is a blast. I think Neil Patrick Harris is the breakout star of the show. While I like the show overall I'm not disappointed if I miss it.
  • man this show is cool.

    I have basically watched it from the start and i have always thought it is going too go far. And i was right it did go a fair way and it is still going which is really cool. i hope it keeps going for a while because everybody know this show is really funny (sometimes). my personal favourite is Barny he is so funny and always trying to get the chicks. Ted is pretty cool too but he is the main star when i don't think anyone should be the main star because their pretty much all cool. Marshall is funny and really goofy at the same time. That's why i love this show.
  • So happy people are getting to know How I met your mother !!! It's a great show.

    I am so happy people are finally getting to know How I met your mother and it's getting higher in ratings !!! It is a great show. The caracters are funny and Ted is so cute. I have not loved a show so much since Friends. go HIMYM !!! I'm still rooting for Ted and Robyn... Even tough I know they can't end togheter... Can't wait for him the find the right one... Man... 100 words minimum ? I don't know what to write anymore except watch this show !! it is worth it !! I have five words left.
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