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  • Depressing

    I was really disappointed with the depressing ending to what has been one of my favorite shows of all times. First, they made us get attached to Tracy and

    made us believe how Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. And then, they just simply threw all this out the window, they killed Tracy;

    and Barney and Robin got divorced. All the time they spent showing how Barney had grown as person after he started dating robin and not to mention the

    legen-dary way in which he proposed to her and the way Ted let go of Robin and met the love of his life ,its like it was all a waste.

    The ending was the complete opposite of what it should have been.
  • It will last forever...

    The ending of the show though it seems prima facie an absolute disaster it was the most proper ending of an unforgettable show. To elaborate, not only did it have an auspicious ending but it also had a perfect moral about friendship; bringing at the same time nice memories of the past seasons and depicting the change in every character's life. The show was all about the tremendous importance of friendship in life and the fact that entertainment has no limits. The fact that the ending was the same as the beginning means that life is unexpected.
  • mixed feelings

    I watched the 2 last episodes twice. First time it was deeply disappointing and havey for a comedy finale. On the second time it was more understood because when u think about that the mother never was the issue. Still I think that the last season focusing on robin wedding was to long.

  • Good Bye

    Last Forever <3
  • Noooooo!!!

    Watched as the final episode of the series this blew. After spending 20 odd episodes focussing on the Barney/Robin wedding (not to mention the entire season 8 also) to flush all of the development of the characters and the arc of the story in 20 minutes was gutting. If you are going to kill off the mother and have Ted get back with Robin I would at least have expected a bit more time and effort to explain. The writers built up the idea of the Mother for at least two series, they cast a great actor who lived up to her part and made me care for her and Ted together, then with a wonderful ending in sight they killed her and reverted back to 2005 as if the last few years never happened WTF!!! If viewed as a standalone 1 hour show I enjoyed much of the finale. Standout scenes would be 1. Ted meeting the mother under the yellow umbrella 2. Barney meeting his daughter 3. Lily and Robin in the empty apartment. I just wish that the ending had better reflected the changes that the show went through since it's beginnings. The ending felt tacked on and forced. Bah
  • How I met your mother. Yeah right!

    I used to really like this show then it just got bad (had it's moments but still) then the ending WTF was that!!! The only part I liked was Barney with his daughter. That scene was beautiful! They totally disrespected the mother by trivializing her. How I met you mother was the show title yet at the end it was not about her at all. There was nothing to show for Teds loss or the kids or the gangs reaction to her at all. Let's face it Lilly had a lot to do with every girlfriend of Teds' good or bad. I could go on. This show should have ended a couple of seasons ago but to end it like this only made it worse.
  • terrible show

    this show is a obviously copycat of friends , how i met your mother is not funny , it`s problably the worst comedy on tv right now .
  • I am angry

    that is all.
  • Enjoyed it

    I can't agree that this is a terrible ending. It's a twist. Ted was never telling the story of how he met their mother. What father would tell their kids "this is the story of how I met your mother" and continuously tell them how he fell in love with robin over and over. He had the difficult task of figuring out a way to tell his kids that he was ready to move on and hoped for their blessings after 6 years of losing someone he really loved, their mother. This is just the way he chose to do it. He wanted to show that he had a history with robin, someone he also loved very much. This is real life! I have to say a genuine ending. Maybe not spectacular, maybe not what people wanted. Definitely doesn't warrant the term "terrible ending" from fans of the show.
  • Well i felt it was ok

    Although the ending was unexpected and sad. I feel that the ending was OK because it shows the reality of life .Not all couples live happily ever after but they try their best to be faithful, loving and caring to each other :).
  • How I met your STEPMOTHER

    Why wasn't it named "How I met your STEPMOTHER" in the first place!

    The ending was fxcking bad, I swear! What on the earth this thing to end up with Robin :/
  • Can you really finish a show THAT badly???

    This is easily one of the worst endings ever. I mean... Even Dexter's finale had 'something'... but killing her? That's easily the most disappointing ending I've ever watched. Bad, yes. Stupid, definitely. Ridiculous, completely. But by FAR the most DISAPPOINTING ending I have ever seen! We waited NINE YEARS for the mother, the final season they made us like her - at least I really got to like her a lot, she was perfect for Ted and by far way better than Robin ever was for him - and they kill her... so sad to end (kill) a great show this way...
  • the ending killed it.

    The show was good I like it... But the ending was really bad. Don't even wanna re watch it again.
  • Started Good - Ended Bad

    I've watched How I Met Your Mother for its full 9 season run. To say the final season, especially the series finale, a disappointment would be a major understatement.

    I like to break my ratings down into three categories:

    5 > 7 > 11 = ROY: Really Bad -> Poor

    3 = G (Green): Okay

    8 > 16 > 64 = BIV: Good -> Great

    As I watched the series finale episode, my rating went from a dull Yellow to a Bright RED.

    Unfortunately, series finales seem to be a place for TV show producers to flex their Power (5) and make dedicated fans wish they hadn't wasted so much time (makes my face turn RED when this happens).

    The entire final season was drawn out with Barney & Robin's Wedding. Ted finally let Robin go. Then we find they divorced soon after. Then Robin was jealous of Ted and his wife (do we even know her name??). Then Barney was back to his usual stuff (just older). Then, Ted re-iterated how much he loved his wife. Then she died and THEN Ted ends up with "aunt" Robin in the end.

    Even the kids admitted his story was full of crap7, since it was all about Robin in the end. It's obvious the show creators intended13 to do this from the start. The filming of Ted's kids was obviously done at the beginning of the show (the story is told in real time and the kids don't age). From the start, the show producers intended to screw with us (11).

    Sorry, there are NO spoilers here. Hopefully I've saved you the trouble of watching the final season (and the last few).

    According to the above scale, I give the series finale a 5 (Bright Red). Now, after watching this, I would have to give the entire final season a 5 (Really Bad).

    To summarize my rating for the series:

    The first two seasons: 16 (Very Good)

    The middle seasons: 3 (Okay)

    Seasons Seven & Eight: 11 (Not so good)

    Final Season: 5 (Waste of Time Blazing Red).

    The series went from very good to very bad. This is typical of a series that goes on for too long. Too bad (3 -> 13 -> 11 -> 7 -> 5).

  • Talk about botched endings

    Boo boo booo booo!!!! What the hell??? *Insert unspeakable after unspeakable after unspeakable after unspeakable after unspeakable*
  • Absolutely the best

    This show is absolutely the best My wife and I always watching the show
  • I just wasted how many Monday nights watching this crap?????

    They killed her. That's the answer to how HIMYM should end????? THEY KILL HER and then he gets with Robin. WTF? Why did I ever start watching this stupid TV show. I'm glad my grandmother died before this show ended because this would have thoroughly depressed her. I am so mad. I can not believe I watched this show for this stupid, unnecessary STUPID finale. I'm so pissed. I am so pissed.
  • Not leaving on a high note.

    I think with the entire season being focused on the wedding weekend of Barney and Robin has felt prolonged, tiresome and less clever.

    I never thought they should have ended up together in the first place. And when Ted and Robin split, the future Ted says that Robin goes on live in Argentina, Greece, Russia and even Japan for a while. Which I would think made Robin and Barney would make a bad fit.
  • wrong decision

    i was very surprised when i knew that season 9 will be the last one. i think that they can produce more episodes at the least make one more season. i am very disappointed to see this great awesome show is going to end after just 3 episodes
  • Please end this show !!!

    How many years does it take too tell How I Met Your Mother?
  • HIMYM : Legendary beginning , a mediocre middle and waiting for an awesome end.

    When I started watching the show in 2008, I wasn't aware what American TV shows are about. My friend recommended the show who was told to watch the same show by his friend. He made me watch the second episode "The Purple Giraffe", in which Ted throws three back to back parties just to get together with Robin and it was hilarious along with Lily's post-engagement horniness and Barney (well he's just awesome). Not having watched FRIENDS at that time, I liked the whole episode and I was yet to watch the pilot. That's how funny the show was.

    The following week, I brought myself up to speed and watched the entire four seasons which were premiered earlier and I found myself eagerly waiting for the fifth season.

    When my friend and his friend met, HIMYM was the ice breaker and we had a discussion over "Which Character of HIMYM are you?" and I got Ted.

    After six years and after watching many American TV shows including FRIENDS, Seinfeld , The Big Bang theory etc. , I still feel an emotional connect with this show. I agree it used to be hilarious and over the years it has lost that element in the name of character development. But I am completely fine with it because even in that mediocre middle, the show presented us with the most memorable and emotional moments.

    Would you rather take a funny scene instead of Ted decorating the living room just to make Robin smile? Or didn't you enjoy watching Barney play a silly play just to propose Robin and Ted letting Robin go after Barney on the back of the limousine? I did. Contrary to the majority I even enjoyed watching some of the episodes of the final season esp. the ones where The Mother steps in. I loved the episode "How your mother met me "and the final moments of the episode were really good.

    What can be an awesome end for this series? I don't know. I think it will be Ted finally meeting the Mother at that train platform but I do hope that they could give it a heartfelt execution as they have done throughout the series. I did cry during the finale of the FRIENDS and I am hoping it is going to be as beautiful and emotional as Friends' finale was.

  • When EPIC shows come to a End!! :(

    it sucks seeing such a great show leave the network, I've been watching this show since day one, and to this day its hard watching such a EPIC awesome great plot, great characters, played by such great actors leave, i know its suppose to end but does it really have to? would it be so bad to see one more season with Miss Mosby in the picture? seeing how they went from just meeting to dating and the whole SHA BANG!? Don't Leave me How I Met Your Mother you have truly been a great asset to the sitcom world!
  • Awesome episode.

    Hate that this is the last season.


  • Season 9 is great!

    After season 8 wich i didn't like so much, now with season 9 i just cant wait till next episode airs.

    I like it how the do the whole season in the wedding weekend. The closer of Ted's feelings for Robin was a really good scene.

    Now finally knowing what Barney really does for a job and why. And so on. There are so many thins i like about this season! A lot of questions are being answered and that gives me a satisfying feeling.

    Right now this is again my favorite Comedy

    Keep it up with the upcoming episodes!

  • boring...

    I agree with what most people are saying, it's gone on far too long and they're just making up pointless crap to pass the time that isn't even realistic.
  • Please kill me!

    I hate this show, my ex GF used to watch it and I'd be forced to view it as well. Just heard its going in the big TV bin and I'm so happy to hear that. REST IN PIECES YOU UTTER SHITE!!!
  • How I Met Your Mother?

    I like this show I pretty much watched all the episodes from season 1-8 on netflix and I love this show! I think it is funny, and they have good actors in it.. The only thing I didn't like was how they said this was your aunt i thought Ted was gonna marry robin but I guess
  • why do the start the story with him dating a new girl, when she's not the mother.

    i would have given this show a nine, but it doesn't make sense that he starts his story by meeting robin. her and ted have amazing chemistry btw) and then it turn out that shes not the mother. in fact somehow the main character ted got over her even though you can still see the twinkle in their eyes when they look at eachother and the live together on and off, they date on and off and then BAM! she marries his best friend. Bullsh*t. then we find out the mother is finally introduced in the LAST season of the show. Why would he start telling his story when robin comes in and not when the REAL mom comes in?!?!
  • This episode not only needs a SLAP!... but a kick in the head!

    I was bored so stupidly after not watch HIMYM because of how incredibly rubbish the programme has been in the past. I watched this episode. What a load of garbage! Absolutely awful! It does ensure I won't be stupid again. I will never watch this show ever again no matter how bored I might get!
  • Worst episode ever

    All the crap to build up to a pointless ending. High speed cameras to get the shots. But Boyz II Men finishing was a nice touch.
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