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  • love HIMYM

    omg im in luv with how I met your mother I will always be a loyal fan sad that show is comin to an end :( will miss this show sooo much
  • did anyone else spot the slutty pumpkin?

    i could have sworn she was there when Ted was talking about the hints he was dropping about the thank you note.

    i thought it was an average episode.

    for me, it was let down by the Robin / Barney plot. You've probably heard it all before, but as a couple they don't work, they're not funny together.

    i am glad that the canned laughter was turned down in this episode, the 3rd episode was really difficult to watch as the laughter was turned up full volume and played constantly when nothing funny was being said.

    We need more of the mother though.
  • hahaha made my evening

    it was funny to me,!!!
  • Great or not?

    Still a great series after all the seasons but it's not as good as it was at the beginning. They should change the approach a bit.
  • i have doubts about this last season

    Ted is less and less funny, like Ross in Friends

    and for this 9th season premiere, he wasn't funny at all and the rest of the cast wasn't that great

    i'm pretty sure than we won't see Josh Radnor in any show after that

    the mother was suddently introduced without any suspense at the end of season 8

    the first 6-7 years were fantastic, year 8 was so-so, it's like lots of other shows that try to last that long, i don't see how the show could surprise us for this last season
  • One of the best sitcoms ever written and acted.

    What makes this show is the chemistry between the actors. They all feed off of each other so well and it really bleeds though the screen. I'm watching the Final Season Premiere as I'm writing this review, and I can already tell that the 9th season is going to blow it out of the water. The actress who plays the mother is really a great addition to the cast and her chemistry with the cast so far (Alyson Hannigan and Josh Radnor) is really great. I kind of wish she was introduced sooner so we could've seen more than just one season of her, but at least she's a regular for the final season.

    I'm not really one of those bitter fans who think the show went on too long, because I really did fall in love with the characters and the although there are some weak seasons, mainly seasons six and eight, there are still shining moments within those seasons.

    What's also interesting about this show is that it's not always about making the funniest joke. It's about actual character progression. Although there are some points within the later seasons where it seems like some characters are acting out of the normal mainly Lily, Ted and Robin, the show is still a solid sitcom and since we all know how hard it is these days to find a quality comedy to follow, How I Met Your Mother really stands out as a bold, quality product. Good writing, good actors, good production values and guest stars. The jokes are seldom forced and everything just flows right.

    I'll miss this show a lot when it's over, but 9 years is an amazing run. I wish the cast and crew a great future in the business, and I'll miss seeing a new episode of the show and waiting Ted's epic meet. Here's to a great Final Season!
  • for it .... dary! Legendary Show!!

    An awesome show that has had but a few flat spots. Just watched the whole series again and still laughed .... hard. The networks need to look at this show to figure out why the fall schedule looks as bleak as it currently does. I'm gonna miss you HIMYM.
  • 9 years about nothing

    People talking about nothing nine years long. This is what this series is. A totally meaningless, empty series with dumb jokes.

    It represents how undemanding the American TV-watching audience is. People in Hollywood made a film exactly like this, called Definitely, Maybe. It was also dull, I could barely watch it, the only good point in it was the cute little child in it.

    Thank Nature I only have seen a few bits from this. Terrible boredom is how I could describe it. It doesn't matter if I watch it or not, watching it is like anything else, like scratching my balls, meh, I scratch it, but even if I'm not, it will pass away from itself eventually. If I'm doing it it's fine, if not, I loose absolutely nothing.

    Hallelujah, it's the last season of this waste!
  • gr8 show but i hate robin

  • The Final Season

    After toying around for 8 years with every viewer, the show is finally ending with this season... I wish the season 9 episodes are as good and brilliant as Seasons 1-3. One Request to Carter Bays... Please dont keep beating around the bushes... Its time to end... Better end it with a bang! But I am sure I will miss the characters once when the season comes to an end..
  • One the best shows ever

    How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows ever. The characters are very well written and the actors play them very well.

    If you have seen all episodes, make sure to check out the Random Episode Generator
  • Simply Amazing!!!

    the best comedy shows i have ever funny creative and awesome. It has wonderfull characters and an excellent story line
  • LOVE IT!

    Good show, funny, smart, perfect characters,... I love it, my friends love it, I hope that my children will love it once :)
  • How I met this show and loved it

    I met this show when it was reconmended by alot of my friends. I found that I loved the show even more than them. I think it's humor is funny and consistent. I think all the characters are evenly funny and have their own kinds of things funny about them. It also excels in it's drama I am very intrusted in what happens next in the show. Maybe at the beggining I had alittle problem with the comments. I quickly got past it and continued to enjoy the show. The funniest part of the show is Barney and his relationship with the other characters and some people might argue that he's not as funny now that the show is making him more human. Some of the jokes don't work for me but that just might be for me. Some jokes will not work for other fans but there are so many other jokes that I find myself luaghing so much that I forget about what I thought wasn't funny. As for hating the show I can't understand that. The weakest characters for me is Lilly becuase I don't like her character entirly there are parts that I like. But I find she is a whitch at times but in other episodes I feel for her. So I can't complain about that to much. This is a complain that we can all understand the show has been running for alot of seasons and by the time he tells this story to his kids they would be dead. I also don't like that there are times where Ted breaks character there are different episodes where he is a jerk and then there are the episodes when he is very likable. Bottom line I love it enough to stay with it and watch it all the way to the end.
  • How I Met Your Father

    I hope this brilliant show has a sequal called How I Met Your Father!

    I made a page to bring the Idea out! I hope this idea of mine becomes real!

    How I Met Your Father on Facebook!
  • Best Show Ever

    This is my all time favortie show. The on-and-off romances between Ted, Barney, and Robin. The way they always make you think Ted's found The One. The humor and romance and just everything about the show. Nine seasons will never be enough! I can't wait for Ted to find This show is bound to go down in history as Legen... Wait for it... Dary!
  • Solid '9' because f the Anti-climax.

    Loved every minute of this show although ted got a little exasperating at the end and the end of season 8 was the biggest Anti-Climax i've ever seen with a show especially as the creators have said season 9 will be the last season aired of the show, not enough time with the mother, especially as we've had 8 seasons to fall in love with all the other characters.

  • Mom and Ted has had several "almost met"?

    St. Patrick's Day 1. Picked up a small yellow umbrella.

    Once a fault into the economic classroom.

    Dating with my roommate, saw mother's heels 1 times. Drop the yellow umbrella, yellow umbrella back to mom's hands.

    Ted have to find a matchmaker company (middle , the company found a match for him, but when he is ready to meet Lily a distress call call him away (Lily prepare to SF, painting). This match will also is mum? 688
  • Why aren't more people watching

    Honestly, I believe How I Met Your Mother is the best written show I have ever seen, so why aren't people watching it as much as they did Friends or those dumb reality TV shows? The answer is simple. It's because it airs on the "old man" channel. My opinion is that people need to get over it and more people should watch this show because it is the best written show ever. It's not only extremely funny, but it also has heart. It knows how to balance the comedy with the sweet moments that makes the show not only fun to watch, but it makes it real. It makes it authentic, and it makes it heartfelt. Anyone who discovers this show will be hooked because it tells the story of life in the best way.
  • comic con

    I really hope this site covers the just announced Comiccon panel for HIMYM, not just because I'm obsessed, but because of the numerous links to this website that I have seen whenever the bigger sites (msn, comcast, nbc) talk about the internet being abuzz about the latest conspiracy theories for the show. I think I followed a link like that the first time I ever came to this site and now I am a daily visitor. So show some love to the HIMYMers.
  • Great ideas for next season!

    I think the producers and storie writers should create a story about Barney and Robin deciding on having kids. And that they find out robin is pregnant after the wedding. Knowing that she was told she could never have kids. The doctors made some kind of mix up with the test results for robin with another woman named robin. And there should be a blizsgiving II episode that was my favorite of all How I met your mother shows.
  • Really?

    U got that show in 6th place and Arrow is out of top ten Arrow must be the 1st place and this maybe 10 cuz its drama is so slow and every episode is the same and its kinda boring except Barney and Robin but who is really boring and sick is Ted he look sucks.
  • Cute but not effective.

    & harmless but maybe a bit some other things that since the actors involved have done good side movie projects from time to time. I think the case could be made that they deliberately avoid showing people who have other ethnicities than the core cast of the show which I find is separatist of the shows producers. Its more an issue of the times we live in versus the time we don't live in. My world is usually full of all different types of people. I guess this is a show for those whose world is not like that. In the final assessment that makes this show essentially just another example of 'the white weenie show', despite it having some good looking & intelligent young women in the cast. Its not the only sitcom that suffers from this type of thing today. Its also not something that you usually hear anyone talking about. It makes me feel uncomfortable personally.
  • Legendary

    The best sitcom ever! But under the title it says "ended 2013". There is one more season left!
  • Funny

    Funny movie. Handsome actress. Nice
  • Astonished

    amazing episode!!!! At least wwe now know theres still a season to go.
  • My prediction(s) for the series finale - submitted April 11, 2013

    I figured this would be the best way to "time stamp" this, in case I'm actually right!

    1. The very last minute of the series will be Ted finishing his story, the relieved kids jumping up and preparing to escape, and being stopped by the mother (either seen on screen or in camera-view perspective like Future Ted), who forces them to sit down and listen to her story about "How I Met Your Father". They groan and complain; fade to black. It's no secret that the show creators filmed a secret scene with the kids back at the beginning of Season 2 (before they got too old to play the parts) that directly dealt with the mother; I believe this will be that scene.

    2. Creators Carter and Bay wrote the theme song "Hey Beautiful" (of which we get the last ten seconds for the opening credits). I predict the Mother, who is a bass player in a band, will play that song (possibly at Barney's wedding or her own) in its entirety.

    3. Somehow, SOMEHOW, the computer dating service from Season 1 will come into it. After Ted and the Mother (who is NOT anyone we've ever seen as another character) meet, he/they discover the computer has them as a perfect match.

    3. Ted's alive... Mother's alive... everyone's alive and married and happy. No death in the finale.

    Anyhoo, that's my dip into Nostradamusism. Let's see where we are in a year or so...
  • lucy kelly


  • Is future mom alive?

    The way Ted teared up at the end of the March 25 episode made me wonder if the mom is deceased when he is telling the story to his kids, or seriously ill? Just the way he looked when he said what he wouldn't give for 45 minutes, even 45 seconds, more time with her. Maybe he is really just that anxious to meet her...

    OH MY GOD! Every one episode we get 2 weeks break. Seriously? I'm almost giving up on this.
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