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  • Victoria vs Robin

    Does anyone still think he'll end up with Victoria? Coz he said he meets his wife at a wedding and he met Victoria at a wedding, he met Robin at the bar.
  • How I Met Your Mother

    Comedy/Drama TV - SHOW. About a man name Ted looking for his true love. I think Ted really want to find a relationship like his best friend Marshall & Lily. The First 5 season is great. The doppelganger is also a get twist in the show. Barney bring the comedy & Robin bring the Drama to the show. they are a good balance to the show. Very good show Overall 8+
  • A great show

    There is just something about this show that makes want to watch another episode to another episode
  • Jumped the shark?

    I am a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, but I have to say with the latest season I think it's becoming obvious that this show needs to end and soon. Also I use to root for Ted he was a good central character but now I can't help but think he's only still in the show because it's the story of how he meets his wife. I am now more inclined to see what is happening with Barney since he is a much more interesting character than Ted and his love story with Robin is the one most people want to see now, whereas with Ted we all just want to hurry up and see who the mother is! We have watched Barney grow from a one night stand loving bachelor to a man falling in love and trying to better himself. I still love the show but it needs to end while it still has a chance on ending on a great note.
  • Despite everything...

    Best sitcom I've ever watched, and I know, the newest episodes are kind of... bad. But it's still the best. It was the first sitcom I've ever considered better than friends, come on. Friends!
  • Barney top, all else hop.

    I have to say, I'm just watching the show because of Neil Patrick Harris. The rest of the cast just sucks.

    Alyson: We all saw you in American Pie sticking a flute up *peep*. That's why we like you. But you are playing the same character in this show. Sexually experienced open-to-everything-redhead with a virgin for a boyfriend/husband.

    Jason: Sorry, you're a decent comedian, but not a good actor and in this category you are in good company with your kind look-alikes Seth Rogan, Zach Galifianakis and Jonah Hill.

    Josh: I like your surname, it's really cool. Even sounds cool spellt backwards. Rondar - sounds like Conan's sidekick. But that's really all there is to you. I know, the writers made your cahracter into what it is, but you're just so bleedin' BORING and self-righteous. Get a life! And keep one of the girls you shag! You must be way ahead of Barney!

    Cobie: Sorry, but you are ugly. Everyone single one of my friends, co-workers and people I meet on the street agree. There's the sex, boyish, closet lesbian who gives men a wet night's dream, and then there's you.

    BARNEY! Bro (I hate that word), you're the best! I said to my pals while watching Harold & Kumar, watch out for this one, he'll be back, oh yes, and he was! Nice job! Don't hang out with Elton John too much, his suits are not your style!
  • Clearly the best show

    I love this show so much. It's one of my favorites. Really funny. I love the new episodes and everything so yeah.
  • How I killed a show

    I think that should be the new title. I used to love this show, but it is progressively getting worse and worse. They probably should have ended this show about two seasons ago. Or before Marshal and Lilly had their baby. It really is a shame.


    After this last episode, I have now dropped my rating from 4 to 2.5, which just happens to be the magic number where I drop a show that I once enjoyed. Bye Bye HIMYM, we had some good times.
  • Awww MAn !!!!

    Seriously ....HIMYM used to be my Best Show ever ....until it started being a complete disaster ...seriously people ain't laughing any more ..... U guys suck big time . Learn some from Two and a half men (BEfore Ashton)
  • Jumped the Shark a year ago

    It's tough when you like a show and yet watch it get progressively less interesting and less amusing. It still has its moments but last season's episode where they were comparing the shapes of their... well, you know the one, that's when HIMYM jumped the shark. None of the episodes so far this year have been any good.
  • true

    true story :)
  • Best comedy at the moment.

    How I met your mother, is about Ted Mosby telling his teenage children the story of how he met their mother. The concept is great - much better than the generic comedy out there (e.g the big bang theory).

    The performances of the whole cast are amazing, and really funny. The story is told at a good pace, and whenever it slows down, something big is right around the corner. The only complaint I have, is that I'm not a fan of Marshall and Lily having a baby. I think it will slow it down a bit too much. All in all, I love this show, and hope it keeps on being this great.
  • This show is so Amazing

    How I met your mother is probably my favorite sitcom right now. It's funny, It's original, the actors performances are amazing. The story mix perfectly drama and comedy. This show is both heartwarming and hilarious.

    Marshall and Lily are the perfect couple, Josh Radnor its perfect in the main role and Neil Patrick Harris have got the role of a life time. Barney Stinson its the best of the show.
  • How i met your mother

    I love this show so when i am feeling sick then this helps so i can have a laugh or so .Then i dn have to think about my health problems .
  • There are no words to describe what this show means to me!!!

    I know i said that i couldnt describe the awesomeness of this shows but i am gonna try.. This is the first show i ever watched.. I started from season 1 the day it came out and i have been hooked ever since.. I have watched the characters grow, i have watched the break ups and the make ups and the stupid shit that barney does since 2005 when it all began and watching over time definitely makes you feel closer to the characters and the show... I watch this show in sickness in health, in good times and in bad, when i feel like escaping the real world because everything well seems to real... i will sit down and watch how i met your mother... i can watch and rewatch every single episode but i will never get tired because it is just awesome and the jokes will never get old! I am sad to see it end but i guess all good (great) must come to an end :(
  • Great show but needs to end

    I absolutely love this show! I will admit that season 6 and 7 had many low points but S8 E1 was actually really good. I hope that season 8 doesn't disappoint but this should really be the last season. Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing
  • Great show, and then it failed !

    The lates season, what just so bad, and they keep the show going...

    i mean, just meet the mother, and end this show...

    if you dont end it, then take it back to the roots, the beginning was funny as hell.
  • Awesome!

    Although I only started watching this show about 2 months ago...I love it!!! Every episode I've seen so far has been so funny and awesome.
  • "How I Met Your Mother"

    This series was stretched so long because telling the kids how he hooked up would end the series. "Stuff I did before you were born" would be more appropriate. I don't even watch it anymore. It's fruitless. Get Doogey Howser and his ego out of there. In the real world, he wouldn't last very long.


    legen.... wait for it... dary..

  • Brilliant!!

    "It makes people laugh, makes people cry. That's the brilliance of this show!" --Alyson Hannigon (LILY ALDRIN)

    How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows out there. All the characters are wonderful and NPH is simply fantastic. Each and every episode in this show has a style of its own. So I'll guarantee it to you that if you start watching HIMYM, you'll be hooked and thoroughly enjoy it.
  • how i met your mother

    getting tired of crude inuendo
  • Marvellous Show

    Outstanding Show with unique direction. Show i always like to enjoy. Hilarious comedy with pinch of Emotions.I like Ted very much.what a cool narration by him, and Robin is just my favorite. Well it seems i'm more attracted to a tomboy type girl.I have only watched season 4,6, and 7 and that only had told me everything about them
  • It's ok

    I thought this would compensate for Friends but it didn't
  • how i met your mother

    the show is comedy the most but i truly love it its very good so i hope every one like it the same way
  • To avulsed

    @ avulsed: No offense, but you're reading the summary wrong. The title you mentioned (Kaip a susipainau su Js mama) is how the show is known in Lithuania, not Belgium.. The title after that (Comment je l'ai rencontre) is how it is known in Belgium, in the French-speaking part obviously. As you mentioned, in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium the show is just known as How I Met Your Mother.

    I understand it's easy to read it wrong though, there are no periods (.) in the text.

    So it's not wrong, just a little unclear..
  • HIMYM -Its always been Ted & Robin

    I think from the 1st this show start, it always been Ted & Robin. I cant accept the last epi of season 7 where barney & robin got hitch?? Why! Everyone knows how sweet Ted is. And Robin with Barney?? Seriously! Hope there's more story behind that last epi of season 7. But for sure the show is awesome, made me laugh and clear all the stress that i have!! Luv this show a lot!!
  • small show summary correction

    to get some facts straight from the show summary:

    Kaip a susipainau su Js mama (How I Met Your Mother) In Belguim.

    1:that is not the dutch language,not by far.

    2:its written belgium not belguim.

    3: in belgium the title remains unchanged,so it stays' how i met your mother'

    Comment je l'ai rencontre (How I Met Her) In Finland :

    is the french title for the series not the finnish
  • Great

    Great show. Worthy successor of Friends.
  • So what if this show comes back? There's no point really.


    I don't mean to be a party pooper but at this point, you have to ask so what if the show comes back for another season?

    Lets face it, this show has gone stale and is now running on fumes. Whatever interest that may have been there, is just left with the persistence of people who look forward to this show to fill in a void in their tv diet.

    Lets face it: At this point, who cares whether he finds "Mom" or not? If he finds her - so what? If he doesn't find her - so what? We've had how many seasons now, and all we got is stories that go round n round and then stop abruptly.

    Instead of a progression, we have more airtime on Barney , his magic tricks, the buildup to him dating a stripper and then his marriage to Robin?

    Or how Lily/Marshal are the ones actually growing, getting married, having a kid, and getting a home.

    But not about how Ted is on getting his Wife (which is what this show is supposed to be about) or for that matter how he found his wife (which again is what this show is suppsoed to be about) or even just getting to the point of this show - which is "How I met your mother".

    After this many seasons of no how or who - who cares if he ever finds her. Just get it over and done with so the rest of us can move on with our lives.

    Even Barney, the only worthy character who could go on to a spin-off is now just a shadow in a show that had its prime. A prime that was spent building up a story line of tearing down a building, a romance with a married woman that disappeared quickly and pointless draw in the whole show.

    At this point, when the only thing not happening is this show getting to the point, you have to ask, so what if this show comes back?

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