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  • Amazing

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I love all the characters so much, except for Ted. I dislike him a little because I want to know who the mother is already! Stop teasing meee.
  • robin n ted should get married

    this is best comedy show...... i just love it...............n i think robin is the wife of ted they look great together...n if any other girl will come ....that will not accepted.....n this show will loose its value.....robin is the only girl which is made for ted ......they look great together n robin will the mother of ted children ......she will do some treatment......i think many people wants robin n ted get married.....that will be interesting that initially robin dont want kids n after marriage she wants..........n i love all the character ......everyone doing great job ............

    but the only thing that barney n robin should be normal friend n barney should go for another girl.

    and why everyone is not understand this is the story of how i met ur mother it will goes like this if ted will find it so easy than wat is the story?????
  • who is the mother?

    When ae whe gona gett the anser?
  • same problem like scrubs

    if they just came to an end at season 5 or 6, i would get himym a 10... now it must be a perfect season 8 to get a over-9-rating
  • legen.... wait for it... dary....

    hope there's a season nine..

  • Legen wait for it................... dary!


    Great tv show ever...............
  • my favorite comedy

    its the best!
  • One of the best

    Allthoug it sometimes has its weaknesses I really love this show. The characters are just adorable but also so realistic.

    I really like the idea how Ted tells his kids this story and they're so bored while we're so excited.

    It is funny but sometimes also sad and melancholic, it has cliffhangers - it's got everything!

  • Great show

    This was one of the first series i ever watched from scratch, and i find it to be a good serie.

    The first season was "awesome" but himym have had a hard time makin' a season as good as the first one, there are alot of episodes that certainly is timeconsumers but now and then the director delivers one or two episodes that is, world class.

    You got grate actors.

    In my opp, i think they should've ended this series some seasons ago.

    Its not as funny as 2 men

    Its not as "deap" as Scrubs

    It doesnt have Jim Parson like Tbbt

    And it may be a copy of Friends

    But still, i love it!
  • Classic Comedy

    Modern classic that will be remembered for years to come.
  • One of the best comedy shows

    Without doubt one of the funniest comedy shows ever!

    A hilarious group of friends living their daily lives whilst helping Ted

    find the woman of his dreams. Every episode is hilarious, there are quite a few

    big cliffhangers and with the addition of the classical plaayer Barney, it's a

    comedy not to be missed!
  • Your mind is in danger...

    ... of being spongified by this show for the rest of your life.

    It is a flashback-based show like Grounded for life with the difference that it is not funny at all.

    The flashbacks are idiotic.

    The characters, fully-grown 30 year-old adults behave like silly teenagers.

    The situations are utterly implausible.

    Nothing on the show makes sense even when the nonsensical is supposed to have a "hidden" meaning, which is the trick to make ridiculous comedy work.

    If you like nonsensical humour, just like I do, then watch 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation or Extras.

    If you are after some flashback-comedy, then, by all means, watch the re-runs of Grounded for life as it is way better than How I Met Your Mother.
  • WOOO!, one of the best shows ever!

    love this show, isnt much not to like....except the later episodes. Why has teds story come to a standstill! he has done nothing in this last series, hes starting to get boring! Theyve turned robins character into a bit of a bitch which is annoying because she was my favourite character, and barneys still funny but his character changed too much too quickly. I seem to be watching it now because i fell like i have to and im always hoping itll get good again...but it doesnt. :(

    But early himym is the best!!!
  • Great f*cking show!

    impossible not to love Barney and his moves to get girls. haha

    not as good as friends in my opinion, but a really great show!
  • Current season of How I met Your Mother

    I talked about this very issue in my blog. Check it out here:
  • love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is a perfect show telling a story is more fun when you see it
  • Boring, low-grade knock-off material!!!

    People are going to forget, that's what this show is based on! Copying every little fun factor from series like Friends, Frasier & Cheers, then ruining them by exaggeration and stupid plots. ("Naked Man" episode anyone? They used 10 seconds of Friends & turned it into a full cheap episode!)

    First season was better however but now, characters don't have characters, they do all kind of stupid stunts just to look funny. You can't trust any of them, they all change in every episode one way or another!

    The reason this show is shining at the moment is the lack of a decent sitcom and most of the fans are non-English speakers! (Don't give me Big Bang Theory, that Sheldon guy didn't even hesitate to use the exact same phrases Niles Crane used to say, I can't stand that one either!)
  • Love it!

    This show is one of my favorites. It makes me laugh every time I watch a new episode. The only thing that's annoying is that HIMYM has recently been taking very long breaks on making new episodes. They've been releasing new ones like once every three weeks! I hate how every show does this..
  • I liiiike

    Hi, I'm french and I have to say we have no series as awesome as How I met your mother in my country, I like that ! (Sorry for my english ><)
  • Too many re-runs/breaks

    I LOVE this show. I think it's well-written and extremely funny. On thing however, is I find they have way too many gaps between episodes. It's been awhile since they aired two episodes two weeks in a row. That is something they should fix for sure.
  • Last season is awsome

    Barney, Lilly and Marshall are so funny. Great to see Becki Newton's addition to the show. She is beautiful. But the show can can go without robin and Ted and still be funny. Their characters are completely missed.
  • Getting tired...

    I used to love this show - now I don't mind if I miss it. Barney has turned from fun to an idiot and the show seems to be straining to be entertaining. Meet the mother already and end it before the show looses all self-respect.

    what if the last episode the mother just enters the room where the story's been told, hears Ted then laughs out and says "apparently kids, you're father followed me on twitter. that's hw we met." lol
  • Could not be any better than what it is right now: An almost near perfect show that I don't watch very much

    I know I don't really watch the show all that much, but when I do I need comedy in my life because without comedy life would be boring. Anyways, my favorite character is Barney and all the other characters are good too, but nowhere near as funny as Barney is. The random jokes throughout the show is what keeps me glued to the TV for the next 30 minutes until something stupid comes on and then I have to change the channel. Yep, this is definitely one of my favorite shows that is just as good as the 90's classics that we all grew up with.


    make watch an episode i will say it word to word.... and i still laugh at the jokes i have heard atleast 10 times!!

    this show may have it s ups and downs(season 7) but i will never stop loving i will never lose respect for it!!

  • the best

    himym is the best tv show on earth should be no.1

    i just love it. it has everything - entertainment, drama, jokes, life lessons and so on. All 5 of them are legend-wait for it-dary. It could be longer than 20 minutes thou :(
  • Losing respect for this show.

    I use to love this show. I watched it every day, and seasons 1-6 were amazing. Season seven, however, has been a HUGE disappoinment compared to the other seasons. I feel that they have gotten lazy with the writing and many things in this show are far fetched. Here's a list of everything that has pissed me off about this show in recent episodes...

    -Lily's unrealistic actions due to her "pregnancy brain."

    -Marshal getting trapped on the roof by his new teenage neighbor. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!

    -Lily's dad is in no way funny.

    -The episode where Marshal and Lily's apartment, that they went into extreme debt to afford, suddenly became "too small," and Robin kept knocking over lamps. That's not funny. It's corny and reminds me of something that would be on a 1980's crappy sitcom.

    -The fact that Robin's long time boyfriend Kevin is a virgin. That's a terrible way of concluding that Kevin could not be the father of Robin's baby if she was indeed pragnant. Also, Robin likes sex too much. Sorry HIMYM... Wrong again.

    -I hated how easy it was for Ted to find the slutty pumpkin. (not a terrible episode though).

    -I didn't like how Nora reacted to Barney cheating. She has slapped him across the face before. You would think that she would be a little more upset....

    -I hated when Lily's father's bees escaped from the basement. That honestly ruined that episode for me. So far fetched.

    -When Marshal gets "attacked by a bear" in the hurricane episode multiple times. Absolutely stupid.

    -When Robin has screaming fits in this season.

    -When we find out soo soon that Robin was never a mom. I would have liked to think that she could adopt if she ever does meet the right guy.

    Even if you don't agree with what I believe is or isn't funny, if you are a die hard fan, you would agree that season 7 is by far the WORST of all the seasons. I don't know what the fuck happened, but I want it to be the way it use to be. It makes me really upset when I watch the old episodes and think about how good they use to be.
  • Best Show !

    I did not even know this show existed I recently left my job And have been

    Bored to death at my boyfriends I started watching how I met your mother on Netflix

    I couldnt stop after the first few episodes it's well put together and it's cute that they are all best friends and they are funny! They are all great actors and actress' you would think they were all best friends in real life I'm so obsessed I watched every season and episode and stay up all night watching them! I even got my boyfriend into it and he doesnt just like any show. Hopefully they keep the show funny and it doesn't start to get stupid like most shows

    Its exciting to watch I love Barney and Robin!! I hope they end up together! Awesome show!'<3. score

  • HIMYM is LEGEN...Wait For It...

    Since Season One I have always said How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is my favorite television show currently on air. I have turned countless friends on to the show and have bonded with more people than I can name over our love and devotion to HIMYM. It is a more modern take on my all-time-favorite television show Friends. Plus, who can resist Neil Patrick Harris' over-the-top comedic acting?

    However, I have sadly been wondering this season (Season 7) what has happened to the show I loved? The everyday humor that we can all relate to isn't there any more, instead we're left with : "Really? In what universe would that ever happen?" I no longer make sure my Monday nights are free, and instead am perfectly fine picking up the most recent episode a few days later online. The show has begun to start to redeem itself starting with the episode titled "Rebound Girl," so hopefully they'll be able to find their footing again.

    HIMYM is definitely worth the watch if you haven't tuned in yet, if not just for the awesomeness of NPH. Make it through Season One and the show really finds its groove (do people use that word anymore?). Plus I still have faith in the writers and producers that the show will end on a high, rather than disappointingly low, note.

    Rating: 10 -- I've been a devoted fan since Season One; even if the show completely sucks come Season Ten (fingers crossed!) I'll be standing by my rating

    ....DARY (and you probably thought I forgot ;)
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