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    i love this show! not only is it funny but its got an awesome storyline to it and always got something big going on which makes it incredibly addictive! always look forward to the new episode, i just hate thats its only on for 20 minutes!
  • HIMYM is off base in some ways. The title of the show is "HIMYM", and older ted is supposed to be telling their kids about how they met, and the show claims he is, but technically he's not. He always keeps telling these endless stories about him and past


    previous girlfriends and relationships, and it was great, appealing and everything from the beginning and all of seasons one through four, and even moslly in season five. But by season 6, that was when that piece to the plot had started to wear thin and had over outworn it cuteness and appeal. Clearly, by season 6 is when they should have started to start wrapping it in, bring in where he and his wife finally meet, get together, and son on. And this season, season 7, should have been it's last. But it's going to at least a season 8, and thats not a good way to go. It'll just keep sliding down and jumping the shark even more that it has startes to in season six. I might like the show better if many things to it were done differently, and another one of my big issues with it and with everything on cbs is they trash the other networks and spread false tablod and false gossip about them.

  • My favorite show!

    After Friends, this is my favorite show. Love, love , love the cast! It's just Legen... wait for it... dary! so just SUIT UP and watch the show every week
  • To the people who have written they dislike this show.

    Most of the people who have given bad reviews, have obviously not watched many episodes. There have been very few sitcoms that could hold up with this show. Even if you hated the actors you would still have to admire the uniqueness of the storyline. Think about it, with all of the jumping back and forth through the the past it could be so easy to have the storyline be inconsistent. They have so many details to remember and keep right, so they match what happened. and they do it masterfully.
  • highly entertaining

    I just started watching this last month and already im hooked. I love hoe the stories and plots from different episodes intertwine and you get to see things from previous episodes that you didnt even know happened while watching the first time. I cant wait to see where this ends up :)
  • embarrassing

    I just don't get the attraction of this show, it looks like it suppose to be aimed at people who think they're "mature" its drivel, and any time i see that Neil Patrick Harris i have an overwhelming urge to punch him.
  • One of the most entertaining TV Show which i ever been watched

    How I Met Your Mother is perfect entertaining show for me because of having a mixture of Emotions, Love, Good script, Comedy, Fun and last but not the list sometime little bit Suspense. Specially i like the role of Ted.
  • "How I met your mother" became part of my life

    Ted, Marshal, Lily, Barney, Robin are my best friends, despite the fact that they don` t exist!!! Thank you very much for this show! It so real, so close, so right and so funny!!! Adorable!!!
  • TVanswers

    i love the show! best ever. i just wanna find out for definate who the mother is. <-- alot of theories
  • EPIC!

    This show is epic! The story with the mother isn't the core of the whole show anymore. But the show's amazing anyway. Refreshing, because there are just dramas everywhere (90210, Gossip Girl, Brother's & Sisters and so on.../ i like them, but there are so many good dramas, but not that much good sitcoms) and How I Met Your Mother is definitly a good sitcom! The gang (Lily, Marshall, Robin...) is just great! This friendship is so funny and authentic! But I think they should end the show after season 8 or 9. It'll be the best.
  • I Love It

    Best show ever i never get tired of it. Keeps me on the edge of my seat(:
  • How I met your mother

    This has to be my favourite show by far the characters are amazing the actors make the characters even better. Each week I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Best show ever!

    The show is soooo fun! The storyline is intruding,the characters atre funny,,and the comedy is hilarious!
  • What yu think about Robin??

    i think robin is a hoe... she done slept w/ everyone but Marshal
  • Show is complete garbage.

    Why is this trash on television?
  • I just love how I met your mother

    I love it!!!
  • how i met your mother

    how i met your mother is the best show and is a perfect 10 i have ll the seasons and barney and robin need to get married
  • Love this show!!!

    I would have given the show a 10 because I am absolutely in love with all of the characters, especially Ted; the only thing I don't like is Robin and Barney's relationship. It just doesn't seem right at all. I loved Barney with his little English girl.
  • Still good

    After all those years this should is still very good. Cast great, stories develop over time and there is always something new.
  • I love How I Met Your Mother

    I think that this is a great show. The characters are different, have strong personalities and work very well together. The writing is good, but not great. Sometimes it's a little too cheap and sometimes childish, but overall I think that they do a great job.

    The actors aren't the best. I think that Neil Patrick Harris is absolutely fantastic, but the rest of them just don't convince very well.

    I know that some of you have compared this to Friends, and I have some thoughts about that. How I Met Your Mother is not close to how awesome Friends is, as many of you think, but I wouldn't compare them. Comparing any show to Friends is just unfair.
  • What? Did some of you compare this lame sitcom with Friends? Seriously? I can watch Friends over and over even till it bores me or annoys me and yet I can still watch it... I have never been able to watch one episode of How I met your mother.

    The cast is pretentious, sexually immature and a total bore. And even writing this review I have just realised I am getting bored paying this much attention to a review for a sitcom that will be on my damn TV for the next decade making me wish I did not pay my TV Licence followed by an instant spontaneous twist in my wrist evoking a swift channel change. OK the damn review requests 100 WORDS.. HMMmm here goes - Ingredients for Cupcakes:
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  • Horrible Scripting!


    This is one of the worst scripted shows in recent television history.Everyone talks at each other using one-line zingersthat fall flat, but the laugh track says the line was supposed to be funny. The characters don't seem to really like each other, but are just waiting to unleash that next zinger. Also, the motivation of the characters is insane. On one episode, one of the females rushes to her tv news desk to announce that she is quittingher job live on the air. You would never work again in television if you actually did that (you might not work anywhere after that). She is unconcerned about the consequences of this act, and the other characters act like it's just a set-up for another crummy one-liner. I used to think that Two and a Half Men had the most idiotic scripts, but How I Met Your Mother surpasses even that one for ineptitude. This is a good show for maintaining a dietary regimen, though. You may lose the will to eat (or live) watching this garbage.

  • I am not liking the way the story line is going. Barney and Robin being together is NOT appealing and will stop me from watching any longer. The couple of Robin and Ted is more digestable and pleasant to watch!!!!!!!!!


    I do enjoy the folly that Barney brings to the rest of the shows, he is quite entertaining in that way. Thecharacter Barney is essential to the humor and entertainingness of every episode. However, his character does not smooth with being with the character Robin, It is a deal watch breaker for me and my friends. I rate the show @ a 8.

  • The show is not going anywhere. When is he going to meet the mother?


    The writers somehow lost sight of the show's premise. The show is getting boring and ridiculous. Please show us some story lines with substance not just the characters sleeping around with different people or the other group members. Show us some quality writing instead of the same old lame scenarios.

  • I think this is one of the most overrated series on tv right now. Although it started of really good, and i really mean it (first seasons where fantastic), it was gone shabby and poor.


    Although the first couple of season where actually pretty amazing to watch, bursting in laughter at each episode, today the series is of a lost interest and lacking actual concern for the content. Guess in the strive for quantity, someone forgot about quality. I used to expect every single week for an new episode with excitement, nowadays i only watch if there's nothing else of matter. I would like to say that i wish it gets better. In another thought i think it's getting boring because on avoiding to show the mother of the kids they are really pushing the limit of tolerance. I guess the only way of the show to improve is to finally tell us how Ted met her, and therefore dealing with the inevitable and challenging the creative vacum that is the show now.

  • After years of being huge "How I Met Your Mother" fans, we are sadly disappointed by Season 7, so far. This includes the Slutty Pumpkin episode.


    The show feels so different than in earlier years. The characters seem too extreme and events too far fetched and unrealistic. In prior years, fantasy moments were explained as being within a character's thoughts or dreams. However, this season, we are confused by implausible events such as Barney suddenly appearing from a cloud of smoke wearing an Uncle Sam outfit as a U.S. flag appears. The scenes also jumps around uncomfortably. We truly miss the dialogue, characters and feel of earlier seasons.

  • Great show, great acting... but...


    I do love this show, and usually, I am cracking up at so many of the episodes, but now, going into season 7, it is starting to get tired.

    First, how appropriate is it to tell your kids about all the people you dated BEFORE you dated their mom? It started off romantic and cute, now I just feel like Ted is a man-whore in romantic's clothing.

    My other thing that is starting to really bother me is the kids. He is speaking to his kids in the year 2030. His daughter looks to be AT LEAST 16. His son, at least 14. They truly look older than that, like 16 for the boy and 18 for the daughter. Though they aren't specific about the ages, that is the age range they look. So, if his daughter is 18, she was born in 2012. It is November of 2011 right now. If she is 16, they may have a few years, but it is still getting a little oboxious. Most people get married and wait a year or two before they have kids, and they don't get married the first day they meet, so you would think that they would be getting together fairly soon. I honestly think they could spend a year with Ted dating the mother before he reveals the surprise, but to be fair, it isn't, "How I proposed to your mother" just how he met her... guess they should have either made the kids younger, or the time frame further into the future.

    I do love the show, I love Barney and how you can see his heart of gold, it just takes some trying, and I love The chemistry all of the characters have. I just would like a little bit more of a payoff, because really, it is starting to get a little old with no reward!!

  • It is LEGEEEN!!! WAIT FOR IT....

    DARY!!! LEGENDARY!!! It seems like there is one good traditional, multi-camera, laugh-track-filled sitcom with HIMYM being the one! How I Met Your Mother is, so far, one of the funniest sitcoms.Is it a coincidence that it is sandwiched between two of the other best traditional sitcoms on TV, "The King of Queens" and "Two and a Half Men?" For anyone longing for the next Friends, CBS offers a worthy candidate in How I Met Your Mother...

    Comedies depend on appealing actors, and these five are irresistible! Barney's LEGENDARY quotes + tips on how to score women... Ted's race in finding the right woman. Robin's constant picking on being canadian and the sweet relationship of marshall & Lily... All combined make this great show...

    I would recommend everyone watching this show... it is certain that after the first episode you wil be hooked forever! xD

    Thanks for reading... Have a great day!!
  • Ups - and downs


    For the most part I enjoy the show. But the show has its downs too that just makes me want to roll my eyes. Bob Saget's "Ted" talking to his children for one thing. I feel sorry for those kids having to listen to their father's endless story of how he did NOT meet their mother. There is absolutely no reason to waste liking Ted with any woman, because we know they will not end up together. So it is just best when he is single and trying to find someone. Pathetic Ted is the funniest. I really do not think Ted and Robin should have their little hook-ups. And Bob Saget telling his children how he banged "Aunt Robin". Enough of that. Robin and Barney makes a much better couple. One that could actually stick. Lily and Marshall however is a great couple, and are funny together without being too sugary sweet.
    A little too much of hitting strangers and sleeping around at times. A little too repetative jokes at times. But all in all, a 7.

  • FUNNY & clever. This show gets better every season.


    Ok, How I met your Mother even though it should be called 'the Barnie Show' it's very clever and always funny. All characters are great. The story keeps getting better every season. The lines are extremely funny - Love all Robbin Sparkles Videos - Overall this show is superb and it's one of the best comedies in television history (friends is still better though) Barnie, Lilly and Robin rule!

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