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  • So good!

    I'm going to love the series.

    So positive in the most important time in their lives!

    A tear and a smile so beautiful.

    Really sorry that this series has ended could have taken 20 seasons for me. Truly 100% played perfectly.

    Deep respect to all these players and the people who made this possible.
  • How did you watch this?

    I can't find to where should I watch this...

    I really wanna watch this episode.

    How can I do? please recommend a good link.

  • Suit up!

    I love How I Met Your Mother, it is honestly by far my most favorite show! I am 16 and I have seen all 9 seasons like back to back sooo many times. My best friend and I like relate our lives to the show haha we have the deal if we are both single at 40 we will get married. It is the best show in the world and i love the cast.
  • Just watch this!

    Don't listen to this horrible comments! Make your own opinion! This TV Show is awesome, a real nice history, listen and staring every simple detail, and in the end... everything make sense!
  • One of the best TVShow ever!

    Huh,i realy love this tvshow,there are so many situations,i dont understand how much fantasy you need to have in your mind for doing same show like this... i dont have words. I watch all seasons on ''sharingseries''
  • A song about Robin and Barney!

    Hi! a HIMYM fan here! I just wanna share this song that I wrote about Robin and Barney.

    https:// soundcloud. com / coming-up-amy / 02-robin
  • how I love this guys

    Never make track for a show, catch up with THE eighth season and didn't dare to go to THE ninth season, not afraid of can't accept THE ending, just can't accept THE company for nine years and so THE end of THE end of life, they are my friends, we are old, our world will continue, but they ended, always stay in that, so, would have great expectations, they are still in it, still looking for THE ONE
  • A fun journey with fond memories.

    How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is one of the shows I started to watch to forget so that I can watch that again. Few episodes made me feel it was not near at all, but slowly it grew on me and made me realise both though belong to "rom-sitcom" are different in their own ways. I really missed Barney at the end of the show. I don't want to compare it with or any other rom-sitcom for that matter as each sitcom is special in its own way and different theme. It is really a worthy show to binge upon despite the fact that alternate ending was way better.

  • Please make a season 10

    I have watch 9 seasons in two weeks non stop I love this show so does a few million other people with that ending I cry every time I think about that ending but you guys really need to make a new season about robin and Ted getting married and Marshal and lily have a great time together and they all end up at the bar together and see Barney is picking up girls the usual please make season 10 everybody loves this show thank you for making this show in the first place guys now try and make us happy by making another season
  • I am a fan!!!

    I loved the Intervention episode!! It was awesome. Also loved the Naked Gay episode. My favorite character is Robin. No, Ted.. Forget it, they are all good.
  • Legen wait for it dary , LEGENDARY !!!!!

    People do not believe a word what other comments are saying . Just watch it and I promise you will absolutely love it . Apart from that awesome show !!
  • Himym

    How I met your mother, the best TV show series I've seen in my life. Period.
  • How I Met Your Mother

    I love your tv show How I Met Your Mother. Its the best show i ever seen. I love Robin Scherbatsky,Marshall Barney Stinson. He is the best I LOVE HIM. I SAY I LOVE HIM.
  • It's my birthday too!!! Haha

    On season 5 episode 18, it was Lily's birthday and I'm like OMG so is mine!!!
  • why the end????

    Pour moi, ce fut la meilleur serie jamais produite. Une impression de se retrouver ds chacun des personnages et de tout partager,autant les joies que les deceptions. Des impressions de deja vu, des lecons de vie, et lenvie de posseder la meme equipe. Je viens juste de voir la fin de la saison 9 car je ne voulais meme pas penser que cette serie puisse sarreter.... Et peut importe comment cela ce fini, me dire que c'etait la fin ma rendu vraiment triste. Je serais toujours a la recherche du grand amour comme ted, aurait toujours la vision du couple a la marshall et lyly, cette envie de ne pas vieillir et detre toujours assez jeune pour seduire comme barney et lambition de mener ma vie au top malgres les embuches comme robin. Jaime himym!!!!
  • I rank all episodes of How I Met Your Mother

    10. Okay Awesome (Season 1)

    9. Sweet Taste Of Liberty (Season 1)

    8. Belly Full Of Turkey (Season 1)

    7. Slutty Pumpkin (Season 1)

    6. The Duel (Season 1)

    5. Purple Giraffe (Season 1)

    4. Pilot (Season 1)

    3. Matchmaker (Season 1)

    2. Return Of The Shirt (Season 1)

    1. The Pineapple Incident (Season 1)
  • La sit com perfetta.

    Per me How I Met Your Mother stata la sit com perfetta,con un finale esplosivo a dir poco.
  • Best Show

    Best show ever 10x better than the Big Bang Theory this show actually shows emotion unlike that BBT snarly humor!
  • A Legendary goodbye to the fillas

    What an emotional ending for the past 9 years .. Thank you for the amazing times and feelings you gave us guys.

    I really like how things turned at the end .. it was really emotional and into the hurt to end it that way. This show really shows how important friendship is and how you need to fight for the people you love.

    Thank you HIMYM for the legendary time :)
  • It will last forever...

    The ending of the show though it seems prima facie an absolute disaster it was the most proper ending of an unforgettable show. To elaborate, not only did it have an auspicious ending but it also had a perfect moral about friendship; bringing at the same time nice memories of the past seasons and depicting the change in every character's life. The show was all about the tremendous importance of friendship in life and the fact that entertainment has no limits. The fact that the ending was the same as the beginning means that life is unexpected.
  • Good Bye

    Last Forever <3
  • When EPIC shows come to a End!! :(

    it sucks seeing such a great show leave the network, I've been watching this show since day one, and to this day its hard watching such a EPIC awesome great plot, great characters, played by such great actors leave, i know its suppose to end but does it really have to? would it be so bad to see one more season with Miss Mosby in the picture? seeing how they went from just meeting to dating and the whole SHA BANG!? Don't Leave me How I Met Your Mother you have truly been a great asset to the sitcom world!
  • 9x13: just woow

    omg this was seriously one of the best mid seasons finale!

    so many feelings in one episode! from the start this episode got better and better and the mother had a lot to do with it! with every episode she is in the season she brings so much light into this show! you just really get to know her and see why she is the perfect girl.

    the devil guy darren from the band started lots of wars in the episode between lily and robin and ted and barney. the fight of barney and ted left me hanging when barney thinks he isn't a good/best friend of ted's. so when the two hug my feelings explode!

    and it was great to see robin helping lily with marshall taking the judgeship. using her ''marshall'' pillow as a distraction and an object to focur her hate was brilliant (cuz sometimes I do that too, hit on things when I'm angry as hell). but marshall seeing that really made me speechless and tear up, especially when lily stopped when she heard him calling her and then turned around facing him with tears in her eyes just saying ''pause?''. this moment right there brought I think not just me but everyone who has seen this show from the beginning to season 1 when they had their big fight. so I am incredibly nervous to see what will happen next with marshall and lily.

    so now to the just can say that I LOVED her in this episode!!! as clich as it might be being her that took marshall and marvin to the farhamptons, the conversation between her and marshall was great! the two of them seem really similar to each other and marshall encouraging her to stand up and face her enemy was 'the moment' for me.

    let's get to the far end of the episode: the mother trying to find the strengh to tell darren to leave her band alone, she left it be. because she thought that karma wouldn't do anything for him. so the moment when darran ran into ted (who was pouring the 600$ worth scotch into glasses for everyone), he spilled the scoth and that's when ted got mad and punched the guy! so darren walking into the bar and yelling at the mother that the best man just hit him was the perfect turnaround. she therefor said to the bartender to give ted the best double of scotch they had. so that is how we know how ted got the bandage!!!

    himym really did a great job in this episode.. the didn't just clear some things out but they actually managed to put sentences in the episode that the group already used in previous episodes like ted saying to barney he would be too liberal with the sentence 'that's the dream' or lily saying 'pause' or marshall's song. all in all for ME this episode was a success and I am really looking forward to see and to find out what will happen next!

    but first we have to wait 'til the new year to get any new episodes!

    *I really hope I didn't forget anything*


    marshall apologising to barney for not being at his rehearsal dinner and that he got a present for him but he was going to wait until after the wedding to give it to him. but how we all know barney he just gotzzz to know! so marshal went for the SLAP!!!! - TO BE CONTINUED...

  • love HIMYM

    omg im in luv with how I met your mother I will always be a loyal fan sad that show is comin to an end :( will miss this show sooo much
  • hahaha made my evening

    it was funny to me,!!!
  • One of the best sitcoms ever written and acted.

    What makes this show is the chemistry between the actors. They all feed off of each other so well and it really bleeds though the screen. I'm watching the Final Season Premiere as I'm writing this review, and I can already tell that the 9th season is going to blow it out of the water. The actress who plays the mother is really a great addition to the cast and her chemistry with the cast so far (Alyson Hannigan and Josh Radnor) is really great. I kind of wish she was introduced sooner so we could've seen more than just one season of her, but at least she's a regular for the final season.

    I'm not really one of those bitter fans who think the show went on too long, because I really did fall in love with the characters and the although there are some weak seasons, mainly seasons six and eight, there are still shining moments within those seasons.

    What's also interesting about this show is that it's not always about making the funniest joke. It's about actual character progression. Although there are some points within the later seasons where it seems like some characters are acting out of the normal mainly Lily, Ted and Robin, the show is still a solid sitcom and since we all know how hard it is these days to find a quality comedy to follow, How I Met Your Mother really stands out as a bold, quality product. Good writing, good actors, good production values and guest stars. The jokes are seldom forced and everything just flows right.

    I'll miss this show a lot when it's over, but 9 years is an amazing run. I wish the cast and crew a great future in the business, and I'll miss seeing a new episode of the show and waiting Ted's epic meet. Here's to a great Final Season!
  • for it .... dary! Legendary Show!!

    An awesome show that has had but a few flat spots. Just watched the whole series again and still laughed .... hard. The networks need to look at this show to figure out why the fall schedule looks as bleak as it currently does. I'm gonna miss you HIMYM.
  • Simply Amazing!!!

    the best comedy shows i have ever funny creative and awesome. It has wonderfull characters and an excellent story line
  • LOVE IT!

    Good show, funny, smart, perfect characters,... I love it, my friends love it, I hope that my children will love it once :)
  • How I Met Your Father

    I hope this brilliant show has a sequal called How I Met Your Father!

    I made a page to bring the Idea out! I hope this idea of mine becomes real!

    How I Met Your Father on Facebook!
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