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  • Show is complete garbage.

    Why is this trash on television?
  • The show went on 8 years to long!

    After watching all 9 seasons. I feel the show was a big waste of m time.

    For 8 years Ted (Josh Radnor) (who was a ass the whole 9 seasons), was always looking for his true love. But, he dated her from the opening. He LOVED her throughout the 9 seasons. He messed it up each time he dated her.

    He meets a very NICE and fun loving lady in season 9, who should had been on the show earlier. She was move alive than the others.

    He dates the "mother of his children" for two hours she dies, and he goes back to Robin.

    So, the whole story line is, he met a very nice fun loving women at Robins wedding and had two children. And, when she dies, he goes back to Robin.

    The whole 8 season up to the 9th is Barney dating women for one night stands, and Ted dating Robin and other women. If it wasn't for Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), the show would had die on opening showing.
  • how i met your step monster

    worst series ending in the history of TV
  • no like this

    no like this

    OMG! This show is on way too much! I cant stand it! Now it has eaten up all the air time on NIK at night! TAKE IT OFF! I CANT STAND THIS SHOW!
  • Hmmmm

    not my kind of show
  • Worst ending ever!

    Robin and Barney divorced was a terrible idea especially by making Barney character change for the "better" to get her. the all show become absolutely pointless by making the mother dead at the end especially if it's just to bring Ted and Robin together.

    Do you realise that by making her dead some of the episode doesn't make sense anymore! Did you actually watch your own show! There is no happy ending in that story!
  • terrible show

    this show is a obviously copycat of friends , how i met your mother is not funny , it`s problably the worst comedy on tv right now .
  • I am angry

    that is all.
  • Talk about botched endings

    Boo boo booo booo!!!! What the hell??? *Insert unspeakable after unspeakable after unspeakable after unspeakable after unspeakable*
  • I just wasted how many Monday nights watching this crap?????

    They killed her. That's the answer to how HIMYM should end????? THEY KILL HER and then he gets with Robin. WTF? Why did I ever start watching this stupid TV show. I'm glad my grandmother died before this show ended because this would have thoroughly depressed her. I am so mad. I can not believe I watched this show for this stupid, unnecessary STUPID finale. I'm so pissed. I am so pissed.
  • boring...

    I agree with what most people are saying, it's gone on far too long and they're just making up pointless crap to pass the time that isn't even realistic.
  • Please kill me!

    I hate this show, my ex GF used to watch it and I'd be forced to view it as well. Just heard its going in the big TV bin and I'm so happy to hear that. REST IN PIECES YOU UTTER SHITE!!!
  • This episode not only needs a SLAP!... but a kick in the head!

    I was bored so stupidly after not watch HIMYM because of how incredibly rubbish the programme has been in the past. I watched this episode. What a load of garbage! Absolutely awful! It does ensure I won't be stupid again. I will never watch this show ever again no matter how bored I might get!
  • Worst episode ever

    All the crap to build up to a pointless ending. High speed cameras to get the shots. But Boyz II Men finishing was a nice touch.
  • Sucks

    Please end this show before its too late.
  • This season sucks

    Boo hoo to everyone associated with season 9.

    Poor show
  • Should have met his wife 3 season ago

    Season 8 and 9 Rubbish.
  • i have doubts about this last season

    Ted is less and less funny, like Ross in Friends

    and for this 9th season premiere, he wasn't funny at all and the rest of the cast wasn't that great

    i'm pretty sure than we won't see Josh Radnor in any show after that

    the mother was suddently introduced without any suspense at the end of season 8

    the first 6-7 years were fantastic, year 8 was so-so, it's like lots of other shows that try to last that long, i don't see how the show could surprise us for this last season
  • 9 years about nothing

    People talking about nothing nine years long. This is what this series is. A totally meaningless, empty series with dumb jokes.

    It represents how undemanding the American TV-watching audience is. People in Hollywood made a film exactly like this, called Definitely, Maybe. It was also dull, I could barely watch it, the only good point in it was the cute little child in it.

    Thank Nature I only have seen a few bits from this. Terrible boredom is how I could describe it. It doesn't matter if I watch it or not, watching it is like anything else, like scratching my balls, meh, I scratch it, but even if I'm not, it will pass away from itself eventually. If I'm doing it it's fine, if not, I loose absolutely nothing.

    Hallelujah, it's the last season of this waste!
  • How "how i met your mother" lost me

    Very inappropriate stuff relating to Jesus, who is, for the record, God, for many of us. (Discussion about how Jesus set the standard for "waiting for 3 days". Christians don't appreciate associating Him with crass humor about sex. Too bad - the general theme of this comedy is good, great acting, and I've seen some worthy shows. But you lost me tonight. In the future, I'll make sure these writers are NOT contributors to comedies I chose to let my family watch.
  • People will laugh at anything

    I think the longest I have been able to watch this show is a few minutes -

    Hint - A comedy needs to be funny.

    Perhaps all the American writers have been outsourced and they have hired Indians or Chinese who don't have a clue about what is actually funny.

    Also - this isn't a true representation of New York Life. True New Yorkers that aren't uber wealthy, don't have time to hang out in bars for hours on end with their friends - they are too busy working late and trying to miss the next slew of layoffs. Friends was more realistic - because the only kind of social life most working New Yorkers have is with the people they live with.
  • Awful!

    This show jumped the shark ages ago! Cancel it and lets get something new and fresh on please!
  • i dont get it

    i've 4 episodes and didnt laugh once - i just dont get how this is so popular
  • Head-Bashingly Bad

    I don't get the infatuation with this show. I've watched numerous episodes simply because my friends somehow like it and reruns are ALWAYS on. Like pretty much all CBS sitcoms ever, it's unbearably unfunny. Generally speaking, about midway through the show I turn my attention to the nearest wall and consider ramming my head against it repeatedly. If I ever meet a real Ted Mosby, I might just break his neck. Not even joking.
  • dumb show

    I dont know how it is a high rated show its dumb not even funny it makes me wonder about people's mentality and IQ. It just is not funny. At all.
  • I absolutely deplore this show

    A family member recommended it. I tried, I really did, but the comedy .level is so low-brow, it makes me wonder about people's mentality and IQ. It just is not funny. At all.
  • Awww MAn !!!!

    Seriously ....HIMYM used to be my Best Show ever ....until it started being a complete disaster ...seriously people ain't laughing any more ..... U guys suck big time . Learn some from Two and a half men (BEfore Ashton)
  • "How I Met Your Mother"

    This series was stretched so long because telling the kids how he hooked up would end the series. "Stuff I did before you were born" would be more appropriate. I don't even watch it anymore. It's fruitless. Get Doogey Howser and his ego out of there. In the real world, he wouldn't last very long.
  • Your mind is in danger...

    ... of being spongified by this show for the rest of your life.

    It is a flashback-based show like Grounded for life with the difference that it is not funny at all.

    The flashbacks are idiotic.

    The characters, fully-grown 30 year-old adults behave like silly teenagers.

    The situations are utterly implausible.

    Nothing on the show makes sense even when the nonsensical is supposed to have a "hidden" meaning, which is the trick to make ridiculous comedy work.

    If you like nonsensical humour, just like I do, then watch 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation or Extras.

    If you are after some flashback-comedy, then, by all means, watch the re-runs of Grounded for life as it is way better than How I Met Your Mother.
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