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  • A man recounts how he met his wife and, the mother of his children, to his children.

    I saw the 6 minute preview for this show on and I have to say I loved it. Not only is one of my favorite actresses Alyson Hannigon in the cast but it is actuaclly funny! This is the prefect show for the new season! If you are looking for a great comedy be sure to tune into this one. It looks great! I will be watching for sure.
  • Haven't we all asked our parents how they met. Who would have thought that that small question could spark a whole TV series?

    Every person will eventually ask and answer to this question, "How did you meet mommy (or daddy)?" No one would have thought that from this simple question a whole TV series could emerge from it. I saw the pilot episode at a test screening and I can say that this is one hilarious show. Bound to follow "Everybody Loves Raymond", the series tells both the main character's children and us how he met their mother. The show is set around 2050, but the story itself is a complete flashback to now (2005). Now the flashback TV series isn't a new idea, but apply that to something that we can all relate to and you might just have a classic in your hands.
  • This is the perfect story because kids are always asking parent how they met.

    The show starts with Ted telling his kids the story of how he met there mother. The show starts out when Ted's best friend Marshall asks his girlfriend Lily to marry him, and Ted realizes that he wants love in his life. Ted then meets Robin in a bar and falls instantly in love. He is able to get a first date with Robin, and sees that she is perfect for him. The relationship between Marshal and Lily is hilarious. It was a great way to start out the series, and it looks like it is going to be a great show.
  • I was & am VERY happy at how this show turned out!!! :) It was funny & not too obvious on what would happen! Some comedy shows are. I think it makes it more interesting when it's not! I know I'll keep on watching it! :) Hope this stays on!!!

    I was & am VERY happy at how this show turned out!!! :) It was funny & not too obvious on what would happen! Some comedy shows are. I think it makes it more interesting when it's not! I know I'll keep on watching it! :) Hope this stays on a long time!!!
  • The best new sitcom of 2005-06. CBS has another winner on Monday nights.

    Finally, something you can look forward to watching every week that you can feel good about. A man tells his children about how he fell in love with their mother and takes them through every step along the way, from triumph to heartbreak and everything in between that, as an older man, he could then laugh about---and fortunately, so can we! Allyson Hannigan is adorable as always and the actor playing Ted is good as well. The final twist ending at the end of the pilot episode was a great touch!

    The one weak spot that I can see is Neil Patrick Harris (all together now: DOO-GIE! DOO-GIE!) trying way too hard to shed his failed sitcom past as Ted's best friend (or so he thinks), a shallow single man who tries to teach him the ropes but ultimately fails. That brings up the series biggest surprise, at least for me: the fact that Doogie Howser can be more annoying than Bob Saget (the narrator)! Despite this little problem, I think this can turn out to be a good show, if future episodes are as good as the first one.
  • great show. intelligent, funny, and unpredictable.

    I think this is a great show. Just got done watching the pilot again, and it was fabulous. It was funny, and it wasn't your typical show that is predictable. Reading the future descriptions, they sound great also. I have already seen a special viewing of the first few episodes and they only get better. Neil Patrick Harris is really funny, and so is the rest of the cast. There were some issues in the first episode, but that is just getting out the first show jitters i think, as the upcoming episodes don't display these issues. Overall, it is a great show, and I think it will be the show to replace what Friends on NBC was.
  • New Friends?!?!

    WOW!! I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I finally found a new comedy that's actually funny. How about that?? Doesn't happen too often these days. I'm actually looking forward to the next episode. The voiceover was a little much, I'd like to hear a little less of it. But all in all, very funny show. I think this show could turn into a Friends type show. The cast is great and the chemistry is there. Let's hope it can keep it up!!
  • I tuned in to see one of the actors and ended up being rather impressed.

    I checked out this show because I'm a Freaks and Geeks fan, and I wanted to see Jason Segal in his new show. I thought it might be novel and cute, which it was, but it was also rather humerous and very sweet. The one-liners are pretty funny and the characters have definite chemistry. Definitly a show I'll keep on watching.
  • This is realy realy good idea for a show!!!

    This is realy realy good idea for a show! The start is very good. I hope too just like CBS that Everyone shoud love "Your Mother", because it is fresh it is funny and it is new kind of show, not the ordinary family stuff, i hope it continues that way so we can enjoy it as much as we can!
  • some truly funny moments, some really gifted actors, real potential.

    this show has potential. i can see that the writing is witty and clever. i can see that neil patrick harris and alyson hannigan bring their wonderful gifts to the table and really deliver. i like seeing jason segel again, ive missed him since freaks & geeks.

    almost every show out there needs a few seasons to gel. if handled properly this could be a really fun show to watch and have a steady and loyal fan following.

    the musical choices were excellent. in a few jokes, the comedic timing could have been shorn up a bit. im not at all sure i liked the naration, but we will see. i feel the laugh track took away from the show and cost it a few points.

    just remember tv execs: let the strength of the show stem from the honest humor and good acting instead of market research and demigraphics and the show will blossom into something good. people, not gimmicks make a good show.
  • The premise and the story in the show piqued my curiosity, but it appeared there was too much 'effort' on the part of the actors to make the comedy work...

    The premise and the story in the show piqued my curiosity, but it appeared there was too much 'effort' on the part of the actors to make the comedy work.
    (Forgive me if I don't get the characters' names completely correct)
    The main character (Ted, I believe) was likable and easy to relate to. Most people have been that hungry for a relationship or have felt that ready to settle down at one time or another, sometimes sparked by other relationships, loneliness, or perhaps truly a sense that 'now is the time.' The best friend Marshall and his way-too-familiar acting fiance (either have her act totally like the American Pie character or allow Ms. Hannigan to forge a different role) and the actor formerly known as Doogie Howser force the comedy too much. There is obvious effort in trying to be 'that guy' on the part of Doogie and the cute, yet sexually in-tuned, couple. Hopefully, the conversations and comedic moments will develop more naturally, and the jokes will sound a bit less cliche on ensuing episodes.

    It would be a waste to sabotage an engaging story idea by poorly delivered humor. Josh Radnor, to me, did a great job, and I stuck around against my wife's wishes (who wanted to watch an Emmy Fashion Police show) to see what happened to his idealistic character. The twist at the end made watching the second episode a bit more intriguing, although if the dialogue continues to be so stilted, I might have to take a 1/2 hour break between "King of Queens" and "Two and a Half Men" or Monday Night Football and get some work done around the house.
  • "How I Met Your Mother" is an original comedy that looks extremely promising.

    A better bet is CBS' other sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," an original, funny and entertaining comedy that is, in CBS world, daringly original -- despite the oh-so-familiar patois of romantic comedy, the laugh track and the tight-and-bright approach. It is -- choking on the comparison here -- the "Arrested Development" of CBS' unhip but powerhouse Monday comedy lineup.

    A flashback comedy with a big twist at the end, the title says it all. Ted (Josh Radnor) is a hopeless romantic who -- 25 years in the future -- is telling his kids how he met their mom. Though Radnor is engaging, and secondary couple Jason Segel ("Freaks and Geeks") and Alyson Hannigan ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") bring down the CBS demographic considerably, it's an old (young?) familiar face that gives the series its laughs: Doogie Howser. Well, Neil Patrick Harris. His geeky, jaded, wannabe ladies man is a fine foil to Radnor's romanticism. And it's true -- Harris delivers the laughs.
  • With CBS's ''How I Met Your Mother'' we are about to finally get a descent successor of the cult sitcom ''Friends''! Tune in, this is the best series of the year!

    The series is all perfect.
    Let's start with the cast. All five main characters have a special spark, that's needed in comedies like this to keep the viewer interested. All three male actors do a great job, but Alyson Hannigan and especially Cobie Smulders are even more admirable. We all know from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer how well and funny Alyson can perform, but who would have thought that Cobie Smulders will actually be the show best star. She's still kind of newbie, only starring in 13 episodes of underappreciated Veritas The Quest series and a few noticeble guest roles like Smallville and Tru Calling. I can say, she's perfect for the lead role in ''How I Met Your Mother''.
    Also the concept of revealing the story (telling the past, what happenned 25 years ago) is quite interesting, even though I would prefer normal timeline for a romantic comedy.
    The directing is quite okay, there were a few goofs like when Marshall poured champagne in the glasses. He poured less than half of glass, however when they cheered, the glasses were full.
    I have to admit it really drew me in when the romantic story started to complicate... all the little things that Ted used to impress Robin like blue Horn or the Olive theory, real nice and thoughtful writing.
    The music is great for a sitcom.
    In conclusion I can only say, watch this show, you won't regret it, it's a classic that will finally replace the emptiness after the Friends ended.
  • The only reason I wanted to watch this show in the first place was because I'm a huge Alyson Hannigan fan. And now I have another reason: this show is great!

    Who haven't wondered who your father met your mother? Well, I have. And I still have no idea how that happend to my parents!
    I've never seen any other sitcom like this. The concept of flash back is a little like 'Reunion' but they're totally different.
    The idea of being told by the man is also cool, cause you get to know how he really feels like, and it's not against women, on the contrary, the narator wanted to get married and have kids! And that's not something you see everyday.
    The cast is great as well. Alyson is my ultimate favourite and she's doing what she does best: clever, sweet and funny lines. "So you chickened out like a little bitch." LOL, I just love her, and this part just fits her. It's great to see her back in action.
    I hope the ratings get better and this show is not cancelled.
  • Wow when i first saw this show i thought that it was very funny and i think that this show will do ok meaing that it will survive for a couple of seasons

    Wow when i first saw this show i thought that it was very funny and i think that this show will do ok meaing that it will survive for a couple of seasons well i hope that other people will enjoy this show like i have but the only con is that it has a gay guy in it and shows dont need gay guys of lezbos!!!!
  • Hope it lasts

    pretty good something i\'ll set aside time for to see how long it goes until it gets cut like the other good comedy series. It has some things going for it like an interesting continual flash back theme but of course that also helps it to be pretty weird too which doesn\'t help it\'s audience following

  • How I met one of my new favorite shows.

    Let me just start out by saying that I had no hope in this show when I saw the previews for it. It looked dumb and corny, and right when I saw Neil Patrick Harris, I thought it was going ot be trash. I only saw the pilot because I was bored after The King of Queens and wanted to check this out. I was laughing hard at this show, it's quirky and original. I love this show and encourage you to watch it. I love all the characters' chemistry, they all fit perfectly. The cast is great. The storyline is great as it takes place now and a father is telling this story to their kids in the year 2032. I just love how it captures those perfect akward moments with the main character and (who he believes) is their true love. I wouldn't call it "better than Friends" but I think it's heading in the same exact direction. I've been enjoying the episodes so far and hope it stays like that. How I Met Your Mother is a delightful, funny, and original comedy show. I would give How I Met Your Mother an 8.5/10.
  • This show keeps me wanting to see next week, despite not fully enjoying it while it is on.

    I like "How I Met Your Mother" but at the same time, it isn't the greatest. It's strange, I don't really enjoy it fully while I'm watching it, but each of the two first episodes leaves me waiting for next week. I think the show has great promise, I'm just not sure where it is going yet.
  • Neil Patrick Harris makes the show!

    I tuned in to check out this new show, mostly to see Alyson Hannigan. The pilot was really funny, but the stand out on the show for me is Neil Patrick Harris!

    Neil Patrick Harris makes the show! His character is great, and a riot too! I want this show to last, just so I can watch more \'uncle\' Barney in action. Suit Up!
  • A quick fix. Really good comedy

    For me, I personally don't like comedies very much. I really only like dramas. And How I Met Your Mother is actually one of the better comedies on TV. I mean, its not Emmy worthy, but it is a really good show, in a really good time slot. I hope that it lasts!!
  • Made me laugh, hard.

    I was instantly hooked. The show does have a fatal flaw that they will always be able to avoid as long as the show is on the air. Do not show the mother! In fact, as long as the main character isn't happily in love with the "mother", the show will be ok. Remember when Ross from Friends was on the hunt for Rachel? It was a better show. After they hooked up...that on-screen relationship went sour. Delay that part as much as possible and we will continue to see Niel Patrick Harris as the life of the party stringing Ted along for the ride.

    I have never laughed so hard at anyones crazy ways as I do when Niel's character does the crazy stuff like the Airport Video scene and "Have you met Ted?"

    I love it.
  • The best sitcom to come along since Friends went off the air.

    Finally, a decent sitcom to watch! And not only is it decent, it's actually EXCELLENT. Funny story lines, a great ensemble cast, good writing, good chemistry, the whole works. Neil Patrick Harris steals the show in most scenes. And the "will they or won't they" romantic story line is funny instead of tedious.

  • Bob Saget and Neil Patrick Harris how can you go wrong. Amazingly funny

    Neil Patrick Harris character barney is what really makes the show for me. everyone has a friend like barney that lame over the top guy whos think he is the coolest thing around and has his focus 100% time on getting laid....sadly that character mostly relates to me but that isnt important...this supringly fresh new show is a great new spin for CBS a network usually known for puttin me to sleep with crime shows and programs my grandparents would love..."cough" ramond...Cbs trying to target a younger audince is risky while fox already has arrested development and kitchen confidential handeling that demographic, but this viewer hopes CBS sticks with it, and cant wait to see where it heading.
  • I usually don't like sitcoms at all, but OMG...this is such a hilarious show!! Definitely the best sitcom I have ever seen!!

    I thought it was kind of an unusual story line with the major flashback and all, but it has turned out to be the best sitcom i have ever seen. I only watched the first episode because Alyson was in it, but it's getting my 30 minutes every week! Way to go!
  • From what CBS has showed, this could turn out to be the best new comedy show this season.UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris" looks like its right up there in the best class with "HIMYM", although it looks more like a family friendly show.

    The cast itself speaks for itself (ex:Alyson Hannigan,Neil Ptarick Harris,etc...). The prewie looks great, very charming. A show that I am sure to watch faithfully this season. The time slot it was given is great Monday nights at 8:00 on CBS. That's CBS's day of comedy staples. I don't need to wish luck for the success of this show.
  • I love this show already.. here's hoping it's going to run & run!

    I'll admit from the start I only watched the first episode as an Alyson Hannigan and Buffy fan, but I was hooked right away. It may not be the most insightful or groundbreaking TV show, but it makes me laugh :) I find Barney hilarious, I hope they continue in the same line with his humour, but keep it fresh, we don't want to see the same joke in every episode.. Guess we'll see how that pans out. I identify with Ted, I think he's a really likeable character, and its different that you already know there is a happy ending (of some sort anyway!) but its gonna be interesting finding out how they got there.
  • I love this show. It's one sitcom lately, that I actually enjoy.

    I was glad when I heard that CBS had picked up How I Met Your Mother for the Fall 2005 season, because I always thought it sounded good when it was listed on the 'Series in Development' Charts. I was even happier when I started seeing ads.

    Then I watched the pilot, and I decided that I don't just like this show...I love this show! I must admit, this show can be a tad predicatable at times, but its humour and how the show brings its characters to life makes up for it.

    I wouldn't really compare this show to Friends, I actually like this show better, and I hope that this show doesn't get cancelled after the first season. I'm not sure how they would carry on the storyline for future seasons, but this show definately has potential.

    I'd definately recommend checking this out.
  • The show is hilarious, a new type of story line and the characters are awesome.

    The show is hilarious, a new type of story line and the characters are awesome. Neil Patrick Harris's character is just hilarious with his quips and just his mind set in general. the marshall and lily storyline is just ok, but the rest of the cast is hilarious. big fan of cobie smulders, love her character. its definetly my new favorite show, hope that this show stays around for awhile. also the fact that ted grows up to be bob saget in the end is just really amusing to me. Everyone watch this show! It'll definetly make you laugh hard!
  • While I can't say I'd tread into CBS waters for anything short of a favorite Buffy alum (Alyson Hannigan), How I Met Your Mother has been full of surprises...

    While I can't say I'd tread into CBS waters for anything short of a favorite Buffy alum (Alyson Hannigan), How I Met Your Mother has been full of surprises. The generally formulaic sitcom writing and cookie cutter characters are given new life by the cast's dynamic portrayals. Neil Patrick Harris's impeccable comedic timing has to be one of the biggest shocks of this television season, and his obnoxious ladies man, Barney, doesn't show any signs of getting old. Josh Radnor gives Ted a great deal of sincerity and makes him a truly appealing protagonist. Hannigan shines, per usual, but I’m worried she’s getting a little too close to her character from American Pie. The rest of the cast has yet to win me over, but it’s too soon to really lean in either direction; there hasn’t been enough of them. My only real issue is with the cliché Bob Saget narration, but therein lies the show’s premise. And I don’t see them ditching that. I think the show’s biggest challenge is not settling for the quality it’s achieved so soon, because I could see it losing its charm after the first season.
  • Yes that's Doogie, and he steals the show!

    When I read the preview for this show online, I thought the concept for How I Met Your Mother was a bit odd, but four episodes into the season I'm already a fan. The creators don't let the 'flashback' premise get in the way of the witty writing and great cast. This ensemble works very well together, and I certainly can't say enough about Neil Patrick Harris. Just when I thought Doogie Howser had fallen off the face of the Earth (except for roles in Starship Troopers and Undercover Brother--not exactly hits) he comes charging back in a hilarious performance of the obnoxious womanizing friend. This is a very promising show with excellent chemistry among the five core members of the cast. If you haven't watched it yet, it's not too late to check it out!
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