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  • "How I Met Your Mother" is better than "Friends". I'm sure I might get shot for saying that!

    Well, my personal opinion is that How I Met Your Mother is better than Friends. Why would I say that? This is not to say anything disrespectful about Friends at all! Quite the contrary! I still would say that Friends was an awesome show, and How I Met Your Mother owes a lot to it. You could also say that HIMYM capitalizes on the successes of Friends and cleans up some weaknesses, while creating new weaknesses of its own.

    Character diversity is a strong point in HIMYM. For example, you have Robin Scherbatsky, a drop-dead gorgeous brunette who also happens to be a Canadian hockey-loving, Scotch-drinking cigar aficionado. You have Barney Stinson, whose over-the-top portrayal of his outer awesomeness cloaks his inner child, who is always appreciated by the fans (as in the "slap bet"-related episodes). The show's lead character, Ted Mosby, has at the same time a certain confidence yet cluelessness about relationships, as he tends to fall in love too quickly and without much discretion.

    All in all, I believe that the character interactions are a very strong point for this show.
  • One of the best comedy shows

    Without doubt one of the funniest comedy shows ever!

    A hilarious group of friends living their daily lives whilst helping Ted

    find the woman of his dreams. Every episode is hilarious, there are quite a few

    big cliffhangers and with the addition of the classical plaayer Barney, it's a

    comedy not to be missed!
  • Brilliant!!

    "It makes people laugh, makes people cry. That's the brilliance of this show!" --Alyson Hannigon (LILY ALDRIN)

    How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows out there. All the characters are wonderful and NPH is simply fantastic. Each and every episode in this show has a style of its own. So I'll guarantee it to you that if you start watching HIMYM, you'll be hooked and thoroughly enjoy it.
  • I'm so sick of this show making fun of... Oh wait, no I'm not. One of the most original shows in years. Great combination of writing and acting. Still trying to figure out why people watch shows like jersey shore and not How I Met Your Mother.

    I'm so sick of this show making fun of... Oh wait, no I'm not. One of the most original shows in years. Great combination of writing and acting. Still trying to figure out why people watch shows like jersey shore and not How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM is the best show for anyone who has a sense of humor. Original writing and spot on acting make this show one of the best in years. This is one of the few shows with competent supporting actors who are just as interesting if not more than the main character. No matter how many times I watch an episode, this show continues to entertain me.
  • Friends, for the 2000's.

    I argue How I Met Your Mother is the "friends" of the 2000's. Now,yes, the show itself is totally different,different cast, different characters, different plots, but the feeling, the feeling is the same. Central Perk is McClarens, and we (the audience) feel comfortable going back there each week with Barney, Robin, Lilly, Marshall and Ted. This is a show with comedy and heart and that is what i love most about it. I feel like these are my friends, and the things they say and feel, i know people who think and feel that way. It's all about the cast for me, each character is enjoyable and funny in their own way. This is my 'go-to' show when I'm down, or having a bad day, it makes me feel better and I could watch each episode over and over again, in fact I haven't met anyone yet who has seen the show and said they don't enjoy it. I highly recommend it!
    Also, in regards to the comments from people who are tired of "waiting" for the mother, I don't mind, I know the story is long, but i think it's central to the show to NOT know who the mother is, I'm just along for the ride, no matter how long that takes.
  • Not another Friends ripoff! Brilliant show, one of my personal favorites and the best comedy show on TV this days.

    I don't live in the US, so i found out about this show from an SNL episode with Neil Patrick Harris, which was extremely funny, btw.
    So i checked out TV show he advertised and it was even better. Every single character (and all them together) is amazing, jokes are the best, by far this is the funniest show i've seen.
    So i watched all available seasons and it even gets better in the end.
    Yes, there're ALOT of references to friends and some other sitcoms, but they're not annoying, even funny sometimes (like that Cheers episode).

    Bottom line: show is totally worth watching and if it doesn't make you laugh, go to the doctor, there might be something wrong with you!
  • Jumped the shark?

    I am a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, but I have to say with the latest season I think it's becoming obvious that this show needs to end and soon. Also I use to root for Ted he was a good central character but now I can't help but think he's only still in the show because it's the story of how he meets his wife. I am now more inclined to see what is happening with Barney since he is a much more interesting character than Ted and his love story with Robin is the one most people want to see now, whereas with Ted we all just want to hurry up and see who the mother is! We have watched Barney grow from a one night stand loving bachelor to a man falling in love and trying to better himself. I still love the show but it needs to end while it still has a chance on ending on a great note.
  • It is LEGEEEN!!! WAIT FOR IT....

    DARY!!! LEGENDARY!!! It seems like there is one good traditional, multi-camera, laugh-track-filled sitcom with HIMYM being the one! How I Met Your Mother is, so far, one of the funniest sitcoms.Is it a coincidence that it is sandwiched between two of the other best traditional sitcoms on TV, "The King of Queens" and "Two and a Half Men?" For anyone longing for the next Friends, CBS offers a worthy candidate in How I Met Your Mother...

    Comedies depend on appealing actors, and these five are irresistible! Barney's LEGENDARY quotes + tips on how to score women... Ted's race in finding the right woman. Robin's constant picking on being canadian and the sweet relationship of marshall & Lily... All combined make this great show...

    I would recommend everyone watching this show... it is certain that after the first episode you wil be hooked forever! xD

    Thanks for reading... Have a great day!!
  • A Legendary goodbye to the fillas

    What an emotional ending for the past 9 years .. Thank you for the amazing times and feelings you gave us guys.

    I really like how things turned at the end .. it was really emotional and into the hurt to end it that way. This show really shows how important friendship is and how you need to fight for the people you love.

    Thank you HIMYM for the legendary time :)
  • I Love This Show

    I absolutely love this show. I think it is hilarious and has something many other comedies don't because it always goes back to story lines that happened in the first season that never felt quite finished, and play them out. Also, the characters are always the same, so when Rachel Bilson plays one of Ted's girlfriends in season 5, she plays his ex-girlfriend in season 6. I also love how there is never an overlap of story. It flows very easy and the keep the timeline pretty accurate.
  • Losing respect for this show.

    I use to love this show. I watched it every day, and seasons 1-6 were amazing. Season seven, however, has been a HUGE disappoinment compared to the other seasons. I feel that they have gotten lazy with the writing and many things in this show are far fetched. Here's a list of everything that has pissed me off about this show in recent episodes...

    -Lily's unrealistic actions due to her "pregnancy brain."

    -Marshal getting trapped on the roof by his new teenage neighbor. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!

    -Lily's dad is in no way funny.

    -The episode where Marshal and Lily's apartment, that they went into extreme debt to afford, suddenly became "too small," and Robin kept knocking over lamps. That's not funny. It's corny and reminds me of something that would be on a 1980's crappy sitcom.

    -The fact that Robin's long time boyfriend Kevin is a virgin. That's a terrible way of concluding that Kevin could not be the father of Robin's baby if she was indeed pragnant. Also, Robin likes sex too much. Sorry HIMYM... Wrong again.

    -I hated how easy it was for Ted to find the slutty pumpkin. (not a terrible episode though).

    -I didn't like how Nora reacted to Barney cheating. She has slapped him across the face before. You would think that she would be a little more upset....

    -I hated when Lily's father's bees escaped from the basement. That honestly ruined that episode for me. So far fetched.

    -When Marshal gets "attacked by a bear" in the hurricane episode multiple times. Absolutely stupid.

    -When Robin has screaming fits in this season.

    -When we find out soo soon that Robin was never a mom. I would have liked to think that she could adopt if she ever does meet the right guy.

    Even if you don't agree with what I believe is or isn't funny, if you are a die hard fan, you would agree that season 7 is by far the WORST of all the seasons. I don't know what the fuck happened, but I want it to be the way it use to be. It makes me really upset when I watch the old episodes and think about how good they use to be.
  • My Favourite show by a long way!! :)

    I have been watching How I met your mother for a few years now(it was the first show i watched and followed) and i must say i have found none who quite mach it and i have watched quite a few other series. Just a bit dissapointed with the current season but the last episode gave me new hope:D . The end of last season and and so far the start of this season have seemed to meander aimlessly not realy progressing nor giving new perspectives for the future, although the previous episode has which as aformentioned gives me great hope.
    But to be honest eaven mediocre episodes of HIMYM are legendary episodes in other great shows.
  • A show about love, being single, and friendship all in NY, but it's not a Friends rip-off.

    I love this show. I own the first 4 seasons on DVD and have watched em so much almost have em memorized. It's funny, smart, realistic in most scenarios (except for maybe the goat), and it's a good time for 20 minutes. I'm glad to see that this show has been a success. It's hard for new sitcoms to get picked up, but when I first really started watching it I knew it was something different, and something that everyone could really enjoy. I look forward to more episodes and hope this show has a long and successful run. Thank you.
  • Legen wait for it................... dary!


    Great tv show ever...............
  • Great Show one of the best since Friends, this show is Legend wait for it... Dary!

    How I Met Your Mother is about Ted telling his kids on how he met there mother in the year 2030. Season 1 was great Lily and Marshall getting engaged and breaking up at the end of the season Ted trying to get Robin and new friend Robin and Barney with his own Wominizing ways. Season 2 focuses on Ted and Robin being together and also breaking up at the end of the season. Mrashall and Lily getting back together and tying the knot. Barney stil Being Awesome. Season 3 is a great season with Lily and Marshall being married, Ted gets closer to meting miss right. Robin being single. Season 4 Ted gets almost marrying Stella but Stella dumps him at the alter, Barney Secretly In love with Robin. Season 5 the current running season Barney and Robin hook up but only to break-up, Barney is still being awesome with Marshall and Lily still be cool, This got renewed for a 6th season, and is still Legend wait for it.. Dary!!!!
  • This show is LEGEN wait for it...

    ... DARY. This is one of the best shows TV has to offer. I didn't think it was going to be a that great of a show, until i started to watch it when a friend let me borrow the first season on the show, I have been hooked ever since. The show is about five friends and what their lives were like back when they were in there late twenties and thirties, and for some reason being narrated by Bob Saget (Ted Mosby in the year 2030). The show follows Ted his friends, and his path to finding his perfect future wife. Now this is what TV should be like.
  • Great characters and classic moments!

    What an amazing show!! Some of the best characters by far in any show on air. The writers of the show are amazing how they come up with the plot for every episode and tie them all in with past and future events. So many memorable moments that make me want to watch every episode over and over. The characters are great, the lines they come up are classic and the story is memorable. truly Amazing!!

    I'll make some people angry and id have to say this would be BETTER than Friends by far. Great show, a must watch for anyone!!
  • this show is excellent in every way

    okay, cinemaster, i can't take you seriously when you judge this show to be immature after i saw that you have "the simpsons" picked as a favorite show....

    good show, love the wit, love the story, love the jokes, and love the characters. They do well referencing previous episodes, and continuing the storyline from episode to episode.

    the premise of the show is excellent, and the execution of the idea is flawless...

    if people like cinemaster would watch more than a few episodes of a show before writing a review of it, then they might actually raise a few valid objections to the show, but since reasons such as immaturity are noted in her review, i highly doubt she bothered to do her research.

    Ted is an excellent character, he seems so vulnerable, allowing the audience to connect.

    Marshall is awesome. He is naive in that he thinks to look for the good in others, and he hopes for saving the environment, and yet he is very intelligent, and witty. And his roots in minnesota playing "baskiceball" make him just "adorable" Barney is a jerk, and the show needs a jerk to be complete. The "immaturity" he provides is harmless and hilarious, get over it if you can't handle it.

    Lilly is possibly the cutest woman ever to be on television. She is an artist, and a kindergarden teacher, she wants to act grown up, but she just can't.. her struggle provides some great storylines.

    Robin is gorgeous, funny, and smart. Her presence allows for some playful, and tasteful mockery of our neighbours to the nort... Her character is just aboot the funniest part of the show... gun slinging hockey loving, and cute, deadly combination.

    the cast fits together perfectly, each person's flaws fit into the next person's flaws, opening the door to many many lines of jokes..

    unsuccessful? season 4 neilsons put it averaging at 9.56 million, peaking at 10.4 mil... sounds pretty successful to me...

    also, dont even bother calling me immature, you're talking to the 19 year old who has more classical music in his collection than your average public library, a 19 year old who can quote any simon and garfunkel song's lyrics, and who sings in an annual local performance of Handel's Messiah... which btw, i could quote for you right now.... so, no, i am not immature...

    in the immortal words of Marshmellow, Marshall Erikson: "Lawyered"
  • Classic Comedy

    Modern classic that will be remembered for years to come.
  • Suit Up! Because this is one legend-wait for it-dary show.

    From start to where the story currently stands Old Ted Mosby's telling of how he met the mother of his two children has been a great and Laugh out loud journey. From Barney and Marshal's Slap Bet which led to the creation of slapsgiving to the very elusive mother. Even to Robin's late Canadian singing career. I hope to be not the only one who finds this show one of the best comedies currently on t.v. Niel Patrick Harris steals the show each episode and the guest stars are equally as hilarious. I hope to see this show eventually reach it's goal of meeting the mother and maybe even to the point at which they finally marry. Yet that is just me Of course this show will be in my top five for a long time to come.
  • The things they come up with for the show are absolutely... uhm how do I say this right... LEGENDARY!!!!

    Every episode is just awesome in it's own awesomeness. When I watch an episode I immediately begin counting down the days till the next one.

    Every thing from the BroCode to the Playbook and to the Slapbet is just so renewing for comedy shows and I thing the Show has alot more in store for us. There are still so many things to happen, like a Slap, some Look-A-Likes, the movie The Wedding Bride and so on. But the most important happening to look forward is the appearing of "the Mother". I really hope when te time comes they make the best build up ever, if it already isn't the best Build Up, because the show is one big Build Up.
  • Great show but needs to end

    I absolutely love this show! I will admit that season 6 and 7 had many low points but S8 E1 was actually really good. I hope that season 8 doesn't disappoint but this should really be the last season. Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing
  • Awesome!

    Although I only started watching this show about 2 months ago...I love it!!! Every episode I've seen so far has been so funny and awesome.
  • legen.... wait for it... dary....

    hope there's a season nine..

  • my favorite comedy

    its the best!
  • the best

    himym is the best tv show on earth should be no.1
  • How I met your mother

    This has to be my favourite show by far the characters are amazing the actors make the characters even better. Each week I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Don't think he will ever meet her.... :/

    This show is in my opinion the best comedy show I've seen since Friends. It's certainly as good and even better. After a long time I can go watch something that's supposed to be funny and is not a cartoon and actually laugh. In between all the junk on TV lately when talking about situation comedy shows this was a bullseye by the writers....props to them really, because they're the only one who could make me laugh for the past few years....especially since there are not that many good comedies in cinemas lately so yeah, perfect 10 for me...and regarding the summary: I really think he's not going to meet her, I actually think their going to write this until the ratings fall so much they can't make another it is with many other shows....from one perspective it's really awful if we don't see the girl but from another; at least we're gonna see a whole lot more episodes :)
  • HIMYM is an awesome show! In top fav 3 shows it's just brilliant!

    How I Met Your Mother is about Ted in 2030 telling his kids about how he met his mother. Ted (Josh Radnor) the sensitive one who wants to find his soul mate, Robin(Cobie Smulders) who is canadien and likes to be the tommyboy, Marshall (Jason Segel) the sensitive who wants to improve his marriage, Lily (Alyson Hannigan)the nice one who is also a party girl, and my fave Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) the womanizing player. This show is hilirious I know lots of people have been saying season five was a letdown i disagree keep doing what your doing they must be doing something right they got renewed for season 6 so yeah. And for the mother i'm not in a rush to meet her, i want to take the time and if we meet her it would probably mean the end of the show, unless they do an alternative. But I love this show since i first saw it, it's a masterpiece!!!
  • So happy people are getting to know How I met your mother !!! It's a great show.

    I am so happy people are finally getting to know How I met your mother and it's getting higher in ratings !!! It is a great show. The caracters are funny and Ted is so cute. I have not loved a show so much since Friends. go HIMYM !!! I'm still rooting for Ted and Robyn... Even tough I know they can't end togheter... Can't wait for him the find the right one... Man... 100 words minimum ? I don't know what to write anymore except watch this show !! it is worth it !! I have five words left.
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