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  • Didnt really like the finale and this is a quote of your own...

    "The about letting go, moving Did Ted ever let go Robin???... They spend the whole 9th season making us fall in love with "mother" and they took that out without any explanation... the problem isnt that the mother died, but that we didnt even know how that happened... and that Ted n Robin should never be something to happened...
  • Legen wait for it dary , LEGENDARY !!!!!

    People do not believe a word what other comments are saying . Just watch it and I promise you will absolutely love it . Apart from that awesome show !!
  • I just can't get into this sitcom

    I just can't get into How I Met your Mother. At first it was alright, there were some good ideas, some of the situations were at least fun. But as the show has progressed, in my personal opinion it is running out of ideas and it feels more dull and laboured by the minute. I do like the production values, and there is one good character Barney, wonderfully played by Neil Patrick Harris. The other characters I don't care for, in general I find them stupid and unlikeable, while the writing and jokes are forced and predictable now that the show lacks a good pace and freshness and some of the situations are not at all funny, more inane if anything. The acting also feels forced and over-compensated, as if the actors know their characters and writing are lacking and they're trying to make it work. Harris in my opinion is the one exception who doesn't suffer, that's because he's that good an actor, he has had some bad material but he always gives his all to elevate it. All in all, I do like sitcoms and comedies when they're good, but How I Met Your Mother is an example of one I can't get into.

  • no like this

    no like this
  • Himym

    How I met your mother, the best TV show series I've seen in my life. Period.
  • How I Met Your Mother

    I love your tv show How I Met Your Mother. Its the best show i ever seen. I love Robin Scherbatsky,Marshall Barney Stinson. He is the best I LOVE HIM. I SAY I LOVE HIM.
  • It's my birthday too!!! Haha

    On season 5 episode 18, it was Lily's birthday and I'm like OMG so is mine!!!
  • why the end????

    Pour moi, ce fut la meilleur serie jamais produite. Une impression de se retrouver ds chacun des personnages et de tout partager,autant les joies que les deceptions. Des impressions de deja vu, des lecons de vie, et lenvie de posseder la meme equipe. Je viens juste de voir la fin de la saison 9 car je ne voulais meme pas penser que cette serie puisse sarreter.... Et peut importe comment cela ce fini, me dire que c'etait la fin ma rendu vraiment triste. Je serais toujours a la recherche du grand amour comme ted, aurait toujours la vision du couple a la marshall et lyly, cette envie de ne pas vieillir et detre toujours assez jeune pour seduire comme barney et lambition de mener ma vie au top malgres les embuches comme robin. Jaime himym!!!!

    OMG! This show is on way too much! I cant stand it! Now it has eaten up all the air time on NIK at night! TAKE IT OFF! I CANT STAND THIS SHOW!
  • I rank all episodes of How I Met Your Mother

    10. Okay Awesome (Season 1)

    9. Sweet Taste Of Liberty (Season 1)

    8. Belly Full Of Turkey (Season 1)

    7. Slutty Pumpkin (Season 1)

    6. The Duel (Season 1)

    5. Purple Giraffe (Season 1)

    4. Pilot (Season 1)

    3. Matchmaker (Season 1)

    2. Return Of The Shirt (Season 1)

    1. The Pineapple Incident (Season 1)
  • how I Met Your Mother ending

    ooooo I am so mad at the ending it isn't suppose to be like that with Robin ending up with Ted no what the hell. Okay Barney and Robin were supposed to be together forever and Ted and his new wife were going stay and show us some of there memories and end. I mean dont get me wrong I love this show until the last episode of season 9 or the one before the last the one that shows that the mother died and Barney and Robin breaking up after marriage :"(
  • Hmmmm

    not my kind of show
  • How it lasted so long

    Seriously, someone please answer me!
  • Great

    Caught a few eps here and there and didn't like it much. Then I learned Marshall was a Vikings fan. Decided to watch every ep. So great. Rewards loyal viewers with inside jokes and quirks. Top 3 sitcom. Top 10 show for sure.
  • The best BROcom ever!

    Hate to see that the show is getting over even friends lasted 10 seasons, But whatever this is the best sitcom ever, Casting is just LEGEND-wait for it-DARY, Barney, Ted ,Marshal, Robbin, Lily well the 5 make one hell of a team. Well I started to watch the show in early 2k12, spending all my holidays watching back to back 7 seasons. Awesome is the word just "awesome" , never got bored and now i'm a regular viewer of the 8th and 9th season. Mostly sitcoms are just "sitcoms" they make you laugh and enjoy, but this one makes you connect. Every episode is just different and above all the "sequence" . the "chronology" is something to be admired, hats off to the script and a salute to the writers maintaining a chronology of events for 9 years, that's not a joke. Well this is now the benchmark, a scale over which you can rate other shows. But the finale has changed everything making it one of the worst "CLIMAX" i have ever seen
  • La sit com perfetta.

    Per me How I Met Your Mother stata la sit com perfetta,con un finale esplosivo a dir poco.
  • The world's most stilted comedy show.

    And I'm not even counting the last seasons.
  • What a Finale!

    Everything was going well since it all started till the last 2 freakin episodes when everything went to the opposite direction of making sense.

    Barney changing to better person to get Robin and Ted moving on and after adding The Robin to the playbook and the rehearsal surprise and waiting for the wedding after 21 slow moving episodes, u just end all of that by a 2 minute stupid fight that took place the following episode is total fail.

    Also the mother turns out dead for Ted to get Robin again after all these years just by a cheesy suggestion from his kids!!

    Anyway, still a lot can be said, my rating doesn't include last 2 episodes.
  • Best Show

    Best show ever 10x better than the Big Bang Theory this show actually shows emotion unlike that BBT snarly humor!
  • HIMYM: is it worth watching?

    If you are looking for a few laughs you should definitely watch HIMYM but I must warn you - the plot isn't too good. The characters have distinct characters and others are incredibly irritating but somehow it works.

    For the laugh factor I give it a score of 7 out of 10 stars

    Characters 6 out of 10 stars

    and for the plot 4.5 out of 10 stars.
  • funny

    a guy tells his kids the story about how he met their mother and all the trials and tribulations it took. pretty fun idea for a show.
  • Get off the air!

    I'm very bored by the constant chasing after women bit. I really don't see how any of this makes a good show. I would love to see this show end as there is nothing funny about it.
  • Worst ending ever!

    Robin and Barney divorced was a terrible idea especially by making Barney character change for the "better" to get her. the all show become absolutely pointless by making the mother dead at the end especially if it's just to bring Ted and Robin together.

    Do you realise that by making her dead some of the episode doesn't make sense anymore! Did you actually watch your own show! There is no happy ending in that story!
  • How I met disappointment...

    I never understood the appeal of this show and I've watched countless hours of it. First Ted and Robin the 2 main characters are the most boring and wooden characters on the show. The cast is amazing with Harris, Segel, and Hanningan yet the focus for 90% percent of the show was on Radnor and Smulders. If you would have put Segel and Hannigan in the main or Harris and Hannigan in the main the show would have been a lot better than finishing in the top 50 never finishing under 42 for the season. It's mind blowing a show with such bad ratings lasted this long.
  • Very dissapointing

    you divorced Robin and Barney, You kill off the mother, for Ted and Robin to finally get there shit together, there was no happy ending, it was just sad and pathetic, what didn't account for was in the earlier episode where Ted, Marshall, Lilly are at a 20 year school reunion and they are what you say "hitting a sandwich' when Ted turns to them and says where's my wife. Explain that one?
  • A Sad and very disappointing ending!!

    I agree with the people who say that it's disappointing to have seen this end of HIMYM. Make Barney and Robin divorce when barney proposed to her so romantically etc..... and then the "mother" talked about the 9 years who finally WTF?? it just shows that the all show was for nothing! if they had made Ted go back with Robin without tracy at the end it would have been the same, Tracy's character is a waste with this ending......... i am Very disappointed!! and to think that some people compared it to Friends was awesome!!! till the last emotional episode...
  • A Legendary goodbye to the fillas

    What an emotional ending for the past 9 years .. Thank you for the amazing times and feelings you gave us guys.

    I really like how things turned at the end .. it was really emotional and into the hurt to end it that way. This show really shows how important friendship is and how you need to fight for the people you love.

    Thank you HIMYM for the legendary time :)
  • Depressing

    I was really disappointed with the depressing ending to what has been one of my favorite shows of all times. First, they made us get attached to Tracy and

    made us believe how Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. And then, they just simply threw all this out the window, they killed Tracy;

    and Barney and Robin got divorced. All the time they spent showing how Barney had grown as person after he started dating robin and not to mention the

    legen-dary way in which he proposed to her and the way Ted let go of Robin and met the love of his life ,its like it was all a waste.

    The ending was the complete opposite of what it should have been.
  • It will last forever...

    The ending of the show though it seems prima facie an absolute disaster it was the most proper ending of an unforgettable show. To elaborate, not only did it have an auspicious ending but it also had a perfect moral about friendship; bringing at the same time nice memories of the past seasons and depicting the change in every character's life. The show was all about the tremendous importance of friendship in life and the fact that entertainment has no limits. The fact that the ending was the same as the beginning means that life is unexpected.
  • mixed feelings

    I watched the 2 last episodes twice. First time it was deeply disappointing and havey for a comedy finale. On the second time it was more understood because when u think about that the mother never was the issue. Still I think that the last season focusing on robin wedding was to long.

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