How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 22

Right Place Right Time

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • lily aldrin

    where is lily in this episode??
  • What could've happened to Ted?

    This was an episode that could've made you happy or upset. When I first saw this episode I was very excited because I thought I saw something but it actually wasn't. However looking back this was a great episode. This was like the lucky penny episode where a series of random events that lead to something big. At the end, Ted with the yellow umbrella (the future mother's) is a stop sign when someone comes upon him. Let's get to the events that lead to this.

    Ted is close to landing a client that wants a cowboy design restaurant. He is having trouble so he gets a bagel. It's not at the normal place due to Robin being sick at the normal place. This gets Ted upset. It's funny when he said where in New York can I get a bagel.

    Ted also gets magazine to check out a special girl that Barney was with. By special I mean this was his 200th women. This was due to something that happened in 7th grade when a classmate of his said that he slept with 100 women. What happened in 7th grade along with the way his mother was, his childhood, and how his college girlfriend broke up him is why Barney is the way he is with women. It's funny how his friends react to this. Barney's "special": women turned out to be body builder who's not lacking in muscle. Robin who helped out Barney sort out the list was kind of nice of her. I wonder what number Robin was. I think the list is also a partial callback to the photo album Barney had made.

    Speaking of callbacks the intervention is back. But we'll get to that. Before Ted gets to the stoplight he goes visit a homeless man. He does this because Marshall got too much into making graphs. After getting into too making graphs, the gang decides to have intervention, They are always fun. The homeless man ends up getting the graphs that Marshall needed for his job. The homeless man who is the voice of Homer was pretty funny.

    This all leads to Ted running into Stella. When I first saw this episode, I thought it was the mother. Even though it was not, I still enjoyed this episode for several reasons. This like with the lucky penny episode and the car accident in season 3 had at least I think an important part in Ted meeting the mother. That story just not happened yet.
  • Watch out for spoilers, because I'm gonna rant!

    This episode honestly p*ssed me off. The show spent an ENTIRE episode telling us how INCREDIBLY important it was that Ted got to that corner, how if he didn't the kids would never have been born, making us believe that maybe, FINALLY, we'd get to meet her.

    And then it turns out to be Stella. An ex, who we KNOW isn't the mother (revealed in the almost-wedding ep.), and whose return only changes one thing in Ted's life: that he decided to be a professor in stead of an architect. And what does that have to do with meeting the mother? Absolutely nothng.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the show. And this episode didn't stop me watching, but every time I rewatch the show I always get a flame of irritation burning inside of me when I get to this ep. Because it was just one tease too much.

    Later on it didn't bother me as much that we didn't meet the mother, because at least we felt like we were on our way. This season they didn't talk much about the mother, and when they finally DID, they made a HUGE build-up, leading to the reveal of a character who we KNOW is not the mother. Pisses me off every time.

    I'm sorry for ruining everyone's day, but it needed to be said.
  • Tries to fill the gap 'Friends' left, but doesn't quite do the job.

    HIMYM is a surprise hit. Its an average show at best, but still it has got high user ratings and high viewership. I guess the reason behind this is that HIMYM started the year after 'Friends' called it a day. That great sitcom, 'Friends' gave us an addiction. It gave us a pleasant and light thing at the end of the day after a long long day. We kinda got used to it and when it made an exit we needed to find an alternative.

    HIMYM stepped in cleverly, starting just the year after Friends called it quits in 2004.

    HIMYM is an average sitcom. First of all its too much in the image of Friends with five (instead of six) friends living together; hanging out for a lot of time in a bar (instead of a coffee house); with Marshal and Lily living along with Ted just above the bar (just as Monica and Chandler just above the coffee house). So its only natural for viewers to compare with it with Friends, and its even more natural to get disappointed in HIMYM when you have something as marvelous as Friends in mind.

    Secondly, Ted, the leading actor is pathetic. He is too serious to be comic, and the show is too comic to allow Ted to be serious. Thus he hangs on confusingly between the realm of comedy and drama and he has no clue what to do with his character. The creators had to make him comic as Ross was in Friends, but they had to teach true love to their viewers!

    Thirdly, HIMYM has too many artificial characters. Barney who is said to be the soul of the show, is a very very artificial character. He is an impossible mix of a a very witty person who is also a great womanizer. Its like you have mixed Chandler and Joey!!!

    One can either be Chandler and make extremely intellegient and sarcastic jokes or you can be a dumbo and be a womanizer like Joey, but you can't be both at the same time. What they have done in HIMYM is that they have tried to mix those two characters and that makes for the artificiality of the character, though it goes hand in hand with the entire show.

    Sometimes Barney makes me sick with his excessive stress of his 'awesomeness'. A little less artificial character would do. Robin too is an artificial character and she is so unfunny, though she is so gorgeous that one overlooks her bad acting.

    The only discovery and the pleasure of the show is the couple, Marshal and Lily. They are the only two characters who can naturally be comic, who look like they are born to do comedy. Lily is particularly great and a very good actress and then Marshal follows her as the second best actor of HIMYM. I watch the show 'coz of this couple.

    I would rate the acting and the pleasantness of the characters in this order:

    1. Lily
    2. Marshal
    3. Robin
    4. Barney
    5. Ted

    I hope the creators come up with some more in the fifth season.
  • Mother revealed, or is she???

    I am rating this episode as good, but let me be clear - it was not funny at all. My ratings are a measure of the story content, the way this episode was paced, and finally some indication of closure.

    Something tells me that they've done something like this before. I don't know - I get the deja vu all the time. But still, the whole concept of what would have happened, I had done this instead of that and explaining every single detail of it is something I've seen before. Barney doing 200 women, Robin throwing up on handbags, and Marshall fooling around with charts were way too silly. I think this episode is crucial in a lot of ways. Bringing back Sarah Chalke may in a way confirm that she is the mother. Anyway, its time to end the show, and I am happy if they plan to do so soon.
  • Will we finally meet the mother?

    This was really season finale material, I must say. Ted starts telling his kids the events that took place before meeting their mother. Saying, if I didn't do this or that, you wouldn't be born. So through the whole episode he explains what he did to lead up to that moment in which Ted was holding the yellow umbrella, and a girl walked up to him, and tapped him on the shoulder. A moment in which, if it wouldn't have happened, his kids wouldn't have been born. Is this the mother? Well Ted explains the whole thing. If Robin wouldn't have gotten food poisoning at the bagel place, and if the group hadn't of used an intervention against Marshall's charts, he wouldn't have been on the street corner. He turned left instead of right, and he cut the street to pay back a homeless man who took Marshall's charts. Ted bought them back when Marshall needed them for work. The hugging sequence was a bit unnecessary but it was still good build up. Meanwhile Barney gets ready to sleep with the 200th girl he's ever slept with. Until Robin notices a mistake on the paper, saying he's only slept with 198 women, so he hurries to sleep with an ugly girl, only to find out he was right the first time, so his 200th wasn't a model, it was an ugly muscle builder. It was an enjoyable plot and one of the reasons why Ted was on that street corner. The thing that probably shocked everyone was the ending: The girl who tapped Ted on the shoulder was Stella. Is she the mother? When you narrow it down, it pretty much seems like it. So a huge cliffhanger! That's what made this so season finale material. It was very enjoyable and light. I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • marshall's charts were abosolutely awesome!

    I really enjoyed this episode, even though the eseries of unrealated events was really quite random and very unimportant. I felt that it took a whole episode just to explain the route he walked on tht one day.

    However, the charts that Marshall created were amazing, and they added a lot to this episode! I was laughing right thoroughout hthat, and I really enjoyed it a lot!

    I'd definitely recommend this episode, and it certainly was one amazing one! No-one knows just yet, but it could also prove to be a pivotal one in twerms of 'How He Met Their Mother'! Keep it up guys
  • Good but not as good as the rest of season 4.

    Ted explains to his future children that being in the right place at the right time can have a massive impact on a person's future, and that the universe tends to have a way of pushing a person toward their destiny. He presents an example where seemingly unimportant and unrelated occurrences in Robin, Marshall and Barney's lives lead him to an unexpected encounter with Stella, which sets him on the path to meeting his children's mother. Meanwhile, Robin suffers through a bout of food poisoning, Marshall deals with an addiction to graphs and charts and Barney celebrates his 200th female conquest.
  • Great episode, with a nice, and somewhat surprising, twist at the end.

    Before I say anything else: I really miss Lily!!!

    Anyway, this episode was great, if for nothing else than to see Stella again. Don't get me wrong, that's not the only reason why, but with Scrubs ending tomorrow, it's cool to see Sarah Chalke making more appearances on How I Met Your Mother!

    I loved how this episode was divided into 4 parts that all tied into each other: The main Ted plot, the Robin subplot, the Barney subplot, and the Marshall subplot.

    The whole episode is about the events that led Ted to bump into Stella at a crosswalk. First, we have Robin barfing into hand-made purses on the news (which was totally hilarious!) and telling Ted that Schlagel's Bagel's gave her food poisoning. This is what made Ted go left when leaving the apartment, instead of his usual right to go to Schlagel's.

    Then we come to the Barney part of the episode, where Barney is about to reach the milestone of sleeping with his 200th woman, who just happened to have her picture featured in "Bro's Life" magazine. Then, Robin notices that someone was listed twice, which compels Barney to go and sleep with this man-ish woman he knows from the gym. After he does this, Robin notices that he wrote the number 138 twice, and so that woman was in fact, his 200th. Congratulations Barney! Because of this, Ted stops at the magazine stand to look at a picture of Barney's accidental 200th, to which he shudders and continues on his way.

    Next comes my favorite part of the episode, where we learn about Marshall's insane graph/chart obsession. Although I loved the 'pie chart of favorite bars, and bar graph of favorite pies', it did get annoying after a while. This is where they brought back the intervention, which I loved, because Marshall ignored it and then just brought out more charts! So Ted takes matters into his own hands, and trashes all of Marshall's charts. Little did he know that for once, these charts were important, and could affect Marshall's job if he didn't have them. So Ted has to buy back the charts for one million dollars from this homeless man. This is another of my favorite parts, because when Ted says he'll pay back $1 a day, for a million days, and the homeless man says that that's 2700 years. He then proceeds to call Ted the 'sucker'. I find that kind of ironic, but in a really funny way! Because of the $1 a day, Ted has to cut down this alley to pay the homeless man.

    So after all of these seemingly trivial events, that we now have learned are anything but, Ted runs into Stella at a street corner, and then we're left with a cliffhanger...

    Supposedly, Stella will in some way help Ted finally meet the 'mother'. Because let's face it, we know by now that Stella is not the mother, so I'm not going to get hung up over that. And nobody else should either.

    I can't wait until next episode to see Ted's reaction to seeing Stella again. And I feel that this season is going to end strongly. How fitting that a season that started with Stella, should end (almost) with Stella.

    Also, that weather clown on Robin's news show was totally hilarious. And I loved the part where Ted just went around hugging everyone!

    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of this season!
  • Ooh lah lah!

    Like others, I am VERY HAPPY to see Sarah Chalke as Stella back. True, she is almost definitely not the mother, but I really enjoyed her presence on the show while it lasted and was sad to see her go (that, and I secretly entertained a notion her being the mother of Ted's children).

    Barney's sleaze in this episode was moderately pathetic and rather disconcerting, but was about fifty percent quality material. Marshall's chart and the flashbacks and Robin were made of win. I miss Lily, but the show doesn't suffer -too- much without her. God, Ted, keep telling us this story!
  • Ted tells the story of how there's a reason for the things he did that day. Robin pretends she's pregnant. Marshall has an obession with graphs. Barney has 1 more women to sleep with to be his 200th.

    I loved this episode of How I Met Your Mother. It's a much funnier episode than other episodes this season. In this episode Ted explains that there's a reason for everything. First of all there was a reason that he decided to look at the magazine. It's so funny how Barney has centered his life to sleep with 200 girls because of that guy named Matthew. It's also funny that he had slept with Pauline, and she was actually his 200th girl he slept with. Then Ted looked at the magazine with Pauline in it. The second thing that happened was with the homeless guy. Marshall's obessed with graphs. I love the continuation with them having an intervention. I just wish Lily was there too. It was so sweet of Ted to say he'll give him $1.00 a day for 1 million days for the graphs. The ending was such a surprised. I'm guessing Stella's back. I also loved the part with Robin pretending to be pregnant. That was hilarious. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • A very good episode, keeping us to the edge, until the very surprising ending.

    So we are back to the good old episodes, where Ted is keeping us to the edge of the seat!

    A small parenthesis on Barney's story - Many people say that he wasn't always a sex-maniac until that hippie-girl cheated on him and so on and so forth... True. That is not erased with the new story. It could be that his feelings re-surfaced after he decided to turn into a sex-machine and had for himself yet another motive to sleep with all those women (especially with 200 of them).

    And going back to Ted's story: Stella is so NOT the mother!! Never did Ted say in the episode that on that day "I met your mother". It is simply another story that will lead to a chain of events that will eventually lead him to meeting his true wife. I don't know why everyone assumes that Stella is the mother - end of the story. When I saw her face: a) I was disappointed because I never truly liked her character (the relationship seemed too forced, plus the way she dumped him) and b) I knew that she was not the mother.

    Ted simply kept saying that if things had gone differently, I would not have met your mother and your will not exist. They threw the yellow umbrella in as well to make as believe this was "the yellow umbrella incident" Ted referred to in the past, but if you remember correctly, the umbrella was rolling down a road in that flashback.

    Furthermore, I am pretty certain on who the mother is (yes, we HAVE seen her before) and she is definitely not as blonde as Stella. The mother was seen in the club in the same episode that Ted picks up the umbrella at the end. Plus, I am pretty certain that the mother is also the woman the match-maker arranged a date with (described by him as the "perfect woman" and whose head was cut of in the pics), but which Ted canceled on in order to go after Robin.

    It is a clever move from the HIMYM writers to throw Stella in at the end of this episode but I must say I am very surprised that so many people have fell for it. Meeting Stella again is just another stop on his journey to meeting his true wife. For some reason or another, Ted will end up in a specific place, at a specific time or will do something particular due to his affair or eventual break-up with Stella, that will lead him to a path of meeting his real wife (just a longer journey than the one seen and described in the last episode).
  • Memo to "The Fan Of"......

    While I think you have some interesting points, what will it take to make you happy? I agree, if you do not like it, then why do you keep watching? The show is not as good as season one or two, but how many comedies are?

    Just remember, comedy is an abstract of reality, so you have to have things that are far fetched at times like a weather clown. It makes a funny scene maybe a tad bit funnier. (See Airplane, they maximized every scene to make you laugh)

    If you want continuity, watch a soap opera, we want to laugh and this show in actuality is doing better ratings wise than it did in its early run.

    I think you write some great reviews, but you may be too hard on this show, it has had some hits/misses, but it makes us want to come back and watch every week, I think it summary it must do the same thing for you. Can we look forward to your review next week?
  • Where ALYSON HANNIGAN ???????

    still another episode which one does not see Lily… Alyson Hannigan, I know qu' it comes d' to have his/her daughter but why the Producers does not wait until it returns or to wait until it will be ready to continue her role… I do not include/understand why the producer of How I Met Your Mother does not wait until Alyson returns instead of continuing without it… I say to you that when a character of less in one episode whereas these episode are the least good, because Alyson gives some much to this series and make leave the history when it is there. since it is not any more, the history are much less good… to afflict but I hope in the 2 last episodes, it will be there in his role….
  • great episode

    this week s episode was absolutely amazing . i loved the facted that it was presented by frizing present time to go back in the past it was a very clever way for the plot to proceed . i also liked the fact that barney is slowly deciding to tell robin how he feels there is a spoiler in almost every episode . robin is just great it is her season . the episode also created suspence an anxiety to find out was is going to happen with stella .how i met your mother had a down fall in the middle of season 4 but the last 3 episodes show that it is rising again .200 for barney yeaaa
  • Ted finally meets his future wife and Barney realizes he has reached 200 lays.

    In this episode we finally find out who the mother is. Yay! But that's not what the episode is about.

    The episode is about the course of events that led Ted up to this point, told in a very "Lucky Penny" kind of way. Yes, it's entirely told in flash backs. This is obviously employed to build up anticipation for finding out who the mother is but, unfortunately, it fall flat.

    There is no substance to the flash backs. We have the build up then the punchline, but what's the point? Some jokes are funny but they're never that interesting, Ted went left instead of right because he does not want to eat at his favourite bagel place. So he'll never meet the mother if he didn't go left. But...that's not really true, trying to avoid spoilers, but Ted has already met this woman before and it is very likely he could have met her in some other way. So, the random fleeting chance of our lives leading to a fixed point in time, it doesn't even apply here.

    Lucky penny worked, though not my favourite episode, it worked because everyone made their choices and those choiced affected people. They were progressing through their lives and stuff happened because of it. Here Ted woke up and stuff happened. The events were not chained together, they could have happened any time, and there is no real significance to the journey.

    All in all, this would have been a much better episode if Ted had met the mother and something actually happened.

    Fair episode but nothing to call home about.
  • This show insults my intelligence.

    I can't take How I Met Your Mother anymore. How a show could sell its soul for ratings is an abomination, as there was a point when this was considered a "smart" program; that day is long, long gone. Now we have clowns doing weather, "wisecracking" homeless gentlemen and forced behavior by Barney, when in early seasons his sleazy attitude seemed to come naturally.

    But its not just how dumbed down the show has gotten. There was a massive continuity error here. Barney was not all about sex in his adult life. Remember when he was a hippie who dated the girl from the coffee shop and did not care about sex? Hmm, doesn't seem to me like somebody who was sleeping with women just to achieve a record.