How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 22

Right Place Right Time

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • What could've happened to Ted?

    This was an episode that could've made you happy or upset. When I first saw this episode I was very excited because I thought I saw something but it actually wasn't. However looking back this was a great episode. This was like the lucky penny episode where a series of random events that lead to something big. At the end, Ted with the yellow umbrella (the future mother's) is a stop sign when someone comes upon him. Let's get to the events that lead to this.

    Ted is close to landing a client that wants a cowboy design restaurant. He is having trouble so he gets a bagel. It's not at the normal place due to Robin being sick at the normal place. This gets Ted upset. It's funny when he said where in New York can I get a bagel.

    Ted also gets magazine to check out a special girl that Barney was with. By special I mean this was his 200th women. This was due to something that happened in 7th grade when a classmate of his said that he slept with 100 women. What happened in 7th grade along with the way his mother was, his childhood, and how his college girlfriend broke up him is why Barney is the way he is with women. It's funny how his friends react to this. Barney's "special": women turned out to be body builder who's not lacking in muscle. Robin who helped out Barney sort out the list was kind of nice of her. I wonder what number Robin was. I think the list is also a partial callback to the photo album Barney had made.

    Speaking of callbacks the intervention is back. But we'll get to that. Before Ted gets to the stoplight he goes visit a homeless man. He does this because Marshall got too much into making graphs. After getting into too making graphs, the gang decides to have intervention, They are always fun. The homeless man ends up getting the graphs that Marshall needed for his job. The homeless man who is the voice of Homer was pretty funny.

    This all leads to Ted running into Stella. When I first saw this episode, I thought it was the mother. Even though it was not, I still enjoyed this episode for several reasons. This like with the lucky penny episode and the car accident in season 3 had at least I think an important part in Ted meeting the mother. That story just not happened yet.