How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 14

Ring Up

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2013 on CBS

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  • Had good and bad.

    Another episode which had good elements from sure, but also some disappointing elements.

    The storylines were interesting for the most part, especially with Robin and the ring effect. But what ahppened with Ted and Barney and a certain someone else was not really that great. It was just boring and unnecessary to me.

    Seems to be a trend with recent episodes that they have good and bad elements but I hope the next one can improve.
  • Poor form writers

    As an extremely dedicated HIMYM fan, I was really disappointed by this episode. It wasn't funny and it seemed to jump all over the place, the episode just didn't flow.

    Very disappointing. Looking forward to some better stories in the coming weeks.
  • Geekery~

    This episode really appealed to my geekhood. It felt a lot like older episode humor, too, which was very welcome after the flop after flop present in the majority of season 8. I'm not sure how I felt about Ted getting with another girl so close to what would have been the end of the series, but with season 9 in sight, I suppose I can get over it. I'm not sure I buy the super lovey-dovey Barney and Robin yet, but I'm sure they'll find their stride. Good episode overall.
  • On a roll!

    How I met your mother is back! I don't want to speak too soon, but the past couple episodes have reminded me of the older seasons I fell in love with. I love the relationship dynamic and the relationship between Robin and Barney. Ideally HIMYM will be renewed for their 9th and last season, giving us a season to get to know the mother we have been waiting for. I hope they keep it up and don't disappoint.
  • I didnt expect this!

    I laughed several times! This is a long fogotten feeling when it comes to Himym!

    Ring up was a really good episode! I dont want to spoiler so I wont say more.... except:

    Why are all jokes made by Lily and marshall so predictable? Everytime, and twice here... its better not to show them at all.
  • Are we sure there;s gonna be another year?

    (spoilers ahead).

    Even though this was only the second episode of the year (or second half of the season) HIMYM is moving along at quite a pace. Such a pace that it really doesn;t seem like they;re gonna have enough left for another year.

    The momentous thing this episode was that it extinguished one of the more common theories as to who The Mother is.

    I, like many fans, thought that the mother was going to end up being Barney's half-sister. This came about when Barney first met his biological father who told him in addition to his son who shares his namesake, he also has a daughter Carly who;s in college. This, combined with the fact that we knew the woman Ted would marry would be or would;ve just been a college student, combined with the fact that it would make sense that ted would meet her at barney;s wedding, and that it would really make them uncle barney and aunt robin to ted;s kids (maybe it;s me, but i think it;s creepy to call your parent;s friends aunt and uncle whoever if they;re not a biological or by marriage aunt and uncle whoever).

    that brings us to this episode where ted is dating a hipster twenty year old much to barney;'s excitement, until ted shows him her picture and he realizes ted slept with his half sister. This was cute to watch because it means that Barney has gotten to the point of closeness with his father;s family that he knows and somewhat cares for his half sister (and hopefully is done competing with his thirteen year old half brother) but it has been made clear that carly is not The Mother.

    putting that possibility to bed makes it seem all the more likely this would be the show's last year, but now it would appear that is not the case. the only thing i could think of for the nineth season would be to explain why this story/girl was so important to tell the whole thing.

    the robin plot was also another end tied up because robin for years has coasted along being the hot girl who guys buy drinks for and gets very upset when it is implied there is a girl more attractive than her in the bar, and now she;ll always have someone to buy her drinks (cue the awww)

    on another note, they need to find something for marshall and lily to do, they need to be fun again. they could leave marvin on a bus or something (calm down, obviously they;d get him back, i;m just thinking outside the box!)
  • Unrealistic, but fun.

    Last night's How I Met Your Mother didn't progress with the plot, and that's ok. Really. Sometimes, you just need one of those calm episodes. Don't get me wrong, we had a lot of those this season, but there's a difference: this one is actually good. And yet, unrealistic. Robin's plot was funny, for sure, but, despite the great ending to it, it was a complete craziness. Of course, this show is full of this stuff, but honestly? I think this was kinda overboard. I'm not saying it was boring or something, it was cool to watch, but it just seems as the writer didn't have anything better to do with her character this week, you know? Marshall and Lily, once again, had a plotline that involved sex this week. Is it the tenth time? At least they work on screen, as Alyson and Jason are fantastic actors who know how to make one laugh. And, if Robin's plot was crazy, Barney's was crazier! The fact of him going to a detox missing one night stands was so delirious I couldn't believe. Looking back on the episode, I now find it fitting... It was Barney. He deserved this so he can move on. Now, what I'm really wanting to praise about this episode was Ted's plot: he is back on the game, funny, chasing women again, and I hope we get more episodes like this one... I found them hilarious! Also, the fact that they've debunked a theory made this episode worthwhile. They tied every plot in a cool way: Marshall and Lily love each other, and they are experienced at this couple-stuff (hence the tips they've given Robin during the episode), and Robin and Barney are growing in love just like their friends. Meanwhile, Ted's alone, and we can see that clearly as he chases another bimboo at the end of the episode.

    It was a great thing to realize that HIMYM still knows how to make fillers. As a sitcom, they're usually composed by fillers, and, let's face it, they have to be good. That being said, I really liked last night's episode, and I'm looking forward to next week's. ;)