How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 22

Robots Vs. Wrestlers

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2010 on CBS

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  • Robots wrestlers and doppelgnger

    When Robin left Ted's place to move in with Don, she hung out less with the group. Barney fearing that group is coming apart tries to get everyone to bond by getting five tickets to Robots vs Wrestlers event. I find it curious that Barney bought five tickets. Why not invite Don? I like that only Barney and Marshall are the only ones who seem to be into this kind of thing. Before the group (minus Robin) goes to the event, they decide to go another event to the women who lived before Ted and Marshall moved in. Ted had been getting mails and other things addressed to her for years now. I do wonder why this had been happening for so long. This kind of thing would not go on for this long. When the group gets to the event, it turns out that Marissa Heller was there too. However Ted wooos his way in. The biggest dissappointment came when you thought that Marissa was someone special until she opened her mouth. No she was not the mother and that's a good thing. She was kind of snotty and stuck-up. She was kind of like Karen but a little more likeable. Another thing I didn't like about this episode was that it brought out the douchey side of Ted. Outside of when he is his player character, it's the most annoying. I think if I knew more of the characters, I would like it more. I did find it funny that Barney was not successful at all in picking up women. The party remained me of something that you would see on Frasier. Another thoght came to my mind when watching this episode. When Marshall and Lilly left it was kind of similar to the party they left in season 1. The event of Robots vs Wrestlers did have a purpose. The 4th Doppelgnger surfaced. It was Mexican Wrestler Ted. At this time it was my favorite. Another thing saved this episode from being rated lower was that Marshall and Lilly having a baby just got one step closer. I also liked this because this was first mentioned years ago and now it's coming back.

    While not a great episode this was above average for this season.
  • The gang tries to get into a party that the previous occupant to Ted's apartment was invited to.


    "Robots Versus Wrestlers" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. It's much better than "Zoo or False" and "Twin Beds". I love the beginning of this episode when Ted and Marshall open the mail of their previous occupant, and it's revealed that they've been opening this person's mail for 10 years. I love how the previous occupant was named Marissa Heller and Lily tries to pretend to be her to get into a party. I love how everyone in that party is exactly like Ted. I really don't care about the robot versus wrestlers, but I love how Ted's doppelganger is a Mexican wrestler. I love how Lily and Marshall decide that they will start trying to have a baby when they find Barney's doppelganger. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • 522

    Let me just put this out there: How I Met Your Mother is not funny at all. It is almost painful to watch how bad this show is compared to the other shows on the CBS comedy block.

    However, there was actually a decent storyline here. Not Ted's behavior at the party because anything Ted does is immediately awful, but because of the idea of the group. I have had friends distance themselves over the years, I have distanced myself from friends, and you always look back and wonder why. How I Met Your Mother handled this well, by keeping the hugging and making up short, and then immediately going to a joke.

    But a good moral lesson is not an excuse for this.
  • How does this count for humor anymore? Not only does this episode epitomize the show's dull performance as of late, it also embodies all the flaws in our growing society.

    I don't even know what to expect from this show anymore. From the start of the season it has flown in a thousand different directions at the same time and has completely lost track of what's important, what's good, and what's funny. Fine, I thought. I just want to watch it until the end of this season, which has gone on for way too long. I can recall I hadn't even begun to write finals when this season began and now it's the first set of exams in university and I'm still waiting for it to end. Anyways, the show has been pretty shoddy as of late. There have only been two episodes that I remember being distinctly good (the playbook being one of them), but what led me to believe this show is irrecoverable were the latest two episodes. First we discuss "Twin Beds". The only 'funny' part in that episode was when Marshall said "Yes! A Mini-fridge! Oh and twin beds". It was like a line from Friends or the Simpsons or something. It surprised me because it was somewhat out of the scope of the regular writing. But what happened later on disgusted me.

    The Blue French Horn. The elusive symbol of the bond between Ted and Robin. Why, how, what the... why did it come back? Seriously! Not only did it come back, but the show managed to reduce its symbolism to nothing, to filth. The show erupted in a wave of dadaist iconoclastic glory (which actually sounds awesome but it's not). It seems that the writers will go to any lengths to salvage the remnants of a storyline that was once in its prime but they can't seem to let go. In the destruction's wake, the blue french horn that did NOT need to come back did, and ended up a pointless tool in the episode that had but not an ounce of substance.

    Sorry, though. It seems I should have posted this review on the other episode's thread. But my description of "Twin Beds" is like the strike that caused the inferno. Because we get to "Robots Vs. Wrestlers"! And no, it's not a walk in the park. The iconoclastic elements are still there and, one by one, the personalities of each of the characters are being stripped away like peeling an orange or that stupid wrapping of a creme egg. Mmm. And on top of that, society takes a blow.

    I always like when they are like "WHOA AWESOME" to things, like with the tickets in the beginning. It reminds me of how I am with friends, getting all quasi-excited about stupid things sometimes. Then they introduce something that actually involves some substance, where Ted can go to this legendary party at the top of that building. I felt somewhat disturbed by the whole "farting" thing when Ted tries to be a little cultural. Yeah, because, you know, the club culture society in which we live is so great. You know. Sean Kingston and uh, Usher and Keisha... I think that's how you spell it... yeah because this is so great. Now some might scold me for attributing the choices of a few drunk writers to an entire cultural shift, but I don't like seeing the show that I had respect for become a poster child for the contempt for anything non-contemporary. Anywho...

    So Ted's having a great time at the party, expressing himself with intellectuals when the most iconoclastic (yeah I like that word, and it really applies here) moment of the entire show occurs: Ted walks (no, runs) out when he gets a picture of his doppelganger. Not just that, but his whole thought process of his thinking he was a douche. Seriously? I'm sure he has a lot of time with his thoughts. Why then, when the show could have seen the evolution of the main character (apparently) does he suddenly discredit his entire personality? Seriously? This is the same Ted who, in the legendary season 1 (where Marshall was, like, thin and funny) basically announced he hated clubs and would love to find someone to settle down with, hopefully being able to avoid that whole scene. Sure, things have changed since season one, but not for the better. This is the same Ted who always corrects people's grammar and logic, reads Pablo Neruda... Ugh. I think Marshall and Lily are holding him back. Maybe it's time they left. I mean, who cares about them anymore? They're the Chandler and Monica of the group except infinite times worse. Let's rename the show "Screw Your Mother, Just Watch Barney and Me Do Cool Stuff". Who's in?
  • You really found this episode bad? Really?

    i mean wow... this episode was great, funny , in some way even important! if this episode were somewhere in the 1,2,3,4th seasons it would at least have 9.0? so what happened? I just don't get it...
    what was wrong with it? nothing...
    even better... now we know when lily and marshal start trying to have a baby.
    now we know that they were not all lifetime together but sometimes drifted apart, but they're still best friends. it's so funny that people somehow don't understand how good last three episodes were... getting so close to whole lot new things : )) don't be so judgy... this episode was really cool :)
    P.S: i know this episode isn't exactly 10 out of 10 but this 7.6 annoys me so much that I just give it 10 get ratings up :D
  • A good concept, writers could have done better.

    I liked the concept of this episode, friends drifting apart. Since Robin is not speaking to them as much because of Don, and in this episode, Ted misses a new found tradition: Robots vs. Wrestlers. I rated this episode low, because I didn't laugh much. And I recall a time where in every scene, I got a chuckle or two from this show. This episode wasn't funny to put it bluntly. It was quite eventful though since we see the fourth doppelganger, and Lilly & Marshall decide that not until they see Barney's doppelganger, they will try to have a baby. Robin phases back in to the group by the end, but it's still sad that Robin will be in less scenes now because of Don. Last episode was better in every aspect. This episode left me unsatisfied, just wasn't up to par this week. Hopefully this isn't what the season finale will be like. Okay episode, not great.
  • Quite a good one, actually. Some really funny moments, patrticularly with the new 'doppelganger'.

    This was anothe r very amazing episode, although it wasn'
    t quite perfect. I found the storyline of Ted and his 'sophisticated' party to be veyry interesting and I really e njoyed that aspect of it.

    I found the episode to be very amazing, particularly when the group met Ted's doppelganger, a 'Mexican wrestler'. I really love the idea of the doppelgangers, and now I can't wait until the last doppelganger is unveiled.

    Would definitely recommend this episode, as it definitely provided quite a few laughs. It was well thought out and very effective, and hopefully, it will continue this way until the season finale, and into the next season. Great work, guys!