How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 21

Romeward Bound

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • Just... OK.

    Nothing too exciting about this episode. It was just OK. One or two laughs to be had but overall it wasn't all that funny.

    The black and white 'Italy' scenes were hopeless and pointless.

    I kinda liked the storyline withe the wedding planner's coat.

    Just ana verage one though.
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  • Meh...

    It felt like an episode that was made just so they could add another episode to the list of HIMYM episodes list. An unnecessary twist of Marshall and Lilly living in Italy. They'll probably come back from there and Ted's gonna be all like I found the love of my life blah blah... But obviously she wont be it. It's seems to be going in a repetitive motion, just introduce the damn mother already, we don't need a myriad of episodes just portraying unnecessary info
  • OK episode

    It was an alright episode but honestly it just seemed quite out of the blue that Barney snapped at Ted. Also is it just me or did it seem that Barney was rubbing it in Teds face a bit to much that he's marrying Robin, kinda like he won something and now feels the need to shove it in Teds face. I've been rooting for Barney and robin for ages and when they finally got together it was awesome, you felt a bit sorry for Ted but not to much because he had finally taken the steps needed to move on from Robin. After this ep though I just couldn't help but feel like Barney was just being a major dick to Ted even if Ted can be a bit over the top with advice and romance and stuff still seemed like a mean spirited attack on him from Barney for no real reason.
  • While it felt rushed, it as still an "OK" episode overall

    So Marshal and Lilly are considering moving to Rome. This actually comes as a big surprise and it really makes you wonder how the show is going to move on in the next few episodes. I'm wondering what twists and turns are heading our way on HIMYM in just a few weeks..

    The episode was funny. Not something that I would recommend for a good half-hour, but it was nevertheless not that bad. It did feel a bit rushed though. That scene between Ted and Barney was a bit intense. I don't know whose side we should be rooting for, honestly, but a part of me is kinda glad Barney just snapped at him like that: "You're not marrying Robin. I

    So we're taking another week off next Monday, but that's okay, because the next 3 weeks are consecutive new episodes of HIMYM. Cheers to all the HIMYM team for their awesome work on a show that will always prove to be the best.
  • Ship Has Sailed

    So... are they off, then? Will Lily and Marshall not be there for Robin and Barney's wedding? I highly doubt it, but this episode felt half-assed at best, leaving questions like that unanswered and just randomly throwing the viewers bones. It hardly progressed the overall story, which we should be moving toward with the end of the season quickly approaching. It wasn't that funny, either, and felt like it had shoved Ted off into a corner again, after all that progress made in the Time Travelers.
  • Very funny episode, I'm glad it's out so quickly

    Much of this episode is centered around Lily and her "temporary relocation" to Rome, It has a lot of scenes that will make you laugh, maybe you wont even stop laughing, lol! Leon you're the man, just wanted to say thanks. If you're wondering where to watch it just read Leon's review. Anyways, hope you will enjoy it. Im out - A