How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 16

Sandcastles in the Sand

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Lily: How did you two meet?
      Simon: I was in her video.
      Robin: Starred in it, is more like it!
      Barney: Excuse me. I've seen "Let's Go to the Mall" about a thousand times, and, you, sir, are not in it.
      Simon: I was in the other one.
      Barney: There's another video?!

    • Lily: You are not going to that show tonight.
      Robin: Oh, yes I am! And after the show, Simon and I are going all the way! (storms out of the bar)
      Lily: Young lady, get back here! (To Marshall) And thanks for your help!
      Ted: So today at work...
      Marshall: Not now, Ted!

    • Marshall: So is he the guy who, how shall I say this like a gentleman...Robin, did he take your "maple leaf"?
      Robin: No, it wasn't like that.
      Barney: Sounds to me like he gave you your first "Oh Canada" face!
      Older Ted: (voiceover) This went on for a really long time.

    • Barney: You're the most awesome person I've ever known. Well, second most awesome.
      Robin: Right, of course the first being you.
      Barney: No, no. The first is this guy who lives in a place called the mirror. What up?

    • Robin: Is there any version of this conversation that you guys don't sound like my parents?
      Lily: I don't know, is there any version that you don't sound like a 16-year-old?
      Robin: That's exactly what my mom would say!
      Lily: No, if I were your mom, I'd say: "We forbid you from seeing this boy"
      Robin: Lily!
      Lily: I'm sorry, but it's for your own good!
      Robin: This is my life! You guys just don't get it, you never felt the way I feel!
      Marshall: No, no, we were young and in love too!
      Robin: Yeah, like a billion years ago!
      Lily: You've been drinking, haven't you?
      Robin: Yeah, we all have, you bought the last round.

    • Robin: Hey, Simon!
      Simon: Ohh, look at you! You got old.
      Robin: Yeah. You look great! You got hotter, like that's possible! So...

  • Notes

    • In the dubbed German version Barney asks Robin "Ist das Jason Segel?" (Translation: Is that Jason Segel?) instead of the original "Is that Alan Thicke?".

    • The German episode title is "Jugendliebe", meaning "Puppy Love". The French title is "Adolescence attardée", meaning "Delayed Adolescence". The Italian title is "Castelli di sabbia", meaning "Sandcastles".

    • International Airdates: Australia: June 19, 2008 on Network 7; Czech Republic: October 13, 2010 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • Barney: What, you two went to Degrassi together?

      Degrassi is a Canadian TV francise about a group of students who live on/near De Grassi street. The current Degrassi series is Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    • Barney: Tell me more. Tell me more. Like did he have a car?

      This is a clear reference to the lines of a song from the musical Grease called "Summer Nights". With the song, Sandy and Danny, the lead characters in the play, describe to their friends how their brief summer love affair went.

    • Barney: Finish Him!!

      This is a clear allusion to the video game "Mortal Kombat". When you KOed (knocked out) your opponent, he stood once again to receive the coup de grace while those words were shown on the screen.