How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 18

Say Cheese

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • Once again, is this necessary to the main plot?

    In this episode, Ted angers Lily when he brings a random date to her birthday party, so she is forced to remind him of all the other random women he has brought along to important functions, only to discover that they weren't "the Besides that, the group discovers that there aren't any bad photographs of Barney and Robin tries hard to take one.

    This is one of the very few episodes of this season in which I could totally emphasize with Marshall and Lily - especially when Marhsall was outraged by Ted's date. On the other hand, Ted was being a jerk in this episode - I didn't like him in most of this season's episodes. Robin and Barney were fine, the storypart with ridiculously photogenic Barney was pretty funny.

    The screenplay of this episode was written not very well and some parts in it were dumb, but most of the time this is one of the funnier episodes of season #5. Most actors were good, but I hated to see Laura Prepon again - I hate her role, but I also think she is a poor actress.

    So, all in all, this is quite a nice episode while being below the standards of HIMYM season 1 and 3.
  • Lilly's Birthday

    After a good episode (by season 5 standards) this one was a bit of a drop back from the previous episode. Lilly who really likes her birthday invites the whole group for it. Things quickly go sour when Ted decides to bring his latest girlfriend. I have to agree with Lilly that Ted shouldn't bring girls he just dated to some personal gatherings. While Amanda was nice and not douchey (Karen) or crazy (Strawberry) she might as well just been blah blah. While I can understand Lilly can too far with the group pictures, I do still side with her. Ted came off as too much like Barney in this episode. For someone who wants to find the one, how he can't remember names of the girls he dated is surprising. It was funny when Lilly was showing the pictures from her events that one girl Ted admitted he just wanted to bang and Lilly giving him props for that. The group saying her name is Strawberry when Ted asked why things didn't work out was also funny. It was also good to see Marshall's you're dead to me look. I also enjoyed how Marshall can't take a good picture while Barney can't take a bad one. I thought Marshall's bad picture was a reference to My Name is Earl. One thing this episode did that was good was showing Lilly's party for next year. If you were watching the episode for the first time, I was looking for the same thing. It was a good thing how the first group of picture of Lilly, Ted and Marshall was shown. It saved this episode from being rated lower.
  • I wanted to give this a positive review...

    But Ted's so infuriatingly assholish that he takes away from the episode. The story started out good, but Ted ruined it by not even bothering to listen to Marshall and Lily's much wiser and completely correct points. Instead the writers took his side despite how wrong it is. Ted needs a wake-up call soon, and his friends need to stop coddling him. He's becoming really annoying.
  • It's Lily's birthday.


    "Say Cheese" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how this episode because it makes a point that you shouldn't bring dates to best friend events. I love Lily in this episode because I feel the same way as her. I love how she looks through an album explaining how Ted has ruined every special event they had as friends by bringing a date. I love how Barney never takes a bad picture. I love how Robin tries to get a bad picture of him and she doesn't succeed until the end of the episode. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • an unnecessary addition

    The episode never really adds on to what they've said time and again. Ted brings home his new girlfriend to Lily's birthday, and Lily does not want her to be part of the group picture. Marshall runs around trying to plan the perfect birthday for Lily while Robin notices how Barney has the same (awesome) pose in every picture.
    Firstly, Lily's apprehensiveness over Ted's new girlfriend's appearance in her birthday photo is not new, and it is understandable. Hence Ted's defending it as though it were a new subject seems off. Moreover, how she could screw the cake up so bad, I'll never know.
    Second, (SPOILER ALERT) Marshall talks of how he's had to talk to all of Ted's girlfriends after he (Ted) broke up with them and be the shoulder they could cry on. It just seemed odd that Ted broke up with so many girls in his apartment when getting rid of them from there would be the obvious hassle, hence men tend to avoid breaking up in their own house.
    Third, What is the point of the whole Robin-Barney photo thing? I don't see how Barney's looking good in photos has anything to do with anything. Moreover, the impossible shots just take away from the reality of the show without adding anything to it. I was unimpressed by that and though they did flesh out Robin's role as the maybe that stayed, I did not much care for it.
    Overall, a dismal performance on a dismal storyline. It has been a while and the mother is almost entirely forgotten. One other thing i can't stand is how Older Ted is saying all this to his kids and they still listen to this without yelling at him to "Bring out the mother, already!'.
  • A nice look at the past girlfriends Ted has had.

    I thought this episode was enjoyable even though it wasn't eventful. It's Lilly's birthday, and Ted brings a girl, Amanda. Lilly doesn't want Amanda in the picture due to the other girls Ted has had in Lilly's pictures that he soon broke up with. I love how Lilly ridicules Amanda throughout the whole episode, when she's in the other room. We take a gander at the past, and two past girlfriends from past episodes make an appearance. We've got Anne Dudek as Natalie from the third episode of the firsts season, and of course, we have Karen (Laura Prepon): Ted's college girlfriend. While all of this is happening, Robin tries to find a way to take a bad picture of Barney since he says he's never had a bad picture. We learn that Marshall never takes good pictures. Marshall was the only negative in this episode, god he was so annoying. Him & his stupid guitar, and his stupid singing. I wanted to shoot my brains out every time he started talking. I liked how he told off Amanda though, Amanda ends up messing up the cake and calling Lilly: Lori, and mistaking her age for 42 when she was turning 32. All is forgiven by the end, and they take the group picture with Amanda once Lilly remembers that Marshall & Ted took a picture with her when they first met her. So everything is resolved, and Robin gets a bad picture from Barney. Sure nothing important happened, but I enjoyed it and it was funny. Good episode.
  • Haha! I loved the concept of Robin trying to take a bad photo of Barney!

    This was a funny episode, and it was without doubt one fo the best ones of this current season. The episode was quite good in a ll aspects, and it certainly awas an interesting episode in every way, in both main storylines.

    I loved Robin trying to atake a bad photot of Barney, and I thought that was really funny. It was also a gtreat way to end off the episode! I loved it!

    Also, Lily's albbum of Ted's 'the one's' was funny, and I really thought they did excellently with that storyline as well!

    Overall, a great episode. I'd highly reocommend it, as it was really funny and the storylines were senstational!
  • It's Lily's 32nd birthday and the gang is getting ready for the annual celebration. Just the five of them. Except Ted shows up with a date which it seems he does quite often based on Lily's tirade. Things go downhill from there.

    Not the best episode of How I Met Your Mother I have seen. Maybe the worst of the season matter of fact. The premise was cute, but the actual production of the episode was full of very tired and embarrassing moments.

    Unfortunately you could predict the moments that were going to awkward long before they happened and they pretty much went by rote. Ted showing up with a date. Ted not getting the cake Lily wanted. Lily and her walk down memory lane. Marshall trying to stop the negativity.

    Now on the positive side there were some very cute and funny moments. The Midnight tiara, the breakfast in bed guitarist, the fact you couldn't take a bad picture of Barney, Marshall's funny games, and the usual banter between the gang.

    There were just too many negatives to really rate this episode any higher than I did. It was almost painful to watch at times and I wanted to fast forward through some spots. You know you are in trouble when that happens. There's always next week! Thanks for reading...
  • The characters of HIMYM all discuss previous women of Ted's as he brings another one to Lily's birthday.

    Barney in this episode was plain and simply Barney proving to Robin how he's picture perfect. The whole 'surprise snapshot' made me laugh more then once. Lily's birthday was classic as Marshall was being really cheesy and cracked me up.

    Ted got a real wake up call to how many women he has been with and how many times he says they are the one. The reason the writers are delaying showing Ted's mother is they believe once they do people will lose interest as they finally have met her. I believe once she's introduced they should spend a season or two showing her and Ted together and make us views really sure that she is actually the one.

    I really hope by the end of the season we meet her and spend the next season getting to know her. We don't even have to find out she's the mother it can be just a girl he's dating.