How I Met Your Mother - Season 5

CBS (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Doppelgangers
    Episode 24
    Lily and Marshall seem to keep seeing Barney's doppelgänger, their agreed upon sign to try to get pregnant. Robin gets an offer for an anchor position in Chicago and is torn between accepting it or staying in New York with Don.
  • The Wedding Bride
    Episode 23
    Ted, while awaiting the inevitable discovery of what emotional baggage his new girlfriend surely carries, discovers the movie he's taken her to see is based on his relationship with Stella—but with him as the bad guy.
  • 5/10/10
    Crashing a snobby high-society party allows Ted to show off how pretentiously intellectual he can be, while Marshall and Lily's baby talk and Robin being off with Don leaves Barney worrying for the future of the gang.
  • Twin Beds
    Episode 21
    A weekend away having to sleep in twin beds makes Marshall and Lily realize they might help their home life. Robin's possible co-habitation with Don makes both Ted and Barney realize they may want her back.
  • Home Wreckers
    Episode 20
    Ted's repulsed by how erotically his mother's fiancé talks about her, and their wedding spurs him to take drastic action. Marshall reveals crazy things he's done and has everyone guess if he was drunk or a kid.
  • Zoo or False
    Episode 19
    Marshall's mugging leads to Lily thinking a gun will solve her safety worries—and to him trying to come up with a way to stop her. Robin is dissatisfied with the quality of her interview show guests.
  • Say Cheese
    Episode 18
    Lily's furious when Ted brings a date to her birthday dinner, and a review of her photo album shows all the girls Ted's brought to events because he thought they were "the one". Meanwhile, Robin desperately tries to take a bad picture of Barney.
  • Of Course
    Episode 17
    Robin consults a self-help guru to help resolve her anger towards Barney and his behavior during their break-up.
  • Hooked
    Episode 16
    The rest of the gang hopes to make Ted realize he's being strung along by a girl named Tiffany, remembering their own similar situations in the process. Meanwhile, Barney's thrilled when he learns she's a pharmaceutical sales rep, the current 'hot girl' occupation.
  • Rabbit or Duck
    Episode 15
    Marshall and Lily set up Ted with one of Barney's discards from his Super Bowl plea for phone calls as a Valentine's Day date. Meanwhile, Robin's invited to a party by a Don, which she suspects is really a date.
  • The Perfect Week
    Episode 14
    Depressed over their own lousy weeks—Marshall and Lily were outed as toothrush sharers, Ted mistook a student's name for a gag, and a guy won't call Robin for a second date—the rest of the gang cheer Barney on towards a "perfect week": seven girls in seven days with no rejections.
  • Jenkins
    Episode 13
    When Marshall's co-worker Jenkins kisses him, he can't get Lily to believe it happened. Robin discovers she's the subject of a drinking game played by people watching her talk show.
  • Girls Vs. Suits
    Episode 12
    Barney chooses between wearing suits and sleeping with a sexy bartender. Meanwhile, Ted dates a student from Columbia and reveals she's the roommate of his future wife.
  • Last Cigarette Ever
    Episode 11
    The gang tries to kick the smoking habit. Meanwhile, Robin deals with her new co-anchor at Channel 1, who's clearly given up on the job.
  • The Window
    Episode 10
    Ted's neighbor Maggie, that he's wanted to date for years, has finally broken up with her boyfriend, putting her back on the market. A letter written to himself when he was 15 reinforces Marshall's shame that he's become a corporate tool.
  • 11/23/09
    On Thanksgiving, Barney's on high alert after a slap that must be used by sundown is bequeathed to Ted and Robin by Marshall. Meanwhile, Lily's estranged father suddenly arrives.
  • The Playbook
    Episode 8
    Barney dusts off his "playbook" to help him back into the dating scene following his breakup with Robin, incensing Lily in the process.
  • The Rough Patch
    Episode 7
    Ted and Marshall turn to Lily to break up a clearly miserable Barney and Robin after their own plan fails.
  • Bagpipes
    Episode 6
    Barney convinces Marshall to stand up to Lily's desire he wash all dirty dishes immediately, getting them into a major fight. Ted and Robin deal with upstairs neighbors continually having sex.
  • Duel Citizenship
    Episode 5
    Facing deportation, Robin decides to become a U.S. citizen, but she can't seem to let go of her Canadian heritage. Ted and Marshall take a road trip to Chicago, but Lily's decision to join up spoils the fun.
  • 10/12/09
    When a girl comes home with Ted from MacLaren's, but merely sleeps and leaves, Barney breaks the news that he's been used for a place to crash. Robin and Barney become the latest to suffer through an awkward "couples night" at Marshall and Lily's.
  • Robin 101
    Episode 3
    Robin thinks Barney is cheating on her, but learns he's actually getting "Robin 101" classes from Ted. Marshall tries to give away his barrel, Mabel, by leaving it on the sidewalk, but is miffed that no one seems interested.
  • Double Date
    Episode 2
    Ted realizes his blind date is the same girl he had a blind date with seven years prior, and they use the opportunity to try to learn what they do wrong on first dates. Meanwhile, Barney and Marshall discover a Lily look-alike at a strip club—the "third doppelgänger" for a member of the gang they've found so far.moreless
  • Definitions
    Episode 1
    The rest of the gang uncovers Barney and Robin's clandestine romance. Ted fights his nerves over his impending teaching debut at Columbia.