How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on CBS

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  • Barney on TPIR

    This was an episode, one that gets better with time. This show is good for many reasons. Another reason happened in this episode. You see that in this episode with the stain on Ted and Robin's clothes (more on that in a later review) and Lilly and Marshall's wedding (more on that sooner).

    The story of Lilly trying to gain weight for her wedding was a great one. It was done in such a way that didn't make you dislike her. It was funny the call she placed to get her dress fixed. It was also enjoyable how Robin helped out Lilly.

    The potential speeches Ted gave to Marshall to approve were all great. My favorite one may have been the "chocolate milk" story. The eventual story he gave is what makes Lilly and Marshall a great couple is the best one he could've told. After the scene where Ted gives he speech, this is what makes the series great. When you think you are going to hear the story of Lilly's and Marshall's wedding (and why Marshall is wearing a hat), you hear why Barney is on The Price is Right.

    Barney has grown up not knowing who his father was and stories he told his friends, his mother didn't tell him much either until she breaks down and tells Bob Barker is. It's funny how Barney still believes it as an adult. The story of him being on the show is very funny and shows Barney's good side. This also shows he is not only good at picking up women and his job but knowing prices on different products. I thought Bob Barker did a great job on this episode. Since was on CBS, I think this was shoot on the actual studio where The Price is Right is shoot. And if it wasn't bravo set designers. Highlights from Barney include when he says dad after he is called up and when he brings pictures of his youth. I love that Barney never told Bob that he was his "son."

    And yes like I said before this gets better.
  • Marshall and Lily try to stay two weeks apart and Barney prepares to meet his dad.

    This was easily my favorite episode of the season and could possibly my favorite of all time. Ted seeks help with the perfect best man's speech, and Marshall and Lily try to stay two weeks apart. Ted and Marshall relive some funny stories, and Robin force-feeds Lily who has lost enough weight to make her wedding dress too big. However, my favorite storyline was Barney memorizing the prices of certain retail items for his appearance on my favorite gameshow, The Price Is Right. As a kid, Barney's mother told him his real dad was Bob Barker, and his ungullable self believed her. I thought all the times he tried "talking" to his dad as a kid was great. Then I loved seeing him on the show with the great Bob Barker, who I dearly love. I thought how he guessed everything at the exact price was unrealistic, but for once, I'm okay with it. I loved vintage Bob trying to encourage Barney to hurry up with his bid. Even though we all know Barker isn't Barney's dad, it was a little touching to see Barney resist telling Bob he was his dad, but it was great heartwarming him congratulating Bob on his 35 years hosting the show. Of course, Barker retired that year and Drew Carey replaced him. Anyway, that's how Barney got Marshall and Lily their wedding gifts. And I can't stop saying good things and why I liked the episode, so I'll end it here.
  • Marshall and Lily attempt to live apart from each other so their wedding night will be special.


    "Showdown" is a cute How I Met Your Mother episode. It was so cute how Marshall and Lily want to spend the next two weeks apart, so their wedding night is special. I love how Marshall and Lily have been sneaking out to meet each other at a hotel every night. I love how Lily is living with Robin and she finds out she's lost so much weight that she can't fit in her wedding dress. I love how Robin puts her on a diet where she needs to gain weight. I love how Ted was having so much difficulty trying to write his best man speech as he didn't want to make it sound dirty. It was so cute how Barney was preparing himself to be on The Price is Right because he thinks Bob Barker is his dad. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Lilly & Marshall's wedding, part one.

    Definitely an outstanding hilarious episode, the laughs just kept on coming. After all the buildup from the past 2 seasons, Lilly & Marshall's wedding is only a week away, and we get to see Ted's toast at the wedding, so we sort of get a sneak peak on future episodes. In this episode, Lilly & Marshall have to be apart for their wedding so they can prove they're not co-dependent of each other. Meanwhile Lilly's dress is too small, and now Robin is training her to fill it in, Robin's training is hysterical! Meanwhile Ted practices a toast for Lilly & Marshall's wedding, that's when we see a look back on some Lilly & Marshall moments, which were again: Hilarious. Barney thinks that Bob Barker: The Host of Price is Right is his father so he goes on the game show to make him proud. I wasn't too sure about his plot until the end when everyone is watching, waiting to see if Barney won, the suspense was killing me too. Barney ends up winning everything and he passes them off as wedding presents, which makes the bride to be & Marshall very happy, I didn't think it was going to tie in to the wedding plot, but once again HIMYM has surprised me. An amazing episode, and I can't wait to see how Lilly & Marshall's wedding unfolds.
  • One of the best game show tie-in episodes ever!

    Game show fans likt it when a sitcom meets game show (Odd Couple; Password, 227; Wheel of Fortune, Mama's Family; Jeopardy!, etc.). This marks the first time The Price Is Right did a sitcom episode & just in time before Barker's retirement.

    Looks like the writers made some errors on Barney's appearance. 1). Where was the $500 bonus for a perfect bid on those watches?

    2). Or why didn't he get his bonus spin for $5K or $10K?

    Though his final total was $37.000 +. it should've been $49,000 (including $12,500 in cash).

    And if I had it my way, Barney should've played Grand Game!
  • Barney goes on The Price is Right and Lily and Marshell try spending a week apart.

    I thought that this episode had great storylines I thought that it was really funny too. I can not believe that Barney thinks that he is Bob Barker's son and I can not believe that his mother told him that he was. It was funny to see the flashbacks of Barney when a kid and showing the tv his school work. It was funny to see Lily and Marshell try to spend the week apart before the wedding. How funny was it that Lily could not gain weight to fit in her wedding dress because she was not with Marshell every night. I thought that it was funny that Ted was trying to work on his best man speech but Marshell was not liking his ideas.

    on this episode barney thinks that bob barker is his father because when he was little his mother said he was.
    i love this episode especialy when bob barker called him son and that made barney tear up it was hillarious and when barney asked bob if he was pround of him i just laughed because it was so funny him embaressing himself on television. it was also funny when lilly was trying to gain extra wait for the wedding and robin was treating her like she was in the army.
    but the best bit in the episode would have to be when barney was practicing his walk for when he was chosen to be on the price is right and then ted locked him out.
    this episode is a must see for all himym fans.
  • Lily and Marshall try living apart during the days leading up to their wedding, while Barney is preparing to compete on The Price Is Right. Barney want to make his "dad," Bob Barker, proud!

    I classed this as "a very special episode" only because of Bob Barker's appearance and Barney going on The Price Is Right. That was really a secondary storyline that made for some great laughs. The main event was Marshall & Lily realizing that they can't be apart. This is understandable after what they went through when they were broken up. It's kind of cool that they now see just how important their relationship is and how much they love each other. This also obviously makes a strong impression on Ted as he builds his wedding toast around that story. And knowing how much Ted thinks, I'd be willing to bet this will have an impact on his relationship with Robin. After watching this episode a couple of times and reflecting back on the season, it became more meaningful to the story. The main theme of the first part of this season was Lily & Marshall getting back together. Then we got several misc episodes that basically stand on their own, but good for general character development. Then we went through "Stuff" and "Moving Day" where we see Ted & Robin dealing with some serious relationship issues. In the last two episodes, we are back to Lily & Marshall and their upcoming wedding. I'm excited because I feel that some important, even pivotal things are about to happen. Can't wait for the final two episodes.
  • Marshall and Lily prepare for their wedding night by spending nights apart and Barney fulfills his lifelong dream of being on the TPIR and meeting Bob Barker. How Awesome!

    This episode is exactly why I watch this show. Funny, witty, fast-paced, with classic Barney-isms. As Marshall and Lily's wedding day quickly approaches, their co-dependence on one another wears thin on everybody else, so they are challenged to spend their nights apart from each other. We'll see if they can make the two weeks before the wedding.
    Ted prepares for his best man toast and finds it difficult to tell a story that would please both Marshall and the wedding guests. Great story about getting caught in the carpool lane...
    And then we get to see Barney finally fulfill his quest to be on The Price is Right and meet his "Dad," Bob Barker. Barney is so good that he wins everything, even while winding down the clock so he could spend some quality time with his "dad." I love his delusional thinking. I can't wait for the next two wedding episodes. They should be great!
  • Barney goes on the price is right because he is convinced his father is Bob Barker. While Lilly and Marshal try to spend some time apart so their wedding will be extra special but fail miserably.

    This was a really funny episode Barney as usual idotic but hillarious praciting for the show and he was really gooo at guessing prices. He was so excited to win that it was really great to see and the best part of the show was seeing Barney's softer side unable to tell Bob the "truth" or at least what his mother told him. Barney throwing the ball at the Tv and showing it his report card we very cute and made me feel bad for him momentarily. Lilly and Marshall as always were attached at the hip and recluctantly tried to spend some time apart to make the wedding special but they were unable to spend one night away it was really adorable.
  • what happened to barneys extra spin?

    Very funny episode, this one seemed to be entirely about the upcoming wedding and I was wondering what is happenning with Barney. CBS made a big thing about this episode being about barney finding his father (Bob Barker) and they leave you hanging until almost the end to find out what happened. The one error they made was if you get 1.00 on your spin you get a bonus spin for an extra 5,000 or 10,000 dollars this did not happen with barney they went to the showcase and it was not even explained in the show as to what happened. great episode.
  • The Price is Right On!

    Before Barney made his way on "the Price is Right," another famous Barney made it on "the Price Is Right." Barney Rubble appear on a "Price is right" spoof and won a boat. 43 year later another Barney will descent on the show. Barney's obbesssion with the show drowns out the main story and that's the approaching wedding which will be the season finale. Barney think that Bob Barker is his dad and tires to persude him that it's his son, even on the show. Barney is very smart. He could outguess the price of every thing and he wins big. this epiosde is a winner!