How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 10

Single Stamina

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on CBS
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Barney's brother, James, visits and Robin, the only one in the group that has never met him, is surprised. But James has a surprise for Barney that he finds difficult to swallow.

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  • being single sucks

    In the previous episode, we find out that Robin was Canadian music star in the 90's. This time we find out about Barney's past. We find out that he has a brother who is black. And gay. Wayne Brady did awesome job of playing James.The character of James reminds me of more masculine Cameron from Modern Family even though this happened before the show. I don't think a episode like this could happen a few years ago before this one aired. Granted I was not following the show at this time but I don't remember this episode making a big fuss. I love the fact that Barney has no problem that James is gay and that he wants to sleep around like him even with it's other guys. I think it's interesting that the real life Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is gay in real life and in the TV Show has a gay brother. It's also funny when Ted and Marshall quickly get annoyed the guys hitting on them. It's kind of like girls with guys hitting on them. The place that Barney took James too in trying to get back to single life was a great choice. The conservation that Lilly had with Robin was enjoyable (yes I am a guy) but I don't think was meant as dirty. Even though Barney tried to get James back to his old ways, I really liked he was genuinely happy for James when he announced that he was adopting. The wedding scene at the ending was great. First the baby in a suit was awesome. The producers go a good job of Ted and Robin and Marshall and Lilly (like when their wedding will be) I think James announcement of his adoption and later his wedding had a impact on him in his future.

    This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season.moreless
  • When the two power couples of the group emerge, Barney brings on his original wingman: his gay, black brother.

    The holidays have came, and when Ted and Robin and Marshall and Lily just want to sit around and do boring couple stuff, Barney calls up his original wingman: his gay, black brother played by Whose Line's Wayne Brady. Honestly, I didn't like the episode very much. Probably my favorite part was how Barney & James's mother explained why Barney was white and James was black. But now Barney's trying to interfere with his own brother's life when he hears he's getting married. I didn't like Barney in this episode. A brother should be supportive of another's decision(s) and Barney was not at first. Another reason I didn't like the episode was besides giving a few words of advice, Ted, Marshall, Robin and Lily were only there at the bar(s) getting hit on by other guys. I liked Wayne Brady's appearance and performance, but probably Season 2's weakest episode at this point.moreless
  • Barney's brother is in town.

    "Single Stamina" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how how Barney has a brother named James and he's black. I love the flashback of Barney's mom saying she had vanilla icecream when she was pregnant with Barney and chocolate icecream when she was pregnant with James. I love how Barney tries to hook up with James, but James doesn't seem interested. I love how we find out he has a boyfriend and that they're getting married. I love how Barney is all against marriage and committed relationships, but once he finds out that James is adopting a baby, I love how Barney accepts Jame's committed relationship. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Hidden meanings and such.

    Definitely a good outlook on the future, and a good depth look at Barney's character. I just simply didn't enjoy this as much as other episodes, which is why it's rated a bit low. 6 is not bad. Maybe to some people on here, but I just thought this episode was okay. Barney's gay black brother comes to town, and has a secret: He's engaged. When Barney finds out, it really affects him. He spends the rest of the episode trying to hook James up with other guys. Then he finds out that he's adopting a baby, which changes Barney's min completely. That hug between the brothers was so nice, and it was nice that Barney finally accepted their monogamy. Meanwhile Ted & Marshall experience being the ones being hit on at a gay club, while the girls love their freedom. Without the ending, and the hidden meaning toward the end, this episode wouldn't have done so well in the rating scale. In the future: at James' wedding, we learn that Marshall & Lilly do get married. But we also learn that Ted & Robin stay after 9. In the beginning of this episode, Future Ted says that the single people always stay after nine. Robin & Ted didn't, which means they're broken a year from now. Definitely sad to see, but we knew it had to happen sometime. Eventful in some ways, but I didn't laugh as much as this show regularly makes me laugh. Okay episode.moreless
  • We learn that Barney though he is a womanizing jerk(who is hilarious) has a gay brother and is totally cool with it. Still against marriage though.

    This episode was made to bring a human quality to the character of Barney who up until now has been very one dimensional and this brought a new level of awesomeness to the character. This episode was not only saying that "gay is okay" it was also saying that everyone is the same. James and Barney can get along really well not because they are brothers but because whether your gay or not you can have things in common with one another. Everyone has their differences and everyone has their similarities and it doesn't matter what they are it just matters that you accept them. I'm not a gay man but I don't bash a great episode of an amazing show for having a homosexual character cause I'm not homosexual. The episdoe was funny and I was delightd to see that Marshal and Lily eventually do get married and Barney is still awesome 6 months into the future and Ted and Robyn are still together. Also to all the reviewers who said that this episode was done only because of NPH's recent coming out that wouldn't matter if it were true and they are not going to make Barney Gay just because NPH is gay. The only reason NPH came out in the first place is so the media would stop speculating about his sexual orientation. The people on the show had known for a while. They would not bring a gay character on the show for the soul purpose of exploiting NPH. The show and its writers are more respectful not only to NPH but everyone involved to do that sort of thing. It is a shame that fans of this show would believe that the show would sell out Neil Patrick Harris so easily. I look forward to December 11thmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The actor that plays Tom in this episode is not the same with the one on season 7 in the episode 'The Rebound Girl'

    • At James' wedding a year later, Ted and Robin do not leave the reception when Lily and Marshall do, which shows that Ted and Robin now have single stamina again; thus alluding to their break up at the end of Season 2.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Barney: It's not too late to back out of this stupid marriage thing! You don't have to do this, bro!
      James: Yes, I do!
      Barney: Why?!
      James: Because Tom and I are gonna have a baby!
      Barney: What, there's gonna be a baby?
      James: Yes. We're adopting.
      Barney: Oh my god… I'm gonna be an uncle?
      James: For the rest of your life.

    • Robin: How come it never came up that Barney has a gay black brother?
      Ted: Maybe that's because I focus on what's inside a person rather than the color of their skin. I'm just kidding. I just wanted to see the look on your face.

    • Barney: OK, here's my thing - if gay guys start getting married, then suddenly the whole world's gonna be doing it. That's how it works: they start something, then six months later, everyone follows. Like... now everyone gets manicures.
      Ted: Yeah... I don't get manicures.
      Barney: OK, then, like, how... like getting your chest waxed.
      Lily: [gasping] Oh! You get your chest waxed?
      Barney: [annoyed] You know what I mean!
      [back on topic]
      Barney: Gay marriage is going to cause single life as we know it to die out.
      [in despair]
      Barney: Think of how the American family will be strengthened!

    • Ted: Barney and his brother aren't exactly alike.
      Lily: James is gay.
      Robin: Really? Never in a million years would I picture you with a gay brother, that's awesome!
      Ted: Yea, we just wanted you to have a heads-up so you don't act all surprised when he gets here.
      (Barney's black brother enters the apartment)
      Robin: Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Old Ted: It got so bad Barney tried to be his own wingman.
      (Clip from the bar)
      Barney: Have you met me?

    • Robin: Bras suck. They're so confining and unnatural.
      Lily: Yeah, they're like a boobie zoo.

    • Marshall: Oh, poor me. I get to order yummy pink drinks with chunks of real fruit that guys secretly like but can't order because they'll be made fun of.
      Ted: Dude
      Marshall: They're delicious!

    • (About his brother)
      Barney: He's the awesomest, most best-lookingest, greatest guy ever!
      Lily: He's exactly like Barney.
      Barney: That's what I just said.

    • Barney:(to James) Oh man, I am so excited that you're here! It has been forever since I have been around anyone even remotely fun! (to Ted, Marshall, Lily and Robin) Huh... yes offense.

    • Barney: Hey buddy, your parents are married! Just because you're raised by married people doesn't mean you have to choose that lifestyle. High five! Luckily you got me. In twenty and a half years you'll be twenty-one, and I'll be...I haven't decided yet. We're going to roll out uncle and nephew style.

    • Ted: Can't two straight guys come to a gay dance club, enjoy some Techno, and some good conversation without being bothered?

    • Barney: Who is this? And the answer better be, I don't remember his name.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Im Pärchen-Koma", meaning "In a Couple-Coma". The French title is "Faux frère", meaning "False Brother". The Italian title is "Vita da single", meaning "Single Life".

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: January 20, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      The song during the end of the episode is called "Skyway" by the Replacements, from their album "Pleased to Meet Me" released in 1987.


    • When Barney and James have their fake confronation in the bar, Barney says "PoPoZao" which is the name of Kevin Federline's poorly received single.

    • Recalling a past dual sexual triumph, Barney describes one girl as being "a little bit country," while James describes a guy as being, "a little bit way into black guys," playing off the lyrics to Donny and Marie Osmond's "A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll".