How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 9

Slap Bet

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Marshall, Lily, Ted and Robin are out at lunch when Barney comes in and asks who wants to go with him to the mall. Robin says she doesn't want to go, and everyone wants to know why, but she just wants to keep it to herself. Ted defends her, but later asks her about it. She says it's her own little secret. Marshall and Barney come up with theories about why she won't go to the mall. Barney decides that she must have done pornography, while Marshall thinks that she got married at a mall. They decide to do a slap bet. Ted asks Robin if she is married and she says no, but later says yes. She tells Ted that her husband moved to Hong Kong and she hasn't seen him in years. Marshall slaps Barney because he won the bet. Ted later discovers that Robin really isn't married when Marshall finds no record of a marriage license. Barney slaps Marshall three times for being wrongly slapped the first time. Barney tracks down a guy who has a tape of "Robin Sparkles" and gets it put on myspace. Robin is shocked to hear that name. Barney starts to play the video, but stops it after a few seconds to spare Robin's diginity. Barney slaps Marshall again and says he was right and Robin did do porn. Robin says it wasn't porn, and they all look shocked. She tells them to play it because they might as well know the truth. Music starts and Robin's voice comes on singing "Let's Go To The Mall." The gang stands around and makes fun of the video. It turns out Robin was a teen star in Canada during the nineties. She'd had to perform her song at several malls during a tour and hadn't been to a mall since.