How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 9

Slap Bet

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • The First Slap

    This was a very great episode that grows with time. It was good when you first see it and even better as you see more episodes of the series. Ted and Barney have an argument about relationships (again). Personally I agree with Ted. The scene with Ted "marrying" Robin where she tells him she used to be a dude was hilarious. When you find out that Robin doesn't want to go to malls, you are left guessing why she actually is. It's what makes this episode and the series great. It's perfect that Barney tries to find out the reason. The bet between Marshall and Barney was great to see. When you find out that Robin had a name of Robin Sparkles and you see the the start of the video then when it actually begins, you led in a different direction.

    Like I have said before this is a great show and this episode was an example of that. One reason why it's good is because you are left guessing what will happen and when. In this case it's the other slaps. At the same time, it doesn't take the spotlight on who the mother is.
  • Robin hides a secret from her past and the legacy of slap betting begins.

    I was honestly annoyed with this episode at first, from everyone bombarding Robin as to why she hates malls, Lily getting any and every secret out of Marshall, and Robin's secret. But as I rewatched it, I would kind of want my girlfriend to state a reason for why she dislikes something most people like, I thought Marshall and Lily telling each other everything was funny and cute, and "Let's Go To The Mall" has sort of a weird catch to it even though the video's a little freaky. But also in the episode, the Slap Bet saga begins with Marshall slap betting Barney that Robin got married in a mall, and Barney slap betting Marshall that Robin did porn in a mall. It results in a lot of slapping and Barney agreeing to being slapped five times any time in the future over ten immediate slaps. Marshall hands out Slap #1 in the same episode while saving the others for later, creating hell for Barney. When I finally thought about it, this was a great episode and an iconic one for all of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Robin Sparkles

    This episode deserves a big... wait for it... LOL! Definitely one of the best, I've watched it many times. Robin has a secret, that has to do with a mall and she won't tell Ted, who keeps bugging her about it. Marshall and Barney make a bet on what Robin's secret is. If it's porn, then Barney slaps Marshall, if Robin was married in a mall, Marshall slaps Barney. Through many hilarious scenes it is finally revealed that Robin was a teenage pop star called Robin Sparkles. She had one minor hit called "Let's Go to the Mall" and she performed it in malls around the country. All in all, Robin Sparkles music video = funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Marshall ends up getting the right to slap Barney five times and the Slaps are born.
  • Let's go o the mall! Today!

    The episode is just amazing, especially when barney thinks that Robyn doesn't go with the mall because of porn and that guy (dunno his name) thinks she doesn't go to the nall because she was married. I also like the slap bet, I tries it with some of my friends and they liked it!

    I'm really surprised why Robyn doesn't want to got to the mall, she's actually a pop star, a young pop star, who made this song in Canada, Let's go to the mall! Today!

    An episode full of revelations, all because of wrong perceptions.

    If I can see Robyn right now, I'll say.

    It's not nice making up fake secrets

    I also liked here code name Robyn Sparkles^^
  • Marshall and Barney have a slap bet about Robins secret about not going to the mall.

    I love this episode of How I Met Your Mother. The one thing I like about this show is when they compare Canada to the United States. It's funny how Marshall and Lily tell each other everything. It shows how much they are in love with each other. Barney and Marshall betting what Robin secret is is so funny especially the whole slap bet thing. Marshall thinks she got married in the mall while Barney thinks it's Canadian porn. Robin secret is that she was Canadian popstar when she was 16. The best part about this episode is when Marshall saids that it looks like it was made in the 1980's and Robin replies that the 1980's didn't come to Canada until the 1990's. After she said that I was thinking that is so true. I give this episode 10/10.
  • The Best Episode Yet

    OMG, this is probably the best episode yet, with 2 big bases of How I Met Your Mother :
    -The slap bet, with 2 slap which hasn't been given yet
    -The Robin Sparkles song career in Canada

    Two things which we are still talking about !!
    Oh in episode 4.23 Ted's cell ring is "Let's go to the mall" !! Just amazing !! :p
    Anyway, I just thinks that this episode is the best episode, we are laughing all long during, I just can't resist.

    I hope we'll have the fourth slap soon, with a more amazing episode !! I'd like to see Barney in coma after the slap :p
  • What is Robin's secret?

    Wow, How I Met Your Mother has been really impressive lately. This season has been outstanding! Throughout the whole episode, Robin reveals that she doesn't like malls. Ted wants to figure out why, and won't leave it a lone. Marshall bets she's married, and Barney bets she's a porn star. If one loses the bet, they have to get slapped. Lilly becomes the Slap Commissioner. Robin admits to be married at a mall in Canada, if it were only that simple. It turns out Robin was lying about being married, only to hide an even bigger secret. Barney finds out that she was a pron star: Again if it were only that simple. Robin actually was a Canadian pop start for a year after having a one hit wonder: The catchiest song I probably have ever heard, "Let's Go To The Mall" No one wins the bet but since Barney slapped Marshall thinking he won. Now Marshall owes Barney 5 slaps, and it can be at any given time. He slaps him once in this episode, now he has 4 left. I'm interested to see when the remaining slaps will take place. A hilarious eventful episode that was finally centered on Robin, just Robin without really making it a relationship plot, although it kind of was. About sharing secrets. But I didn't see it that way. Hilarious episode, with a catchy song!
  • Robin Sparkles! lets go to the mall!

    Oh my god! this was the funniest mother episode off all time! everything was perfect. the slap bet, robinas secret, the mall hilarious!!! the writers really know how to write a good comedy. kudos to them! this season is even better than the last one! thank you very much!

    Lets sing a song!

    Let’s go to the mall, everybody, ha. Go!
    Come on Jessica, come on Tori
    Let’s go to the mall,
    You won’t be soh-ry.
    Put on your jelly bracelets
    And your cool graffiti coat.
    Having fun at the mall
    Is what it’s all a-boot.

    I haven’t done my homework yet
    (That’s OK!)
    And you know how my parents get.
    But I don’t care
    ‘Cause all my friends are gonna be there.

    Everybody come and play.
    Throw every last care away.
    Let’s go to the mall (giggle) today.

    There’s this boy I like.
    Met him at the food court.
    He’s got hair like Gretzsky
    And he does jumps on his skateboard.
    I hope he asks me out.
    Takes me to my favorite spot.
    It’ll be just him and me.
    (But don’t forget the robot.)

    Dad says I’m too young to date
    But baby I don’t want to wait.
    That’s OK, I’m gonna rock your body anyway.
    I’m gonna rock your body till Canada Day.

    Repeat chorus

    I went to the mall with a couple of friends.
    I had a whole week’s allowance to spend.
    I want hoop earrings and a Benetton shirt.
    I came here to shop and I came here to flirt.

    I turned around and who should I see But Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
    He said, “Young lady, I don’t approve”
    So I had to get down and bust [totally indecipherable].
  • The best episode yet.

    The gang discovers that Robin's been hiding a huge secret, but they have no idea what it is. Marshall thinks she is married, and Barney thinks she was a porn star.
    This episode of How I met your mother was the best episode so far in this great series, I loved it when Marshall and Barney were slapping each other, when Barney slaps Marshall in the bar was the one of the funniest moments so far in the show oh and Marshall began to cry that was very funny, can't wait to see when Barney gets his next slap, also Robin music video was great stupid but funny LOL.
  • Amazing episode.

    The slap-bet with it's weird rules, only beaten by the chinese game Barney played in the atlanta episode is just great. As Marshall has some slaps left i am really looking forward to see them getting used in later episodes. From all the reasons they made up as to why Robin wont go to the mall i thought Barney's the most probable one. Laughed out loud when the mistery got solved in the end. Just love that music video in a "please someone make me look away" way. That is just too much 80s to not suffer from an overdose.

    just a great episode, definetly a highlight.
  • The day the violence came to HIMYM!!!!! *LOL*

    I would say this is the most awesome episode of "How I Met Your Mother" I can think of. It is just funny and one good joke follow right the next one. You got to watch this because end is the best of it all. When they all find out that Robin was not doing adult films and poor Barney already hit Marshall
    because he thought he was right but then he wasn't hehe I laughed my a** off. But the best thing is that Marshall has got some Slaps left for infinity and he uses some of them in later episodes. And he got still some left.
    You have to watch it!!!!!!! If you have not already.
  • wow!!

    Robin Sparkles. Who woulda thunk it?? I really enjoyed this epsode. The slaps the mall, its just all too perfect. Wow!! Robin was a mall singer, thats very clever. And Barney thought she did porn. I was shocked to find out she was a mall singer. The video was awesome, yes awesome. It was very 80s colorful. The song was actually really funny and i find myself humming the tune a lot. This is one of the more interesting episodes of this show.
  • But silly in a good way!

    In this episode, after Robin refuses to visit a local mall with the others, the gang all try to figure out what she has against them. The disagreement between Barney (she's a former porn star) and Marshall (she's married) leads to the introduction of one of the show's very best running gags - the slap bet!

    The hilerious "Let's Go To The Mall" video is reason enough to watch this episode. The idea of Robin being a 90s pop sensation is utterly ridulous, but it's a hilerious one at that and this show has had a slightly random sense of humour from the beggining. (what about the pineapple?)

    More of this, please!
  • Legen-wait for it-DARY!

    L E G E N - W A I T F O R I T - D A R Y L E G E N - W A I T F O R I T - D A R Y L E G E N - W A I T F O R I T - D A R Y L E G E N - W A I T F O R I T - D A R Y L E G E N - W A I T F O R I T - D A R Y L E G E N - W A I T F O R I T - D A R Y
  • Freaking hilarious!!

    Oh man, I must've watched this episode half a dozen times and it still cracks me up. Every element is classic... Barney and Marshall's slapbet, Lily's enthusiasm for being slapbet commissioner, Robin's fake husband/wedding, Robin's video clip!
    Damn that was a clever plot. "I was a teen pop star in Canada." Oh that kills me! It's always a pleasant surprise when a show that never dissappoints delivers even more than you think is possible. I was loving the episode before Robin's revelation and that just made it nearly too good to handle. I've showed this episode to everyone that'll watch it. It's a stellar example of the brilliance that is HIMYM and sells the show beautifully.

    Well done guys, I am thoroughly impressed!!
  • This episode stands out above the rest and that's no easy task.

    This is one of my favorite episodes so far. After my tivo did it's record thing i watched the crap out of this episode and laughed every single time. That video is priceless. Robyn is a great "porn star" (notice the quote marks people). The Barney/Marshall story is gut busting and ties into Robyn and Teds story line flawlessly. If you don't want your cheeks to hurt then you shouldn't watch this one. Ok......lets go to the mall everybody!
  • A series classic for sure... Marshall still has four slaps to go.

    This episode was a series classic. We learn Robin's secret and we hear about the "Slap Bet". When the whole gang goes to a mall and Robin doesn't want to go to a mall, they want to know why Robin doesn't like to go to the mall. Marshall and Barney have two opinions on why Robin doesn't like malls. Marshall's opinion is that Robin was married in a mall and Barney's opinion is that Robin used to do porn in Canada and then they do the ultimate bet... a slap bet. Ted is having problems trying to keep Robin's secret to himself and accidentally tells Lily, Marshall and Barney the secret. In the end, no one wins the Slap Bet, but they each got a couple slaps to each other and Marshall still has four more slaps to go. Robin's secret is also that she is a pop star in Canada named Robin Sparkles. This is going to be a series classic.
  • Robin Sparkles!!

    Robin was a pop singer in Canada?? No really. Yep, it's true she was Robin Sparkles. She was a famous Canadian mall singer.

    It started when Robin didn't want to go to the mall. Who hates malls? Barney was trying to figure out her past. He wanted to know why she hated malls so much. He found a clip on the internet of her(Robin Sparkles) and showed everyone. It was so funny. The lines were so cheasy but it was kind of catchy. That mada me laugh so hard. This episode was so funny and I'm glad to know something about Robin even if it's that.
  • We finally learned something about Robin's life before she moved to New York.

    One of the better episodes of season two in my opinion. I liked the idea of Robin being a teenage pop star in Canada. I also liked the slap bet, a good idea, now I can't wait to see when Marshall is going to use his next four slaps. The Robin Sparkles video was hilarious and altogether the episode was good. Robin has been a sort of mysterious character, there's been flashbacks from the other characters' lives but no one really knew what Robin had been up to in Canada. This will be an episode I'll remember, sort of like "The Pineapple Incident", though that was the best episode of the show by far.
  • All of what you are looking...And Marshall still has 4 more slaps to go

    The fact that Robin reveals that she was once a Canadian pop star is a awesome thing because no one saw it coming. Is a why I never miss an episode of this extremely funny underrated laugh fest, whether it's Barney hunting a "Cougar" or Robin Sparkles this show grows on you with each episode.
  • Ted And Barney Argue The Fine Points Of Women. Marshal And Barney Make A Bet. Barney Reveals A Secret Robyn Has Been Hiding From Everyone Who Wasn\'t In A Mall In Canada In 1993.

    Ted feels that you should find out the \"deal breaker\" of your gf as soon as posible to see if you can get over it. Barney thinks its better to have fun and wait to find out the \"deal breaker\". Robyn refuses to go the mall with the gang. Marshal has one theory, Barney another; The only way this can be resolved? A Slap Bet. With Slap Bet Commisioner Lily in place the two go about uncovering Robyn\'s mysterious past. Was Robyn Married In Canada? Maybe. Did She Do Porn? Who Knows? Will this episode be hilarious? YEAH! The writing was awesome the story was just great and the best part of it all. Barney was involved in every aspect of the story meaning one liners and innuendo\'s galore. Robyn apparently was a one hit wonder in the Canadian pop world in the early 90\'s and has kept it from everyone. The video of her song was just spectacular and I now truly respect the show for being as lame as possible and still being able to sustain its humor. Overall Slap Bet is a great idea. I think Marshal holding his 5 slaps over Barney for the rest of eternity will be hilarious. Also I think everyone should \"Go To The Mall. Today!\" and pick up Season 1 of this fantastic show that has never stopped making us fall for all of its characters and tune in next week as well.
  • Not the best episode of the second season

    Every good show has a bad episode now and then, and I thought this one was kind of stupid. However, it won\'t deter me from tuning in next week. I just bought season one on DVD (I started watching midway through the first season, so I missed some of the beginning), and I love watching what I missed now that I know who the characters are. I am hoping this show hangs on for a couple more years-it will be interesting to see who the mother of Ted\'s kids turns out to be. I have a feeling it won\'t be Robin...
  • One of the funniest half hours of comedy I have ever seen.

    I have never heard of such a thing as a "Slap Bet", and now I wish that I had when growing up, just to witness the hilarity of someone being slapped across the face. I hope this Slap Bet and the remaning 4 slaps don't get glossed over. I hope that at a really perfect time Marshall slaps Barney across the face. Robin had the presence of mind to make up all kinds of details about a faux wedding, but managed to forget to make up a name... that would seem to be classic Robin.

    And why has Barney seen Marshall's penis?
  • Everybody come and play! Throw every last care away! (Spoilers)

    In the history of awesome episodes of HIMYM, this one ranks amongst the awesomest. Taking just about any Canada joke and stereotype in the book that they can (\"The \'80s didn\'t come to Canada until, like, \'93.\") and sandwiching literal slapstick comedy (\"That was one.\") and screwball dialogue (\"Your hand is MONSTROUS!\" \"Dude, wha\'d you expect? You\'ve seen my penis.\") around it before pretty much using a potato cannon to launch it at the audience, this episode is up there with World\'s Greatest Couple as the best of Season Two, as well as with Game Night and Slutty Pumpkin for Overall Greatest Episode of the Series.

    Topping this off, although it\'s actually outside of the TV episode itself, is the fact that the crew of the series went out of their way and actually created a Robin Sparkles MySpace fansite with the full single and music video. Given that the song itself hits just the right amount of 80\'s nostalgia and cheese, as well as, again, every stereotype about Canada as they can cram in (including the pronounciation of \"sorry\" and \"about\" and references to Gretzky), they have unleashed a horror-spawn of teen pop that will quickly devour your soul and cause you unrest until you\'ve infected other people with it.

    Let\'s go to the mall, everybody! (*giggle*)
  • Robin hates malls because she was a pop star who sang about going to the mall!

    Okay this episode was absolutely amazing! I love this show to begin with, but seriously. AWESOME! I thought it was funny when everyone was told that Robin was married, which was interesting, but it was absolutely amazing when they announced that she was a popstar. Also, I totally loved the slap bet thing. The music video was hysterical. It looked completely like it was from the eighties, and I loved that Robin's justification was that the eighties didn't hit Canada until like 1993. It's true though, too. It was weird though to see Robin as a blond. She looks way better with dark hair... I also love that Barney chose five slaps to be dolled out from now to eternity. So great. Now Marshall can slap him anytime lol. Can't wait for the next episode! I love this show!
  • That was a great episode in fact I might watch this show more often, that was really funny.

    I have watched this show off and on, and it is usually pretty good, but I actually found myself laughing alot at klast night's episode. It started out slow, in fact for awhile I was just waiting to see about the "slap bet" more than the plot surrounding the characters of Ted & Robin. There was something about it, that made me laugh. It's cool all the inside jokes and stuff that they have, and the shots at Canada made me laugh. I went from meh I can take it or leave it to, that was a really funny episode.
  • Possibly. Best. Episode. Ever!!!

    Seriously this episode was fantastic.. Robyn's Secret plot tied in expertly with the Slap Bet subplot and each was absolutely hilarious.

    I must say also that the twist at the end of the episode comes completely out of left field and it's just great....

    Another thing is that the Slaps were really good.. Especially the last one!

    Cobie Smulders has never really impressed me so far in this series, but this episode makes me appreciate her so much. She sells all the joke's perfectly and also manages to play Robyn's vulnerable side aswel.

    I would still pick World's Best Couple as the best of this season, but this is just top quality television.
  • Just when I thought they had ran out of material!

    This is the most brilliantly written episode of the year so far. Funny that we were never told of Robin's friend in Canada who got married too young. Of course that's not important. Hopefully the "Slap Bet" will be the new running gag, if they milk it properly. While we are still waiting for Ted to meet Luke and Leia's mother, this was a pleasent diversion. The end with the music video was an excellent pay-off. Anyone who was a fan of either Tiffany or Debbie Gibson, or even if you couldn't stand them need to see the video. Funny Stuff!
  • Sparkles

    Barney and Mashall's little slap fest was the funniest thing. Lily had a bawl with it, too. Defenitely just the comedic ticket.

    Robin as Sparkles though? Don't get me wrong though it was funny just seemed so far fetched and anticlimatic. I was expecting her to be married, or be in porn, or have this big dark secret but...well, it wan't all that embarassing to be frank. I mean again it was funny but I don't know it seemed to be surpassed by the slap fest!
  • Robin's secret is revealed.

    Super funny and a great example of this shows humor. The slap bet was funny and I liked the bickering between Robin and Ted and those two are usually the weak spot in the show for me.
    Loved it when Barney got to slap Marshall 3 times and asked him if he was going to cry now.
    Robin's secret that she was a teenage quasi-Alanis Morisette was unexpected and very funny and will probably come back to haunt her thoughout the rest of the season if not the show.
    I only wish that Lily would have had a little bigger role in this episode.
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